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Monday, October 31, 2011

NOAH 23 - ФℭҜvŁ† †ЯiŁŁ II: †Ҥ€ §v₦ Я€Щi₦Ч

« After the overwhelming success of the first Occult Trill witch-tape which was released on the Aquarius Full Moon of August 13th 2011, it seemed apparent that more music in this vein should come to fruition. I proudly present the epic release of Occult Trill II "The Sun Rewinds". A Halloween gothic Hip Hop project which is more than a mixtape and more than an album. The snake eats its tail... released 28 October 2011 » Noah 23 tumblr.

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Comme des Garçons Spring - Summer 2012


“Blaxican," produced by Madlib from the album Classic dropping next week, November 1. Director: Eric Coleman (Mochilla) ; Editor: Luke Lynch; Camera Operators: Coleman, B+, and Mike Park; Producer: Maribel Chavez.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ayshay - Warn-U

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Making of "Painters Painting: The New York Art Scene 1940-1970" (1989)

Painters Painting: The New York Art Scene 1940-1970 is a 1972 documentary directed by Emile de Antonio. It covers American art movements from abstract expressionism to pop art through conversations with artists in their studios. Artists appearing in the film include Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, Barnett Newman, Hans Hofmann, Jules Olitski, Philip Pavia, Larry Poons, Robert Motherwell, and Kenneth Noland. via the filmarchive. [Buy the DVD]

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GLASS CANDY "HALLOWEEN" trick or treat !

Directed By Alberto Rossini Exclusively For Italians Do It Better Films
Downloads Available Here:
Glass Candy's sinister homage to the John Carpenter classic. A Candy coated gift for all the Ghouls & Goblins in Candyland. Trick Or Treat? Another teaser from ///BODY WORK///. Disorienting walls of synthesizers grasping for their last breath accompanied by Rossini's most disturbing work to date. Unforgiving arpeggios slash at us like tiny knives in the darkest night, while Ida channels messages from a ouija board...
"It's Halloween For The Last Time"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Unholy Rhythms presents 'My Dearest Killer'

My Dearest Killer… - Unholy Rhythms Halloween Mix 2011 via the occult
The North Sea - Broken Bats
Dream Boat - Rosemary
CVLT CLASSICS - Tropico (Instrumental Mix)
Basketball Camp - Fuhhly
Kidcity - What Have You Done
Majical Cloudz - Love From The Loon
Poor Spirits - Where Is That Ghost?
Running In The Fog - Let It In
Moon Mirror - The Music Box Portal
LUST - Night Voyeur
Ghibli - Patrick
∆AIMON - Jacob’s Ladder (SONNYBOY)

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Hurricane | In conversation with Frank Stella

In a show that spans five decades, with work from 1958 to the present day, Haunch of Venison’s retrospective for the artist Frank Stella is a fascinating journey through the latter half of the 20th century and beyond. Here, in a conversation that took place in the gallery itself, Stella talks to Hans Ulrich Obrist about the inspiration he took from the American abstract artists such as Pollock, Hofman and De Kooning, the different stages of his long career, and one of the joys of the very nature of abstraction: the power it has to illuminate, not simply illustrate. Frank Stella: Connections is at Haunch of Venison's Burlington Gardens gallery until November 19 2011. Watch the video.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fatima Al Qadiri |musician and artist

"[My favorite thing about fashion is] its capacity to transform. For instance, moldy ducklings into randy swans, and vice versa." Fatima Al Qadiri.

Fatima was born in Senegal and grew up in Kuwait. Her adolescence in the early ’90s was right after the first Gulf War, during a very conservative time in which she and her sister had nothing else to do but draw and make music. “My entire adolescence was like an internal existence, because we couldn’t go out. I can count on both hands the amount of times I went out alone, it was really hardcore.” Fatima remembers reading a lot of avant garde magazines like I.D. and The Face, and attributes some of that exposure to her present interest in fashion. A minimalist in every sense of the word, from her understated and modest demeanor to her chicer than chic short haircut, those insular days seem to have contributed to creating a thoroughbred of taste. The feeling of always being an outsider in her home country has worked for her stylewise. Fatima has one of the best-kept secrets around – she is able to uncover some of the most state-of-the-art designer pieces in her hometown of Kuwait for 90% off because they are underappreciated there, hence her twenty dollar couture Yohji Yamamoto skirt. Someone stopped her on the street to alert her to the the fact that there were only ten to fifteen ever made. I love her sense of the impact that the subtleties make, like buttoning her shirt all the way up, not wearing jewelry, and her appreciation of the ultimate WilliWear trench – she is the first on SLU to have something from this design icon. In my opinion, Fatima achieves the perfection of balance between feminine and masculine her dress and is thus an emblem of our times in her dashing androgyny. via stylelikeu

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Adriana Lourinho - M.U. Podcast #26 (October 2011)

Cover Art by: Mundo Urbano
About the mix: Adriana came with her own personal concept "Earth is where my body lives"
Legowelt - Half moon 106
The Orb - Earth(Gaya)(tool)
Play in E Mod - (Tool)
Gill Scott-Heron&Jamie XX - Home
Space Invaders-Meet Darth Vader
LFO - Premecy
Mascara - B--NES
The Orb - Back Side Of The Moon(Tool)
Interlude - Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Speech)
Glenn Underground - Madzone
Photonz - Metalkiss
A.AFX - Quex-RD
Demdike Stare - Of Decays And Shadows
Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution - Legislation For The Nation
William S. Burroughs - Interview With Mr. Martin
Shed - Keep Time
Phochos - Glaciers
Deepchord - Vantage Isle (CV313 Reduction II)
Zomby – A Devil Lay Here

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Illesteva Frieda 2 Half Frame Sunglasses

Half framed ‘Frieda 2' sunglasses with black lenses and an ice blue 6mm acetate frame – part of illesteva's Fall 10 collection, inspired by the food, colours and daily life of the Mediterranean. Handmade in Italy with premium materials and lenses, these sunglasses measure approx 5.5” across the face with 5.5” arms. Buy It.

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Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses

Oval framed ‘Leonard' sunglasses with black lenses and a translucent tortoiseshell effect 5.5mm acetate frame – part of Illesteva's S/S10 debut collection, inspired by 50s Havana. Handmade in Italy with premium materials and lenses, these sunglasses measure approx 5.5” across the face with 5.5” arms. Buy It

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M\/ (Mundo Urbano) mini mix

M\/ mini mix by Mundo Urbano
Cover Art by: V Serrano
Dentel, Prurient , The Groupies - People Are Still Having Sex With The KLF (Mater Suspiria Vision Hoüse Öv Drüg Remix), Andy Stott , Huerco S.

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Sensible Soccers - Ssensible Soccers EP (AMDD080/AMDT018)

sensible soccers - 'sensible soccers' EP - 2011 (AMDD080/AMDT018) by AMDISCS
We are very proud to release new s/t EP by sensible soccers, the newest material had been produced for over one year, and we are more than satisfied with the result, go on listen and enjoy it, it's free. Sensible soccers hail from the rural parts of europe, where the word unemployed means ripe pop. Released 1st October 2011, sensible soccers EP will be available on tape in december 2011 on their portuguese tour, and available to order from our site.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Game – Gotta Take Your Love / You And Me

GAME - Gotta Take Your Love (Emergency) Comentários: Quality classic disco boogie produced by the italians Fio Zanotti and Romano Trevisani , released first in 1982 by Peter Pan Artists Series. [Para Ouvir/Samples]
Game - Gotta Take Your Love - 1982 by Gary J

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LOUD E - Peppermint EP

LOUD E - Peppermint EP (Discoine) Comentários: Discoine is a new label from the infamous disco addict Loud-E, with the debut offering bringing us four times spaced-out disco jams, edited to perfection. "Peppermint" is a re-edit of Peppermint 2's "1000 Ans Après Elton John", a 1977 Euro-disco number with bright female vocals. "Pandemonium" is a slower, slinky disco groover, again sounding very European. Hitting us with big strings and brass is "The USA Way" - think Barry White with Italo leanings. Lastly "The Moon Is High" brings us a re-edit of "Jungle Jamboree" by Continent Number 6, lifted from their 1978 LP "Afromerica". in PiccadillyRecords [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Paul A Rosales & R. Stevie Moore - Eyes / Pulled Over (Care in the Community)

Paul A Rosales & R. Stevie Moore - Eyes / Pulled Over (Care in the Community Recordings) * Limited 7 inch vinyl and Download. Release Date: 24/10/11 * The acclaimed «L.A.’s young lo-fi Guro» conquered our self-indulgent souls since his last debut album ‘Wonder Wheel’. Paul A Rosales comes back with some fresh material and strapping collaboration by R. Stevie Moore «the father of home recording who at the age of 59 had released 400 albums and is ready for his first world tour. “Eyes” sounds like the idyllic tune, made to celebrate the last gasps of summer» … it also makes you believe that the untainted hazed-feel and the scratchy vocal attitude is certainly the perfect catch. “Pulled Over” (featured in M.U. Podcast #24), glows a psychotropic synth loop that throws you back in a thrilling brain daze. Looks like someone turned on the right switch!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New video for Teams ‘Based Love’ by Synesthesiae Films

Monday, October 17, 2011

ACID HEAD: The Conceptual Realism Of Robert Williams

Robert Williams has been fouling the Art World's nest since 1957 and is still going strong. The Godfather of Lowbrow Art and founder of Juxtapoz Magazine pulls no punches in this mind expanding presentation form the 2011 Los Angeles Art Fair. via sketchv

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NATO and Libya - The artistic revolution

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roundhouse Kick at One Eyed Jacks Show Case, Oct. 13th, 2011

Filmed at Music Box, Lisbon, October 13th 2011

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) - Midden

Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) - Midden (Young Americans) Comentários: *Suum Cuique (pronouned Soom Kwi-Kwe, Latin for "To Each His Own")* Demdike Stare's Miles with an incredible set of dark analogue productions somewhere between Eleh, Pan Sonic and Eliane Radigue. Comes housed in a white-on-white embossed sleeve - limited copies available. Suum Cuique follows the remit of Young Americans to explore uncharted, experimental, and personal synthscapes, guided by the hand of intuition with an entirely analogue array of machines. There's a confidence and ability to these productions which elevates them above the masses of lo-fi synth meanderings currently murmuring in the underground, occupying the tantalising space between Eliane Radigue and James Ferraro, or Thomas Köner and Daphne Oram, creating a dialogue between their shared and opposing aesthetics to give an emotional response with deeply chilling and engrossing results. In 'Lithic Reduction' concrète textures grind like a millstone to release powdery clouds of analog dust, settling only to be dispersed by gusts of blackened distortion, whereas 'Red Binary' is distinctly electronic, revolving around muted radar bleeps like the resonance from SAW II soundtracking a speckly pill experience that's starting to go west. The album's centrepiece, the aptly titled 'Entropy' nods to the sublimely stoic work of Eleh, radiating microtonal bass shifts while a bitter northerly wind builds in intensity. Brilliantly out of place, 'Cyclic Redundancy' opens the flipside with a majestically submerged slab of completely obliterated and submerged 4/4, like an unholy collusion between Mika Vainio, Sandwell and Bernard Parmegiani soundtracking a trade union rave in the 1950's, before 'Even In Death...' conjures imagery of a eulogy given by a Mongolian throat singer with crows circling overhead. in boomkat

Suum Cuique - Midden by modernlove

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Quiet Evenings / Seziki Tetrasheaf - Split

SEZIKI TETRASHEAF- Let's Do Carpet Beach (excerpt) by Hooker Vision
Quiet Evenings / Seziki Tetrasheaf - Split (Hooker Vision) Comentários: *Limited edition of 300 copies for the world* Nova Scotian Arms and Motion Sickness of Time Travel's Hooker Vision label and Rotifer mark their 100th and 50th release milestones, with a contrasting split of hypnagogic murk and romantic synth drone. Over the summer the heads of both labels, Rachel & Grant Evans (MSOTT, Nova Scotian Arms) and David Toro & Jefrey Astin, toured extensively together and this record is a sort of sonic polaroid of that time spent with each other. By the sounds of it, they were fairly whacked out. Seziki Tetrasheaf's side comes off about as close to an approximation of Hype Williams jamming with Pat Maherr and James Ferraro as you could hope for, stirring up a big ol' tape mush collage of slurried samples and ectoplasmic resonance with nary a care for the listener's sanity - which is always a good thing. By contrast, the Quiet Evenings side is like a celestial salve to sooth your burnt-out synapses, disinfecting your mind from the more unhinged psychedelic intentions of the flip. Together, Grant & Rachel create a lather of patchouli-pink synth hues and bubbling electrical current, suspending your thoughts in a floating interzone of new age bliss. But strangely enough, we've come to the conclusion that both sides end up having a kinda similarly zoned-out effect. in boomkat

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


«SILK's fabulous diamond Aurora Halal extended this 'Shadow Disco' teaser gem into a full-length video»

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RDB Showcases One Eyed Jacks, October 13th @ Music Box, Lisbon

Esta quinta-feira, MIUDA, Alucina e a Editora One Eyed Jacks animam o Musicbox, em Lisboa
É já no próxima quinta-feira, dia 13 de Outubro, que ocorre mais uma edição das “Noites da Rua” @ Musicbox com showcase da banda MIUDA e a apresentação do EP “Cassete no interior” dos Alucina. A noite termina com o showcase da editora One Eyed Jacks, com Javenger Dourado, RoundHouse Kick (Live) e Photonz.
Toda a info aqui:

Sangue de Cristo "Ponta do Mato / Cova do Vapor" : EYE003 : forthcoming October 2011 (preview) by Photonz
Lamborghini Funk (OUT NOW on One Eyed Jacks) by Photonz
RoundHouseKick LIVE ACT "Demo" by RoundHouse Kick

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THE TRAP surge no sentido de continuar a trabalhar sobre a temática da identidade do corpo e o poder da sua representação na arte e nos media, explorando a sua relevâncianos fenómenos sociais da “ fama” , “ aparência” e “ simulacro” .THE TRAP é uma armadilha, sobre a derradeira armadilha (a sociedade do espectáculo) e as aberrações que propõe, a felicidade que induz, o modo como as pessoas se representam e se mostram, as tensões entre “ parecer” e “ser” , o glamour e a sua destruição, o ridículo que emerge nos processos de construção e desconstrução da nossa própria imagem e identidade. Um dos pontos paradigmáticos dessa construção de identidade, passando pelo crivo do “ vencer” e “ conseguir” , prende-se de facto com o fenómeno sócio-televisivo actualmente hiper-acentuado da “ fama” e do “ ícone”. Interessa-me escavar essas maneiras de apresentar e “ enfeitar” o corpo, de o promover com o fim de “ ser-sucesso” (seja o que representar para o indivíduo). Este “ser-sucesso” demonstra ser a manifestação quase patológica da ideologia do progresso/capitalismo. Em derradeira análise, e em tom jocoso, estaremos perante essa longínqua ressaca iluminista, se “ ser-sucesso” for o último patamar do progresso. + info

texto de Mariana Tengner Barros

Direcção, concepção e interpretação: MARIANA TENGNER BARROS
Consultoria artística : MARK TOMPKINS

Assistência à criação: ANTÓNIO MV e NUNO MIGUEL
Figurinos: ANTÓNIO MV
Música Original: FILIPE LOPES
Apoio dramatúrgico: JOÃO MANUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Produção: EIRA

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Monday, October 10, 2011

This Week on Cloakroom: Manuel Carvalho - Manta EP

Mundo Urbano:
Vou ser sincero contigo desconhecia completamente o teu trabalho até ter lido o texto da ZDB E com muita pena minha não tive a oportunidade de ir até lá para ver a tua performance. Como é que correu?
Mesmo sem saber muito [ou mesmo nada] sobre ti, posso adiantar que quando esbarrei com o "Mantra Ray" fiquei com a sensação que estava a ouvir uma cena muito fora, pensei eu a certa altura "isto é altamente pornográfico!". É provável que eu tenha entrado numa espécie de transe… o facto é que conseguiste criar uma série de imagens na minha cabeça.

Mantra Ray by _Manta_

Ainda sobre o “Mantra Ray”, nos primeiros 4 minutos notei alguma influência de Daniel Lopatin e daí adiante um cocktail de Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, The Fun Years… e lots of gin!
Era interessante descreveres o processo de criação do Manta. Primeiro de tudo o que é que te inspirou? Que processos de gravação utilizaste até obteres o resultado final?

Manuel Carvalho:
Primeiro que tudo, muito obrigado pelas tuas bonitas palavras, fico muito contente que te tenha tocado de alguma maneira, e a definição «pornográfico» parece-me excelente, hehe.
Sim, é verdade que OPN é uma influência importante, mas o Jefre não o conhecia até este evento da ZDB. Por lá correu tudo muito bem, o pessoal da ZDB é muito boa gente e extremamente profissional e eu também não fiz asneira e a coisa conjugou-se muita bem, de maneira que fiquei muito satisfeito. Podes ver um excerto do live na ZDB aqui.
Quanto à criação em si do disco, em termos de inspiração não saberia dizer ao certo, sou um grande fã de literatura e cinema de ficção cientifica, tenho uma fixação por sintetizadores (quase obscena) e uma grande admiração pelas maravilhas naturais deste planeta, julgo que esses seriam as principais coisas que me inspiram, já para não falar da música, ouço muita música durante muitas horas no meu dia-a-dia, no trabalho, no metro, em casa, ás vezes até gosto de ter um Manuel Göttsching a tocar de fundo baixinho enquanto toco.
Para criar este disco usei um sintetizador, um sampler e uma guitarra, uns quantos pedais e o meu computador para gravar, também me encarreguei da masterização. Foi tudo feito no meu home studio aqui de Barcelona, sobretudo durante a noite depois do trabalho.
O processo de fazer um tema começa normalmente com improvisações que eu gravo, tipo fluxo de consciência, e que depois, por meio de uma mistura de análise tediosa e experimentação lá vou conseguindo reproduzir, matizar e sobrepor até que saia algo com pés e cabeça. Embora o sintetizador tenha a maior representação na maioria do disco, uso também uma variedade de samples de vozes, instrumentos acústicos e gravações de campo, ás vezes identificáveis, outras vezes completamente transformados.
Tenho 23 anos e sou originalmente de Coimbra, fui para Barcelona estudar mestrado de animação, entretanto arranjei um trabalho bem pago e pouco exigente que me permite dedicar e financiar as coisas que são realmente importantes para mim: a música e – como tu adivinhaste – o design gráfico/artes visuais.
O álbum foi auto-editado, tem um packaging especial desenhado por mim, é em CD-R e está à venda online em (é através do etsy e precisa de registo), também há a possibilidade de me contactarem directamente por e-mail, e eu posso enviar uma cópia. É uma tiragem de 50 cópias numeradas à mão!

Phacopid Raga by _Manta_

Não saberia exactamente definir-me como pessoa e músico, mas é certo que não me quero cingir a este tipo de instrumentações e arranjos que apresento neste álbum, suponho que isso acaba por ser o que me inspira hoje em dia, só depende de uma pessoa o tipo de output que saca, as barreiras técnicas são extremamente baixas, o pessoal é receptivo e os meios de difusão são mais que muitos, acho que qualquer pessoa com aspirações criativas tem muita sorte de viver no século XXI.
1.Mantra Ray
2.Catarse do Meio
3.Phacopid Raga
Tumblr , Soundcloud , Website , Blog

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Sonja - M.U. Podcast #25 (October 2011)

Sonja - M.U. Podcast #25 (October 2011) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud
Cover Art by: Sonja
ANTENA - Bye Bye Papaye
AUTO-MOD - Dai San No Teki
CAN - Halleluwah
CAMPAGN VELOCET - Obessed With Gloom
KIERAN EBDEN and STEVE REID - The Sun Never Sets
SILVER APPLES - Lovefingers
FRANCIS BEBEY - Forest Nativity
SHUGGIE OTIS - Island Letter
NACHO PATROL - EL Fuego En Nosotros Todo
SAINT ETIENNE - Who Do You Think You Are (Quex- RD)
KUSTONBEATER - Automat Aux Tomates

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mike Weis - Loop Current / Raft (Barge Recordings)

Mike Weis - Loop Current / Raft (Barge Recordings) Comentários: **Limited 1st edition of 250 housed in hand-assembled jacket** Percussionist Mike Weis makes a very strong impression with this killer solo outing. Mike's best known as the drummer with Zelionople, besides his contributions to records by The North Sea, Xela and Scott Tuma, but on 'Loop Current' his steady, layered drumming is the central feature amidst hypnotic, spaciously diffuse clouds of field recordings and short-wave radio tones. There's a potent and wholly enveloping atmosphere to the record, thanks in no small part to the sense of meditative restraint with which he conducts his kit, dividing himself between a vast array of gongs, temple block, claves, dholak, doumbeks, thunder tube, rattles and mbira, to name a few. The strange, hypnotic tension between tangibly synthetic electro-acoustic drone clouds and his undulating tribal rhythms at once suck us into his core pulse and inflate our sense of space to the peripheries of perception, ultimately leaving us unsettled and almost uncomfortably at his mercy. Obvious comparisons can be made with Jon Mueller and Chris Corsano, but it's the electro-acoustic magick and sense of synthesized space which gives this record an unheimlich, voodoo charge maybe more comparable to Cut Hands or The Haxan Cloak. Highly recommended. in boomkat

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

MoMA Just launched a new website for the New Photography 2011 exhibition

MoMA just launched a new website for the New Photography 2011 exhibition. View all of the works in the exhibition online! September 28, 2011–January 16, 2012, New York.
Deana Lawson - Baby Sleep. 2009 Pigmented inkjet print, 25 x 30" (63.5 x 76.2 cm). Courtesy the artist. © 2011 Deana Lawson

Moyra Davey - Rester Calme. 2010 (detail) Chromogenic color prints, Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Murray Guy, New York. © 2011 Moyra Davey

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tonight! Dieter Moebius + Kwjaz, Out.Fest, Convento da Madre Deus da Verderena, Barreiro

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica | Out In November!

*Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer mp3 *
Daniel Lopatin will release his next album as Oneohtrix Point Never this November on Software, a sub-label of Mexican Summer that he curates with Joel Ford. Entitled Replica, the album comes a year after Returnal, Lopatin's latest in a string of solo efforts since 2007, many of which were released on cassette or CD-R via underground labels like Arbor and No Fun Productions. Noisy one minute and droning the next, that record made Oneohtrix Point Never a leading name in avant-garde electronic music, with glowing reviews on Pitchfork and here on RA. According to a press release, Replica is a "song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations." Lopatin says it "has as much to do with environmental, broadcasted, and club sounds as it does with more direct musical influences." Unlike Returnal, which was recorded entirely on the American artist's personal computer, Replica was mastered and mixed at Mexican Summer's studio in Brooklyn. via resident advisor
01. Andro
02. Sleep Dealer
03. Power of Persuasion
04. Remember
05. Replica
06. Nassau
07. Submersible
08. Up
09. Child Soldier
10. Explain
Software will release Replica on November 5th, 2011.

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Steve Summers - In The Mode For Love EP (L.I.E.S.)

Steve Summers - In The Mode For Love EP (L.I.E.S.) Comentários: Jason Letkiewicz reverts back to his jackin' Steve Summers alter ego after an ace outing as Innergaze for 100% Silk. 'In The Mode For Love' raises the temperature with grungy bass and shark-eyed strings next to the mystic warehouse jack of 'Different Paths'. Flipside features the shaking machine rhythms and woozy Teutonic synths of 'Nethermead Arches' and the very Legowelt-like mission-jak theme 'Sun In Your Eyes'. in boomkat.

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Hiro Available via Bitter Root Records November 2011. Video by Camilla Padgitt-Coles

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Rick Owens: Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

View the full Alexander McQueen Ready To Wear S/S 2012 Collection here.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

THE GROUPIES - People Are Still Having Sex with The KLF (2011)

THE GROUPIES - People Are Still Having Sex with The KLF (2011) Produced by \\\^◊^/// of Mater Suspiria Vision . Non-profit video collage tribute to Stakker Humanoid, MTV and the 90s by Cosmotropia de Xam.

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Dreams West - Nu Age

Very well then, let’s forget for a minute that at least here in Berlin, this July has been about four degrees Celsius colder than the same month last year, and that the last three days alone brought more rain than an average July. I know it’s hard, but if anything, this delightful h-pop super anthem by our very much adored Dreams West might actually help. Perfectly dense and washed-out layers of 80s synth flourishes in combination with an appropriately über-kitschy nostalgia-dripping video collage that looks like a long lost commercial by the French ministry of tourism co-sponsored by the German car industry and the State of Arizona to convince us to head straight down to the Côte d’Azur in a fancy car to meet classy girls of the French bourgeoisie, and in fact, like seriously, there appears to be no reason whatsoever not to. via no fear in pop.

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CRAZY P - When We On (20:20 Vision)

CRAZY P’s returns with a new album called “When We On” through 2020 Vision. CP shifts an indulgent disco warmed up by the lovely voice of Danielle Moore. Quoting Phonica “this is an album packed full of potential singles. They might be crazy, but they sure know where the tunes are located.” Personally I wished they didn’t restrained so much , for me looks like they played a bit safe this time, however I’m totally sure that “When We On” silky approach will certainly please a wide audience, Tip!
VIS215CD - Crazy P - When We On by 2020VisionRecordings VIS215CD - Crazy P - When We On by 2020VisionRecordings

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