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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

DARKPYRAMID - New Humans (Dream Catalogue)

Format: cassette limited to 200 copies/ Digital
Cat: DREAM 130
Released: 25 Nov 16
Genre: Ambient/Drone
Label: Dream Catalogue

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Monday, November 28, 2016

BURIAL - Young Death / Nightmarket (Hyperdub)

Burial has shared a pair of new songs, “Young Death” and “Nightmarket.” This weekend, the record surfaced on Discogs and was accidentally sold at a Toronto record store during a Black Friday sale. The 12”, out November 30, quickly sold out on Hyperdub’s Bandcamp; you can buy the songs digitally now. Listen to them below.
Earlier this year, the British producer collaborated with Zomby for “Sweetz,” a track from Zomby’s new album Ultra.

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RR HEARSE/FURNACE MISKIN - Swinging Scarecrows (Hypnos)

RR HEARSE/FURNACE MISKIN - Swinging Scarecrows (Hypnos) Furnace Miskin – mini synth, lead vocals

RR Hearse – mini synth, drum machine, spoken word
Words – RR Hearse
Composed, arranged, and performed by Labros Tsamis and Theophanis Melas
Recorded live on audio tape at Labros Tsamis´ appartment 17.11.1988, Athens, Greece
Produced by Labros Tsamis
All songs are kindly permited by Labros Tsamis Archives
Cover by Theophanis Melas
Restored and mastered by Stefanos Konstantinidis
*Limited edition of 50 cassettes*

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DEMDIKE STARE - Wonderland (Modern Love)

DEMDIKE STARE - Wonderland (Modernlove) Demdike Stare return with their first album since 2012’s Elemental, a feral, loose-limbed and angular rave odyssey wrecking Dancehall and Jungle templates via found sounds, Ambient and exotic spaces. Wonderland plays the full breadth of the duo’s wide open aesthetic, taking their Testpressing series of dancefloor lashes - issued on 12” between 2013-2015 - as the diving board for an innovative, reverie-like album forming a parallel dancefloor narrative where the spirits of mid ‘90s jungle and digital dancehall are made plasmic, malleable, and syncretised with industrial and ambient techno sound design. Rooted in record collecting and the art of DJing, and in line with Demdike’s atypical style and pattern, Wonderland veers across styles and temporalities, forming wormholes between Hardstyle and submerged jungle in the curtain-raiser, Curzon, and going in like Slimzee slicing up grime dubs with jungle in the crackden atmosphere of Animal Style, whereas the eleven minute Hardnoise catches them at full stretch, tumbling from head-rinsing noise to a dank, sublow techno mission framed by unsettling ambience somewhere between Prurient’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement episodes and a mutant variant of classic Exotica, before coughing you up someplace else. At the album’s epicentre, FullEdge (eMpty-40 Mix) obliterates distinctions between dancehall and techno as you’ve never heard, an edit that re-laces their formerly mutually exclusive ligature in a belly-tightening and brilliantly messed-up new mutation, before Sourcer prangs out like a cyborg calibrating itself to ragga jungle arrhythmia, and the psychoacoustic nose drip of Fridge Challenge dissipates into the ‘static thizz of Overstaying at the LP’s perimeter, like some DJ Sprinkles cut paused at mid-flow and delayed, re-shaped into a tense burner. It’s probably the most enjoyable and loose-limbed hour of music in their catalogue, or that you’ll likely hear in these weird, angst-ridden times. 

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