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Sunday, June 28, 2009

tigersushi bass system & mattia

the winter of love '09 mix - by tigersushi bass system & mattia(79.40.50mb, 57:46mins) [right click here to save]

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Desire - If I Can't Hold You (Live)

Disco Urbano:::..

Disco Urbano » this one is all about disco & italo [Download]

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alan Braxe & Matthew Dear @ Lux, Lisboa

Alan Braxe - 16 Jul. @ Lux, Lisboa
Matthew Dear/Audion - 17 Jul. @ Lux, Lisboa


Bottin - No Static


DESIRE - II (Italians Do It Better) Comentários: Of all the characters in the Italians Do It Better family, Johnny Jewel is the most consistently brilliant producer and mind. His focussed vision of emotionally driven disco bleeds a sleazy and impossibly glamorous late night vibe that's hard to find anywhere else and makes his many projects so damn cherishable. Desire is the result of his latest work, still bringing the sharply honed pop sensibility and immediate hooks of his Glass Candy and Chromatics projects but this time embellished with a moodier slowdisco vibe as opposed to midnight glam. 'Montre Moi Ton Visage' rips us back to some concert venue in the early 80's with disingenuous crowd noises and heavy reverbs setting an epic scene before 'Mirroir Mirroir' turns on dark charms with lo-fi and deadpan vox from Megan Louise. It's all to his credit that you'll be beating yourself up thinking "where the f**k have I heard this before" when of course it's all original material. Following this, the simple but beautifully executed developments of 'Dans Mes Reves' will leave few heads blind to his talents, but it's the darker American allure of 'Colorless Sky' that you should be playing to your friends that need convincing. Amazing music. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, June 26, 2009

26 JUN. DUBBYMAN @ A Capela - Bairro Alto, Lisboa

DUBBYMAN [Deep Explorer Music, Madrid] José Manuel Alvarez, also known as Dubbyman, made his debut as a DJ in 1992, hidden under the name of José Vertice. Acid house, funk, drum&bass and hip hop were just some of the ingredients of his firsts sets, backed up by his collective Dogs Connected. Later incursions into dubbed house and electrofunk sounds took him to visit most important clubs in Madrid like Deep and Danzoo, while maintaining his own club, Freak. By 2002, and thanks to his new facet as a producer he became Dubbyman, moves his residency from Freak to Café Bar Las Descalzas and expands his sessions across Madrid, in clubs like Morpheus, Ohm, Taboo, Deep, Danzoo,or Goldfield and outside, in places like Le Club (Valencia), El Sol (Salamanca), Telefunken, House Café, Foxx (La Coruña), La Casa de la Música (Badajoz). In 2006 he finds the most highly recognition for his participation in Sonar festival 2006 making a powerful session mixing dub with afro music. 2007 was a year of consolidation with his showcase in Observatori Festival in Valencia and a great comeback to Sonar 2007 sharing turntables with the cream of the Dubstep UK scene (Kode 9, Oris Jay and Mary Anne Hobbs). Nowadays he and his brother Above Smoke still directs the Deep Explorer music label where their productions are released along with other Spanish artists like Robert Calvin (Turbo records), Loudest (Odori, D-Press), Gauss Control (Undress music), Tempostop (Aeróbic studio), and other international artists like Rob Paine (Worship/Philadelphia), Marvin Belton and Scott Ferguson from Ferrispark, Mike Huckaby, Nick Sole, Rick Wade, Sascha Dive etc… They'll will release their 15th record this year.


ADIDAS Originals ZX90 Sneakers

Raf Simons Silver Astranaut Boot

Raf Simons,Silver Astranaut Boot S/S 2009

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Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Martin é uma agencia inglesa de Design de mobiliário Kistch com incursões estéticas french retro.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

25 de Junho, A Quinta Dimensão #5 @ MusicBox

Javier Álvarez a.k.a. ABOVE SMOKE is a producer from Madrid, owner and sound engineer of the underground label Deep Explorer Music. He's also an usual collaborator of labels like Bucketround, Signs of Authority, Minuendo Records, Sybaris, among others.During his first steps as a producer (in 2000) Javier was involved in the instrumental hip hop scene, surrounded by Jazz and Soul elements. Later he began to explore other styles such as Minimal, House, Electro and broken beats. An example of this new turn, is his first EP Hysteria (Deep Explorer 004) released on May 2005. Since then his hard work as been reflected on his numerous record releases. On top of this he's been performing live with laptop.A rubrica mensal "A Quinta Dimensão" é programada pela promotora/editora e tem como residente a dupla TRA$H CONVERTERS (Miguel Sá + Fad!gaz).


Monday, June 22, 2009

KONONO Nº1, 4 de Julho, Lisboa

A Zé dos Bois celebra este ano o seu 15º aniversário. A primeira noite de festejos acontece já dia 4 de Julho, sábado, a partir das 19h. Ao ar livre, junto ao Museu Nacional de História Natural (ao lado Jardim Botânico) recebemos, pela primeira vez em Lisboa, Konono nº1. Para além dos meninos e meninas do Congo, reunimos um colectivo com a nata de griots radicados por cá (Kimi Djabaté, Galissá, Maio Coope e N'Dara Sumano). Cereja em cima do bolo, apresentamos ainda, em esteia europeia, Pocahaunted e Sun Araw - dois nomes grandes da editora Not Not Fun (Ducktails, US Girls, Magic Lantern, et al). Bilhetes na Flur, Louie Louie e ZDB (horário das expo e noites de concerto). 10 em venda antecipada, 12 no dia.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Vibrarians

Modern Walker

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BIBIO - Ambivalence Avenue

BIBIO - Ambivalence Avenue (Warp) Comentários: The sparse output of Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio has attracted fans like bees to the heather over the last few years with highly regarded releases on American indie imprint Mush. Catching the attention of Warp with his remix for Clark has lead to this release on the leading UK indie, fitting in nicely with the likes of BoC, HudMo or even Broadcast with a sepia tinted and beat driven take on neo-folk and grainy soundtrack styles with just a hint of (dare we say it) hauntological awareness at work. Bibio's charming appeal can be attributed to his skill for crafting beautifully naive melodies and possessing a wider scope than many involed with the oft blanched scene of neo-folk and soft-hippy rustic-psychedelia, just check the heavy DJ Premier friendly beat on 'Fire Ant' and then check the Long Lost alike 'Haikuesque (when she laughs)' with shades of West Coast Pop-psychedelia for a neat contrast. 'Sugarette' would slot in with any of the Beat Dimensions types, while tracks like 'Lovers Carvings' or 'Abrasion' will soften any stressheads with sweetened acoustic guitars and euphoric raises sounding like Tunng on a handful of happy pills. It's undeniably gorgeous and is more typically Warp than much of the stuff they're picking up on right now so we'd have to recommend it to any lovers of the classic Warp feel-good sound and fans of everyone from Ezekiel Honig to Daedelus. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


CHICAGO SKYWAY - Heavens (M>O>S) Comentários: New M>O>S sublabel.... Chicago Skyway first released this beauty on Eargasmic (digital onlyl) and the man behind M>O>S has done the right thing and pressed it on our favorite format. 3 versions including a clever edit from Aroy Dee... tip top. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Mach - On and On


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GOVERNO - Meio Bicho e Fogo

GOVERNO - Meio Bicho e Fogo from 8 e Meio on Vimeo.

«meio bicho e fogo» é o primeiro tema do projecto musical governo.composto por miguel pedro (fundador de bandas como mão morta e mundo cão) com letra de valter hugo mãe.o projecto governo é composto por antónio rafael (também dos mãos morta) nas teclas, henrique fernandes no contrabaixo, miguel pedro na percussão e programações e valter hugo mãe na voz.a animação do vídeo é da autoria de esgar acelerado, com desenhos de sara macedo e do próprio.«meio bicho e fogo» é o tema com que o governo participa na compilação «novos talentos fnac 2009»mais informações:

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Raving ’89 – Neville & Gavin Watson, 2009

Raving '89 is a superb collection of his photographs. With 200 photos taken in the revolutionary year of 1989, this is the real deal. Hardly anyone took a camera to the raves, and the few people who did, got so bleary they left it under a speaker. Gavin Watson not only remembered his Nikon, he's also a truly world-class photographer. Gavin's rave pictures capture the experience like no others. Grubby warehouses, hands through sheets of lasers, the haircuts, the smiles, the friends, the crimes against fashion. It's a beautiful book, all wrapped up with hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville. [Raving'89 Samples Pdf]

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Italians Do It Better com Tiago Miranda

Já o ano passado tínhamos abordado o assunto, a propósito de uma série de projectos portugueses (Photonz, Moulinex, Social Disco Club, etc.) que têm conhecido visibilidade no universo da música de dança internacional. Entre esses nomes estava Tiago Miranda, músico, produtor, DJ e responsável pela editora de jazz Ruby Red, pertencente a inúmeros projectos portugueses (Loosers, Gala Drop, Slight Delay, Mendes & Alçada, The Sea Power and Change, Dezperados, etc.). Depois de vários discos lançados em importantes editoras como a nova-iorquina Rong Music ou a Mindless Boogie, sabe-se agora que também a americana Italians Do It Better, um dos exemplos mais felizes de como criar uma editora a partir de uma singular identidade musical, visual e conceptual, se interessa pelos seus serviços. A editora dos Glass Candy e dos Chromatics, uma das mais "glamourosas" do momento, conhecida pelas electrónicas sensuais e voluptuosas, vai editar nas próximas semanas um EP de Tiago, resultante de uma parceria com o DJ alemão Kaos. Chama-se "Mucho swash". Recentemente, Tiago Miranda editou um outro máxi-single, "Coaster", do projecto Mendes & Alçada (Tiago + Pedro Alçada dos Coty Cream), na inglesa Claremont 56, contendo uma remistura dos ingleses Idjut Boys. Mas as novidades não se ficam por aqui. Para os próximos tempos haverá mais um máxi-single dos Mendes & Alçada ("Night of the bath") na norueguesa Internasjonal e dois EP dos Slight Delay (Tiago + DJ Al) na Eskimo, de Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, e na Rong Music, respectivamente "Can you feel it?" e "Melody Nelson". in ípsilon [12.06.2009]

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

SCOTT, Patrice - Excursions EP

SCOTT, Patrice - Excursions EP (Sistrum) Comentários: For Sistrum's 10th release, Patrice Scott steps up to offer another collection of timeless sounds for sophisticated dancefloors worldwide. The Excursions EP sees the further extension of the Sistrum sound, as Patrice continues to represent the modern soul of Detroit with raw grooves, understated textures and sublime melodies. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, June 12, 2009


The Popular People's Front

"An anonymous group of musical activists whose sonic manifesto embraces a return to creative sampling & DJing without limits. Releasing limited Edition VINYL ONLY selections of heavyweight retro grooves and future basement workouts, all wrapped in bespoke sleeve art from Cyanide graphic." YOU CAN LISTEN TO US GETTING BUSY AT A RECENT DISCOLATED HIP PARTY - Here or THE PPF ON BEATS IN SPACE Here


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zoe Keogh

Ynki and her magical and intricate world of imagination is the creation of Berlin-based artist, Zoe Keogh, whose pastels and brightly colored love injected into her artworks is such a joy. She draws, scratches, prints, inks and presses, making delicate delights, which were on display as part of her first solo show at Keith and Lotti in Perth, Australia, earlier this year. Keogh has also exhibited in London, New York and Paris and is working on an intriguing seven sins concept. in coolhunting



JAPANESE SYNCHRO SYSTEM - A Day In The Life (Milions Of Moments) Comentários: Licensed from the Life Line label. Japanese Synchro System consists of Calm (Kiyotaka Fukagawa) and Herbest Moon (Kazuyuki Shimizu). They took time to create a monster track wich resulted in a 13 minutes(!) take on A Day In The Life. They gave their vision, flow to create maximum depth step by step. But still it's a basic track with some basic ingredients; pulsing warm and deep house with a sparse production with narration by Ill-Bosstino (Shinkansen). Flip for the even better instrumental with a sound that falls somewhere in between early Spiritual Life and Ferrer & Sydenham. Another fine piece of art or should we say another Piece De La Resistance on the ever surprising Millions of Moments label. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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DATASETTE - Businessfunktwo

Datasette - Another megamix of the finest ultra-rare 80s progressive electronic funk from the vaults of various production music libraries, resulting in 40 minutes of 100% awesome. Hold on to your hats. datashat-businessfunk2.mp3 (58.2mb)

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Rainbow Arabia "OMAR K"

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

F.L.O. Basic High Stuff EP

Mike Dehnert - Umlaut2 (Levon Vincent remix) [Clone - CBS01]: The new series for raw no-nonsens techno and house tracks designed to make you sweat in dark basements and no-nonsens clubs, namedd after the (for many legendary) techno basement in Rotterdam which was one of the best techno spots in the Netherlands in the 90's. One of those places that we all know with sweat dripping of the ceiling after many late hours of jacking house and techno tracks on a blasting system. The series will release some no-nonsens tracks.. some edgy and exciting and fresh, sometimes just plain functional. First one is Mike Dehnert with his solid Umlaut track that was overlooked by many when it was released on his own Fachwerk imprint. Mike is one of the big talents with his own trademark sound.. something we don't hear to often!. We bring 3 unreleased verions of Umlaut2... Mikes first unreleased mix, slightly housier then the official release, The rocking Umlaut2 new version. A version that slowly builds around the catchy chords. A version that already got tested and aproved at some of the influential clubs in europe!. Big surprise here is the remix by newcomer Levon Vincent! a new talent from New York that got his name on the map after 3 incredible releases on his own Novel Sounds and Deconstruct labels. He did a more then excellent job with his dirty and housier version of Umlaut2. Levon did lay down a crazy groove with an old fashioned hook line (very N.Y. house) and mold it into a fierce techno track. Fresh and completely different then most techno out there these days. Big record! [Pre Order]
A Made Up Sound - Archive [Clone - CBS02] : Dave Huismans aka 2562 with his other project A Made Up Sound, known from releases on Shed’s Subsolo label and Philpot Records... ‘Archive’ contains four raw house tracks from the vaults with their roots in Detroit and Chicago house. ‘Bounce’ and ‘Disconnect’ combine the best of two worlds: the more traditional samplebased house grooves and the spacious sounds and gut wrenching sub bass that have become this producer’s trademark. The same goes for the other two tracks... ‘Wire’ is a phat acid track with a great drive. A strange atmosphere and a unique combination of classic structures with new and old sounds. This track will make sure that the sweat is dripping off those basement walls! ‘On&On’ has that catchy drunken beat slightly reminding of some Theo Parrish productions... finished with futuristic technoid synth stabs and pulsating acid-ish bass sounds that make this a great abstract & stripped-down house work out! Killer release! [Pre Order]

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DEUTSCHMANN, Oliver - Lisboa EP

DEUTSCHMANN, Oliver - Lisboa EP Comentários: "This record is a the perfect interface between labels such as Dial and Modern Love. Advanced contemporary Deep-House tracks". in clone. "Vidab 09 is the second solo release on the label by oliver deutschmann. it comes with three tracks that are all influenced by the beauty of his favourite destination. if you are looking for more sales information sit down relax, have a beer and listen. enjoy". in nu loop [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Tim Lahan: Make It Weird

Network Osaka: Index


SGUSTOK MAGAZINE - Belarusian magazine about contemporary art, music, fashion, design and video-art. Was created in 2005 as a result of cultural experiment. Since 2009 it is coming out as an annual PDF-magazine and is distributed both in virtual space through the Internet, and on DVD. [Download PDF]

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


$TINKWORX/KINOEYE - MKB (WT France) Comentários: Speculator with his own DIY record label and came up with this stunning piece of vinyl..Two hot tracks on a split release from $tinkworx and Kinoeye. Stinkworx brings us a deeep techno track with moody piano lines, Drexciyan athmosphere and a shit load of depth. Typical $tinky material that seems to go deeper and deeper over 10+ intense minutes. Then.. we have the flip side by Kinoeye (aka Datahata) with a shockingly dirty techno house cut.. Absolute killer tracks here on this nice obscure new imprint from Brooklyn. Recommended! in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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VA- Beat Dimensions Vol.2 compiled by Cinnaman & Jay scarlett EP 1&2

EP1 - First vinyl EP of the sequel to the orginal instrumental beats comp...Beat Dimensions! First to drop is 12-A, which contains five brand new tracks from beatmakers all over the world....Danny Breaks and Adlib who drop a solid banger (this is not going to disappoint!), they are followed by newbies Mono/Poly (Faces, Vienna), Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup/Poobah, LA), Kenlo Cragnuques (Quebec) and Dalt Wisney (Karachi). They all push the right buttons, and between them deliver a great 5 track banging ep.Two years after the genre defying Beat Dimensions Vol. 1, here's the long due Vol. 2 !Expect three 12”s parts, a 7” and a CD (plus digital of course). in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]
EP2 - Two years after the genre defying Beat Dimensions Vol. 1, we now present you the long due.... Vol. 2. Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett do it again. This is the second EP featuring a range of talent including a Samiyam, Dorian Concept, Dimlite + FulgeanceExpect three 12”s parts, a 7”, t-shirt designs, slipmats as well as a CD and digital configuration.This next 12” delivers tracks 5 to 10. Again a wordwide affair by some of the best beat makers inthe business. Newcomer Dizz1 (Sydney) was pitched to us by Mark Pritchard, Dimlite (Bern) . Samiyam (Ann Arbor), is known for his output with FlyingLotus and was also on BD1, Dorian Concept (Vienna) just has his much praised record out onKindred Spirits and Fulgeance (Paris) records for Musique Large. They raise the standard onceagain! in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Harmonic 313's Battlestar

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Marcello Napoletano mix set may 2009

pantha du prince - pantha du prince suzan

Monday, June 01, 2009

DOLLSKABEAT - Zodiac Rising

DOLLSKABEAT - Zodiac Rising (Optimo) Comentários: Optimo's self titled imprint is shaping up to be one of THE labels to watch this year, with dancefloor bombs and dirty rock galore from Den Haan and Big Ned. The latest addition to the label is Dollskabeat, a part Scot, part Belarusian solo artist with an ultra cool trade in iced electro-pop and hook laden disco. 'Zodiac Rising' is a sumptuous dancefloor anthem in the making with traces of classic Italo electro and early 80's no-wave crafted with a heightened pop awareness. 'No Breaks No Sleep Part 1' on the flip is another skilled winner, this time bumping with an electro soul flex and produced with an gorgeous analog feel. Highly recommended to fans of John Foxx, Midnight Star or Dopplereffekt. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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Den Haan - Release the Beast

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Fantastic Magazine