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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Destaques: Vinyl

HOULE, Marc - Techno Vocals (Minus Canada) Comentários: Why are the vocals turned down so low? this is the way we make techno! to mark the label’s 50th release marc houle gets right back to basics with two raw, stripped down future classics. what’s more both vinyl cuts, “techno vocals” and “on i t” clock in at under six minutes meaning that this compact 12inch’s sound and message is going to be coming through extra loud and clear. on “techno vocals” (as with all houle productions) each sound is perfectly realised, commanding its own space with metronomic discipline. the rigid drum patterns, analogue explosions, regimented snare rolls, laser guided effects and delayed bleeps interact with supreme efficiency, while the arrangement is mapped out with cool, calculated intent. the result is a totally robust example of a-grade techno that’s really brought to life by the self-referential, pitched down vocal hook! it’s well documented that marc has more than a passing interest in 80’s electro, new wave and retro computer games and these influences are somehow more apparent on minus 50 than on his earlier solo releases or as part of run, stop, restore. “on it ” in particular will turn a few heads, making, as it does, a detour into previously unexplored territory. revolving around a heavily filtered melodic bass riff, houle punctuates the dry, upfront groove with a choice selection of rough, old school samples before dropping into a series of moody bass variations that give the track its distinctive flavour. to complete the release, dub and accapella versions of “techno vocals” are also available as digital downloads offering amongst other things the chance to reformat the vocals over the original beats. in nu loop [Para Ouvir]
DJ STINGRAY (DREXCIYA) - Aqua Team (Sherard Ingram unleashes his debut recorded material under the Drexciyan DJ Stingray moniker, making his super-developed strand of hyper-speed aquatic electro available to public consumption for the very first time. This is, of course, impeccably produced material, the percussive programming here underpinned by that signature padded bassline that envelops the tracks with immense warmth despite their frenetic pace. Drexciyan signatures are also littered around the tracks, discordant 8-bit malfunctions and an eerie science fiction obsession leaving archetypal markers for those of you always on the lookout for these subtle connections to days gone by. "Silicon Romance" is by far the best thing here, not a million miles removed from the more recent Urban Tribe material, and full of those stylistic signatures that have gained Ingram such a dedicated following over the last decade. Excellent stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
LEGOWELT - Disco Rout rmxs (Cocoon Germany) Comentários: With Deetron, we were able to get one of the most successful producers of the past year to remix Legowelt's Disco Rout. The result plays to the core of the time and proves the current development of House Music returning to the cities' techno dancefloors. Chicago waves from beyond and fans of French Kiss and Rej will have great fun with this release. Lively arpeggios create a hypnotic vibe without ever becoming obtrusive. Together with David K's Mayann, this remix is for sure one of the most housy releases on Cocoon Recordings so far. In contrast to this, Freeform Five fathom the strong depths of current House and Techno productions. Pumping beats, enormously compressed and clearly aiming at the peaktime on the main floor – infatuating effectful vocal snippets, a creaking bassline and insane arrangement moves make the Freeformreform a giant monster, delivering the perfect soundtrack for one of the last Freakshow evenings in Ibiza. in rushhour [Para Ouvir]
SERO - Megamaid (XOX Records) Comentários: Fourth release on this hot Finnish label. Sero's music is a mixture of 808 beats, oldschool samples and badass basslines. The result is a classic electrosound that all cowbell-junkies love. Also the ''Bass Junkie's Megabass remix'' from Bass Junkie. nota do editor[Para Ouvir]

XLR8R TV Episode 24: Fall Fashion Roundup

Rednose Distrikt - Your Shit by Jelle de Boer


Friday, September 28, 2007

HIGH CONTRAST - Tough Guys Don't Dance

HIGH CONTRAST - Tough Guys Don't Dance (Hospital) Comentários: This multifaceted rollercoster includes oldskool-influenced nuggets "Tread Softly" and "The Ghost Of Jungle Past" as well as the face-melting techno styles of "Metamorphosis". Not to mention the slinky downbeat dnb switch up of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and the upbeat euphoria provided by "Eternal Optimist" and "Sleepless". Tough Guys is as much music for the dancefloor as it is the soundtrack to an unwritten film. Drawing its influence from a wide range of sources, and maintaining High Contrast’s appeal to fans of broad musical persuasions. Featuring some exciting collaborations and guest performances, this is the sound of a genre defining producer at the top of his game... don't miss it!! nota do editor [Para Ouvir]


SOUL CAPSULE - Waiting 4 A Way

SOUL CAPSULE - Waiting 4 A Way (Perlon Germany) Comentários: "Waiting 4 A Way Edit", by Soul Capsule, is a 10" limited to 1000 copies worldwide! The trio of Thomas Melchior, Peter Ford & Tim Hutton founded this project back in 1999, but this is their first full release for the mighty Perlon - and what a treat. "Waiting 4 A Way" sounds like the hypnotic bastard child of Cristian Vogel's Supercollider project, crossed with Luciano, NSI and Closer Musik. It unfolds like a delicate flower with tempered, patient progressions and tiptoe beats gliding into view alongside breathtaking tinkling bells and a lost narrative, in what must surely rank as one of Perlon's most original and engrossing releases to date. With such a formidable production team behind the Soul Capsule moniker - here's hoping they get round to delivering a full-length one of these days. Breathtaking stuff... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Slices - Issue 3-07

SLICES - Slices: The Electronic Music Magazine Issue 3-07 (featuring Chris De Luca & Phono.O, Pete Namlook, Shinedoe, Steve Bug, Alter Ego, British Murder Boys, Traum Schallplatten, Fabric/London)

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

AFRICANS WITH MAINFRAMES - Rock The World (Creme Organization Holland)

AFRICANS WITH MAINFRAMES - Rock The World (Creme Organization Holland) Comentários: Noleian Reusse & Jamal Moss as mentes por detrás do conceito African With Mainframes, Noleian é também conhecido por Hieroglyphic Being, as suas edições costumam figurar nos catálogos da espanhola Apnea, Klang Elektronik, etc... Jamal Moss não é excepção em termos de produções a solo, podemos encontra-lo sob o disfarçe The Sun God e IAMTHATIAM, com marca habitual na Frantic Flowers. Estes dois produtores têm vindo a trabalhar juntos neste projecto (African With Mainframes) desde 2001, data em que se dá o primeiro arranque musical sem título, editado pela Mathematics Recordings, na qual também nos deram a conhecer um excelente ep "Save The Robots" (2003), nos últimos anos tornaram-se habitués da holandesa Créme Organization, onde foram criados originais como Mogadishu e por fim agora em 2007 o ep Rock The World, o seu estilo geralmente é projectado nos invólucros do techno de chicago e de detroit, contrastam a agressividade dos seus bits com melodias e grooves surreais, este ultimo disco é uma abordagem techno/house de chicago com uns toques de acid a mistura, recomenda-se vivamente. [Para Ouvir]


Lounge Bar 28 Setembro

Lil Kim "Maffia Girl" Queen B

Lil Kim - The Jump Off

Lil' Kim - No Matter What They Say

Monday, September 24, 2007

ROSE, Jimetta - America

ROSE, Jimetta - America (Epistrophic Peach Sound) Comentários: The young singer/songwriter/writer/poet/dreamer Jimetta Rose might have her head in the clouds but her feet are planted firmly on the ground. A fan of the good old days, she plans to bring life and real living back to music. She names her musical influences as Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Bjork and other artists that portray every aspect of life in their music - not just love but also politics, society's lack of humanity and poverty. "America" is a great release out on Epistrophic Peach Sound. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]


Creative Review Sep-Oct 2007

"The October issue of Creative Review features six different cover images, drawn from the winners of our Photography Annual. The photographers featured are, top row, left to right: Giles Revell, Matthew Georgeson, Julia Fullerton-BattenSecond row, left to right: Nadav Kander, Richard Bailey, Nick Georghiou. As this is a double issue - a normal issue plus, turn the magazine over and start again from the back for the Photography Annual - each copy effectively has two covers (the issue cover and the Photography Annual cover). To confuse things further, and to make the most of some of the great work featured inside, we have produced the issue in three different versions. All three are available on the newsstand so you can choose the one you like best. Or, who knows, even buy them all…"

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Uwe Hell - Chain Reaction EP [DCC008]

DOWNLOAD [DCC008] - - - Minimal urban electronic Music


Sunday, September 23, 2007

GONZALEZ, Jose - In Our Nature

GONZALEZ, Jose - In Our Nature (Peacefrog) Comentários: It's round two for everyone's favourite Swedish-Argentinean singer-songwriter. After the immensely successful Veneer and a high profile Sony advertising campaign, Jose Gonzalez returns with this sophomore effort, an album which boldly shies away from the just-add-strings policies that tend to crop up as a solution to 'difficult second album' syndrome. Instead, Jose puts his head down and comes up with a batch of songs that hone the sort of signature gestures that characterised his first album, concentrating on the interplay between his voice and nylon-strung guitar. It's that unmistakable guitar sound that defines Gonzalez's writing. There's something about the heaviness of his fingernails on the strings that makes for a forceful counterpoint to that coy, rather softly intoned vocal. That's especially true of the rhythmic swagger that carries opener 'How Low'; it's somehow evocative of a one-man Stone Roses - I realise how odd that sounds, but seriously, check it out. Single, 'Down The Line' is typical of Gonzalez's ability to make an awful lot of noise without needing a band to back him up, the guitar walloped with considerable aggression, and recorded in such a fashion as to allow a healthy amount of old fashioned tube saturation to flood the production. 'The Nest' is one of the very few tracks here that heavily features a second instrument, a synthesizer of some sort, whose prolonged tones provide a foil for the ornate guitar passages. Given the wilful lack of permutations to Gonzalez's sound, the album keeps a pretty brief running time, only breeching the half-hour mark thanks to the eight-minute fingerpicking odyssey, 'Cycling Trivialities', arguably the finest thing on In Our Nature. To underline just how intimate the album sounds, check out the very last thing you hear: Jose shuffles around on his seat as the recording finishes - you really can hear every gesture on this album and it's a great pleasure to do so. Excellent stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


FRIEDMAN, Burnt - First Night Forever

FRIEDMAN, Burnt - First Night Forever (Neonplace) Comentários: Veteran producer and master of electronic kraut-funk, Burnt Friedman returns for another solo album after his acclaimed collaboration with David Sylvian, Stina Nordentsam and Arve Henriksson on the Nine Horses project. First Night Forever finds Friedman recruiting a number of vocal contributors, including Australian singer Steve Spacek, Funkstorung collaborator Enik, Berliner Barbara Panther and Daniel Dodd-Ellis. The productions themselves are the real stars here though, Friedman's multi-layered studio excursions sewing together detailed drum edits, misty horn sections and even the odd burst of strings when needed. There are some very peculiar moments on the album though, most of which come on tracks lent vocals by Theo Altenberg, an artist whose roots lie in the Berlin commune scene of the '70s. He makes a number of appearances on the album, seemingly styling he's hollered, gruff vocals on a hybrid of Tom Waits and James Brown, resulting in the screeching electro-gospel mania of 'The Healer' and dub freakshow 'Need Is All You Love'. Good stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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SILHOUETTE BROWN - Silhouette Brown

SILHOUETTE BROWN - Silhouette Brown (Ether) Comentários: A collection of mostly tender songs, produced by Kaidi and Dego, mixed down by Somatik and vocals from Deborah Jordan. Of the many things which struck me about the CD, the vocal arrangements truly stand out. Deborah Jordan, a relative newcomer to the 2000 Black family, flips the script on a call/response method, creating vocal lines that form a conversation wherein parallel thoughts are simultaneously conveyed. The effect is as rich and delicious as double chocolate 3-layered cake. Deborah's best known for her work with London-based avant garde jazz band, Panacea. She has also forayed into the world of underground soul world working as backing vocalist director for songstress Eska, and as a backing vocalist for Bembe Segue. Deborah's sultry blend of jazz and soul, reminiscent of Patrice Rushen, add exactly the right touch to Kaidi and Dego's music. "Silhouette Brown" is an album full of the kind of wonderful subtleties that guarantee longevity in the CD changer. "Looking Back" and "Calling You" best capture all the finesse of this long-player, but I trust you'll find the entire journey here one worth staying on for the duration. This one is easily one of the year's best. in about [Para Ouvir]

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

M_nus Connected

Friday, September 21, 2007


REDNOSE DISTRIKT - Poes (Kindred Spirits Holland) Comentários: Steven De Peven e Aardvarck apresentam o seu segundo trabalho de equipa, o album (agora também disponível em vinil) chama-se "Poes" e conta com as participações especiais de Annabeastar, Miss B-Have, Harco Pront, Benny Sings, Pips:lab, Deborah Jordan (Silhoutte Brown), Mocky, La Melodia & Overlast... e soma 21 temas originais. Esta é para mim uma das melhores intervenções sonoras a registar nos anais de 2007, o seu espírito é funk, soulfull, broken beat, jazzy, com um twist (diria quase perverso) que lhe dá uma cor e um espírito diferente, diria mesmo especial... não tivesse este album a magia irrepreensível de Aardvarck. A faixa "Best DJ" interpretada por Melodee (a bombar no 11º radioshow) não entra na edição em vinil, com muita pena... se são seguidores assíduos de nomes como Moodyman, Herbert ou da editora Holandesa Delsin, este é o presente ideal para vocês, don't miss it! [Para Ouvir]
Rednose distrikt interview

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Put Some..


Amigos e Conhecidos da cidade do Porto são apresentados em ambientes estranhos onde a manipulação e tratamento digital da fotografia são o fio condutor do trabalho apresentado. Digital People é mais uma apresentação do fotografo Pedro Bruschy das potencialidades do digital. Exposição aberta ao público no Muuda (rua do Rosário) de 22 de Setembro a 15 de Novembro de 2007. Nos seus últimos trabalhos, Zoom Digital (Rivoli - janeiro06) e Perspectiva Digital (Anje - Março06) dedicou-se a cidade do Porto onde os mais emblemáticos icons da cidade, depois de capturados com a sua objectiva, foram submetidos a uma tratamento quase plástico num jogo descontrutivo que convida a novas interpretações da invicta. Disponível para visualização em

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BASTEROID - Upsets Ducks

BASTEROID - Upsets Ducks (Areal Germany) Comentários: Basteroid have been recording for the Areal label more or less since the turn of the century, but if we're not mistaken this is their first full length outing for them. If you've heard any of their myriad 12" releases over the years you'll have a good idea of the kind of noise they make, a 4/4 template firmly rooted in the plastic maximalisms so beloved of the Kompakt mothership a couple of years ago. There are some notable exceptions. "Jacktales" being a fragmented 8-bit electro variation complete with memorable chords, and "Allright"s squashed drum loops, but for the most part "Upsets Ducks" is an album that'll be most enjoyed by those of you with a familiarity and love for the Areal label and its roster... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

SHOCKING PINKS - Shocking Pinks

SHOCKING PINKS - Shocking Pinks (DFA UK) Comentários: There's something I really like about this album but I'm struggling to put my finger on exactly what it is. I didn't have any expectations from this album, I just popped the disc in and was greeted with a glorious lo-fi trip into something resembling electropop. But then it isn't electro pop is it? There's none of the posturing, none of the bravado - this is cracking, melancholy and strangely beautiful, devoid of the asinine bullsh*t we're force-fed day in and day out on television and radio. Take 'End of the World' for example, a track which opens like a Pavement demo; roughly strummed chords and crumbling drums before being greeted by the kind of synthesizers that make us all lament the day digital overtook analogue. Equal parts Violent Femmes and New Order, it seems DFA have made an unusual and very well-measured move in signing up Shocking Pinks, let's hope the rest of the world catches on. I'm still wondering how such a strange record managed to edge its way onto the EMI books. Miracles, it seems, do happen. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Remembering Missy Elliot

Monday, September 17, 2007


NACIENTE QUARTET, The - Hymn Beat (The Hooter Listens Holland) Comentários: Part 1 of a highly limited 10" series. First up is the Uk's Naciente Quartet giving a beautiful African inspired instrumental cut 'Hymn Beat'...the flip features a rather rolling remix from Chico Mann (Kindred Spirits / Antibalas) ... comes packaged in screen printed , full artwork sleeve... lovely!Debut vinyl release from this London based band. All musically active in their own rights, together as the Quartet, they fuse post rock and some far more uncatagorisble styles of music – creating an impressive and altogether charming sound. A big favorite of the label’s curator since they first took to performing around 2003, the sunshine tinged Hymn Beat is a track that really got the Hooter twitching one evening at the legendary Spitz Club, London. It’s from that moment that this release was born. Chico Mann (Kindred Spirits) AKA Marcos Garcia (Antibalas) offers up a wonderful interpretation of the track that he dedicates to Ellegua (the mythical Caribbean deity who ‘opens the ways’). Although undoubtedly Chico, it’s quite a different sound compared to his previous production outings – rolling in like some classic Stereolab then taking off into an Afro-Cuban version of space, sponsored by Casio…kind of. Chico Mann opened all of his recent European live shows (London, Paris, Rotterdam + Amsterdam) with a fully live version of this song. nota do editor . The Hooter Listens will release a small series of limited edition 10”s, each packaged in screen printed artwork from the wonderfully talented Attai [Para Ouvir]


Saturday, September 15, 2007

VARIOUS - Milky Disco

VARIOUS - Milky Disco (Lo Recordings) Comentários: "Variously referred to as Nu Disco or Cosmic Disco, it's an underground scene that's been getting bigger and stronger in the last couple of years. One of the key players, Lindstrom, is taking influences from across the dance spectrum, from dubbed out instrumental house, pitched down with added live elements to full on arpeggiated italo disco electronics. Lindstrom is only part of an ever increasing group of artistes who are choosing to explore these sounds. The whole scene has been hitting front pages in the last couple of months, on the verge of going over-ground with much media attention bearing down on the 'Nu Disco Mafia'. This compilation brings you the tracks that have helped define this sound. They're all here from Morgan Geist's spooky tribute to Black Devil as Jersey Devil Social Club, Black Devil themselves who provide a fantastic remix of In Flagranti's 'Nonplusultra', Swedish sensations Studio with the stoned immaculate kraut rock inspired 'Life's A Beach', Cornwall's answer to Metro Area, Kerrier District aka Luke Vibert in league with Black Mustang dealing out the deadly dub vibrations, San Fran based Sorcerer with his mystic cosmic sound and Padded Cell's steaming punkfunk disco. From the deep atmospherics of Quiet Village to the Balearic vibes of the Idjut Boys epic rework of The Emperor Machine's 'Front Man', the New York strut of Daniel Wang or the easy listening almost post rock sound of Lindstrom, there's ample evidence of why this is the most happening sound around. 'Milky Disco' features exclusive tracks from Lindstrom (under his Six Cups Of Rebel alias), Sally Shapiro, Quiet Village. Kerrier District and Black Mustang along with rare tracks only ever released before on vinyl making this the quintessential cosmic disco compendium". in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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PREFUSE 73 feat School Of Seven Bells - The Class Of 73 Bells

PREFUSE 73 feat School Of Seven Bells - The Class Of 73 Bells (Warp) Comentários: So, Scott Herren is back with new Prefuse 73 EP, but after a disappointing turn with the rather forgettable 'Security Screenings' album, does anyone still care? Well, with the evidence on show here they should do, and in typical Herren style he's notched up a whole host of collaborations to make the music world go 'ooh' and 'aah'. The EP's lead track is a collaboration with New York vocal act Seven Bells, but a cursory listen could lead you (as it did me) to mistake it for a Savath and Savalas track. Not that this is a bad thing, I've long been a supporter of that particular facet of Herren's personality but to my mind this isn't the strongest (and most original) track on the album, that accolade would go to 'Smoking Red', a collaboration with ex-Helmet and current Battles stick beater John Stanier. There's a hint of Four Tet in Prefuse's handling of Stainer's live breakage, but that unique P73 flavour still shines through, mostly in the devastating chords and light drum processing. What we end up with is some kind of re-invention of classic hip hop, a cross between oldschool DJ Shadow and something far more experimental, and a far cry from the electroid hip hop that used to define the Prefuse sound. Elsewhere we get 'En Blanco', a lo-fi collaboration with Botanica Del Jibaro man Epstein, and a classical version of the title track which is a real shock, out performing the original track in almost every way with its lush arrangements and gorgeous atmosphere. Apparently the forthcoming full-length album 'Preparations' is going to come with a classical album 'Ensembles', and if the tracks are as lovely as this then I think it might well be something worth looking forward to. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Friday, September 14, 2007

6BLOCC - Creal / Digits

6BLOCC - Creal / Digits (LO Dubs) Comentários: Err, ok, so the concept here is simple - take a couple of utterly classic pieces of electro , strip them down to their barest elements and re-build them in a dubstep fashion. With props to "Karl, Ralph, Florian and Juan" you get a good idea of the poor sods whose music has been pillaged for these productions, and with opening track "Creal" (you any good at 5 letter Anagrams?) you'll know exactly what we're talking about. The end result is surprisingly effective, with Juan's analogue raw materials lending themselves quite effortlessly to one of those endlessly rumbling basslines that you lot are so enamoured with. On the flipside for "digits" read "Numbers", with Karl, Ralph and Florian's most developed work splintered off into a stammering beast of a track, the hook from "Computer World" tagged along for good measure. Ok, so it might sound a bit cringeworthy and is probably a musical offence punishable by death, but heck, 6Blocc thought of it first and we cant really imagine just how mentally things will go off the next time this is aired at Fwd. Limited copies - snap this up fast if you want one, they just ain't gonna last... in boomkat [Para Ouvir 1] [Para Ouvir2]


GUDRUN GUT - Pleasure Train

GUDRUN GUT - Pleasure Train (Earsugar Beatbox) Comentários: Gudrun Gut and the Earsugar imprint have the kind of serendipitous relationship that provides both the artist and the label with something quite magical whenever they meet. Following on from the majestic, impossibly cool "Move Me" (released by the label back in 2005), "Pleasure Train" dips once again into Gudrun's seemingly endless supply of unique, off-kilter pop music. The production is the first thing you'll notice before anything else - a slow, pulsing 4/4 backbone calling attention to Gudrun's long held position as the absolute sovereign of Berlin's highly evolved music scene, while layered harmonica and acoustic guitar weave in and out of her quietly disaffected, sultry voice. The "Version" on the flip highlights that immense production even more clearly - with the result being another killer 7" equally useful at home or for deployment at your most sweltering, seductive local nightspot. Essential stuff - on limited white vinyl! in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gucci Soundsystem DFA mix

Gucci Soundsystem has made a mix to celebrate the release of the Acarpenter 12" on Death From Abroad! (DFA) HERE

INCOGNITO - Out Of The Storm

INCOGNITO - Out Of The Storm (Talking Loud) Comentários: Re release from this timeless downtempo, offbeat remix that Carl Craig did for Incognito about 10 years ago. Warm chords, insane synth excursions...classic! in rushhour [Para Ouvir]


Um Plano electrónico...

Monday, September 10, 2007

TAKAMASA, Aoki - Parabolica

TAKAMASA, Aoki - Parabolica (Opdisc Japan) Comentários: Mr. Takamasa isn't inviting you to start hotstepping after downing a large Carling - this is intelligently produced and as intricately designed as a Faberge Egg. Not that I've had the misfortune of handling one of those expensive delights, but I think I know what I'm talking about. It's something like a funked-out hyperactive SND, with a little smattering of Autechre thrown in for good measure, something which is explored more on the hip-hop flecked 'SF-variation-ep_mix' (snappy title huh?). If you like your electronics sautéed with extra laptop then look no further - Takamasa is here and ready to provide to you, his starving family. Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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LUNA/BAZIS - You & Me (Wah Wah 45's) Comentários: Luna & Bazis is a project that began in early 2006 when legendary producer Rune Lindbæk (Those Norwegians) heard Bazis's seductive beats, and came up with the idea of bringing Norwegian/Spanish chanteuse Luna in the mix. Bazis had been making beats for several years, and with help from Rune and sound engineer Bob Sadler (Secret Stealth, Fug), the Luna & Bazis sound took shape in the far flung reaches of Cairo Street Studios in Nottingham, and Kongensgate Studios in Oslo! The pair's debut single release is a double A-sider of sassy soul, jazz drenched beats and squelchy synths. Both ´You & Me´ and ´Fatal Attraction´ are tunes that´ll get inside your dome right from the off. A saucy selection of Scandinavian sizzlers!! nota do editor [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Radio Show #11

01.Slope feat Jane hamilton - Find our love (volker meitz acoustic replay)
02.Wei chi - Never let me down
03.Roddy rod - d.u.i (extended_version)
04.Radiq - Dub suite (tokyo dub)
05.Hudson mohawke - Trace
06.Little Dragon - Constant suprises
07.Voice - Guerilla Hustlin08.The Cave Bear Cult - Remembering mr k alexi shelby
09.Metro Area - Soft Hoop
10.Dj Q - We Are One {Carl Craig Remix}
11.Moodyman - I can't kick this feelin' when it hits
12.Theo Parrish - Capritarious 7
13.Rednose Distrikt - Best Deejay ft. Melodee

Friday, September 07, 2007

VILLALOBOS, Ricardo - Fabric 36

VILLALOBOS, Ricardo - Fabric 36 (Fabric) Comentários: First thing's first - despite the fact that this is a Mix cd, for all intents and purposes this is a brand new album from Villalobos, featuring as it does nothing but the man's own work and collaborations, with pretty much every track here having never been heard or officially released until now. Yes, Ricardo has certainly given Fabric value for money - with 75 minutes of the most advanced and sought after Minimal techno the label are ever likely to get their mitts on. It's all about process, form and construction for Villalobos, and the set opens like a Minimal masterclass with the barest ingredients on the vaguely titled "Groove 1880", building on whirrs and high frequency oscillations before that distinct kickdrum effortlessly makes its way to exert tempo and pace over proceedings. There are some truly astonishing moments here, the jarring layering of Jorge Gonzales' vocals on "4 Wheel Drive", the discordant tribal drums and dismembered narrative of the 12 minute "Andruic & Japan" and the flanged out folk jamboree of "Primer Encuentero Latino-Americano", the album's penultimate track. Villalobos is a master of narrative, his sets always possessing a long-view that's so often missing from the frenetic pace most established deejays employ. This killer set not only offers a rare glimpse into his peerless mixing dexterity but delivers a treasure trove of new and archive material from one of the most guarded musicians on the scene. If ever proof were needed of Villalobos' importance as a producer and DJ - this album is surely it. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Yacht - See A Penny (Pick It Up)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Agenda Setembro / Outubro @ 31, Porto


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

INCOGDO /KENNY LARKIN - Simply Just A Ventage

INCOGDO aka CARL CRAIG & DERRICK MAY /KENNY LARKIN - Simply Just A Ventage (Blame US) Comentários: A four track EP from the States with two tracks from Incogdo (Carl Craig & Derrick May) and two tracks from Kenny Larkin. Very rare tracks which have not really surfaced in the UK from the piano-meets-techno anthem "Sinply Just A Ventage" to the disco cut-up "Ventage" using bits of Ripple & MFSB. On the flip, its more on a Detroit tip as "Wondering" goes all mean and moody with building synth lines whilst "Q" (Right Brain mix) is an epic Underground Resistance techno symphony!! What an amazing record. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]


NSM - The Hype EP 2

NSM - The Hype EP 2 (Jazzy Sport Japan) Comentários: NSM come with their second Hype EP, with IG Culture at the helm drafting in various cats to help out on production and vocal duties. "Mumbo Jum" is the sound of future hip hop, excellent rhymes rolling over IG's beats. Second up is the Rerinse which is a bit more of a broken take on the original. On side B, "DJ Power (Use It)" is remixed by Blacktonez who make an uptempo broken stepper with film samples and crazed vocals. Lastly "The Hype" Tettory BLK remix, is a mad broken hip hop groove. in piccaddilly [Para Ouvir]

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BEAT DIMENSIONS aka O BOOGIE & TABLEEK - Paper Chaser (Rushhour Holland) Comentários: Highly Limited upfront copies on stock of this Japanese Issue of the forthcoming Beat Dimensions 12"; The European release date is end of August. First vocal release to spring from the Beat Dimensions project, released earlier this year. Vocals from Tableek (Maspyke), dope remixes from Tom Trago and Mweslee... Originally released as instrumental on the Beat Dimensions album, O.Boogie brings in Tableek (of Maspyke fame) to record a vocal version of “Green Paper”. Our Kindred Spirits’ Nod Navigators, Mweslee and Tom Trago, each deliver banging remixes, making this release worth your green paper. Boombap, the way we like it! nota do editor. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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MODESELEKTOR - Happy Birthday

Tal como “Hello Mom!”, “Happy Birthday!” aventura-se nos caminhos menos percorridos da música electrónica indo para além de qualquer categorização ou formato. Electrónica mutante, híbrida e irreverente que nos é servida como se de uma banda sonora para uma festa urbana se tratasse. Thom York, Massimo Park, TTC, Paul St. Hillaire, Pupetmastaz, Apparat, Siriusmo e Otto von Schirach fazem parte do vasto leque de colaboradores de Gernot e Sebastien, reflectindo os imensos interesses da dupla e catapultando "Happy Birthday!" para um espectro mais alargado de seguidores destas novas sonoridades. Os Modeselektor apresentarão "Happy Birthday!" num concerto único em Portugal, dando a conhecer um dos mais aguardados registos de 2007, no que por certo será uma actuação inesquecível. 8 de Setembro - SONIC FRESH '07 @ KUBIK OPEN AIR. in sonicculture [Para Ouvir]


Sunday, September 02, 2007


LITTLE DRAGON - Twice (Peacefrog) Comentários:Looking to the Swedish city of Gothenburg again after the success of the similarly berthed Jose Gonzalez Peacefrog has picked up this soulful quartet led by the smoky voiced Yukimi Nagano. 'Twice' reminds me of maybe a more pop leaning Leila, with deep analogue basslines and wonky samples whisping solemnly around spaced-out lyrics and clipped half-tempo hip hop beats. It's good stuff just avoiding falling into trip hop territory, and the B-Side is a gorgeous piano led number, the perfect foil for the R+B tinged A. in boomkat [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]
Little Dragon "Test"

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Mixtape #03 electriklife

001.Rednose Distrikt - Best Deejay ft. Melodee
002.Morgan Geist - Self Init
003.Byron Onra - Cosmic Travelling
004.Radiq - The Rucker
005.Jay Scarlett - Love Music
006.Alton Miller - Clouds Are Gone (henrik schwarz repitch dub)


Saturday, September 01, 2007

M PITTMAN - The Midwest Advocates...

M PITTMAN - The Midwest Advocates Part One (Unirhythm US) Comentários: As one part of the famous Three Chairs crew (along with legends Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Rick Wilhite no less), Marcellus Pittman has carved himself a reputation as one of most prominent house producers in Detroit. With the "Midwest Advocates EP" he really excels himself. Kicking off the a-side is the raw as hell "Somebody's Out There", built on just one modulating synth riff and some minimal beats. If you liked Omar S and Theo's "Grandson Of Detroit Techno" then you'll will freak out over this. nota do editor [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

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Groove Magazine Issue 108

GROOVE MAGAZINE - Groove Magazine Issue 108 - September /October 2007 (feat Henrik Vibskov, Ricardo Villalobos, Oner Ozer, Josh Wink, Supermayer, Strictly Rhythm, Switch, Modeselektor + Im Studio - Dominik Eulberg)