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Friday, February 27, 2009

JEFF KEEN - GAZWRX - The Films Of Jeff Keen

JEFF KEEN - GAZWRX - The Films Of Jeff Keen (BFI) Comentários: A vast four-DVD collection spanning over nine hours of film and video by British experimental cinema icon Jeff Keen. Part trash cinema, part anarchism, Keen's densely packed image-brokery bombards the eyes at a rate which at first defies interpretation. You might chiefly align Keen with pop art and surrealism: during certain films his borrowing of comic book and consumerist iconography faintly recalls Roy Lichtenstein, or Jeff Koons, while in another strand of his work you might encounter very tangible references to the surrealist movement and Andre Breton. Keen seems to skip in a disorderly fashion between abstract, heavily edited art films, animations and the sort of fare that seems to stray very far indeed from the avant-garde, settling instead for farce or curious exploitation movie pastiche, perhaps most obviously on the wholly ridiculous 'Swamp Women'. Similarly, the soundtracks seem to switch between plunderphonic and tape noise experiments, making for an erratic mixture of what might be considered 'low' and 'high' culture. Sifting meaning from these films is a painstaking though not impossible process, but it's easy to be wrong-footed when within a space of moments you might be presented with baffling psycho-sexual set pieces only to be walloped by fast-cutting split screen abstract art. This boxset is without doubt a significant document in the history of British avant-garde filmmaking, and its thoroughness is to be admired: in addition to the films themselves, you're also presented with a newly filmed Keen interview, two documentaries, plus a 96-page booklet. in boomkat

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PENDLE COVEN - Self Assessment

PENDLE COVEN - Self Assessment (Modern Love) Comentários: Since their 2003 debut 'Trouble At Mill', Pendle Coven have produced seven exceptional, restless twelves for the Modern Love label, not including work undertaken by one half of the recording duo under the MLZ moniker and a handful of projects produced and delivered under the radar. Typified by an inability to rest on their laurels, Pendle have explored areas of Techno and electronic music as diverse as their interests, taking in early-90's style 'ardkore, drone, Basic-Channelisms, Drexciyan electro and warehouse minimalism along the way. This debut album features 7 exclusive and previously unreleased tracks as well as 5 killers from the '£100 a metre', 'marriage of convenience', 'hex' and 'Iamnoman' EP's, spanning the last 5 years. The sound of 'Self Assessment' opens with the disembodied guitar treatment of 'Aged Drone', paving the way for the stripped menace of 'Iamnoman' - the title track of their most recent vinyl-only release. From there we drop in on the staggered proto-dubstep of 'Unit 6', an alternate string-driven version of the airy stepper 'Uncivil Engineering', the immense stripped reverberance of 'Optimal, pure bass pressure of "MVO Chamber" and, finally, the towering chord crescendos of the Berlin-inspired Exigen. All the tracks here have been lovingly honed and mastered at the hands of Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin, for added bass depth and space. Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, February 23, 2009

VARIOUS - Music From Mathematics

VARIOUS - Music From Mathematics (Mathematics) Comentários: Chicago true skool don Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being compiles a selection of Mathematics' recordings finest trax between 1996-2008, featuring contributions from Ed DMX, Jack Frost, Area, Adonis, Cris Moss Acid, Dimitri Pike, Contra Communem Opinionem and himself. Operating under his IAMTHATIAM moniker, Jamal provides some of the CD highlights on 'Vibrations and Harmonies 2' with a depressurised spectral synth excursion, Lo-fi tribal house as Africanswithmainframes, or completely unique machine manipulations on 'Temple Of The Moon' as Hieroglyphic Being. Elsewhere Conta Communem Opinionem's 'Tired Feel' is highly recommended, carving out a niche for scuzzy but heartfelt Chicago via Cologne style deep house, or Adonis presents Noleion Reusse with an emotionally punishing jacker on 'Lover's Jak'. This label bravely holds onto an aesthetic that deliberately holds itself back from being grouped with more modern house crews, and for that, we salute you Mathematics, respect! For lovers of the mystical side of house music or labels like Morphine or MoM - Get in! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lars Von Trier -- Nocturne DK-1980

Director: Lars Von TrierDK/1980/8mins/color. Nocturne was Lars Von Trier's graduation film made at the The National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen. It's an intriguing look at the beginings of the career of one of Europe's most prolific and provocative film directors (BREAKING THE WAVES, DANCER IN THE DARK, DOGVILLE). Von Trier is closely associated with the Dogme collective calling for a return to plausible stories in filmmaking and a move away from artifice and towards technical minimalism.Lars von Trier's tense, experimental film, about a woman and her fear of day light recalls the work of avant-garde pioneers Maya Deren and Luis Bunuel. A mysterious phone call and circling flock of birds accentuate the visual poetry and establish the compelling emotional upset and narrative tension of which Von Trier would later become master. He has described himself in Interview magazine (June 1989) as "a melancholy Dane masturbating the dark to images on the silver screen." He has never been to the United States as he refuses to fly."Everything said or written about me is a lie"Lars von TrierCommentary by Lars von Trier, recorded in Copenhagen, DenmarkCourtesy of The Danish Film Academy, Copenhagen.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Various Artists - Colourfield Variations - DVD

Various Artists - Colourfield Variations - DVD (Line) Comentários: Curated by Richard Chartier, this magnificent audio-visual project draws on a formidable roster of artists operating in the field of experimental electronic music, featuring the likes of Steve Roden, Stephan Mathieu, Frank Bretschneider, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti either contributing their own video accompaniment or working with visual artists within the tradition of Colour Field painting. An offshoot from the Abstrect Expressionist movement in the 1950s, Color Field art was preoccupied with the communicative power of pure chromatics, an elemental approach that has a definite resonance with the sort of output you'd associate with the Line imprint. Steve Roden gets the compilation underway with a beautiful composition for violins, all meticulously and spaciously multitracked within an elegant electroacoustic configuration. In terms of its electronic content, the processing is all very transparent, carefully framing and editing the string parts without destroying the instruments' timbral identity. Subtle chromatic shifts take place over the thirteen-minute duration, all very much in keeping with the rather analogue, natural feel of the music. Next comes Alan Callander's 'CF01', a more ambiguous, ambient piece with a visual counterpart that suggests an animated Mark Rothko painting. Frank Bretschneider's 'Looping i-vi (excerpt)' is typically fluent excursion into digital miniamalism, joining horizontal linear animations with ear-tickling high frequency flickers. After ten minutes of typically brilliant drone work (and rapidly flickering colour changes) from Stephan Mathieu, the DVD begins to make moves towards the more in-your-face, visceral end of the audio-visual spectra. Mego stalwarts Tina Frank & General Magic conjure up two blissful minutes of intelligent, joyful digital chaos while Bas Van Koolwuk presents a bombardment of juddering signal modulations in conjunction with monochromatic screen interference. Ryoichi Kurokawa comes the closest to ondotzero territoy with his florid and kaleidoscopic mixed media outing, 'Scorch', but the soundtrack is very much in the vein of 12k and Spekk in terms of its beguiling granular synthesis and gauzy warmth. Also worthy of note is Sawako's contribution, whose high frequency sonorities are perhaps more in line with Sachiko M's steady-handed minimalism than the artist's own output. The two closing pieces are similarly rooted in minutiae: the collaborations between Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfland and Ernest Edmonds + Mark Fell both experiment with involving nano-sonics while keeping to the elemental color-sculpting brief. Another amazing DVD release from the line camp - very highly recommended indeed. in boomkat [Buy Here]


HAUSCHKA - Snowflakes And Carwrecks

HAUSCHKA - Snowflakes And Carwrecks ( Comentários: The material collected for Snowflakes and Carwrecks was recorded during the same sessions that produced last year's Ferndorf album, Volker Bertelmann's impressive second LP for Fat Cat's 130701 offshoot. Although billed as an EP, the CD's seven tracks clock up a forty-minute playtime (NB: the vinyl edition is restricted to five) and the track sequence makes for a rather wonderful album in its own right. As was the case with Ferndorf, the music here extends far beyond the solo prepared piano excursions of Hauschka's older material, embracing broader arrangements augmented by light electronics and a string duo. These additional musicians play a big part in establishing the understated wintry romance of 'Eisblume' and bringing to life a piece like 'Tanz', which is driven by choppy, Philip Glass-like interlocking cello and violin, making panicked exchanges with Bertelmann's very physical and staccato piano performance. The longest composition on Snowflakes and Carwrecks, 'Hauberg', finds the Hauschka sound taking on yet grander proportions, beginning with fluid minor key broodings and slowly accumulating an air of tension as it traverses an involving nine-minute span. Another step up on Hauschka's evolutionary ladder, this release is a must for anyone who got to know and love Ferndorf, and it's sure to find favour with followers of Max Richter, Johann Johannsson and the like. Highly recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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ONRA - 1.0.8

ONRA - 1.0.8 (Favourite) Comentários: The deft fingers behind the awesome 'Chinoiseries' LP returns with another album of triple dope Dilla styled beat offcuts and idiosyncratic sample sketches for French label Favourite. His last effort is one of the best instumental hiphop albums we've heard in the last few years so expectations were high for this one, but no worries, the man done good with a set of compact riddim visions and refried snippets of vinyl ephemera ranking up close to the likes of the late, great Dilla, Madlib or even the RZA due to his predilection for far Vietnamese and Far Eastern score samples and dialogue. The sample pot for this LP does however draw on a slightly different palette, with more attention placed on Electro-soul and synthy vibes run throughout, and knitted together with his innate knack for piecing together a buttered head nodder. Tracks like 'Porn' with natty 8-bit skwee sounds, or 'Bong' with tube suckling FX are made all the better for their brevity, with the sounds evaporating before your mind has a chance to dwell on the matters too long, acting like a short but intense book of short stories with a consistent narrative thread running through each. We just can't fault this man's beats, Onra makes killer drums, finds wicked samples and arranges them all with a detailed but solid structure. Followers of skewed wonky styles and fathomless basslines need to check in fast. Highly Recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009

LOBBY, Herrmutt - Bassfudge Powerscones

LOBBY, Herrmutt - Bassfudge Powerscones (EAT Concrete) Comentários: Herrmutt Lobby, the mysterious artists collective from Brussels, debuts for Eat Concrete with "Bassfudge Powerscones", a super fresh EP that contains their most 'danceable tracks to date.This massive five tracker combines the best of all worlds electronic, fusing glitch inspired electro with ultra-fat, bass heavy funk and industrial. After having received widespread recognition for their first releases, being credited for originality, smart production and a twisted sense of humor, the Herrmutt's come up with a release that is pure dj food. "Bassfudge" truly lives up to it's name and brings mid-tempo, future based hiphop in a techno fashion.This EP, first in a series of releases, features vocals by Non Genetic (Shadow Huntaz) and is packaged in breathtaking artwork by Elzo. Hailing from the notorious 4800, the Herrmutt Lobby is composed of "nerds extraordinaire" Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer of the Fistfucking crew and whoever else happens to drop by. Separately they've already delivered several releases. Kadah Vresky released their debut LP on DUB in 2002, have remixed Funkstörung for Studio !K7 and supplied tracks for compilations on MAS, Dub, Civik and On records .Members of the romantically inclined Fistfucking Crew [whose debut LP leaves nasty stains under the nails], Back & Forth, after acquiring a reputation for their live performances, have recently finished a first EP, as yet unreleased. Guest sound supplier, Jean Mix was recently elected Vervier's Mister Commodore 64. Voluntarily sequestered in the Merlin HQ [and other dubious locations of ill repute], for days on end, without any contact with the outside world or so much as the time of day, Herrmutt Lobby are essentially these massive electronic jam sessions, selected, filtered and arranged for your optimal listening pleasure. The next step is to take these sounds out of the comforting environment of smoky, dim light bedrooms, and into the spotlight, onto the stage, in front of an audience. They drink their coffee black, short, no sugar. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

WADE, Rick - Harmonie Park Revisited

WADE, Rick - Harmonie Park Revisited (Rushhour Holland) Comentários: Compilation of his best tracks onto one deluxe packaged cd box, which is limited to 1000 copies. Check here for more info and free mp3 download. The compilation touches on both the uplifting party grooves as well as his deeper tracks. Hard to get and out of print classics like ‘Fade Away’, ‘Prime Time’ and ‘Forgotten Track’ are included as well as an exclusive soulful vocal track. Comes with free download to Rick Wade DJ mix. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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OMAR S - Blown Valvetrane

OMAR S - Blown Valvetrane (Sound Signature US) Comentários: Absolutely immense tracky jackers from Detroit hero Omar-S appearing on Theo Parrish's revered Sound Signature imprint. Offering a different shade of his usual productions for his FXHE imprint, Omar S works out three awesomely raw and abstract house cuts starting with 'Blown Valvetrain', a freaky resonating jacker sounding like some Steve Poindexter or Jamal Moss experiment and taking the piss out of the DJs with a sting in the tail. 'Busaru Beats' on the flip is strictly AOS styles, with raw-like-sushi machine beats battered into shape in the FXHE studio, and 'Deep Valve Cover' providing some deep soul respite with melancholy pads and jack-groovin' patterns that can't fail to touch your inner hoose spot. You can't f*ck with the Omar-S style. KILLER!!!!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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UNKOWN / THRILLER - BBQ Genie (Thriller) Comentários: Oh yes, it's another anonymous transmission, and it's a goodun. Thriller is the fledgling, bespoke offshoot of a very well known label and features the work of key artists from the wonky/dubstep/bass scene. Making use of raw ingredients supplied by R&B, Disco and Hip Hop, the sound of the label lies somewhere between the malfunctioning wooziness of Rustie, the low-end sentience of Kode 9 and the smartarse plunderphonics of MF Doom. Series opener BBQ has already been causing quite a stir and comes to us from easily one of the most sought-after producers of the moment, flexing his inimitable muscle with a killer late night number that's one part Midnight funk and two parts bassline shocker. Flipside cut 'Genie' has its own tricks up its sleeve and comes from equally enigmatic quarters, employing a shifted R&B, 80's Disco spine only to self destruct in the most glamorous, heavy circumstances imaginable. Enough of standing in the corner nodding yr heads, Thriller are reclaiming the dancefloor. STRICTLY LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ONLY - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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GIUSEPPE IELASI - AIX (12K) Comentários: Italian electronic composer Giuseppe Ielasi themed this album around the idea of rhyhmic grids, something illustrated in a helpfully literal fashion by its artwork: the colourful, closely knit and highly organised construction provides a visual signifier for the sort of musical developments captured on the disc. Seldom do you hear an artist on the 12k roster working so explicitly and so pointedly with rhythm, but Ielasi does something quite remarkable with Aix (so-called because the album was made in Aix-en-Provence, incidentally): he's used all the tricks in his microsound arsenal to fashion warm, strangely jazzy 4/4 music from delicate conrete sound sources. The narrative unfolds according to Ielasi's largely improvisational sequencing skills, stacking up a wealth of location-based acousmatic events - forming beat patterns from the strangest of sampled noises. What makes all this so intriguing is the use of space; Aix feels like such an immersive, well poised experience beacuse it avoids cluttering, allowing you to gauge the depth and scale of Ielasi's digitally-assembled grid environments according to the interplay between booming low frequencies and the more microscopic, higher range timbres. The fifth piece, for instance, is sprinkled with close-up, brittle percussive gestures and spacious clatter emanating from the middle distance, and it's all pinned together by deep, rotund bass plunges that sound as if they've been snipped from a Farben 12". The spread of natural echo across the stereo field is another key ingredient here, and moving onto track eight, the gloomily reverberant clacks and shuffles start to sound like noises from the same empty construction site depicted on the sleeve, suggestive of space, and proportion. At times, the end result of all this electroacoustic toil might reasonably be described as 'techno concrète', but inevitably any such soundbite fails to do this record justice - it's a far more musically rich experience than that, in no way enslaved by its own conceptual origins. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Beople - Aperture [Sgustok Net 003]

Label: Sgustok Music
Released: 30 Jan 2009, Beople aka Yukifumi Uchida [JP], "It isn't made for the masses, nor some particular the minority. It is intend to be just itself. "beople"
Genre: ElectronicStyle: Deep House, Tech House, Dub Techno, Ambient
Aperture (7:38)
Seque (7:04)
Sorrow (6:37)
Aperture (Ambient Version) (4:25)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UNIT MOEBIUS - The Golden Years

UNIT MOEBIUS - The Golden Years (Clone Classic Cuts) Comentários: Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond, mainly through numerous releases on their own independent labels Bunker and Acid Planet Records. The music can be best described as no-compromise and rudimentary; it seems to reflect the cheap, rough and direct approach of The Hague's d.i.y. mentality of the nineties, as well as the autistic isolation and alienation of information-society's social inepts. Often referred to as ''Europe's only true answer to Underground Resistance'', Unit Moebius' music is ''very diverse in style, but always with that typical, twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, a bad, sweaty groove that feels like a mindfuck''. One can expect ''deep, alienating, lo-fi, acid house and crazy, rigid jack trax (mixing the best of Detroit and Chicago styles) to hard, pounding, dark, industrial techno, freaky techno, funk, pop and mean, minimalistic machine music'' [quote from]. The Classic Cuts release “The Golden Years” is a fine selection of the more accessible dancefloor tracks from the early and mid-nineties which have strong references to the most early techno and house sounds from Detroit and Chicago. 12 of their amazing tracks available again on Clone classic cuts in nice remastered versions. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Anthony Burrill exhibition, Paris

Graphic designer Anthony Burrill have a second exhibition in as many weeks, Geometry in Nature, has just opened in the Parisian retail mecca Colette, and the artist photographed the installation in progress for us. Consisting of a series of laser cut plastic artworks, Burrill’s new series explores his interest in nature and geometry – the parallel lines of waves, straight roads, semi circular rainbows – told in his signature abstract technique. While The Right Kind of Wrong, his collaboration with Michael Marriott for Mother in London, offered more of a thought-provoking backdrop to the office space, it’s fitting that the walls of Colette offer something a bit easier on the conscience, but every bit as cool. in wall paper

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