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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Agenda - Agosto

01.Tozé Diogo - Espera-me Entrando, Zambujeira
02.Tozé Diogo @ Suigeneris,Faro
03.Tozé Diogo @ Amo-te Sheratton, Albufeira
03.DRUM&BASS PATROL SESSION @ Caffe del Rio, Viana do Castelo
03.Sir Aiva @ Artistas, Faro
04.Sir Aiva @ Bafo de Baco, Loulé
08.Expander @ Bergantim, Figueira da Foz
09.7ª Edição Anti-Pop Music Festival, Viana Do Castelo
09.DJ Patife, Mandy @ Praia da Batata, Lagos
10.Sir Aiva @ Café do Mar, Lagos11.Sir Aiva @ Fiesa, Algoz
11.DJ Manaia @ Music Box, Lisboa
11.Ballet Mecanico dj set @ Kubik
14.Prins Thomas @ Lux, Lisboa
16.Rui 31 @ Suigeneris, Faro
18.João Cari @ Lux (Bar), Lisboa
25.Rui Murka + R.Vargas @ Lux (Bar), Lisboa

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rui 31 @ Sui Faro dia 16 de Agosto

Rui Martins Pereira, proprietário, programador e Dj residente do bar Trintaeum no Porto ( A sua ligação à música surge no início dos anos 80, quando formou o grupo “Culto da Ira” no qual era baixista. Este grupo, para além de ter actuado no curto-circuito de concertos da época, obteve o segundo lugar no concurso de música moderna do “Rock Rendez Vous” que lhe valeu um tema no albúm editado por este clube. Em 1986 inicia-se como Dj aos fins-de-semana no bar “No Sense” no Porto, sugerindo novas sonoridades como os A Certain Ratio, Pig Bag, Talking Heads, Special AKA,LKG,Shriekback, Working Week, Style Council, R Sakamoto,Cabaret Voltaire, entre outras. Em 1987 abre em sociedade o bar Loco Mosquito, no qual é Dj residente dando sequência ao trabalho anterior e introduzindo ritmos mais dançáveis com base no tema de eleição “Pump up the Volume”. Afasta-se desta actividade por alguns anos e regressa em 1995 com a abertura do bar Trintaeum, assumindo o Djing durante a semana e apostando desde início numa arrojada e coerente programação musical que, com a presença dos mais conceituados artistas nacionais e internacionais, transformou este bar num local de referência musical da cidade do Porto. Rui Trintaeum, nome pelo qual se tornou conhecido, é um dos Dj residentes do Trintaeum com a noite “Trintaeum Stereosound” descrita pela frase “do jazz ao techno,música com alma…” e já teve a oportunidade de actuar ao lado de artistas conceituados como Amê, Henrik Schwartz, John Tejada, Peter Kruder, Rainer Truby, Michael Ruetten,Tom Wieland, Shit Robot, Munk… Em 2005 é convidado para se juntar a Antony Millard e Wilson Edgar, integrando o projecto i.n.f.i.l.t.r.a.t.i.o.n. com residência mensal no Trintaeum, passagem por vários locais em Lisboa, assim como duas memoráveis actuações nas duas festas “Panorama” no Porto. Fora de portas já actuou em vários locais como House Café (Braga), Palácio de Cristal “2001 noites de Verão” (Porto), Pedra do Couto “Noites Influenza” (Sto. Tirso), Olaria (Aveiro), Lux (Lisboa), Frágil (Lisboa), Club Mercado (Lisboa), Mexe Café (Lisboa), Op ARt (Lisboa), Velvet (Lisboa), Fluid (Lisboa), Moog (Lisboa), Opção (Aveiro), ADN (Setúbal), Monge (Funchal), Vinyl (Famalicão), Praia da Luz (Porto), Boom Festival 2000 e 2002-área alternativa, Festival de Cabeceiras de Basto 2001-tenda “chill out”, Festival Hype@Meco-tenda journeys, Bar do Xico (Praia da Rocha)…

EDDIE FOWLKES - Welcome To My World

EDDIE FOWLKES - Welcome To My World (Submerge) Comentários: "Eddie "Flashin" é sem dúvida uma figura lendária na cena electrónica de Detroit, desde o início que tem vindo a moldar o respeito que hoje lhe é inegável. "The Godfather of Techno Soul" está de volta para nos relembrar porque mereceu esse título. Welcome To My World é o título do seu novo trabalho (um marco importante que dista já 10 anos desde "Black Technosoul" [Tresor]), uma alegria para os grandes apreciadores do techno de detroit, recomenda-se.

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BLACK SEEDS, The - Into The Dojo

BLACK SEEDS, The - Into The Dojo (Sonar Kollektiv Germany) Comentários: Similar to FAT FREDDYS DROP, THE BLACK SEEDS are already superstars in their home country of New Zealand. The eight piece band, who have been active for nearly 10 years, have gold and double platinum status at home. Finally with the release of their third album Into The Dojo in summer 2006, it's now time to introduce THE BLACK SEEDS, through Best Seven and Sonar Kollektiv, to people here as well.While THE BLACK SEEDS pass as a real pop band in their home country - you only have to look at the sales figures, they speak for themselves - for most people they will be something rather special, something for the musical connoisseur.Where as FAT FREDDYS DROP are much more rare groove and soul orientated, the BLACK SEEDS on the other hand present a "classical" reggae sound with genre defining milestones throughout. Although the first two albums have a much stronger 80s sound, their new work Into The Dojo, sounds much more modern, elegant and contemporary. Completely freed from any musical clichés THE BLACK SEEDS have now left behind the somewhat cool sound aesthetic of past decades and opened up a much earthier style. It’s a style that focuses on hypnotic repetition and even makes room for distortion but without losing the core of THE BLACK SEEDS sound - pop songs with and almost hymn-like character.In 2006 Best Seven released the BLACK SEEDS EP (SB7018), an excerpt with four tracks taken from Into The Dojo. The song The Answer is also one of the highlights on Best Seven Selections Vol. 2 with such lyrical intensity and the longing mantra ‘Don’t be so cold...!’. It’s a huge tune, which in all its melancholic depth is a perfect example of THE BLACK SEEDS other side; they're not just about light pop music but also telling highly emotional stories through the power of a tight live band.Dub instrumentals such as The Prince also provide an excellent calling card for the band. Again to compare them with FAT FREDDY’S DROP, the band posses an incredibly coherent and ripe style that makes them a name well worth remembering. These guys are sure to gain an enthusiastic response from fans far beyond their home in New Zealand. in sonar [Para Ouvir] [Bio]


Friday, July 27, 2007

ESG - A South Bronx Story 2

ESG - A South Bronx Story 2 - Collectors Edition: Rarities (Soul Jazz) Comentários: The sister/daughter duo of ESG were pioneers of the New York DIY disco scene, bringing an avant-garde edge to what was regarded in most quarters as throwaway pop music. This followup to the 2000 released retrospective of their work collects a whole bunch of rarities; B Sides, alternate versions, compilation tracks - you should know the score now. You should also know that ESG rarely pulled a duff track and although this is something of an odds and sods collection it's really rather good indeed. Kicking off with 'Bam Bam Jam' they start as they mean to go on and it's all uphill from here, launching immediately afterward into 'Erase You' which is some kind of template for the whole riot grrrl thing if I ever heard it. Coming beautifully presented from the always reliable Soul Jazz posse this should have you disco fans in raptures. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
Entre o disco e a explosão da no-wave em Nova Iorque, as ESG encontraram o meio-termo com o seu minimalismo funk. Irmãs e mãe revolucionaram a música de dança com praticamente apenas os elementos básicos: bateria e baixo. Depois do material compilado em «A South Bronx Story», a Soul Jazz edita agora uma parte dois, com raridades e versões alternativas de temas já conhecidos, como «You're No Good», «Moody», «Dance» e «Erase You». Fundamental para quem nunca ouviu, importante para quem tem o resto. Os temas mais obscuros compensam plenamente a redescoberta desta versão mais espartana do clã Jackson. Punk e funk raramente foram um género único tão eficaz como em ESG. in flur

ALASKA IN WINTER - Dance Party In The Balkans

ALASKA IN WINTER - Dance Party In The Balkans (Regularbeat Recording Co) Comentários: What do you get if you cross the Balkan folk of Beirut and Hawk and a Hacksaw with the 80s disco reverie of the Junior Boys? Well, Alaska in Winter managed to find out when they rectruited a certain Zach Condon and Heather Trost from Beirut to play on his record, which does exactly what it claims to - soundtracks a dance party in the Balkans. Sort of anyway, this is similarly hook-laden and just as strangley alluring as Beirut's 'Gulag Orkester' but then those 80s drum machine beats and wobbly basslines cut in and you almost forget what it is you're listening to. I've got to say it's a brave move from Brandon Bethancourt (for he is Alaska in Winter) and not the most obvious one to say the very least, these tracks occasionally sound like they've been beamed from another world - the piano/violin and crunk combination of 'Balkan Lowrider Anthem' for instance. it sounds like it's going to be a comedy record I know, but trust me it really is anything but. If you really need proof then flip straight to the album's final track (which features Mr. Condon on vocals) 'Close your Eyes - We Are Blind' which is as gorgeous a piece of guitar-less indie pop as you're likely to hear this year. Beirut fans looking for more to fuel their hunger should look this way... in boomkat

ARIL BRIKHA - Ex Machina

ARIL BRIKHA - Ex Machina (Peacefrog) Comentários: Transmat's legendary Aril Brikha has released more material in the last twelve months then he had during the previous decade - the recent flurry of releases for the likes of the Poker Flat and Kompakt labels whetting the appetites of a dedicated audience and attaining the Swede a new following. "Ex Machina" is Aril's long awaited full-length debut for the Peacefrog label and across its 11 tracks it fuels the same Maximal, quasi-trance driven emotive techno that has typified his recent material. The album features all but one of the tracks that appeared on the pair of limited 12" samplers a few weeks back, and an additional 8 new pieces recorded over the last couple of years. Highlights include the epic transitional loveliness of "Leaving" and the reduced blue-mood jazz ambience of "Kept Within", the most Detroit-fuelled track on board. With more sublime photography courtesy of Jim Green, "Ex Machina" is quite a treat for those of you who've been waiting for this album to drop since "Deeparture In Time" was released way back at the turn of the century... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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FALSE aka MATTHEW DEAR - 2007 (Minus Canada) Comentários: Matthew Dear slips back into his False moniker for a more streamlined approach to the superior brand of forward-thinking techno for which he has become renowned. 2007 sees Dear stripping away the poppier aspects of his productions for Spectral and Ghostly International, instead favouring the kind of reduced aesthetic that would situate him alongside fellow dancefloor innovators like Villalobos, looking far beyond the usual ports of call for hyper minimal techno, towards something that sounds genuinely fresh, far transcending the default settings of bleeps and bloops. The album fires into action with a mildly eerie slow burning intro, cooking up an ambient swell of vapour before hitting its stride on the reverberant, fractured arpeggios of 'Meat Me In The Markt'. Significantly, the album is mixed, meaning that this sounds less like a collection of 12" tracks (although recent sides 'Face The Rain' and 'Fed On Youth' are both present and correct) and functions more as a single production on an epic scale, evolving seamlessly over the course of an hour. That's not to say there isn't a depth of variety here though, Dear's compositions pretty much exhaust his repertoire, covering a vast range of permutations on 4/4 beat formats whilst bundling in some expertly-judged, more conventionally musical motifs to boot. The muffled keys and adventurous intervals of 'Face The Rain' make for a beautiful piece of electronic music by any measure, reaching a peak shortly before the meandering sub bass experiments of 'Disease/George Washington' breaks the album's flow. Soon after, Dear drops into the superb 'Act Like Children/Excalibur' with some of the weirdest, most disheveled beats conceivable in a techno record. That sort of quality clears the path for the album's final phase: 'Fed On Youth/HLM/DLG' will have you running for the Anderson shelters; it's air raid siren synths blast out ahead of the crisp, finely detailed tangle of low-end pulses. You may not hear a better techno album all year. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sir Aiva Moonrise Summer Tour

26 Jul ::: NORDIK BAR - FARO flyer
03 Ago ::: ARTISTAS - FARO flyer
04 Ago ::: BAFO DE BACO - LOULÉ flyer
11 Ago ::: BAFO DE BACO - LOULÉ flyer
15 Ago ::: FIESA - ALGOZ c/ VJ TRUMATCH flyer
16 Ago ::: NORDIK BAR - FARO c/ DJ TURTL3 (Efeito Borboleta Crew)
17 Ago ::: Sir Aiva + Alpha + Turtl3 @ BA, Faro (TBC)
18 Ago ::: BAFO DE BACO - LOULÉ c/ DJ TURTL3 (Efeito Borboleta Crew)
INFOLINE »» E ainda haverá mais datas. Stay tuned!

BYRON & ONRA - The Big Payback

BYRON & ONRA - The Big Payback (Circulations Japan) Comentários: hip hop; broken beat; Byron, 19 years old, is coming from Alabama, and plays piano since the age of 6. He discovered Onra, 26, French beatmaker from Paris, on Myspace at the end of 2005. They exchanged music files for months and start this prolific collaboration, completing over 30 songs in just 4 months. Onra is taking care of the drums patterns and Byron is handling the melodic part of the project, playing vintage electric keyboard Fender Rhodes and different synthesizers. You can tell there is a perfect alchemy between their two styles, and their first demos instantly grabbed the attention of several influent Internet DJ’s. Half instrumental, The Big Payback invited numerous vocal guests, giving a much more accessible aspect to the music, at the same time for specialists and open to the mainstream crowd. The guests are Isis, an MC/singer from Toronto, whose group Thunderheist will surely blow worldwide real soon, New Yorker Peter Hadar, Detroit Diva Neco Redd, flutist Julien Marc, and the beatmaker/MC Dal-Gren from Paris, the other revelation from this album. The Big Payback has also a track called “Cosmic Travelling” on the "Beat Dimensions" compilation, selected by Spacek’s own DJ Jay Scarlett and Cinnaman, released on Dutch label Rush Hour. nota do editor Para ouvir»» myspace

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Web Sites a visitar

Mumbleboy »» aqui
Descrição: super heróis; cultura urbana de tóquio;
Baltic »» aqui
Descrição: centro para arte contemporânea;

Clone Records "slices issue 4-05"


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Death Proof by Tarantino

"À Prova de Morte" é a parte realizada por Quentin Tarantino do projecto "Grindhouse" co-assinado por Robert Rodriguez. É uma homenagem aos filmes de série Z e às salas de cinema que os exibiam. E como bom filme série Z tem tudo aquilo a que tem direito: uma cópia riscada, saltos de imagem, falhas no som,... Por isso, espectadores, não se revoltem a caminho da sala do projeccionista! O filme é mesmo assim! E para além dos riscos, há várias voluptuosas mulheres perseguidas por um duplo que usa o seu próprio carro. in

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Destaques: Electro | Breakbeat

MANASYT - One of the most hotly anticipated electro albums of the year, already receiving support from artists as diverse as Dave Clarke, DJ Stingray [Urban Tribe], Andrea Parker, Alex Smoke, Marco Bernardi, and Adam X to name but a few. Bulgarian Petar Tassev is as influenced by thrash metal bands such as Voivod and Godflesh as he is the post-industrial techno sounds of Ultradyne. As MANASYt, he fuses these influences into a style of complex industrial electro and techno that is completely his own. Having built up a considerable body of work in a relatively short space of time, on labels such as Roulette Rekordz, Touchin' Bass, Bunker and Kommando 6, he brings us his Tales Of Ignorance LP on Glasgow's MNX Recordings, the first long player for the label. Referring to his own style as "Neuro Illektro", the sound is cold, synthetic and damaged, with elements of EBM, Sci-Fi soundtracks, and early Underground Resistance and The Mover thrown into the mix. Limited to 500 copies, and beautifully presented in full picture jacket designed by cult graphic artist Fi$T. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
CLATTERBOX - Destination London (Cheap Austria) Comentários: The return of Patrick Pulsinger's excellent Cheap imprint, their first release since 2004! Not only that - but this latest twelve from David Kempston Clatterbox project is quite easily the best thing on the label for some years and features Kempston's most advanced productions to date across 4 tracks of electroid dancefloor variations that work a treat. Opening track "Press On" nestles itself somewhere between classic Clear-period British electronica a la Gescom and the crisp melodic anthems Carl Craig released under the BFC moniker - and, needless to say, is just immense. "Teico" on the flip, meanwhile, is a more robust electro edit that's just incredibly well produced - the sound of malfunctioning robots paired up with some truly horizontal strings and pads, while "Teico2" ends the EP with its most straightforward track - spacious neu-electro of the highest order. Brilliant twelve - investigate immediately. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
ULTRADYNE - Wrath Of The Almighty (Pi Gao Movement US) Comentários: The mysterious Ultradyne duo have been making some of the most interesting and unique electro music to grace a turntable in recent years. Previously they have referred to their hometown of Detroit as their training ground, but thats where the connection ends; theirs is a revolutionary new music that does not fit any regional pigeonhole, looking to the sounds of the past to find the true meaning of tomorrow. They have a multitude of high quality releases to their credit dating back to 1993, with even the strangest and most impenetrable tracks on first listen finally revealing themselves to be diamonds in the rough. The adventurous listener will be prepared to make the required effort to penetrate the appeal of this group, and the fact that Ultradyne let the music do the talking and are rarely unmasked has not done them any harm in the development of a strong cult following around the world. 4 tracks of uncompromising experimental techno designed for those who obey their machine of ideas, Ultradyne make the kind of dark, alien electro that truly is peerless. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
SILICON aka HEATH BRUNNER - Sonic Rescue (Frustrated Funk) Comentários: Fast paced hydraulic techno electro from Detroits Silicon aka Heath Brunner (Vmax, KMS). This is the follow up for the Sonic Distress ep. Sharp beats and very much in an updated Model 500 style. Very cool underground electro for those who couldn't care less which hat the latest trend is, or what the big names play in the big rooms!. This is the perfect soundtrack for a dark basement full of smoke and strobe light... or just for late night driving! (Limited smoked green vinyl). in clone [Para Ouvir]
UB313 - Mysterioso (Fortune8) Comentários: UB313 the new brainchild of Lee Purkis aka In Sync under which he works alongside friends Dominic Tomlinson, Neil Brett and Pete Walker of Pyramid Transmissions. The project stands as a collective of producers upon which any number or variations of artists might appear using this same name. For their debut appearance the group bring is three amazing and classic sounding UK Techno tracks on In Sync's own Fortune8 label. Music that would be perfectly at home on landmark albums like "Bytes" by Black Dog or even some of the Evolution / Universal Language stuff. Pure and meaningful music that proves just how emotional Techno can be when the machines are in the right hands and the guys pushing the buttons know what Techno stands for. On the flip we have the perfect remixers for the job - The Black Dog. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Destaques: Dubstep

MALA - Left Leg Out (DMZ) Comentários: Another crater maker from the DMZ cache, mala unleashes the up rolling classic 'left leg out'. Mercilessly driven by an insistent morse code arrangement and interlocking 4/4 polyrhythms this is an absolute winner from the man-like-Mala. Drawing influences from the rich soup of broken beat, garage and even funky house this one can slot in to any set with ease and drive a dance wild, the proof is in the rewinds! the b- side comes string with blue notez, a brooding slice of steppers pleasure with nuff dread bass, lonely sax licks and mutating snares for the twisup factor. You know you're going to love this one. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]
INNASEKT - Structure (Sprengstoff Germany) Comentários: Berlin's Sprengstoff crew make their first foray into dubstep with this great twelve from Innasekt, previously seen on Redvolume's rather useful "Archetype" EP. "Structure" on the A- side is a surefire dubwise killer, the snares a tight as you'd expect and the drops about as heavy as they get - punctuated by layers of wobbly bass that work a treat. "Core" on the flip is a more dense beast - metallic effects seep into the mix to make for a dubstep killer that ties itself effortlessly to the sound of Berlin - a combination that never fails to work its charms on us. Heavy twelve! in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]
SPARROW, Jack - Spam Purse (Senseless) Comentários: By far by far by far the sickest thing on the excellent Senseless label to date, Jack Sparrow here delivers two tracks of pure unadulterated BASS goodness for darker heads among you to enjoy. "Spam Purse" oozes atmosphere and a quasi-Sino template that typifies so many tracks at the moodier end of the dubstep spectrum, odd chord structures and a heaving mass of weighty low- end making this a 2-am warehouse standard - brilliant stuff. "Blackout" on the flip is even better, another relentlessly heavy low- end session that's punctuated with a bassline that anchors itself to the track with such steely determination that everything else about it starts to fade into the background. Killer stuff - play super LOUD! in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

BELLERUCHE - Turntable Soul Music

BELLERUCHE - Turntable Soul Music (Tru Thoughts) Comentários: A union between vocalist Kathrin deBoer, guitarist Ricky Fabulous (not the name on his birth certificate, I’ll wager) and DJ Modest (ditto, at a guess), Belleruche's debut album – a product of 'late nights, broken leads, strange ideas and old records' – does a pretty good job of evoking the pleasure of the first wave of what was then quaintly referred to as trip hop, but without the paranoia. Under their own subgenre of 'handmade hip hop blues soul', the best thing about the music here is that these are living and breathing songs not just studio confections. Turntable Soul Music works well when it is at its most minimal – the ballads, “Balance” and “13:6:35” are lovely things, showcasing deBoer's voice (which, evidently ‘carries the soul of the wind off the cape mixed with the grit of illegal Polynesian rum bars’) at its least mannered. Fabulous’ guitar on “Alice” has a lovely fuzz-drenched muzziness to it; the sixties beat-meets-noughties beats of “Bought and Sold” is both clever and danceable. Not so great is “Minor Swing” which overdoes a swing band loop – it’s all a bit Mr Scruff from an age ago. At best, Turntable Soul Music calls to mind the makers' objective – swooning blues for the later evening. At worst, it recalls a half empty tent on a Saturday afternoon at an anonymous festival. File under ‘curious’. in bbc online [Para Ouvir]


Thursday, July 19, 2007


BJÖRN TORSKE - Feil Knapp (Smalltown Supersound Norway) Comentários: "Feil Knapp" is Bjorn Torske's first album in six years. In many ways "Feil Knapp" (Norwegian for wrong button) represents a sound that sits somewhere in between "Trobbel", 1999's seminal "Nedi Myra" on Ferox and his underground cult hit "Soppelmann" on Svek. Torske has created his very own and characteristic signature sound, a unique blend of warm and melancholic house, quirky avant-disco, leftfield electronica and dark, heavy psychedelic dub. In other words this album has everything that we have learnt to love Bjorn for. Weirdly melodic and wonderfully groovy. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SUB VERSION - Sub Version

SUB VERSION - Sub Version (Future Dub Germany) Comentários: An album for BASS purists, this long-awaited, brilliantly anonymous double album comes to us from the musical union of Jay Haze, Michael Ho and Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman - and as the sales notes put it "... it's an album of COLOSSAL bass and resonance" that's just about the most original low-end session you'll hear this year. Following on from their notable inclusion on the epic Soul Jazz compilation "Box Of Dub", this is the first commercially available material from SV and has got us all a little hot under the collar in the office - it's just so good to hear BASS music function outside of the formulaic confines that have beleaguered sections of this scene for the last few months. The album opens in apt style with "Evil", and if Tikiman's ghostly dispatch immediately sparks off fanciful thoughts of Rhythm & Sound lending themselves to dubstep, the metallic percussion and long, drawn-out shudder of BASS wakes you up to the fierce and original constructions taking place at the outset of this impressive album. "Forgot The Virus" is another towering edifice, this time mangling the bassline to a more familiar warehouse wobble, a cacophony of whirrs and stabs arranging themselves in an unfamiliar yet progressively gratifying manner - tame sh*t this ain't. "Rise Up" is another shocking production, a submerged synth arpeggio somehow managing to edge further and further into the lower registers while Tikiman does his thing, while "No Easy Solution" ends the album with its most astonishing track - hoover sweeps and shockout snare delays merging Rave, Hardcore and Bashment sensibilities into one endlessly deep stretch of LOW-END disruption. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Albuns em destaque

MAP OF AFRICA (DJ HARVEY & THOMAS BULLOCK) - Map Of Africa (Whatever We Want) Comentários: Hip New York label "Whatever We Want" unleashes this meeting of Harvey Bassett (aka DJ Harvey) and Thomas Bullock (of production duo Rub N Tug). The album is a curious meeting of stylistic juxtapositions. For instance, after the thoroughly rockin' 'Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys', you get 'Gonna Ride', which features period-perfect '80s-style chorused guitar and danceable blues-funk rhythms. 'Dirty Lovin' on the other hand features some acidic Sly & The Family Stone-styled funk, only for 'Creation Myth' to plunge the whole thing into spacey disarray. As the album develops there's a real hodgepodge of influences that all somehow hang together and make some semblance of sense within the project's own unique parameters. Check out the prog-dub weirdness of 'Wyatt Urp' for an especially warped trip. Freaky. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
VA- Dirty Space Disco (Tigersushi France) Comentários: Rock cósmico, Disco cósmico, alguns DJs têm ensinado que isso pode ser mais do que a designação literal revela. Prins Thomas interpreta ao seu modo e fá-lo em dois CDs porque é necessário ter tempo para sentir que a viagem começou e ainda falta bastante para terminar. No fundo, a selecção e duração de «Cosmo Galactic Prism» simulam o que é um set mínimo de Prins Thomas: 2 horas, tempo em que já se consegue contar alguma história com princípio, meio e fim. Os clássicos são equilibrados com música recente, um mundo inteiro de distância existe (existia) entre Joe Meek e Soylent Green. Prins Thomas convoca toda a gente para a mesma praia e a sua visão house quase normaliza todo o processo, isto é, não o torna homogéneo mas dá-lhe uma história comum. No primeiro CD são os contemporãneos noruegueses de Thomas quem tem direito a mais espaço: Bjorn Torske e Lindstrom acima dos 7 minutos, para que a mensagem passe clara : ) Lindo, aqui, é notar-se que o set foi gravado mesmo como um todo, e então o final do Cd1 cola com o início do CD2 (fade out - fade in no mesmo tema). No CD2 é aberto o mapa de África, mais percussão e temas épicos (Zombi) mas também o reverso com Matias Aguayo e Closer Musik. As passagens entre géneros e ambientes são estimulantes e conseguem eclipsar as duas ou três aparições de guitarra baleárica. «Get Down Boy» de Paper Dolls tem 10 minutos inteirinhos no CD2 para disseminar a semente Disco, e Thomas não receia um fade out antes de fazer entrar a última faixa: Parliament. Assim mesmo. A trip visual na capa de «Dirty Space Disco» indica logo onde se está, mas não se deixem enganar pelo título do disco. O que se ouve pouco tem de semelhanças com o padrão do género, está mais próximo de uma ideia Exotica, romântica, música que sugere algo que está para acontecer ou que se deseja que aconteça de determinada forma. «Stranger In The City» de John Miles (edit de Pilooski) carrega o peso romântico de homem do rock com coração mole. É o equivalente de «Like An Eagle» em «Creature Of The Night» de Radio Slave, melancolia doce de onde não se espera. «Who» (Odyssey) é quase «Don't Fear The Reaper» (Blue Oyster Cult), canção de Verão com o Sol a bater nos olhos. Sylvester diz tudo apenas com uma frase: «I Need Somebody To Love Tonight». Afinal, «Dirty Space Disco» tem muito mais drama e emoção do que revela à superfície, não é apenas mais uma colecção de música retirada do tempo em que um beat electrónico bastava para tornar tudo diferente. Ainda assim, a combinação entre um fundo sintético e vozes soul opera maravilhas e coloca realmente a música num outro patamar de interesse. Este disco continua com brilho uma série fictícia que começou com «Elaste» (Compost) e «Computer Incarnations For World Peace» (Sonar Kollektiv). Os três juntos oferecem uma visão fantástica de alguma da mais estranha música de dança na década de 80. in flur [Mais info]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gareth Pugh Fall 2007

O rapaz britânico que tímidamente participou num concurso televisivo europeu entitulado "Fashion House" (a decorrer no People & Arts), demonstrou na altura que mesmo com poucos recursos conseguiu dar largas a imaginação e produzir peças de vestuário conceptuais... passado dois anos o resultado está à vista, foi alvo de excelentes críticas na semana de moda londrina. Roisin Murphy parece também não ter conseguido ficar indiferente às criações deste jovem de 22 anos, escolheu uma das criações de Gareth para o seu último video "Overpowered" (que já está a bombar no mundo urbano) +info »» aqui


Já lá vão dois anos e qualquer coisa...

Já lá vão dois anos e mais de 30.000 visitas, o meu obrigado a quem visita e comenta diáriamente no mundo urbano. Aceitam-se sugestões, textos e imagens que queiram publicar. Peace!

Roisin Murphy - "Overpowered" 2007

SEIJI - DJ Tools: SK Tools Vol 1

Paul Seiji é membro activo do super grupo Londrino Bugz In The Attic, onde também colaboram Orin ‘Afronaught’ Walters, Kaidi Tatham, Daz-I-Kue, Alex Phountzi, Cliff Scott, Mark Force, Matt Lord & Mikey Stirton. De momento Seiji parece estar a seguir as pegadas de Matthew Herbert, produzindo algumas faixas para a célebre ex vocalista dos Moloko Roisin Murphy (15 de Outubro está previsto o lançamento do seu album "Overpowered"). Já remisturou para nomes como Democustico, Fertile Ground, Micatone, Gecko Turner, Hextatic, Shuya Okino... não podemos esqueçer a parceria ao lado de Mark De Clive para a concepção do projecto "Legends Of The Underground" (Kindred Spirits Holland). O seu mais recente trabalho conta com o apoio da germânica Sonar Kollektiv,"DJ-Tools" é uma plataforma criativa que varre géneros desde o Grime, Broken Beat, Hip Hop, 80's Funk, Drum & Bass e Electro... é uma ferramenta essencial para dj's podendo ser trabalhada das mais variadíssimas formas. Resolve a partida o problema dos set's electicos, a versatilidade musical deste album permite criar pontes de transição entre os mais variados géneros musicais, tornando-o simplesmente útil e funcional. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Destaques: Dubstep

PEVERELIST - Erstwhile Rhythm / The Grind (Punch Drunk) Comentários: Bristol comes correct in innovative fashion this week with an absolute winner from the man Peveralist. Notable for holding down down the excellent Rooted records dubstep specialist shop in Bristol and curating the inreasingly on point Punch Drunk records, Tom Peveralist drops his debut 12" with precision timing. Operating at the crux of the dubstep/techno crossover 'erstwhile rhythm' succinctly bridges the gap between the hypnotic minimal techno patterns of Ricardo Villalobos and the heavyweight polyrhthmic machinations of dubstep magician Mala. Running at a 140bpm pulse the track retains the luxurious techno magic of Basic Channel with lush pads and evolving dub chords, whilst pummeling through your speakers with a rumbling bass closer to that of Marcel Dettmann than Benga before subsiding into into Shackleton-esque subbass swoops. 'The Grind' takes affairs closer to the bone, a brittle minimal techno pattern acting as precursor to the Mala style polyrhythmic kicks and Rhythm and Sound style bassisms to take the veneer off your floorboards. Taking ideas from this slew of similar artists, Peveralist boils them down into the essence of hypnotically interlocked grooves given time and repetition to open up into expansive rhythmic permutations which are essentially Techno at heart, but dubstep in name. Crucial. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

PINCH / HENRY & LOUIS - Answer (DJ Pinch / Rob Smith Mixes ) (2 Kings) Comentários: Rarely does a set of remixes unite such a disparate set of genres as roots reggae, dubstep, techno and cosmic balearica with such effortless aplomb as this red hot ten inch plate from out of Bristol town. Suitably, its been burning holes in premier league sound systems through recent weeks: Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti for instance - as well as providing the climactic moment of Pinch's recent, much discussed and widely sought after "dubstep meets techno" mix for the wonderful Mary Anne Hobbes' show on Radio 1. Andy Scholes' of Henry & Louis recorded the original, yearning Tony Tuff vocal to "Answer" during the mid nineties at the legendary Channel One, Kingston Town - one of the holiest of studio spaces in Jamaica. Tuff's pedigree since the early classic African Brothers' sides such as "Righteous Kingdom" is beyond question, and here the loops and arcs of his vocal taps into that same spiritual feeling, as he sends out "a message to all corners of the earth". Rob Smith of More Rockers fame stays true to this heritage for his remix, like the long term, dyed in the wool true roots man he is, underpinning the Prince Far-I echoes of Prince Green's inspirational dj delivery with considerable bass pressure. Ras Stryka Dread's mix ascribes a fluid digital reggae low end flow to proceedings which should fairly sing on the more digitally inclined systems. The flip holds two delicious wild cards - The Cure's "Lullaby" is yanked out of the doom-laden surroundings of the classic "Disintegration" album and injected with some delightful and surprising sunshine vibes, Sledgehead running vocal and dub remixes which could well become defining sunset records for the summer we're all hoping may well yet arrive. Which leaves a seismic Pinch remix to completely rush the sound - unpacking the crucial yard credentials atop a skeletal, rigorous stepper - proper uptempo dancefloor material with a deadliest floor covering bass hum which should only come to true life on the sturdiest, largest systems, it concludes a totally essential ep in bravura fashion. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
WHISTLA - Merkaba / Sunlit (Ox Rider) Comentários: Whistla returns with, for our money at least, his sickest production to date. "Merkaba" opens the a-side with a demented 2-step variation that's just about the freshest thing we've heard for time, indecipherable girl ramblings squeezed into a garage template that's as minimal as it is devastating - totally immense stuff. "Sunlit" on the flip is less demented but what it lacks in filth it makes up for with twilight production - all shimmering keys and wedged BASS, proper next-level business. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]
Starkey - Dementia (Lo Dubs US) Comentários: The return of Starkey with this killer one-sided twelve for Lodubs, housed in a lovely printed brown paper bag - anonymous styles. Vaguely straddling a carefully honed dubstep trajectory, Starkey utilises a squashed hip-hop / breaks template and proceeds to f*ck with it royally, squeezing the bass as low as it'll go and sliding in as many fragmented shards as possible - tweaked wooping, clipped piano keys, arpegiated synths and brutally mutilated snares. It's killer sh*t and limited to a measly 400 copies, you know what to do! Ace. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

2562 - Channel Two / Circulate (Tectonic) Comentários: With Pinch at the helm it seems like tectonic can do no wrong at the moment, seriously forming a large section of the dubstep scene in his own fashion with genius releases from some of the most original and unique talents it holds, from Omen and Cyrus to Moving Ninja and now the awesome 2562. Destined to become one of the biggest 12"s of the year with everyone from the Hardwax crew to Mary Anne Hobbs and already on regular rotation with Pinch and selected others, 'Channel two/circulate' fuses elements of Maurizio style dub house, deeper dubstep and sharply edited broken beat into a cohesive whole which simply hasn't been achieved by any other artist quite so succinctly. The super clean and precise production with the metronomic hi-hats will definitely find this favour with any more forward thinking deeper/minimal house DJs and shows the style to be open to inifnite riddimic possibilites. Absolute class. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

RSD - Kingfisher / Love Of Jah Light (Earwax) Comentários: Bristol's Rob Smith returns following on from the raucous reception afforded his already sought-after RSD debut for the Punch Drunk label with this large twelve for Pinch's Earwax imprint. "Kingfisher" on the A-side is another skanking winner, staggered synths and reverb-drenched keys making way for that almighty bassline that keeps it company throughout. "Love of Jah Light" on the flip is much more spacious, another one of those tracks that instantly makes us think of Sly & Robbie with its pristine production and neon synths, making this a necessary purchase for all bass heads among you. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]


Friday, July 13, 2007

NU:TONE - Back Of Beyond

NU:TONE - Back Of Beyond (Hospital Records) Comentários: Riding on a tidal wave of fast soul - Nu:Tone is back! Since his debut album in 2005 he has been a busy, busy boy; breeding and beatmaking have been at the top of his agenda. Bigger, badder and bolder, the incredible new album Back Of Beyond picks up where his first offering Brave Nu World left off, and takes the Nu:Tone sound to the next level. The man from the Back Of Beyond has put together a formidable cast of extras on this LP with some amazing musicians, producers and vocalists lending their skills... Huddersfield’s own Pat Fulgoni, Natalie Williams, fellow Cambridge residents Commix, little brother Logistics, yacht-rockers Talc and Scandinavian soul sensation Ernesto. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]



HIGH CONTRAST - If We Ever (Hospital Records) Comentários: High Contrast is back once more - and this time he’s bringing the biggest slice of retro jungle funk this side of the millennium. If We Ever features the spine tingling vocals of the legendary Diane Charlemagne. An instantly memorable piano hook and sublime oldschool breaks and bass lines fool you into thinking you know the tune from back in the day. It’s already an anthem thanks to huge dubplate support from Mr Andy C, Fabio & Grooverider, Annie Mac, Hype, Zinc and many many more. As always the flipside brings the contrast – Pink Flamingos smacks the dancefloor hard. With the raw energy of early Prodigy tracks, the vowel filter, the synth strings, the vibe is distinctly electric on this one. “Pink Flamingos” has been mashing up the dance at Fabric and the main room at Heaven with a big intro and a drop that hits the spot, just like the doctor ordered. nota do editor


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Curtas Vila do Conde

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Micro Audio Waves @ Plano B, Porto

Os Micro Audio Waves vão dar um concerto dia 14 de Julho no Plano B, Porto. "O single "down by flow" do mais recente álbum dos micro audio waves ("odd size baggage") ocupa o primeiro lugar do top da Antena 3."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lisboa Street Art

Os artistas Olivia, Borbo, Coolture e Mr Case deixam suas marcas na capital portuguesa.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Mixtape #03 XMinder

1. Osuando - Stella Called [Underline]
2. Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Konrad Black Remix) [Minus]
3. The Knife - Marble House (Booka Shade's Polar Light Remix)> [Brille]
4. Jona - Tizia [Get Physical]
5. Sascha Funke - EY [BPitch Control]
6. Margot Meets The Melody Maker - Torch Namito's Torture Remix [Great Stuff]
7. Benno Blome - Transmitter/Blau [Sender]
8. TrentemOller - Moan (TrentemOller Remix) [Poker Flat]
9. Extrawelt & Morello - Schmedding [Traum]
10. Boys Noise - Erole Attack [Turbo]
11. Sex In Dallas & Billadoll - Digital Memory (Aysai 'Digit Code' Remix) [Record Makers]
12. Dirty PRincess - Jogar Al Reves [Mad Dildo]
13. Women Affair - Overflow [Starwhores]
14. Kavinsky - Testarrossa Autodrive [Discograph]
15. HiEn - Clubscene Popscene (A Just Us DiskoPop Version) [Eskimo]
16. Modeselektor - Silikon Sirgusmo Remix [BPitch Control]
Xminder »»

Inspiração Tramada 8

Sunday, July 08, 2007

SATURN V - Your Mind

SATURN V - Your Mind (Creme Jak Holland) Comentários: Chicago Acid House; Polarius Man dun\' said it in 2002: \"No more tasteless designer music by and for mindless jocks and inbred consumers, but deep and RAW Jams to tear your brain back to where its at!\" The Crème JAK Series is dedicated to the stripped down pulsating sick sound of the 808, the epileptic seizure inducing trance of the strobe and fog and the no holes barred slamjack freakout of Chicago\'s Music Box, where the only pretence of the music is to make you loooooose control! All limited one-sided pre releases, only 200 copies to bang the floor! Part 6; Saturn V (Traxx vs Cotton). in global darkness [Para Ouvir]

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Alice Russell dia 7 de Julho @ Kiss, Albufeira

Alice Russel é uma senhora britânica originária de Brighton, vai estar amanhã dia 7 de Julho na festa Red Bull "Blue Elements" @ Kiss - Albufeira. Já editou 3 albuns o primeiro "Under The Munka Moon" (2004), o segundo "My Favourite Letters" (2005), e o último "Under The Munk Moon 2" (2006). Já colaborou para nomes como: Quantic, TM Juke, Bugz in the attic, Bonobo, Unforscene, DJ Vadim, Nostalgia 77, Natural Self, Boub e Wyndham ... O Melhor disto tudo é que ganhei uma entrada à pala com acesso à zona vip do espectáculo isto de andar na blogosfera dá muito trabalho e por vezes temos este tipo de compensações. Para os que estiverem pelo Algarve já sabem que é sem dúvida uma noite para alegrar as nossas alminhas peace. PS: Tentarei registar algumas imagens do concerto.

Alice Russell - Live Recording

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik -Wrap Around the World Man, 1990. in berardo colection


LINDSTROM - LateNightTales

LINDSTROM - LateNightTales (Azuli) Comentários: Clearly not keen on dispelling national stereotypes, the good people behind the Late Night Tales series assert that Hans-Peter Lindstrom was in fact "raised by elks". While I can neither confirm nor deny that, there clearly is something very unique about the way house DJ/producers are being reared in Norway nowadays. Only last week Prins Thomas was touting his Cosmo Galactic Prism double disc mix about the place. Well, another week, another Nordic DJ selection, but this is a less disco-centric affair, featuring Sly And The Family Stone's 'In Time', Carly Simon's superb 'Why' and even a bit of Todd Rundgren. A little further in and Jean-Philippe Goude's 'Energie' approaches brilliance - It features some alarmingly addictive synth melodies and one monster of a central riff. Not too long after Lindstrom's own production, the Vangelis cover 'Let It Happen' arrives with some nifty arps of its own. Via Dusty Springfield's 'Baby Blue' and Pekka Pohjola's 'Pressure' the mix arrives at a close with the Lovin' Spoonful's 'Coconut Grove'. But it's not over yet - as a hidden bonus track you get the Jonathan Tafler reading of Rob Hindle's competition-winning short story 'Buenos Aires 2am', as also featured as the B-side to the Lindstrom 'Let It Happen' 10". Ace. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


KETTEL - Whisper Me Wishes

KETTEL - Whisper Me Wishes (Dub) Comentários: Of all the electronica old-guard, for me Reimer Eising (better known to the outside world as Kettel) has always stood out as one of the most interesting characters. Openly pedalling a slightly skewed brand of electronic music - one part Plaid, one part Aphex and one part Erik Satie, rather then hop, skip and jump into new genres he has instead merely refined what he was always so good at and this latest album, a collection of tracks written over the last few years, is a real testament to his stylistic longevity. Over the course of fourteen tracks Eising shows us why having an extensive training in classical composition can really help you make interesting music as he moves effortlessly through downtempo electronica, jungly acid and oddly, epic classical pieces. This music is electronica, sure, but there's something so skewed about it that you're just drawn in - for a start Eising's grasp of melody and harmony has to be heard to be believed, but the way he layers his addictive synthesizer hooks over what should probably be out-of-time rhythms is quite shocking. Add this to the fact that the Dutchman has the guile to use possibly the cheesiest sounds available to him (synth piano, general midi) yet still manages to have me coming back again and again and you have something truly original. About mid-way through the album the tempo changes rapidly to explore the sound Eising approached on the incredible 'Volleyed Iron' album, fusing his fluid piano playing with field recordings and some gorgeous harp and cello work. On another album I might be tempted to say this jump in style would be jarring, but Kettel has always retained the ability to do what he wants and get away with it, and of course it pays off for him. There aren't many artists left in the genre making such fantastically intense and good natured music; this is light hearted, fun and always great to listen to - what more can you ask for from a record ? Electronic music ain't dead just yet... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]