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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gap/Whitney Museum T-shirts

Here’s something cool for your summer wardrobe that won’t cost a fortune – the new limited edition graphic T-shirt collection from Gap in collaboration with the Whitney Museum in New York. The shirts feature bold designs by artists like Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, Marilyn Minter, Barbara Kruger, Glenn Ligon, Kenny Scharf, and Kerry James Marshall. in wallpaper

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Picture Of The Day

Esther Stocker

'What I don't know about space', installation view, Esther Stocker, 2008


Monday, June 23, 2008

BBC - Lomo Documentary

Sunday, June 22, 2008

STUDIO - Yearbook 2

STUDIO - Yearbook 2 (Information) Comentários: Following up on their well-received debut, Studio return with this remix collection. The first thing you'll notice upon looking over the tracklist is a Kylie Minogue track: the Swedish production team take on '2 Hearts', boldly dismantling the glam-disco stomp of the original and replacing it with flamenco-styled acoustic guitar jangle and a saucy, slowed down structure. Is that a good idea? Probably not, but hey, they still get to have Kylie on their album. It's a similar story for many of the other productions featured, in that live instrumentation plays a prominent role in the remixing process for Studio, and the best results arise from the glossy disco of Shout Out Louds' 'Impossible' which sounds incredible rendered with glistening acoustic guitar strings. It's a fantastic piece of engineering and no mistake. Taken as a whole body of work the album flows together remarkably well, almost as if it had been conceived as a proper long player in its own right, rather than a collection of re-productions of other people's music, which is surely the highest compliment you could pay a remix album. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Franco Cangelli - Hybridize pt1

Franco Cangelli says: As the word "Hybridize" suggests, it’s basically me trying to cross-breed different sounds, beats and atmospheres depending on the mood I’m in, spontaneously selected and mixed from a rough selection of about 50 records.This time I felt like doing a springtime-friendly house set. Don’t worry, it’s not happy hands in air, but rather deep and introvert. It’s how I picture an old-fashioned house party in some abandoned warehouse, just before dawn... in cbs

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Monday, June 16, 2008

ZERKALO - Watch it burning again / When i was sick


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Electronic Shopping - New Arrivals

01. DALY, John - Solitaire (IRR Germany) Comentários: Nice deep floating techno tracks with some references to Detroit. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]
02.SCOTT, Patrice - The Evolutions EP (Sistrum US) Comentários: Evolution: The process of change in the traits of one population and one generation to the next. This is exactly what The Evolutions ep represents. The early days of Detroit techno, what it was and what it has become today... in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]
03.DER RAUBER UND DER PRINZ - Der Elektrische Reiter (Amontillado Germany) Comentários: Locked in a studio filled to the roof with analog synths and a broken guitar, Unit 4’s Ralf Beck and Sebastian of of art rock duo Noblesse Oblige have come up with one hell of a beast straight out of the cosmic underworld. A soundscape in which apache indians are chased by helicopter propellers, tribal bongo rhythms and hypnotic electronic arpeggios melange with surf guitars to create a delirious disco nightmare in slow motion. Already a much requested favourite at hyped disco nirvana Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf and featured in the upcoming New York ''K48 mix'' artzine. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]
04.LAB RAT XL - Mice Or Cyborg (Clone Holland) Comentários: The last Drexciyan storm... 6 tracks for life!!! Re-press on crystal clear vinyl in a generic black sleeve. in clone "How fitting that this, the very last album to be recorded and released under full Drexcyan control, should ultimately offer up some of James Stinson's most complete, timeless material in what has been a shining, seminal career. Two years ago Drexciya announced that seven "storms" would be emerging from their studio, each storm being a Drexciya-produced album, released variously on tresor, kombination research, and clone. 'Lab Rat XL' is the final storm, and following the death of james stinson it is also tragically the last ever Drexciya production. Consisting of 6 stages of experimentation, the tracks are known simply by production codes 1 - 6, as Stinson died before their titles had been decided upon. Stinson's ever-present unquantifiable mystical element and refusal to repeat himself infuses these space electro funk journeys, ranging from smooth Detroit electro to raw darker burners, but the manace of their first work is now replaced by a more positive feeling. The pinnacle of achievement - "Production Code 3" - is simply devine, bringing all the finest tentacles of the Drexcyan octopus into play - the Detroit warmth of the Other People Place, the futuristic electroid stylings of Shifted Phases and the analogue bursts and bass-driven melodies of the recent Abstract Thought. Sadly, we will never know where this might have taken the deep sea dweller in the future. Unmissable." in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Aaron Young

Aaron Young Excitement Is Just Around The Corner, 2008. Chainlink fence, dipped in 23k gold, Variable dimensions.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

VARIOUS - Ai023CD_Sampler Zero Eight

VARIOUS - Ai023CD_Sampler Zero Eight (Ai) Comentários: This could be possibly the finest release to date on Ai in my opinion. From what I heard (which was most of it) it's a stunning collection of very deep, very lush techno, electro and electronica with some seriously good sounds going on. Cuts from Plant43, Sinner DC, Michael Manning, The Third Man, Datasette and Najem Sworb all give you a very strong sense of a label that's in its prime and comfortable with the sound they're producing. And at this price... well, you'd be nuts not to grab a copy! in smallfish [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

ROTHER, Anthony - My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft

ROTHER, Anthony - My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft (Telekfraft Belgium) Comentários: Datapunk-Legend Anthony Rother presents his new Album My Name Is Beuys von Telekraft“ with his current album, after his acclaimed long players "Popkiller (Datapunk)" and "Super Space Model (Datapunk)", Anthony Rother is concentrating fully upon the digital nature of the sounds, not just in the programmatic statement of "My Name Is Telekraft". "Especially during the past few years, the aesthetic perception of music has been restricted to an extremely reduced and compromised code, between MP3s, mobile ring tones and modern telecommunication. Beuys von Telekraft adopts this development as his own. It was my aim to use the poor quality of compressed sounds, reduced frequency ranges, lowered sampling rates and strictly digital sounds as a self-sufficient stylistic device, and despite this to produce fat-sounding club music that sounds anything but lo-fi." (Rother, 2008) "In the past I had already used digital sound production in my music on an equal basis with analogue instruments. But at the moment I am restricting myself almost dogmatically to digital sounds, and would like nevertheless to create the maximum in energetic sounds out of this self-chosen reduction." The fact that the British DJ legend Dave Clarke has already put the opening track of My Name Is Beuys von Telekraft at number one in his current chart shows more than anything else what kind of sonic impact is emanating from Rother's new masterpiece. In terms of content, the lyrics of "My Name Is Telekraft", "Welcome To My Laboratory" and "Girl Construction" - which are delivered in English as well as German - stand in the tradition of the man machine discourse that was already fascinating Rother on his Psi49net albums "Simulationszeitalter", "Little Computer People" and "Hacker" at the beginning of the millennium. New, however, with this reference to the golden age of science fiction, is a certain penchant for humorous overstatement. "After all, I did not want to express any social criticism with My Name Is Beuys von Telekraft." This applies even more to "Liquid System", the modulated synth hookline of which stretches over 16 whole bars, remaining constantly in motion in its unpredictability, and which will thus burn itself inescapably into the collective memory of the dancefloor. And as if that was not enough, Rother comes up with another top-class musical experiment with the ten tracks of the bonus CD "Geomatrix", "a kind of dark film episode of the sound experiments of Beuys von Telekraft". Completely without beats and yet keeping the aesthetic of energetic noises that is so typical of Rother, he designs a future-orientated form of modern ambient without any cuddly lounge aspects. Focussed and radical at the same time, "Geomatrix" creates a deeply impressive atmospheric vision of the darker side of the urban experience. As "64 Bit Audio" puts it so nicely, "The system translates reality into frequencies." in whatpeopleplay [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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BYETONE - Death Of A Typographe

BYETONE - Death Of A Typographe (Raster Noton) Comentários: Leading up to Death Of A Typographer, Olaf Bender unveiled the Plastic Star EP, arguably the most dancefloor-centric release in the entirety of the Raster Noton discography, featuring remixes from the likes of Sleeparchive, who perhaps for the first time in his/their career was just about the least minimal thing in the vicinity. A version of 'Plastic Star' is included on the album, sounding as much like Pan Sonic as it does the reductive clicks and whirrs more commonly associated with the Raster Noton sound. The big, distorted melodies (yes, you did read that correctly: melodies) are far more direct than you'd expect, while the beats remain brilliantly rigid and disciplined. 'Black Is Black' offers another perspective on this curiously approachable aesthetic, establishing an actual bassline - it's rather odd to talk about a Raster Noton album in such familiar terms, but sure enough, that's definitely a bassline. Two-parter 'Capture This' is different again, drawing on atmospherically charged drones and brittle percussive patterns, resulting in a production style that invites comparisons to Kangding Ray's more full-bodied variant on the post-clicks & cuts template, although there's no human presence here (nothing so frivolous as vocals or discernible instrumentation), and however far this music strays from the extremes of minimalism, it remains icy and distant. You really wouldn't want it any other way though. While Bender's production style encroaches on techno at times, it never gets bogged down with the structural conventions of any specific genre, instead only barely fraternising with the idea of dancefloor-based music - in a sense Death Of A Typographer offers a variant on the Raster Noton sound that's been stripped of its conceptual grounding, instead content to speak the same musical language as - for example - an Alva Noto release, without the emphasis on processes or working methodologies. Despite the apparent discrepancies, this album remains instantly identifiable as a Raster Noton product, reaffirming the notion that the Chemnitz-based imprint is more than a record label - it's a genre unto itself, and as one of its founding fathers, Olaf Bender has made an important contribution, occupying a sound that's at once familiar and yet somehow more immediate and more accessible than perhaps it's ever been. Awesome. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Imaginaria Film Festival 2008

Imaginaria Film Festival starts with the demand to partecipate in the process of cinematic language mutations that redefine the iconography of our time. Imaginaria launches a new experience: to create an ideal connection between the international and independent cinema and the autors and movements of the digital scenarios. An eccentric and unusual journey compared with the national cinematic programme. The meeting between technological innovation and creativity represents today a new perspective where to find movie and shortmovie, film and digital, musicvideoclip, web downloading and videoart installations. De 22 a 28 de Julho/July, Conversano (BA) ITALY

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB - Eight Oh Eight (Lo Recordings) Comentários: In truth, the mystery behind Black Devil Disco Club should not matter. Whether the work of three hirsute men in the '70s or one Bernard Fevre or even modern musicians like Richard James and Luke Vibert, the music itself is vibrant and contemporary. Shimmering and sleek, yet hauntingly stark and gothic, Black Devil Disco Club's take on dance music is a startling turn from the genre's '70s-based optimism – think Christopher Nolan's noir vision of the Dark Knight, in comparison to Tim Burton's comparatively light-hearted take. Eight Oh Eight is the third and supposedly final part of a trilogy of releases in the last four years. in prefixmag [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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new street-art exhibition Southampton UK

Thursday 11th of June (opening night) 6pm-8pmat the Limited Press Gallery
1st floor 10 Bargate Southampton SO14 2DAf
or more info visit: [Myspace] [Oficial Web Site]

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A new mini collection for summer 2008 by Ellen Allien is available! T-Shirts and mini dresses mould the look that appears under the name *PLUS*. Colored and organic motifs are printed on white jersey; five different prints and especially designed cuttings for women and men are available.Those organic prints are crucial for *PLUS* - they represent the human body's energy flux. Hence, the name *PLUS* stands for the positive energy, which we all need for being happy and that never shall become subdued by negativity.*PLUS* also contains a bag in black crocodile imitation.

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Monday, June 09, 2008


JAHTARI RIDDIM FORCE (DISRUPT) - Farmer In The Sky () Comentários: LIMITED COPIES! Brooklyn based Bastard jazz do the right thing and issue some prime Jahtarian dub cuts from Rootah and man-of-the-moment Disrupt on a bubblin' cute 7" cut. The plate pits the two heads in collaboration on a pair of previously Mp3 only tracks, 'Farmer in the sky' holding the Ace-side with a super slack 8-Bit riddim featuring some R&S alike dub chord stabs and a big auld bucket of FX ready to fry your head when heard over a big system. 'Depth Charge' weighs down the B-side with a brutally bass heavy riddim featuring some spectral computer game melodies circling somewhere upstairs in the ganja smoke in purest Jahtarian style, proper eerie styles aye. Totally unmissable and impossibly pretty 7" styles to cater for all your summer blazing needs. Get on it! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, June 06, 2008

FLYING LOTUS - Los Angeles

FLYING LOTUS - Los Angeles (Warp Germany) Comentários: There are moments of absolute brilliance spread across this long awaited 17 track album, and its those tracks that refuse to settle comfortably into any recognisable genre that give credence to the assertion that Steven Ellison is one of the most gifted and interesting producers operating in hip hop at the tail end of the 21st century. Of course this guy has been hyped to death in recent months - his tantalising family connections (his great-aunt is the late Alice Coltrane), his much sought-after interlude music for the Adult Swim TV network, and his position at the forefront of what has been termed Wonky hip hop (alongside the likes of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Debruit and the like), but you just can't argue with a man who makes use of such varied source material, assembled into such a beautifully messy, percussively coherent package. Flying lotus joins the dots between the lo-slung loop edits of J Dilla, the low-end ruffage of some of the most interesting dubstep/2-step producers, and the de-tuned, frayed sounds of old pirate radio cassettes that are so worn out they're starting to lose pitch. At it's best, the album marries an aesthetically open mind with ridiculously impressive production savvy, with tracks like "Riot" mounting a cacophonous blur of bass rubs, transmission signals, and clipped instrument loops with a rugged, dusty alignment of digital rhythms and Casio beats. "Gng Bng" introduces a sound system vibe that flits from sharp and loose drum edits to bhngra style reduction, complete with those mighty Dilla/Madlib style thumb cymbals that we are just utterly unable to resist. "Orbit 405" gives Flylo a platform for soundscaping, producing a short analogue tape malfunction that's one part Radiophonic Workshop and one part Philip Jeck, while the album ends on "Auntie's Lock", a vocally fronted piece featuring Laura Darlington doused in sombre tones and crisp production. If any criticism at all can be levelled at "Los Angeles" is that it just doesn't quite match the level of expectation set by his opening effort for Warp - the mighty "Reset" EP. Nothing here touches the ageless and, indeed, wonky R&B reduction of that EP's opening track "Tea Leaf Dancers" - surely one of the finest 21st Century soul tracks recorded. But, all said, "Los Angeles" is still one of the most impressive and repeatable beat albums of the year - and without doubt one of the best things the Warp label have given us in some time. Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Alva Noto - Unitxt

Alva Noto - Unitxt (Raster Noton) Comentários: Set to be given an official launch at the upcoming Raster Noton event at the ICA (held on 30th May), here's an exclusive advance on the brand new album by Carsten Nicolai. Those of you who heard the Alva Noto remix of Bjork's 'Innocence' have already been given a preview of the rhythmic processes behind Unitxt, which aesthetically follows along similar lines to the Trans series of releases. Recorded over the past couple of years, this album's inception came about during the Raster Noton tour of Japan between 2006 and 2007, only to be finally revised and edited into its current form within recent months. Of all the rhythm-based music by Alva Noto, this latest batch probably marks the greatest levels of detail and elaboration. If an album like Transform was largely characterised by a strict and pristine approach to minimalism and subtlety, Unitxt presents a more complex and full-blooded exercise. The essential building blocks of the Alva Noto sound remain pared down and elemental, but there's something uncommonly visceral about Nicolai's compositional technique this time around, which while still familiar and unmistakably his work, sounds charged with renewed levels of ferocity and kinetic energy. Surprisingly, this album isn't entirely impervious to human interventions, and Poet Anne-James Chaton appears on eight-minute opening track 'U_07', offering a portrait of Carsten Nicolai in numbers and text, reading out the various pieces of information found in Nicolai's wallet, from invoices, business cards, notes and even credit card information. This theme of spoken numeric information is continued on 'U_08-1', in which Chaton recites a series of digits corresponding to the 'Golden Ratio', which conceptually is all very much in keeping with the kind of geometric-acoustic perfection suggested by Noto's intensely organised soundworld. The album is divided into two distinct sections: after an initial sequence of ten conventional recordings, the remaining sixteen audio tracks are occupied by various kinds of data having been converted into audio information, with software applications like Excel, Word and Powerpoint all reinterpreted as a raw stream of sound matter. The end result is surprisingly beautiful, and very much akin to the kind of radical, uncompromising digital experiments of Farmers Manual. There's a certain logical elegance to the fact that these sound files - sourced from programs you'd use everyday in an office - actually sound rather like the various mechanisms of technology you might have encountered over the years, from the rhythmic splutter of printers to the loading sounds of old 8 bit computers. When it's presented to you in this context, you really appreciate how chaotic, alien and how absolutely beautiful this continuous bombardment of data can be. Coupled with the recent Ryoji Ikeda Test Pattern CD, Unitxt presents a hugely absorbing perspective on our relationship with the information that's all around us, all the time. An amazing album - Hugely recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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VIBERT/SIMMONDS - Rodulate (Rephlex) Comentários: The first Vibert/Simmonds collaboration appeared on Rephlex almost exactly 15 years ago, and featured Luke Vibert hooked up with fellow Cornish dweller Jeremy Simmonds for a sequence of rugged, experimental and incredibly warm tracks that to this day we have a real soft spot for. "Rodulate" features more archive material from the pair, chosen and honed by them for a second collection of electronic music variations that touch on stripped electro, sino textures, Acid reductions and even some squashed rhymes for your listening pleasure. It's a raw, beautifully analogue affair that manages to temper some of Vibert's more overtly kitsch instincts without getting rid of his effortless funk and sci-fi styles. Simmonds' involvement somehow turns the whole thing into an edgier, more robust beast, offering a good counterpoint to some of the more polished Vibert productions of later years. "Hurtin' Cyst" in particular harks back to the wonderful 'Phat Lab Nightmare' - one of his earliest and most overlooked albums under the Wagon Christ moniker, while the title track is a rough dose of distorted, weirdy electro of the very finest kind. Really good stuff - Highly recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

2562 - Aerial

2562 - Aerial (Tectonic) Comentários: Over a succession of rhythm melting vinyl releases for Tectonic, SubSolo and Philpot, Dave Huismans has asserted himself as the leading practitioner of forward thinking dancefloor motions currently in operation. Under the' Dogdaze, A Made Up Sound and his revered 2562 moniker Huismans has shocked the now merged techno and dubstep fraternities with a brilliantly consistent stream of bare bones riddims encompassing brittle 2-step, lurching techno and bass driven dub with a fractured brokenbeat aesthetic that sounds quite unlike anything else being produced today. Aerial is Huismans' massively anticipated debut album and contains some of the most deadly material produced under his 2562 guise, formed into a coherent statement of ten tracks set to detonate headphoness and Soundsystems around the world this summer. This CD edition pulls together four tracks previously dispatched over the course of three individual 12"s released in the last year, plus six sparkling fresh productions primed to dub the world into submission. The set skanks into view with 'Redux' plumbing the depths of a breezing downtempo dub cut in the finest Rhythm & Sound styles, and clearing the airspace for the snaking syncopations of 'Morvern'. From here there's a run of tracks culled from recent releases, ready to educate unblessed ears with some bass stepping sanctification, but the real treats for those who've been paying close attention come in the form of the stunning 'Basin dub' composed from delicate blue chords and a double-timed rhythmic intuition that couldn't have come from anyone else, followed by the equally crushing 'Greyscale', realisng many a technoXdubstep nerd's wet dream with a sacred stylistic blend of Burial, Basic Channel and T++ that leaves us floored. Finally another new effort 'The times' signs off the album with some moody and expansive dub chords whipped into spectral plumes over a coma-slow riddim that brings us full circle and ready for repeat. This album follows in the massively revered tradition of dub experimentation and rhythm science laid down in the lineage stretching from Lee Perry through King Tubby, Scientist, Steve Gurley, Dillinja, Photek, Rhythm & Sound, Kode 9 and Burial, so all we can say is that if any of those names have remotely affected you in any way you really need to check this album out. Without doubt one of the albums of the year - absolutely mighty. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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ELECTROSERGE - Gimme Data (Normoton Germany) Comentários: This is the third full-length release from the data-pop duo Birgit Lehneis and Paul Heil aka Electroserge. After Whispertime and To Those I Hold Dear -- two straight indietronics albums -- Electroserge now leave guitars and chimes behind and take a turn on the data-highway. Machine-grooves along the road celebrate their electro heart and nostalgic robo-clichés dot the landscape. Evoking the classic tunes of Drexciya, Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt, Gimme Data sounds freshly-generated via Pacman, run through machines driven by ideas and grounded by a cool attitude. Take some stripped-down beats, flavor them with some crystal-clear synth hooks and don't forget a good amount of robo-soul. Despite the glittering sheen of electronics, their indie roots such as Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine can still be heard in their music. Self-confident sounds out of Bavaria with an international heart. in forcedexposure [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Disco Italia: Essential Italo Disco Classics 1977 – 1985.

Synth comprised, futuristic space music, Italo Disco was generalised in Europe as non U.K produced dance music. The term ‘Italo’ originated from the ‘Italo Boot Mixes’ that featured Italian and German music created in 1983 by ZYX label boss Berhnard Mikulski. Prior to 1983 the music was simply referred to as ‘Disco’. When disco musicians started to experiment with synthesizers and electronics in the late 1970’s the result was either Hi-NRG (North American) or Space Disco (European) which by 1982 had fully developed into it’s own sub-genre in Italo. Typically simple with catchy melodies often sung with the aid of vocoders, many songs were sung in English with heavy Italian accents, creating almost nonsensical lyrics where the themes of love, robots and space where more than prevalent. When we heard that the next release on Strut was going to be an ‘Italo Disco Classics’ compilation we received the news with both excitement and trepidation. Excitement because we love the genre and trepidation because we know that for all the great tracks out there, there are a dozen more shockers that would be best left unearthed. Fortunetely for us, Bear Entertainment boss Steve Kotey has compiled what turns out to be our favourite Strut release to date, no easy task given the genre can be somewhat a minefield in less knowledgeable cosmic disco

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