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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Manuel Carvalho : more stuff from "The Hypnagogic Dronescaper"

After a fresh Podcast... for those who never heard about Manuel Carvalho, guys you can't miss his sick tracks ... some on stream other to download for free. Find Out More about Manuel art and music at Tumblr & Soundcloud. Super Tip!
Tape01 by _Manta_
Ghazala (excerto) by _Manta_
Mantra Ray by _Manta_

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Manuel Carvalho - M.U. Podcast 33# (December 2011)

Manuel Carvalho is a portuguese musician (plus Graphic Designer) based in Barcelona. I've only knew about Manuel's music through a concert of Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma in Lisbon (September, 2011 at ZDB ), where he made the first part and debuted his first EP release 'Manta' (cdr, 50 Copies only) . Manuel is a talented hypnagogic-dronescaper, his music is similar to Rene Hell, Oneohtrix Point Never and The Fun Years.
About the mix: Here I tried to express what’s on my guts, there are pioneers, there are boring crackheads, there are pseudo intellectual revivalisms, there are people who stick to send «massive» beats, there is national pride, there are subjects that were formerly use only to fill up a void, there is also some groove, drone, love songs and a couple of my personal themes. Manuel Carvalho
Sobre o mix : Como moço criado no século XXI, nunca tinha utilizado esse artilúgio de adolescente enfatuado, não por falta de amores mas por obsolescência do meio e provavelmente para evitar a alienação resultante. Seria portanto, lógico dedicar a minha primeira mixtape a um blog e não a alguma adolescente de camisola de gola alta e calças à boca-de-sino (quando foi o primeiro revival).
Aqui tentei mais ou menos expor as minhas entranhas, há pioneiros, há crackheads aborrecidos, há intelectualoides revivalistas, há gente que se cinge a mandar gandas beats,há orgulhos nacionais, há temas que originalmente só serviam para encher chouriços… há groove, há drone e há canções de amor e há ainda um par de temas meus.
Astral Social Club - Skelp
Actress - Redit 124 (excerpt) (Werk Discs)
Lamburg Tony - Værtshussport (Escho)
Actress - Redit 124 (continuation) (Werk Discs)
Raymond Scott - Don't Beat Your Wife Everyday (Basta)
Manuel Carvalho - Phase Castle (Unreleased)
James Ferraro - Bad Toys (Muscleworks Inc.)
Gala Drop - Holy Heads (Not On Label)
Laurel Halo - Hour Logic (Hippos In Tanks)
Caboladies - Crowded (Gneiss Things)
Black Dice - Night Flight (excerpt) (DFA)
ESG - Dance (Soul Jazz Records)
Takkhalha - Rain and Rain (Persianna)
Sun Araw - Get Low (Not Not Fun)
Hype Williams - Break4Love (Hippos In Tanks)
Gang Gang Dance - ∞ ∞ ∞ (4AD)
Zomby – Euphoria (Werk Discs)
Sensational - Skit N' Scatterin' (WordSound)
Steve Reich – Sextet (Nonesuch)
Manuel Carvalho - Tape 02 (Unreleased)
AraabMuzik - Electronic Dream (Duke Productions)
B Fachada - Cantiga de Amigo

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011




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Sexy-Sweaters New Stuff

Monday, December 26, 2011

Patrice & Friends - Cashmere Sheets

Patrice & Friends - Cashmere Sheets (Sulk Records) Comentários: Patrice & Friends is an alter ego for the indomitable Slackk and his undisclosed pals flexing their Footwork hyper-soul. 'Cashmere Sheets' comprises 22 tracks - the original 15 plus a bonus 7-track EP "Cashmere Offcuts" - and signifies the UK's most fun contribution to the ongoing dialogue between the Bass scene and Chicago. Unlike, say Addison Groove or Kuedo's takes on Footwork, the ruff-cut boogie sampling and flighty aesthetic of Patrice & Friends has much more in common with the OG Southside crews, mirroring their energy and flow with a hair-kissing sense of funk that can't be faked. The source material is handled in a way that's achingly well appointed, re-contextualising coked-up '80s funk and R'n'B along futurist vectors unfortunately avoided by so many who're content to rehash the same, "sophisticated" memes sans the energy or real-deal soul. There's a classic double refraction of ideas criss-crossing the Atlantic at the moment, from DJ Manny & J-Cush sampling Wiley to the likes of Patrice & Friends spinning off Footwork, and no doubt, we simply can't get enough. A massive recommendation! Buy it via boomkat or Download it for free.

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Tim Hecker - Dropped Pianos

TIM HECKER - Dropped Pianos (Kranky) Comentários: A companion to his acclaimed Ravedeath 1972 set, Dropped Pianos collects sketches for that album recorded by Tim Hecker last year. While on paper it might sound like something for completists only, trust us when we tell you that this LP is a beguiling listen in its own right: shorn of the disruptive electronic processing which defined Ravedeath, what you get instead is a series of exquisitely reverbed and layered piano instrumentals which showcase Hecker's gift for minimalist composition and mournful melody. Richly evocative of rainy, post-war cityscapes, of mortality and of thwarted romance, it's another masterful offering from an artist right at the top of his game.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I miss you mom...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dutch research studio Metahaven designs a collection of scarves and T-shirts in support of WikiLeaks

Whether you support them or not, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks played a massive political role in 2011. With their whistle blowing action, they put the spotlight on many uncomfortable truths, shed light on dodgy agreements and, generally speaking, kicked up a fuss. Critics of the website says WikiLeaks put lives at risk by divulging information about diplomatic secrets, military operations and army staff. Of course, Wikileaks claims those governments and politicians have themselves to blame for their inclusion in the cables. As everyone is aware of Assange has also landed himself in a spot of legal trouble by being of accused of rape in Sweden.
He is about to be extradited to Sweden, but last week week won the right to appeal against the decision. Nevertheless, WikiLeaks divide opinion worldwide: some see the organisation as one with the courage to stand up against America, a country which featured heavily in the WikiLeaks cables, while others view Assange as a fame-crazed attention seeker. Dutch design and research studio Metahaven, though, seems to belong to the first category. Apparently worried by the sate of WikiLeaks financial situation, the duo has produced a range WikiLeaks scarves and T-shirt and are currently auctioning them on eBay. We spoke to them to find out how it all began... via dazed & confused

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Muv •• 22 Dezembro, Orson & Welles (Tonight)

Muv •• 22 Dezembro 5.feira * 23H*4H * Entrada Livre 
R. da Moeda, 1 F/G / Cais do Sodré / Lisboa 
This Area Monitored by Video Camera 

Orson & Welles djset + visuais 

A última noite do TAMBVC, deste ano, sem concerto nem live act mas com os fundadores do Fungo, Orson & Welles, num djset a quatro mãos, percorrendo caminhos que variam entre o house, techno, dubstep, synthwave. A rubrica This Area Monitored by Video Camera volta a 12 de Janeiro com o concerto de Clean And Looking composto por André Silva na guitarra, João Almeida no baixo eléctrico e Pedro Almiro na bateria. 

This Area Monitored By Video Camera é um projecto dos Orson & Welles, iniciado em 2006 que tem como princípio base, apresentar artistas nacionais/internacionais, e explorar as potencialidades da componente vídeo, no sentido de acrescentar mais-valias visuais no espaço onde actua. Os artistas convidados apresentam-se em formato live act ou em concerto e os géneros musicais têm variado por entre o ambient, o house, o acid, o techno ou a electrónica mais experimental, havendo sempre abertura para outros estilos. 

powered by Fungo 

info | Fungo website 
parceiros | Muv Magnética Magazine / apoio à divulgação 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BURIAL HEX feat. ZOLA JESUS - The Far (MATER SUSPIRIA VISION Prodigiosum in Paradiso Remix)

New Mater Suspiria Vision / Phantasma Disques online store
Non-profit-videotribute to Ira Cohen and Marquis de Sade by Cosmotropia de Xam.
Join Mater Suspiria Vision on facebook for newest updates:!/pages/Mater-Suspiria-Vision/10150124664305212?ref=ts

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Theway Peoplestare - M.U. Podcast #32 (December 2011)

I'm very proud to announce another big international collab by the Australian Witch Radio Host Goddess, Sammantha Leesonja!
About the mix:
Once off ! 2010 -2011 anniversary downloadable mixtape !
Produced by THEWAY PEOPLESTARE & mix expertise of MIKE TEXTBEAK
Presented by MUNDO URBANO
Live show and recording assisted by INFECTIOUS UNEASE & RYAN KNOWLES
Huge THANK YOU to all artists and labels involved over the last year. It’s all about the love" Theway Peoplestare.
Cover Art : Mundo Urbano
Theway Peoplestare Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr
Download Link (Available for 3 WEEKS!) Here
02.Mater Suspiria Vision - Das Haus Der Hexe (Clandestine Records/Phantasma Disques)
03.∆AIMON - Exu Rei (Tundra Dubs)
04. Crossover - Luv Sick Vampires (Gloom)
05.Violet Tremors - Future Love (Time Is The Traitor)
06.Textbeak - Dove Feeders (Pale Noir)
07.Mascara - Sandtrap (AMDISCS)
08.Children's Drugstore - Logan's Run
09.Unison - Brothers and Sisters (Awkward Remix) (Self Released)
10.Crave - Couch (CCRRAAVVEE.COM)
11.Tash Willmore - Falcon Eye (Aural Sects)
12.Crim3s - Germs (Black BVS Records)
13.//TENSE// - Versus Man (Disaro/Robot Elephant Records)
14.The Present Moment - The Damage Is Loved (Desire/Mannequin Records)
15.Shams - Plastic Language (Self Released)
16.▲NGST - S▲BB▲TH (Phantasma Disques)
17.Ourobonic Plague - The Trial (AMDISCS/Robot Elephant Records)
18.Scythe - Galaxy (Pale Noir)
19.Ceremonial Dagger - Imperfect Execution (Black BVS Records)
20.Mushy - Too Far (Live) (Mannequin Records)
21.Arc – Insults (Tundra Dubs)
22.Drugs For Drugs / GL▲SS †33†H - While You're Away (Phantasma Disques)
23.Eyedoublecross - Stand (Black BVS Records)
24.Mater Suspiria Vision - Snake That Eats Itself (Phantasma Disques)
25.V‡S KULT - Small In Number But Greater In Mind (Kult)
26.Spastic Joy - Hello Goodbye (Clandestine Records)
27.Ritualz - King (Robot Elephant Records)
28.Myrrh Ka Ba - Eye M Dem (Tundra Dubs)
29.NФΔH 3 / BLAM LORD / PARTY TRASH - Bleeding Edge So Wet (Self Released)
30.Strange Powers - Hall Ov Records (Tundra Dubs)
31.Fostercare - Burn This City (Stray EP)
32.Nattymari - Bumpin Kreayshawn Obliteration (Clandestine Records)
33.___N___ - Ghostnnn (Self Released)
34.Slow Head - Veins (Phantasma Disques)
35.Raw Moans - Hands of Affection (Safe Sex)
36.Modern Witch - In Your Eyes (Disaro/Tundra Dubs)
37.oOoOO - Burnout Eyess (Triangle Records)
38.Crossover - Jack Knife (Punch)

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pinch - Retribution

Pinch - Retribution (Swamp 81) Comentários: One year since his defining 'Croydon House' session, Pinch returns to Swamp81 armed with two high grade dreadnaughts. Again he's operating at a 126-128bpm flex, but this time the emphasis is set off the 4, hitting a dark spot between 'Croydon...' and his immense album collaboration with Shackleton. A-side is the magisterial 'Retribution', a staggering payload of quaking 808 bass hits and shakedown syncopation streaked with artillery strike sounds and heart-in-mouth synth chorales. B-side 'Get Out Of Here' is a more stripped-down exercise in iced sound design, rending a slower halfstep rhythm with dank, expansive reverbs and shivering percussion diffused like spent shells. We shouldn't need to reiterate, this is a mighty, mighty plate. via boomkat

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YOUNG HUNTING - The Night Of The Burning

YOUNG HUNTING - The Night Of The Burning (Blackest Ever Black) Comentários: Steeped in gothic decadence, Young Hunting's 'The Night Of The Burning' is a darkly compelling kiss of death to 2011 from one of its finest imprints. An "experimental musick project" based in Edinburgh, Scotland, its two members formed a relationship with Blackest Ever Black on the strength of a self-released debut album 'Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition' from 2010, finding mutual aesthetic ties to the nether realms of early '80s post-industrial atmospheres and the escapism of bedroom arcana. The most obvious, and favourable, comparison is with the music of Coil; whether through ambitious sound design and arrangements, or their theatric affections, the similarities are clear. But it's certainly not a straight up facsimile - they hadn't actually heard of Coil until recently. They would be more likely to reference the transgressive literature and philosophies of Bataille or the films of Jane Arden, both of whom directly influenced the haunting lyrics, delivered in a cinematic, earnest style and, refreshingly, without a sliver of cynicism. For those willing or able to sequester themselves from prosaic realities, there's an achingly lush sound world within 'The Night Of The Burning' beckoning your attentions. Strongly recommended if you like Raime, Coil, Swans, Dead Can Dance... via boomkat
Young Hunting - The Night Of The Burning (BLACKEST006) [short clips] by Blackest Ever Black

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D'marc Cantu - Fallen

D'marc Cantu - Fallen(Creme Jak/Creme Organization Holland) Comentários: Chicago's D'Marc Cantu - partner of JTC in 2 AM/FM - delivers a heavyweight debut album. Much like his previous releases for Crème Organization and those aces for M>O>S, 'Fallen' is superbly balanced fusion of raw, rugged machine wrangling and sophisticated synthwork; rhythms which own your body and sounds that hypnotise and and seduce. If you're only gonna check a few, make sure to witness the clenching killer 'Oh My', the Italo-styled ace 'Say It And Its Time' or the dramatic 'Fallen'. Very smart pick for the jak connoisseurs.via boomkat
Creme JAK XL01 - D'Marc Cantu - Fallen - 2LP by Creme Organization

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

EMG - Images Of Sound

EMG - Images Of Sound (Experiential Learning) Comentários: New label called Experiential Learning. The label is researching the different treatments and possibilities of audio. They are (according the info text) Seeking the Power of Analogue Recordings and how sounds, FHZ and Interferences combined and mixed with each other can assume individual meanings transmitting different images and emotional states. 6 pure tracks recorded live on cassette. Released on 369 strictly limited copies available only on vinyl. via clone

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tropic of Cancer - M.U. Podcast #31 (December 2011)

Tropic Of Cancer is an exceptional LA Based artist Camella Lobo who has been evoking a unique sound aesthetic since her very first single “The Dull Age / Victims” (2009) out on Downwards, «all releases to date have been collaborations» with Juan Mendez (known as Sandwell District and Silent Servant). Her latest work a «The End Of All Things is a breathtakingly spacious production and scarily evocative songcraft that collects all the tracks from the Downwards singles (sans Richard H. Kirk’s remix of ‘Be Brave), together with a handful of previously unreleased rarities, including a cover of Soft Cell‘s ‘L.O.V.E Feelings’». After her European tour Camella agreed to perform the 31# M.U. Podcast which I have no words to describe how thankful I am, big X, M.U. Facebook , Bandcamp, Twitter , Discog
About the mix: “This is a mix for the loved and unloved, the lost and the found. It was compiled in moments of weakness” Tropic of Cancer. Download T.O.C. - M.U.Podcast #31 (Dec. 2011)
Ela Orleans - Tides and Shadows
Autopoeises - Untitled
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
Grouper - Cassiopeia
Franz Liszt Two Pieces from the Hungarian Coronation S501/R192 - I. Benedictus
Horrid Red - Marble Staircase Parts I & II
Anika - I Go to Sleep
Ela Orleans - In the Night
Julee Cruise - I Remember
Vincent Gallo - So Sad
Nico - Eulogy to Lenny Bruce
Fit & Limo - Surrealist Waltz
Broadcast - Tears in the Typing Pool
Daphne Oram - High Speed Flight
Chris & Cosey - The Gates of Ancient Cities
Holy Strays - Phrenesia
The Haxan Cloak - Observatory
The Cure - All Cats Are Grey
Leyland Kirby - The Arrow of Time
Ela Orleans - Vertigo
Tropic Of Cancer - The Dull Age
Julee Cruise - Mysteries of Love
Bowery Electric - Lushlife

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BOY MTN - Freakwaves (AMDD084)

Boy Mtn (US) released last month on Amdiscs (AMDD084) they latest work called “Freakwaves”. An arresting set of experimental audio collage meaning ambient, lo-fi and disco disturbia. Buy it at Amdiscs or download it for free. 

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AUERGLASS PROJECT #1 by Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow (Glasser)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oneohtrix Point Never and Nate Boyce at MoMA, December 17, 2011

9:00 P.M.–12:00 A.M.
PopRally invites you to the premiere of the multimedia performance RELIQUARY HOUSE by Oneohtrix Point Never and visual artist Nate Boyce, created specifically for The Museum of Modern Art.
OPN and Boyce re-imagine the canon of modernist sculpture through hallucinatory reconstructions of works by David Smith, Jacob Epstein, and Anthony Caro, among other sculptures in MoMA's collection. Boyce uses computer-generated imagery to transform these sculptures into kinetic apparitions that inhabit incongruous and "impossible" landscapes and architectural environments. Abetted by OPN's sound design, Boyce reconfigures the museum setting, pulling historical art objects into a new context.
The performance is bookended by a screening of selected video works that confront notions of "the image as object" and the visceral dimensions of sound and images. In addition, Matt Werth provides interstitial "sound sets."
Attendees have access to four MoMA exhibitions throughout the evening:Contemporary Art from the Collection, 1980–Now; Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance); Thing/Thought: Fluxus Editions, 1962–1978; Sanja Iveković: Sweet Violence; and Projects 96: Haris Epaminonda.
The performance beings at 9:30 p.m. Admission includes performance, access to galleries, and cocktails.

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James Cochran

James Cochran

New video by Secret Progression with footage of James painting in London, and images from his recent exhibition opening.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Banksy : London (2011)

image via wooster collective (2011)

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Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century at the Groninger Museum (NL)

From 11 December 2011 to 6 May 2012, the Groninger Museum will present the exhibition entitled "Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century". This exhibition displays the most fantastic Alaïa fashion creations of the last ten years. Alaïa is one of the last major couturiers still active. The exhibition is a follow-on to the overview of his work shown in the Groninger Museum in 1998, which was subsequently displayed at the Brant Foundation in New York in 2002.
Tunisian-born Azzedine Alaïa is one of the most important fashion designers of the last decades. The name Alaïa stands for glamour, sensuality, style, cut, self-confidence, comfort and, of course, sex appeal. His range of clothing has received great acclaim from celebrities. Activities: During the exhibition period, the Groninger Museum will organize special step-in guided tours on the theme of Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century. Read the Dazed & Confused Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century article.
Compilation The exhibition Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century has been compiled by curator Mark Wilson.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Huerco S. - M.U. Podcast #30 (December 2011)

I’ m proud to announce that one of my new favorite producers accepted to compose a mix for my beloved M.U. Podcast : Huerco S. (aka Brian Leeds) is a mystifying/underground project from Kansas City (USA), which I’ve slammed into by accident on Soundcloud two months ago. In effect, his music blends different music genres like Chicago House/Techno, Post Dubstep + Romantic + Warm = SUPER! At the moment there’s not much info about this KC persona, however beside a bunch of super quality tunes published on his SC , we know that «the melancholy blue pressure of Huerco S' 'Got Me Inna Trance' » track was released on B.YRSLF Division, Forthcoming : 12" at 'Wicked Bass Records' plus another to be released at 'Other Heights'
About the mix: "basically it's some songs that i like, some that i made, and some that i edited. A PERFECT COMPANION FOR ALL THOSE WINTRY NIGHTS TO COME. " Huerco S.
Download »» Huerco S. - M.U. Podcast #30 (December 2011)
YYU - Move(know) - (CD-R)
De Tuinen - The Fragments of Knowledge of the Final Truth - (CD-R)
Cheap And Deep Productions - Darkroom Beats - (Cheap and Deep)
OCP - Blue Spring - (Aim)
YYU - Toastaoven (Huerco S. mix) - (CD-R)
Huerco S. - Prinzif(Ruff Rub) - (CD-R)
The Please - Sampler Crack - (Purple Maze)
Control Voltage - 2 - (Dissident)
Huerco S. - Ames - (forthcoming Other Heights)
Huerco S. - KPR - (CD-R)
Legowelt - U can fly away from the hood - (Legowelt S/R)
Huerco S. - U R ALWAYS ON MY MIND - (CD-R)

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Friday, December 09, 2011

M\/ (Mundo Urbano) m*tape

M\/ m*tape by Mundo Urbano 2
01.Tatsuro Yamashita - 永遠に
02.Hauschka - So Far
03.Julianna Barwick - Cloudbank
04.Hex Breaker Quintet - With The Sun On My Face And Truth On My Lips What's Behind Me Doesn't Matter (Part 1)
05.Leyland Kirby - Speeded up slow motion
06.Solo1 - Falling (RMX)
07.Kouhei Matsunaga - 3
08.Sleeparchive - Hospital 8
09.Pinch & Shackleton - Cracks In the Pleasuredome
10.Co La - Siamese in Green
11.Vatican Shadow - Staccato Bursts Of Gunfire
12.Silent Servant - The Self
13.Roly Porter - Arrakis
14.Loop FX#01
15.Actress - Faceless
16.Ekoplekz - Arkrite

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sapphire Slows - True Breath (NNF241)

Sapphire Slows - True Breath (Not Not Fun) Comentários: Proving once and for all that not all Japanese electronic music has to be pretty and/or ambient, Sapphire Slows hails from Tokyo and offers up this devilish selection of woozy, neon house crawlers. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised given that it’s appearing on the really quite amazing Not Not Fun imprint, and coming after Maria Minerva’s 2011 fave ‘Cabaret Cixous’ it makes perfect sense. Sapphire’s silky half-heard vocals erupt like blue gas over her stripped Chicago-via-Sheffield bleep house backings and end up sounding like Grouper’s long lost Warp album. Despite the amount of nods to house music, there’s something deeper and darker about Sapphire Slows that’s impossible to ignore; something that gets under the skin, and like Maria Minnerva should drag plenty of outsiders into the skin. She uses retro sounds but this isn’t an exercise in random nostalgia, there are dance beats but it’s more than a dance record – rather these elements are part of Sapphire Slows’ process, and with it she makes songs that are as unusual as they are enticing. Gorgeous and defiantly bizarre, this should be another hit to chalk on the success board for Not Not Fun. Don’t miss it…via boomkat

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


"HERE WE GO. FERRARI JACKSON is officially on the scene with a crazy taxi mixtape thats sure to flip your living room into a FREAKS only after hours dancefloor. Tape comes with a high quality file JAM PACK for dj's and remixers. The first of a long, and fruitful career from this earth saavy PULSE king." HOT! GET the tape and HQ digital package at Culture Dealer.

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Monday, December 05, 2011

Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP (Free Download)

Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP featuring stars like Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Tranqill, Marv Won and Moe Pope. Sick!

1.Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:48
2.One Of Life's Pleasures ft. Danny Brown (Remix) 02:31
3.Up Close 01:17
4.Rotten Apples ft Tranqill (Remix) 01:56
5.Run Shit ft. Marv Won (Remix) 02:15
6.Out Of My Mind Tonight 01:22
7.Confused World 00:56
8.Trust ft Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:29
9.Hi There Interlude 00:31
10.Stampeding Elephants ft. Moe Pope (Remix) 02:10
11.Never Too Late 01:43
12.Gettin' Lucky 01:51

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Die Von Brau - M.U. Podcast #29 (December 2011)

"Die Von Brau não tem uma identidade defenida... é tipo uma mistura de tudo e no entanto nao é nada..."
About the mix: Mixtape com grande maioria de produtores portugueses. Numa altura onde não se sente a necessidade de olhar lá para fora para ouvir coisas novas. A inspiração está aqui, mais perto do que pensamos, e por esse motivo preenchi esta tape com estes produtores valiosos. Aos que faltaram (e faltam muitos) serão incluidos numa próxima oportunidade. Cumprimentos , VONBRAU . Facebook | Soundcloud

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mundo Urbano - Somebody (edit)

Yesterday experiments turned into this, hope you like it. Covert art by Vitor Serrano.
Somebody (edit) by Mundo Urbano 2

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Thursday, December 01, 2011


"From the comfort of his New Jersey bedroom, 23-year-old producer Clams Casino turns out beats for a dizzying array of rappers like Lil B, Soulja Boy, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, and Havoc of Mobb Deep. His reverb-heavy, ethereal productions have earned him a cult following amongst the music blog community, and his recent instrumental release on the Tri Angle label has only solidified his status as one to watch in this omnipresent Internet age. In this sessions he talks beats, business, and his take on sound quality in the digital age, with Noz of Cocaine Blunts."

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Moon Wiring Club - Clutch It Like A Gonk

Moon Wiring Club - Clutch It Like A Gonk (Gecophonic) Comentários: Ian Hodgson returns with a brand new Moon Wiring Club album, bundled with a 3" cd of additional, beatless, hugely engrossing material. Despite using more or less the same setup (a Playstation 2 running "Music") - the production values have seen a big bump on "Clutch It Like A Gonk". There's still a nostalgic trace-echo permeating through the pores of these tracks (that is the essence of Hauntology, is it not?), but the tempo has been nudged, the percussion has become much more heavy-hitting and the whole thing is covered with a modern sheen (despite the typical, brilliantly unhinged retro-manic artwork) that's previously only been hinted at on MWC releases. "Churchyard Style" situates itself positively in between a halfstep bass drop and Araabmuzik style syncopation, with a cascading melody keeping everything properly unbalanced. "Spellcasting Summat" takes on a UKG template before rolling in with some dislodged vocal snippets and tripped-out effects, while "Get There By Bus" almost sounds like Shackleton on a Radiophonic jaunt. The real star of the show, however, is the 3" CD of miniatures that's included in this bundle. It's already been described as "sounding a bit like Boards Of Canada's short, beatless intervals" - and although there's certainly a similarly de-tuned and spectral quality to these pieces (there are 22 of them, clocking in at about a minute each) - there's a more unsettling essence to these tracks, reminding us of Position Normal and SAWII (especially on Track 8) - without really sounding like either. Of course, the package looks just sublime, with more of that intricate and super-distinctive MWC artwork, and although the whole project seems to have a kind of cultural pastiche at its core, we reckon that Ian Hodgson might really be onto something a bit new here - and as such we reckon this is easily his best set of tracks to date. Highly recommended! via boomkat

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BLACK MASS RISING MMXI movie (Official Trailer)

DVDR Out December MMXI, Filmed & Directed by Shazzula . A 120 minutes Movie Involving 22 bands on Soundtrack. BLACK MASS RISING MMXI. Limited 666 DVDrs available on pre-orders or through Kickstarter (more details soon) please join our Mailinglist : , SOUNDTRACK wil be released on limited 666 BLACK BOXES 3XLP on Black Mass Rising Label.

22 Bands on Soundtrack:
Master Musicians of Bukkake , Kawabata Makoto , Bobby Beausoleil , Horror Illogium , Yoga , Sylvester Anfang II , Burial Hex , Sayona , Kinit Her , Rose Croix , Mourning Ring , Ga'an , Shazzula , The Entrance Band , In Zaire , Cultus Sabbati , Mater Suspiria Vision, L'Acéphale, Aluk Todolo, Burial Hex, Menace Ruine, Demonologists.

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