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Monday, June 20, 2016

DJ GUY - Structures & Rhythms 94-99

DJ GUY - Structures & Rhythms 94-99 (Organic Analogue) *Format: blue vinyl 12" + cassette + booklet + MP3 download card * Following acclaimed releases by Jeremiah R and HVL, Organic Analogue is proud to present an extensive new release from a true underground hero of UK electronic music, DJ Guy. The tracks on the Structures 12" prove that the same spellbinding atmosphere, swooning melodic content and crafty arrangement flex is as present in Guy's contemporary work as it is in his earliest tape rips. Elements of Drexciyan electro and UK ambient techno can be felt throughout, but they're delivered with an equal dose of ingenuity that is all his own. As well as his plentiful techno output, Guy equally turned his hand to some crucial experimental jungle over the years. Rhythms 94/99 harks back to the era of Black Secret Technology, Plug and Depth Charge, all phased, diced up amens and dreamy pads that form a link to Guy's 4/4 work while once more demonstrating how on point his productions were at such a seminal time. The tape they have put together contains ten tracks recorded by Guy between 1994 and 1999 as well as an additional remix by White Peak that draws upon all the tracks for source material. FRESH!!!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BODY SCULPTURES - A Body Turns To Eden (Posh Isolation)

BODY SCULPTURES - A Body Turns To Eden (Posh Isolation) Body Sculptures is a contemporary project that brings together five unique voices in European experimental electronic music today. The formative element is the collaborative pact between Sweden's Northern Electronics and Denmark's Posh Isolation. Last year marked both Body Sculptures' debut live performance —a highly notorious set at Berlin Atonal Festival 2015— as well as their debut recording, The Base Of All Beauty Is The Body. The disparate elements that have come to inform the project thus far are further refined and encoded in their new LP, A Body Turns To Eden. 
The aesthetic singularity of the project is owed to the distinguished backgrounds of the five contributing artists. Each perspective entails a varying set of working methods and sonic preferences, though it is the sensitivity with which the diversity of these practices are framed in Body Sculptures that assures the project its own space. Infamous for his caustic, pneumatic techno under the moniker of Varg, Jonas Rönnberg is the co-owner of Northern Electronics and is involved in the project Ulwhednar (with Abdulla Rashim). 
Erik Enocksson is a highly regarded Swedish composer who has scored countless independent productions. His orphaned soundtrack to the film Apan, remastered and reissued by Posh Isolation last year, was widely and favourable received. 
Frederikke Hoffmeier's industrial and experimental project Puce Mary has been the subject of much veneration in recent years. The frenzied corrosiveness of both her recordings and live shows are increasingly charting the limits of intimacy. Ossian Ohlsson is from the industrial outfit Vit Fana, and has appeared across a number of compilations spanning both Northern Electronics and Posh Isolation. 
Loke Rahbek is the co-founder of Posh Isolation. As a member of Damien Dubrovnik and Lust For Youth, as well as under the moniker of Croatian Amor, he has developed a reputation for engulfing performances and compositions. 
The combinations of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, the soiled traces of genre, and the mixed modes of experimentation, are here pitched as an eternal requiem, letting the play between the project's orthodox and unorthodox methods reflect a sharp fatalism. Each song presents familiarity and intimacy within an aura of claustrophobia. And as if out of a cruel awareness of this fact, unease blooms into a comforting form. A body turns to Eden is an essential piece for anyone with interest in Scandinavian electronic music today.

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Lone - Backtail Was Heavy

Mundo Urbano #8 On Radio Quantica (10/6/2016)

01. Andy Stott - New Romantic
02. The System - You're In My Sistem (Kerri Chandler Remix)
03. Surfing - She's Not Laughing
04. Unfollow - Half Blu
05. Prostitutes - Fake Hawaiian Suit
06. Underground Resistance - Journey Of The Dragons
07. Round One - I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)
08. JK Flesh - They Own You
09. Lone - Backtail Was Heavy
09. AiwA - Oneness in The Totality
10. Ann Margret - Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Instrumental)
11. Prostitutes - Skeptalepsy
12. Klinik - Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix)
13. Palmbomen II - John Lee Roche
14. Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Leo Mirjam
15. Lolina (Inga Copeland) - Miss Understood
16. AiwA - Project Tiahuanaco
17. Surfing - BBC
18. Ramzi - Messiha
19. Marie Dior - Poliedro
20. Aphex Twin - Pulsewidht
21. Polysick - Mellow Acid
22. Anne Clark - Our Darkness (Sci-Fi Moritz Dark Twist Mix)
23. JK Flesh - Nothing Is Free
24. Andy Stott - Selfish
25. Burial - Near Dark

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Men in Burka - Click Click Click (Robot Elephant)

Body Awareness "Venice Of The East" (Not Not Fun)

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

LARAAJI/SUN ARAW - Professional Sunflow (W.25TH US)

LARAAJI/SUN ARAW - Professional Sunflow (W.25TH US) Professional Sunflow is the first-time collaboration between Laraaji &  Sun Araw, two colossal forces in contemporary electronic music. Laraaji's musical radiance has continued to shine brightly over four decades since being discovered by Brian Eno in New York's Washington Square Park in 1979. Sun Araw emerged out of Los Angeles' experimental scene in 2008 with transformative releases on a variety of trend-setting labels (Not Not Fun, Drag City and more). The live performances on this double LP – recorded in Germany and Switzerland – combine prewritten elements and improvisation. Laraaji's soulful vocals and signature instrument, zither, blend beautifully with the free-floating rhythms of Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones (guitar/keyboards) and Alex Gray (computer synthesis) to shape Professional Sunflow's unique sound: dreamy layers of percussion, ambient textures and vibrant melodies. W.25TH is proud to present Professional Sunflow as our inaugural release. As a sub-label of Superior Viaduct, W.25TH will focus on inventive sounds from current artists. Forthcoming releases include Nazoranai (Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi) and the (as yet unnamed) collaboration between Richard Pinhas, William Winant, and Comets On Fire's Noel Von Harmonson and Utrillo Kushner.

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