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Monday, September 27, 2010

Light Asylum - A Certain Person

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dam-Funk - Hood Pass Intact

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Wharp - 1992

Time Wharp's "1992" revolves around a sample from the score of early Nintendo game Mario Paint, transforming the 8-bit chirps into a breathy star-gazer of immediate beauty. The disjointed melody swirls in virtuoso arpeggiator patterns, sounding like a downpour of robot virgin tears against a backdrop of panting, emanating from either pleasure or distress. The track was dropped as the first taster of Time Wharp's new EP, a few spins of which this week have been enough for me to recommend it with confidence. Helvetica is filled with dense production, clever ideas (one of the tracks makes interesting use of a mobile phone interference sound), and jarring moods. You can download it off bandcamp or order the CDR from there for the recession-buster price of $2, which comes with custom, hand-painted artwork by Time Wharp. (via Don't Die Wondering)
<a href="">1992 by Time Wharp</a>

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Mathemagic - Breaststroke

Dream Boat - Fevers

Dream Boat - Fevers (Amdiscs) Comentários: Okay, so there was Salem, a band who tossed shoegaze in a cauldron and stirred in some Big Black, some chopped and screwed hip-hop, a whole jar of 808 drums and a sprinkle of R’n’B. And the music that came out was called drag. Or it was called witch house, depending on who you want to believe. Anyway, this whole thing is now a genre – except it’s not really, it’s just something that some journalists and bloggers said to categorise a new movement of artists, some of whom, like oOoOO, sound a bit like Salem, others of which, like Balam Acab, don’t. You following? Good. Because now there’s a new genre called screwgaze. Except like witch house and drag, it’s not really a genre, it’s another word that some journalists and / or bloggers came up with the other day to describe Fevers, an EP by Providence act Dream Boat that apparently represents the next evolutionary step for drag. The centre-piece of Fevers is actually a cover of oOoOO’s ‘NoSummr4U’, titled ‘oOchre’, and whereas the original was a syrupy ballad not far removed from the sort of synth-work Joker made his name with, this stretches the vocals to the point where they’re screaming, and cuts and slashes into the synth melodies with clashing drums. And we mean clashing – if the first thing you do when the 808s hit isn’t pause the track to check that you don’t have two things playing at once then you’re more experimentally-minded than us. At times, it’s eerie and beautiful – such as the last few seconds, when the drums have dispersed and you’re left with the sort of helium-voiced angels that must sit on Just Blaze’s right hand shoulder. At other times, you’ll wonder whether Fevers is a step forward or a step back. But hey, it’s a step – you don’t want to be left behind, right? in factmagzine
Available on: Fevers EP, AMDISCS Cassette / free download

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9DW - 9DW

9DW - 9DW (Wax Poetics) Comentários: Taking electro-fusion to the next dimension is no easy job. But Tokyo-based futurists 9dw aren’t afraid to gaze beyond the limits of the Milky Way, riding on a celestial quest toward a world where the atmosphere is analog and the beat of a neon ocean washes against a beach of synthesizer sand. Building their sonic landscape on an arsenal of vintage instruments and technology, the music of 9dw is a refreshing mix of jazz instrumentals, skilled guitars, fresh breakbeats, and funky keys. With an ear to the past and their eyes on the future, this band of the Rising Sun heralds a return to the 1970s heyday of jazz originality and flavor. Not since pioneers the likes of Bob James, Herbie Hancock, or Joe Zawinul has jazz-fusion sounded this good. Although 9dw’s self-titled debut has been available in Japan for sometime now, it has yet to see any form of stateside release. That’s why we here at Wax Poetics Records have decided the time is right to bring 9dw into the U.S. soundscape with a limited vinyl run of 9dw. This, the sixth release from Wax Poetics Records, will come as a double-LP set pressed on high quality 180-gram vinyl. Until now, Wax Poetics Records has been strictly in the business of reissuing rare, overlooked, and long-lost albums from the past. But with 9dw, we’re proud to be, for the first-time, reissuing a contemporary album worthy of the Wax Poetics seal of approval. So while we still pride ourselves on being an authority when it comes to soul, funk, and jazz music’s lesser-known players of yesterday, we’ve also got our ears tuned to the sounds of tomorrow. Be it in Wax Poetics Magazine or on Wax Poetics Records, you can rest assured that we’re digging the underground, wherever we find it. in waxpoetics [Para Ouvir/Samples]
Free track available for download:'Find Your Love'

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jneiro Jarel - Fauna

Jneiro Jarel - Fauna (Kindred Spirits) Comentários: Jneiro Jarel returns with a new Brazilian-inspired LP for Kindred Spirits. Fauna follows up his debut album Three Piece Puzzle from 2005, and since then Jneiro has gone on to work with artists such as TV on the Radio, MF DOOM, Khujo Goodie from the Goodie Mob, as well as with his own groups and aliases like The Shape of Broad Minds, Dr Who Dat?, and Capital Peoples. Jneiro has always had a Brazilian streak to his music, dating back to Dr Who Dat’s Beat Journey, with the cover decked out in the same colours as the Brazilian flag and the standout track Braziliant Thought. But finally with Fauna he gets to create a whole album inspired by the home of the Seleção. Giving credit to his mother for turning him onto Sérgio Mendes, Tom Jobim, and Caetano Veloso at an early age, it was an inspired dig through the record collection of KS label don KC tha Funkaholic, as well as discovering Arthur Verocai and Zuco 103, that put him in the headspace to compose most of Fauna over a three month period. But while Jneiro was fired up by the melodies and rhythms of Brazil, the record is more than just a collection of beats and dusty samples. Dedicated to conservation, Fauna is made for the plants and wildlife in Brazil, many of them endangered and all of which have such a huge impact on the planet’s ecosystem. Scattered throughout the LP are the sounds of the rainforest and the Amazon, as tropical birds calls mix with dubby synths and cone-shaking sub bass, and phased vocals are panned around beats and Candomblé rhythms. Jneiro has created a unique sense of space on Fauna, which is at once hypnotic and spiritual, while also deep in the kind of studio-wizardry which has informed the stylings of so many beat producers around the world in recent years. “It’s both outer space and down-to-earth”, Jneiro says. In the same tradition as sci-fi writer Braulio Tavares, and Paraiban musician Totonho, Jneiro has created a slice of futuristic beat science rooted in Brazilian traditions, brimming with a real sense of community and ecological responsibility. We should all listen to the fauna much more closely. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

FLYING LOTUS - Pattern & Grid World EP

FLYING LOTUS - Pattern & Grid World (Warp) Comentários: While Cosmogramma is a monolithic convergence of 20th and 21st century musical forms, high in concept and wide in musical collaboration, Pattern+Grid World pulls the focus back to Steven Ellison and his machines. These machines are speaking (and possibly looking as well, judging by the EP’s cover) from the go, as “Clay” introduces itself in a fog of synth and vocoder and gives way to one of the many surprises here, the schizophrenic ping-ponging electro of “Kill Your Co-Workers”. Drenched in alternating melodies, it’s a synthetic counterpart to the grand string and harp arrangements of Cosmogramma, making acclaimed illustrator Theo Ellsworth’s subtly psychedelic cover image of vision-through-noise all the more intimate.“Pie Face” is led by icy keys that could almost be mistaken for classic grime, before the stoned plastic marching band steps in. “Time Vampires” amazingly lands somewhere between vintage DJ Premier and Lee Hazelwood, while the stripped back bass and drum explorations of “Jurassic Notion/M Theory” are as shamanic and ceremonial as anything you’re likely to hear come out of California. If “Camera Day” brings to mind a certain crew of dungeon-dwelling ATLiens, it won’t come as much of a surprise that Killer Mike found its syrupy bounce recently inspiring. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Onmutu Mechanicks (aka Arne Weinberg) - Nocturne

Onmutu Mechanicks (aka Arne Weinberg) - Nocturne (Echocord) Comentários: Onmutu Mechaniks is an alter ego of the prolific Arne Weinberg for Echocord. To date it's given us two 12"s of loners techno soul nodding towards Convextion and Drexciya, a vibe he expands and asserts with 'Nocturne'. Much like Sven Weisemann or the Echospace figures, Arne creates sounds worthy of, and ready for, an album. From the dub stasis of 'Catatonic' he guides us on an inward trajectory with the heavy breathing shuffle of 'Aspiring To Aspire' and continues an internal spiral with the soundtracky space of 'Lupos Moon', recalling the bleakness of Demdike Stare's spare grooves. Down the line and the sleep-techno of 'Neutrino' only keeps consciousness because of its metronomic woodblock, before 'When You Return' inhabits the blue zones of Signer or Fluxion and 'Across The Styx' pulls the rhythmic anchor to drift in placid dub lagoon. With 'Nocturne' Arne proves he knows how to sooth and salve heads with elegance and substance, resulting in a sumptuous listen from start to finish. in boomkat [Listen/Buy]

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Shafiq Husayn - Lil' Girl Feat. Fatima Stephen Thundercat Bruner

FATIMA - Warm Eyes (produced by Dâm-Funk)

Dream Crusher - Cobol.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TIM HECKER - Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

TIM HECKER - Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again (Alien8 Canada) Comentários: On Haunt Me Hecker is often riding a fine line between ambient and noise. During one interlude he is utilizing a cascading wave of distortion and throbbing bass and just as it starts to become the slightest bit oppressive. Gears are quickly shifted and the high end harmonies and feedback are quickly giving way to more lush passages in vein of early Stars of the Lid. Tim Hecker very quickly learned the technique of blending the ebb and flow of soft and hard sound and he continues to work towards perfecting this technique today. [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Free Download]

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MAJEURE - Timespan

MAJEURE - Timespan (Temporary Residence Ltd) Comentários: Majeure is the new side project from A.E. Paterra, who is probably better known as half of Goblin-aping Prog-synth duo, Zombi. Splitting off on his own tangent, his 'Timespan' LP is a lazer etched, three-track trek to the stars using a similar rack of vintage analogue eqipment (DSI MonoEvolver, Moog Source, Korg 700, Roland Juno 60, Oberheim OB-8), but programmed with more direct co-ordinates. Unlike his work with Zombi, there's a distinct thread of disco/Italo influence running through these tracks, from the hypnotic high-speed thrills of 'The Dresden Codex', to the arpeggiated Italo/Krautrock throb of 'Teleforce', guiding the tracks on a determined trajectory. However the ties to the proggy rock infatuation of Zombi are kept intact by the fact that Paterra eschews drum machines in favour of Kent Custom Drums, lending a human sleight to the rhythms that keeps this album on the rockier side of the moon. The final piece and title track, 'Timespan' is the lengthiest of the lot, taking 18 minutes to reach its destination via dying synthesized supernovas and dramatised arrangements. Essnetial for fans of Steve Moore/Zombi, Goblin or Giorgio Moroder's PSYCH gear. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Free Download]

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amede Soundsmith

<a href="">Without You (FREE DOWNLOAD) by AmedeSoundsmith //+</a>
AMEDE SOUNDSMITH is a 20 year old singer/composer hailing from East London to a Nigerian father and Zambian mother. He began is musical journey at 10 singing and song writing under the influence of R'n'B singer Joe. Whilst getting older and trying to perfect his sound, Amede heard Slum Village and Kanye West's 'Selfish' in 2004 and was blown away by the Hip Hop/Neo Soul movement which influenced his earlier work. Then came the legendary J Dilla, once Amede discovered him it moulded how he heard music, created music and what he considered to be 'real' music. Amede has always been exposed to a variety of genres, it was sample based hip hop that opened Amede to original soul, jazz and funk, then came producing with his cousin Kriptic Kaoz which focused on grime. The fact that Amede has also looked into other music scenes such as in LA, Berlin, Asia & Scandinavia makes him stand out in terms of honing his craft and deciding the musical route he takes today and being current. To date Amede has released two EP's of his own back 'Flat 17 EP' and 'Demonstrating the Soundsmith' along with a number of free downloads which both met with great views. Amede was also a part of a vocal ensemble headed by Michelle Escoffery, which included his now musical family of Azekel, Nadine Caesar and Shanaz Dorsett – who features of the 'Flat 17 EP'. Currently Amede has just finished recording 7 tracks whilst studying Creative Music Technology at University quoting Little Dragon, Dam-Funk and Alternative Pop as influences behind the tracks. He is also a co-founder of Thunder Lightning music lifestyle company along with Azekel and Tony Blaize. He is ready to deliver an Electrorganic sound to the whole world, following his heart and breaking barriers allowing God to guide him and he is not far into achieving that!

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ARP - The Soft Wave

Já foi dito algumas vezes que o ano de 2010 foi tomado de assalto pelo mundo dos sintetizadores, para tal contribuiram nomes como Oneohtrix Point Ever, Rangers, Belbury Poly, Emeralds, Etienne Jaumet... cenário onde também surge Alexis Georgopoulos aka Arp, que edita o seu segundo trabalho "The Soft Wave" pela norueguesa Smalltown Supersound. Um elogio ao compêndio do krautrock e da electrónica ambiental contemporânea. Recomenda-se vivamente. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

spAceLex - Frisbee is fun

spAceLex was born in the year 2004. He got a mix with some of those special Space, Cosmic, Italo Disco tracks in his hands. Since that moment he is searching for more of those sounds and he discovered lots of beauties. The seeking gone more and more deeper in the scene of obscure, psychedilic, electronic Disco sounds from 1977 to 1980. Now if he plays, you can be sure that you'll getting a delicious sweet taste of the precious danceable Disco vinyl. In every Dj set you can beam yourself up into a journey through the Disco- Universe. And you know that the Universe keeps many many unexpected secrets. Enjoy Your Journey !

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


"The visionary underground director premieres his latest investigation into surreal lo-fi cinema on Dazed Digital. Bruce LaBruce is a name synonymous with some of the most extreme underground cinema being made today. There is nothing the Toronto-based auteur shies away from and his work veers from B-movie-esque schlock to extreme and in-your-face gay pornography. He is without doubt one of the most exciting filmmakers of the zeitgeist and Dazed Digital are proud to exclusively present his latest offering The Bad Breast. Shot on a toy camera it explores the relationship between Melanie Klein and Anna Freud follwing the death of her profoundly influential psychoanalyst father – in the most surreal way imaginable. There are shades here of Richard Kern's early work but LaBruce's film is far more than an homage to such forbears, and brings what filmmakers such as Kern sought to achieve in the 80s kicking and screaming into the 21st Century." [+here]

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Underground Sound of Lisbon - Dance With Me - 1994

M-Beat Feat General Levy - Incredible (Underground Deep Bass Mix)

Gary War

Gary War (Greg Dalton) é uma figura do noise pop psicadélico e tropical. Está na linhagem de nomes como: Sore Eros, John Maus, Blues Control, Ariel Pink, Wet Hair, Eat Skull, Ducktails, Sun Araw,etc. [Discog]
"Grounds for Termination (Phil Gone mix)"

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut

Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut (Olde English Spelling Bee ) Comentários: Olde English Spelling Bee is one of those labels you can implicitly trust to provide you the most brilliantly weird music. Their latest missive is a self titled shocker from Autre Ne Veut, a moocher from the same circles as Oneohtrix Point Never and all those weirdo Brooklyn types with an uncanny line in subtly skewed pop queerness. Seriously, this is one of the strangest, most jarringly unique records of the year, and we love it. At heart it's an incredible pop album with traces of Prince, Prefab Sprout and Erasure at its core, but each melody and harmony is delivered with an off-key sleight of hand that really plays on your preconceptions and experience of classic synth pop. There's definite nods to the soundtracks of John Hughes movies and the like, but it's perhaps more like The Breakfast Club score remade by the Troma company for some secret pay-per-view internet channel. Autre Ne Veut has possibly made one of our favourite albums this year and we urge you to investigate without delay. Essential! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Terminal Twilight

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

21 Set, Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld @ Teatro Maria Matos

Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld @ Teatro Maria Matos, Terça 21 Setembro 22h00, "Dizem que a electrónica é apenas matemática, dizem ainda que o digital é previsível e frio, dizem que grande parte da música da editora Raster Noton é demasiado minimalista e repetitiva. Contudo, e ouvindo a música de Alva Noto - ou seja, Carsten Nicolai, um dos fundadores da Raster Noton, com Olaf Bender e Frank Bretschneider -, há ambição e centelhas de inspiração suficientes para testemunharmos o sucesso de colaborações com o classicismo de Ryuichi Sakamoto, a tensão de câmara dos Ensemble Modern ou o minimalismo cinematográfico de Michael Nyman. Por outras palavras, para música aparentemente tão fechada ao mundo exterior, e com regras julgadas intransponíveis, há algo de mágico na estrutura reticular do universo digital de Alva Noto quando se anexa a discursos tão díspares. É esta qualidade que nos faz acreditar que o matrimónio da música de Alva Noto com a voz de Blixa Bargeld não poderia ter outros resultados: as canções, se assim as podemos categorizar, são inebriantes convulsões da electricidade unidas pelo conforto do ritmo certo que, nos momentos mais arrojados, se espraiam por um amplo campo de paisagens inabitadas e atmosferas pesadas. Blixa sobrevive com charme a todas estas comissões, ou não fosse ele o homem do leme dos Einstürzende Neubauten, um dos mais versáteis e poderosos veículos rock de sempre. electrónica Carsten Nicolai voz, efeitos Blixa Bargeld" [Myspace]

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+h∆b5+®∆ct-1 (∆bstract-ONE)

<a href="">∆bstract-ONE - Emerald City Nightmare by +h∆b5+®∆ct-1 (∆bstract-ONE)</a>

<a href="">+h∆b5+®∆ct-1- Take Off by +h∆b5+®∆ct-1 (∆bstract-ONE)</a>

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Disclosure - Offline Dexterity

Disclosure - Offline Dexterity (Moshi Moshi) Comentários: Moshi Moshi enter the future garage game in style with two tracks from Disclosure. 'Offline Dexterity' is a dead ringer for a Joy Orbison cut, from the pitched vox to the MDMA-blurred chords and flighty 2-step rhythms. 'Street Light Chronicle' is a smoother and altogether warmer cut, rising from convective chords and subtle surface crackles to drop stealthy post-garage drums and disembodied diva vox. For lovers of Joy Orbison - this is an absolute must. in boomkat [Free Download] [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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