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Sunday, August 23, 2009

ZIG ZAG - Zig Zag

ZIG ZAG - Zig Zag (Pacha Canada) Comentários: This is a beautiful limited reissue of Zig Zag's disco masterpiece, the self-titled 'Zig Zag' LP. Originally released on the tiny Canadian label Pacha Records, this lost gem has become one of the true holy grails of the cosmic disco scene and holds the top spot in many a wants list. This incredible record is every bit as good as you've heard it is, with every track a killer. All feature great playing, awesome funky synths and B-lines and wonderful Afro French vocals that make for one of the best disco LPs of all time and a record that for once warrants the high prices often paid for it. in freshcuts [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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BOTTIN - Horror Disco

BOTTIN - Horror Disco (Bear Funk) Comentários: Bottin, AKA Guglielmo Bottin, first crossed paths with us at the Carnival of Venice. He was playing live synth whilst Bearfunk head-bear Stevie was DJing. After more DJing & some jovial keyboard sessions and some seriously impressive listening, we knew we had just found our favorite new Venetian. The Horror Disco concept all started with the chance loan of a noisy, old, incontrollable, 70's Farfisa Syntochestra synthesizer. This proved to be the weapon of choice for several of the tracks on the album (Mary Lewis, Magnetic Cat) with Bottin building up hand-played layers old school style. A few tweaks of the Farfisa led our man to the world of sounds he grew up to: the soundtracks to Italian slasher B-movies (like those by Lucio Fulci, Bava, Argento & Alberto Martino), but also futuristic horror scenarios, cosmic travels and close encounters with space vampires... The die was set. Horror Disco melds these soundtrack and aural ideas with a 100% disco album. One that drifts away from most of the soulful elements of disco and one that is dirtier, warmer and less polished than contemporary Scandinavian nu-disco. The album is wide and varied: "Slashdance" gives us a Goblin-esque robo-vocoder-disco, "Roger Bacon" is pure cosmic groove, whilst the Italo-disco-Thriller "Disco For The Devil" features the vocals of Italian-based, UK-born session master Douglas Meakin - who back in the day was lead vocalist in Simonetti's Easy Going and Crazy Gang cult disco projects. The film influence is ever present too, "Horror Disco" is the Giallo intro opener. "Venezia Violenta" is the imaginary soundtrack to a futuristic cowboy flick Westworld and the closing track "Endless Mother" is pure John Carpenter 1982 vibe, rejuvinated by a screaming synth ostinato. The well-received, recent, single and Italo chunker "No Static" is also included. "Horror Disco" is an impressive album with a rare attention to detail. We hope you like it as much as we do. in bearfunk [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AUDISION - Surface To Surface

AUDISION - Surface To Surface (And Music Germany) Comentários: After eight years of widely acclaimed EPs, it's finally time for the debut album from Hamburg's deep techno masters, Audision. Originally scheduled for release on Japan's Mule, Audision have now decided to release 'Surface To Surface' on their own &nd imprint. The release is accompanied by cover art from acclaimed designer and artist Stefan Marx (previously seen on Playhouse, Smallville and Mule). Bonding over a shared love of Basic Channel and classic Detroit techno, veteran DJs Niko Tzoukmanis and Tobias Schmid released their first Audision EP, 'Mean Curvature', in 2001. A subtle, gorgeous blend of sharp beats and deep synths, Michael Mayer picked 'Gamma Limit' from the release to appear on his legendary 'Immer' mix for Kompakt, introducing the Audision sound to the wider world. Firmly believing in quality over quantity, Audision released only six EPs on their own labels Playmade and &nd over the next few years, cementing their reputation as purveyors of subtle, melodic, delicate techno and rich, dub-tinged electronics. They quickly amassed a passionate following among DJs from a wide range of musical backgrounds, notably the legendary Francois K, who included the duo's track 'Vanish' on his 'Frequencies' compilation. 'Surface to Surface' builds on the foundations laid by Audision's previous work, and is intended as a listening album as much as it is for the dancefloor. Available only on CD, lush tracks like 'Mind Journey' and 'Industry Park' abandon the club completely, investigating instead the sensual ambience of 2nd wave Detroit electro artists like Drexciya. Meanwhile, straighter tracks like 'Phase Flow', 'Betarange' and 'Forty One Spalding' reference the ghosts of Maurizio and Mark Ernestus, re-imagined in Audision's uniquely modern, sensitive style. It's the sound of the club that exists in the furthest corner of your mind, the fragments of classic techno that remain long after the party has gone. Disappearing further from the dancefloor still, the album is interspersed with ambient moments of reflection, most notably on the beatless closing track, 'Aurora', where Carl Craig-esque timeless tonal beauty meets modern techno's pristine production in stunning, majestic style. While the major inspirations behind 'Surface To Surface' - Basic Channel, Detroit, Warp - are clear, Audision's refined, unhurried sound is also entirely its own. By looking back, Audision are simultaneously pushing things forward, quietly, gently, and in their own time. It's the sound of high-end, deep frequency techno at its very finest. 'Surface To Surface' will be released in August. A remix album featuring many of Audision's friends will be released this winter. in traumbaum [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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NITE JEWEL - Want You Back

NITE JEWEL - Want You Back (Italians Do It Better) Comentários: Dividing her time between two of the hippest labels around, Ramona Gonzalez releases her music through both No Pain In Pop and, most famously, Italians Do It Better (as is the case here). 'Want You Back' follows in a similar spirit to her 'What Did He Say' debut single, combining lo-fi dancefloor haze, psychedelic 'verbed-to-the-hilt vocals and most disarmingly, a killer bassline. After a more abstracted, vocal mix comes 'All Out Of Order', whose foggy disco-scapes are at least the A-side's equal. The song arrives in both English and Spanish language versions, but both renderings become a glorious blur of vocoded dancefloor ambience. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, August 17, 2009

LUKID - Ballers Mix

The songs are:
Singing Statues - Persian Prince
Omar S - Churchill
Anthony Shakir - One Beat (Just Won't Do)
Lukid & Actress - Untitled
Bishop Lamont - I Need It
Diamond District - I Mean Business
Lukid - Elthorne Lukid - Hair Of The Dog
Thriller - Purple Splash
Zackey Force Funk - The Split


Unit Moebius Anonymous - LD100

Monday, August 10, 2009

Telonius "Like What" Mike Monday Remix

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jungle Drums feat. Ahu "Walk"

Friday, August 07, 2009

Toro Y Moi- "lesson 223"

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fulano 47 - School Girls Like It Hard

GOLD PANDA - Back Home

GOLD PANDA - Back Home from NO-FACE Films on Vimeo.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Disco Urbano 2

Small selection of disco, electro-funk and italo... [Download]

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