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Sunday, January 31, 2010

TURQUOISE DAYS - Alternative Strategies

TURQUOISE DAYS - Alternative Strategies (Minimal Wave) Comentários: Minimal Wave presents a full length album by synthpop band Turquoise Days. Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands, Turquoise Days was formed in 1981 by Luciano Brambilla and David Le Breton. Throughout the 1980s, they self-released many cassettes, as well as the renowned masterpiece Grey Skies / Blurred 7”. They were selected for the Radio Luxembourg song contest in 1985 and received press for their releases and appearance there. Their music can be described as melodic, emotive new wave. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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IN AETERNAM VALE - In Aeternam Vale

IN AETERNAM VALE - In Aeternam Vale (Minimal Wave) Comentários: Limited re-issue of this French cult In Aeternam Vale (999 hand numbered copies pressed on clear 180 gram vinyl . Having made over 200 recordings, I.A.V. were one of the most prolific bands of the French underground scene. Headed by Laurent Prot, the band released many cassettes all featuring his wonderful collage work. Their sound is extremely original, overflowing with character, and crossing between genres: electro, minimal, noise, and even garage. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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DAS DING - HSTA (Minimal Wave) Comentários: Minimal Wave presents a full length album by Dutch electro pioneer, Das Ding. Das Ding is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early 1980s releasing his music and friends music via his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. Studying graphic design at the time, he designed all the tapes himself. Meanwhile, he recorded his own music as Das Ding. Powerful dark electro, some tracks are quite addictive and danceable while others are more for at home listening enjoyment. The dancefloor killer is somewhere between Reassurance Ritual and H.S.T.A. Highly recommended. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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CIRCUIT 7 - Video Boys

CIRCUIT 7 - Video Boys (Minimal Wave) Comentários:Minimal Wave presents a full length album by cult UK duo Circuit 7 (999 hand numbered copies pressed on neon green 180 gram vinyl with printed inner sleeve featuring lyrics for all songs), founded by Martyn Good and Andy Partington. They released 2 singles, “Modern Story” and the amazing “Video Boys” and a few tracks on the legendary “Offering of Isca” compilation between 1983 and 1985. The album features the single version of “Video Boys” as well as an unreleased studio version, and also features other incredible tracks like “Beat Tonight”, “The Force”, and “Modern Story”. Most of the material is rare or previously unavailable. The music falls into the minimal synth / synthpunk / electro category while some songs can be classfied as post-punk. in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

FOUR TET - There Is Love In You

FOUR TET - There Is Love In You (Domino) Comentários: Perhaps spurred by the 4/4 tendencies exhibited on his 2008 Ringer EP, not to mention his recent dalliances with artists like Burial, Joy Orbison and Rusko, There Is Love In You undoubtedly has a more club-friendly feel than anything we may have come to expect from Four Tet's Kieran Hebden. It would be equally legitimate to suggest that this record comes closer to the brazen musicality of 2003's Rounds than anything he's done since, and right from the start, you know this is going to be special: 'Angel Echoes' toys with looped female vocals singing the album's title while tuned percussion and plucked strings swirl about in an increasingly tangled up mix. It's quintessentially Four Tet, alchemically blending organic instrumentation with edited samples and laptop treatments in a gloriously tatty mesh. This is just the warm-up though: the massive, bass heavy drumming of 'Love Cry' marks a step into more dancefloor-geared terrain, although the sort of grit and swing embedded deep in the track suggests Hebden's still plundering old, obscure jazz LPs for inspiration. Switching into kosmische mode, the early-'80s synth designs and repetitive minimalism of 'Circling' exhibits shades of Cluster, Steve Reich and Italo disco, but 'Sing' takes the album up a gear once again; representing a real high point at the album's centre, it's a sublimely melodious house-styled concoction boasting intricate, squelchy beat programming and sliced up, wordless vocals. As a sequence, the album is masterfully tight and lean, and perhaps most significantly, it shows signs of real creative evolution: subtly, Hebden seems to be integrating the key sonic threads of the current UK urban scene into his dusty, sample-heavy sound - something that's underlined by a track like the booming 'Plastic People', with its melancholic atmospherics and authoritative beat production. A serious return to form, and a reminder of just how inspired Kieran Hebden can sound when he's at his best. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


VA - Trame (Minimal Rome) Comentários: Fourteen cuts of ambient/drones, italohorror and sci-fi sickness by Analogous Doom, Nacho Patrol, Jauzas the Shining, Andrea Benedetti, Alpha 606, Sam Lowry, Modular Experiment, TeslaSonic, Unit Black Flight, Vagon Brei, C-34, Monopoly and Heinrich Dressel, stuffed in a scented folder. The perfect soundtrack of your favourite mind movie. An ultralimited (99 copies) CD-R, individually stamped and hand-printed, folded in a unique odorama carton digipack + 2 inserts. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Mike Simonetti – Back To Africa

Mike Simonetti Italians do It Better label boss, "returns our serve with a strong forehand volley with top-spin from way behind the baseline, hitting an unstoppable shot with this deep selection of African tracks" via cosmic disco. Mike Simonetti – Back To Africa. [Download]

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MATRIX METALS - Flamingo Breeze

MATRIX METALS - Flamingo Breeze (Olde English Spelling Bee) Comentários: ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE ELECTRONIC SOUNDWORKS AND POP PASTICHE, SORT OF LIKE ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER CROSSED WITH ARIEL PINK AND ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, ALL FED THROUGH A 1980'S TELEVISION SOUNDTRACK FILTER AND RECORDED TO TAPE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. INCREDIBLE ALBUM - STRICTLY LIMITED PRESSING!!! The exceptional Olde English Spelling Bee label presents a remastered issue of Sam Meringue's out-of-print tape released in summer '09 by Not Not Fun, complete with full colour sleeve and a digital download coupon from the label itself. In a similar vein to the remarkable Ducktails material or James Ferraro's Skaters project, Matrix Metals make a washed out vision of 80's American under-pop and New-Age, half remembering cable TV infomercial soundtracks and cult movie scores through a haze of distortion and MOR warmth. This may gave you a better idea of what to expect (or then again..) "The Matrix vision is to grow a long term, copper bi-product based on the fitness workouts and dance moves of Frank B. Harnsaul & Marianne Weisner MD. Located in the world class Mt. Isa base dance studios, this routine will be achieved by elevating the cities existing frozen yoghurt resource and reserve inventory through the special achievements of ongoing exploration success on the largely unexplored, unexpected Jackson portfolio. The various phases of the dance will be implemented with ongoing due respect to all participating parties particularly homeless natives, native title claimants and landholders in the extended families of both Mr. Harnsaul & Ms. Weisner. Applications: High Pressure Gas Cylinders, Scuba Tanks, Medical Gases, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems, Over The Road Trailers, Refrigerant Gas Cylinders, Specialty Gas Cylinders." Outer Limits Incorporated. Limited to 500 copies! in boomkat

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Friday, January 15, 2010

This Week on Cloakroom, Nuno Fisteus

"A room where coats and other articles may be left temporarily"
This week featuring on cloakroom we have "theloneprince" aka Nuno Fisteus, young portuguese graphic designer (from Santa Maria da Feira) talks about his work and inspirations.

1. Como defines o teu estilo como Designer Gráfico?
Considero o meu estilo Clean, ou, em bom Português, Limpo. Objectividade e simplicidade são o meu mote. Nada é deixado ao acaso. No entanto, sou bastante intuitivo no modo de abordagem às propostas. Sou criativo e empenhado com um sentido estético apurado e inovador. Pode soar um pouco cliché mas a seguinte frase de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, autor de O Principezinho, traduz exactamente o que penso em relação ao Design: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

2. Tens outra área do Design que gostasses de trabalhar sem ser a da Comunicação?
Sim, se considerarmos a Ilustração uma área do Design. Ocasionalmente, tenho feito algum trabalho de Ilustração em regime Freelance, que gostaria de desenvolver mais, com mais tempo. O bichinho teve início antes da Faculdade, quando decidi criar um grupo de Pintura com uns amigos, denominado de A Epopeia Amarela, que tinha como temática homenagear personalidades ilustres. Após uma exposição do grupo e a minha entrada para as Belas Artes, comecei a desenvolver um estilo mais individual e único.

3. Costumas ouvir música enquanto trabalhas?
A música é totalmente imprescindível no meu trabalho. É uma fonte de inspiração. A sensação de trabalhar no vazio sem apoio sonoro é assustador; as ideias não fluem e as horas prolongam-se... Lembro-me de chegar da escola, pôr os meus CDs preferidos a tocar, traduzir as letras e ilustrá-las.

4. Que género de músicas/artistas costumas ouvir?
Os meus gostos musicais são diversos. Tenho preferência por música Electrónica mas ouço desde Pop a Trip-Hop, passando pelo Ska Alternativo, Folk e Indie. Continuo a ouvir muito Anos 90, desde Nirvana, Suede, Blur ou No Doubt. Claro que também tenho os meus guilty feelings como a Gwen Stefani, imagem de inspiração. De momento estou a ouvir os novos álbuns de Owen Pallett e Vampire Weekend, para começar bem o ano.

5. Que publicações recomendarias a entusiastas do Design Gráfico?
Um bom livro de inspiração que recomendo é o The Art of Looking Sideways de Alan Fletcher. A revista Grafik também é uma óptima referência, pois concilia o Design Gráfico com Fotografia, Arte, Tipografia e Ilustração.Ultimamente tenho procurado a maior parte de informação através de blogs ou twitter. Acompanho a AMMO Magazine , que divulga o trabalho de Ilustradores de qualquer parte do mundo; o Designer Gráfico David Airey, que tem um portfolio bastante coerente e partilha informação com outros profissionais da área; o weblog The Ministry of Type , para apreciadores de Tipografia e Caligrafia.

6. Qual é o teu designer/s favorito/s ?
Na área do Design Gráfico, não tenho um Designer de eleição, mas preferência por diferentes tipos de trabalho. Mas posso referir os clássicos Milton Glaser, Saul Bass e Paul Rand. Na Ilustração, busco inspiração em Sempé, Sophie Blackall, Peskimo, Adrian Tomine e Mário Botas. Na Moda, Alexander McQueen e mais recentemente Burberry Prorsum.

7. Enuncia três cidades europeias. Das três qual seria a tua primeira escolha para viver e porquê?
Londres, Barcelona e Praga. Escolheria definitivamente Londres, uma cidade que já visitei inúmeras vezes e com a qual me sinto plenamente identificado. Adoro a azáfama e o intercâmbio de diferentes culturas entre milhões de pessoas que se cruzam diariamente. É o centro da cultura, entretenimento e moda, mas principalmente um foco de grande inspiração.

8. A par do Design existem concerteza outros interesses, quais são?
Além do Design Gráfico e Ilustração, tenho experiência na área de Moda e Publicidade, na criação de conceitos e grafismos aplicados ao vestuário. Tenho também especial interesse por Graffiti Art, Pixel Art, Fotografia, Space Invaders, 8-bit, Harajuku Style e London Street Fashion.
9.Nos últimos tempos tens tido algum objecto/s em particular que tenha despertado a tua atenção?
Nos últimos anos tenho-me sentido particularmente fascinado por chapéus. Nos dias de hoje não os vejo como indicador de hierarquia, como os reis usavam coroas, os sacerdotes a mitra e os guerreiros o elmo. Uso-os simplesmente como acessório.

10. Noite ou Dia?
Sou uma pessoa dualista, logo é-me difícil escolher um só. Gosto de ambos por motivos diferentes.

11. Banksy ou Keith Haring?
Keith Haring. Pela temática homoerótica, imaginário icónico e percurso individual.

12. Andy Warhol ou Pollock?
Warhol. Pela temática do quotidiano, artigos de consumo e personalidades; e a reprodução em série de obras artísticas.

13. Bush ou Obama?
Obama. Na esperança por um futuro melhor.

14. Tens algum vício em particular que possa ser revelado?
Mais do que um vício, é uma obsessão. Sou demasiado perfeccionista.

15. Qual a tua comida favorita?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiago Miranda, Warm Abrigo Mix

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Autechre New Album in March

Autechre - Oversteps (WARP210) will be released in 22nd / 23rd March (2010) in - Deluxe Vinyl Edition (180 gram) , Compact Disc & High Quality Download. The European tour were Also anounced. Track list on comments [no files will be uploaded!]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PRESTO - Lost & Found II

PRESTO - Lost & Found II (Concrete Grooves) Comentários: With apparent influences of Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and DJ Premier, Culver City, CA, DJ/producer Presto (real name Christopher Douglas) consistently stayed true to his soul- and jazz-inflected formula of boom-bap beats to make a name for himself. Despite being born and raised in Houston, TX, Presto's New York state of mind had him playing his favorite records by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Gang Starr, and Mobb Deep when he first began to DJ in 1992. About four years later, he graduated up to producer status, purchasing his first ASR-10 keyboard, and made beats for various local groups of which he was a member. Presto's first record, the self-pressed EP Breakin' Concrete, came in 2000 and featured the underground cut "Relax Your Mind," which DJ Mark Farina grabbed for his hip-hop/house mix CD Mushroom Jazz, Vol. 3 (2001). More interest in the record on the West Coast gave him the courage to relocate to the Los Angeles area and launch his record label, Concrete Grooves. In the years following, he hit the underground scene with a flurry of releases, including the Calligraphy EP (a collaboration with Cali MC Lowd) and largely instrumental album Jazz Juice in 2002; Inflight Instrumentals in 2003; and Next Impressions in 2004. Finding opportunities to develop other artists, he crossed paths with defected Black Eyed Peas vocalist Kim Hill, and his label pressed up her Right Now 12" single in 2005. After the Magic LP arrived in 2006, he spent a couple years building his reputation and making connections with several reputable artists in underground hip-hop. Distributed via Fat Beats, his 2008 album, State of the Art, boasted many guest appearances, among them Sadat X, C.L. Smooth, Fatlip (of the Pharcyde), and Large Professor. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy Here]

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Anton Zap House mix

Anton Zap House mix for Electronicalabel
[Download mix] [A.Zap Myspace]
01. Sai — Secret Woman
02. Joe Drive — Geb
03. Anton Zap — I'll House You
04. Le Loup — Deep way
05. Jitterbug — Speakers Corner
06. Andrew Duke — Giuseppe's Groove (Anton Zap Remix)
07. Imugem Orihasam — Mirror Of Mind (Suedmilch's Dub Edit)
08. Mr. Raoul K — Himalaya (Groove-Edit)
09. Anton Zap — I Get No Kick From Champagne
10. Brendon Moeller — Wondering

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BIS Radio Show #498

All City Past, Present & Future Showcase Mix

[OM Unit ] [] [Download] 30 min mix of various releases forthcoming on the label - mixed by Om Unit.
Matthew David - Late Nite Lo Fi For dak
Pudge - Awn My Dawn
Tokimonsta - Park Walks
Heralds Of Change - Work That
Take - warm Ruin
Dimlite - Quiz Tears
Hudson Mohawke - ROot Hands
Pudge - Blips Ahoy Mate
Mweslee - Jamas Jame Jamon
Dibiase - Spacely Sprockets
Fulgeance - Mamie Thè
Heralds Of Change - Ridin Chrome
Musinah - Lose My Fuse
Tokimonsta - Last Nights Blurry Memories
Om Unit - Lightgrids
Snowman - Rise
Onra - Wee Out ft. Buddy Sativa
Krystal Klear - Tried for your love
Devonwho -Keepthefunkalive
Knxwledge - Wait

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

CARN, Doug - Tropic Sons

CARN, Doug - Tropic Sons (Heavenly Sweetness) Comentários: The fantastic Tropic Sons is the single from the “Al Rahman” reissue LP. Backed with a chirpy remix by the Parisian noise/beat maker FULGEANCE.Rediscovered after fifteen years in the wilderness by the acid-jazz generation at the beginning of the 90s and covered by the English group Galliano, Doug Carn has since then taken on cult status for the children of hip-hop and Coltrane. In the 70’s Doug Carn cuted 4 albums for the militant label Black Jazz Records. These 4 albums of political and spiritual jazz are a great critical and commercial success (in 1974, according to Billboard, Doug Carn sells more albums than either Dave Brubeck or Ramsey Lewis).On the album “Al rahman” he experiments with a fusion of his Afro-American musical roots of gospel, soul and jazz with Islamic culture. The result is surprising, blending the emotional depth of Coltranian jazz and the smoothness of Californian soul like the magnificent soul-jazz songs such as “Tropic Sons”.The remix of “Suratal Ihklas” is done by FULGEANCE, a French beatmaker behind the projects like Peter Digital Orchestra, Connecticut and Soulance. Fulgeance delivers a rough hip hop, sliding on the side of Dabrye, Prefuse 73, Ammon Contact and new hip hop young producers. His last productions have been critically acclaimed by Gilles Peterson or Cosmo Baker.Fulgeance keeps the funkiness of the original and added some heavy banging hip hop beat. Fulgeance said about the remix "I called that DOUG CARN remix "Smartbangin"(thanks Alex "Chase" Robinson from One Handed for that word, now I keep it!) because I tried to re compose that track "smart" and spiritually "jazz" in my way, but always dancing and bangin track at the same time. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, January 07, 2010


MARTYN/VARIOUS - Fabric 50 (Fabric) Comentários: For the 50th installment of Fabric's celebrated mix series Martyn lays down one of the freshest mixes you're likely to hear this year. His meteoric rise to the vanguard of all things deep, techy, funky and steppin' is entirely warranted by a series of deadly productions that surely need no introduction round here. Much like his peer Kode 9, the Dutchman's DJ sets over the last 12 months have increasingly looked beyond dubstep's peripheries to the fields of synthfunk, hiphop, housed-up ruffage and broken beat electronix, scanning the oncoming waves of percussively rooted dance music to cherry pick the very tastiest chunks of goodness. For Fabric 50 he's assorted one of the most enviable trackists around, securing awesome exclusives like Kode 9's galloping 'Oozi', multiple tricks from Zomby on the mindblowing 'Light Cycle', 'Little Miss Naughty' and utterly immense 'Mercury's Rainbow', and kinky dubs from Roska like his Uncle Bakongo production 'Afar' or the killer 'Without It'. Outright anthems are in no short supply either, coming from Altered Natives 'Rass Out', Jan Driver's rave alarming 'Rat Alert', Dorian Concept's 'Trilingual Dance Sexperience', and 2562's 'Flashback'. Keeping his brief spread wide, he also incorporates super-solid groove tools from Cooly G, Madd Slinky, Ben Klock, Levon Vincent and Joy Orbison to keep the curve on a brilliantly varied but controlled trajectory for the floor. It's probably going to be another six months before half of these tracks reach the shop floor, and the other other half are simply stone cold essential, so there's very little doubt as to what you gotta do here. Immense. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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VARIOUS - Dublab Presents Echo Expansion

VARIOUS - Dublab Presents Echo Expansion (Porter US) Comentários: In September 2007 dublab launched the Echo Expansion tour. For two weeks the tour traveled through Europe sharing future roots music with excited ears. To commemorate this experience an extremely limited edition twelve inch featuring new songs from eight of the artists on tour was released; including tracks by Flying Lotus, Dntel and Blank Blue. This vinyl only release sold out in a flash, so after returning home it was decided to continue expanding. Eight new tunes have been added from artists who embarked on the Echo Expansion tour or supported it from the home front and now Porter Records is releasing the compilation on limited edition CD and LP. Put this album on and experience a vibrant music collective expanding through echoes. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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CUVERVILLE - Silex Funk (Mazout France) Comentários: Purest "Not From Concentrate" Skweee funk from Cuverville, a new addition the scene with a tight line in ultra compressed electro extrapolations on the French Mazout label. 'Troglodytes' is the slow swinging winner on the A-side, craftily developing inna reduced dub style so that no two bars sound identical while maintaining a steady rhythm and the all important FUNK, there's pretty much f**k-all to this track but it humps like a dog on heat. 'Silex Funk' ont he flip adds slightly more elements to a twitching slice of robo-phonk made for people who dance far better in their heads than they do in reality. Ace! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Edan - Echo Party

Edan - Echo Party (Five Day Weekend) Comentários: Edan is dropping a new record called Echo Party on Five Day Weekend. Here's the info on the project: Edan was given access to the Traffic Ent. Group's back catalog of old school rap - labels like Magic Records, Chocolate Star, P&P among others - and asked to create something new out of it, whatever he wanted. What began as a simple mixtape, two years later turned into a 30-min record of dance, rap and punk, utilizing everything from turntables, tape echo, guitar, moog and maybe even kazoos. He's even going to hand-draw each LP cover. The vinyl LP covers are going to be all white-tip on sleeves, like those old 60s records, with Edan stenciling, or stamping, or doing some kind of cover art to each one personally. There will be only 1000 made. The CD package is no joke either - see below. It's in a small book format (some in white, some silver) with a 12-page book, obsessively detailing what's playing on the album, typed out all madman style by Edan. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite

VA - Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite (Ghostly International ) Comentários: Ghostly International affiliate Moodgadget Records upholds its remit to "Expose the diversity in electronic music" with a vast 24-track compilation covering everything from indie rock to dance music and synth-pop, inclusive of all the electronic crannies in between. Tracks like the uber-pop of D. Gookin's 'Black Magic' require a broad emotional license from the listener, while Rephlexian The Wisp turns in the downtempo IDM of 'Arpeggiating Edgar', and Machinedrum gives out the modified electro disco of 'Freshkids'. Elsewhere Daniel Johnson serves the absolute highlight of the set on the stunning cover of Sophie B. Hawkins' '91 classic 'Damn (Wish I Was Your Lover', and Worst Friends come a close second with the gently strobing disco synths of 'I Wish I Don' Drop Dead'. The arrangement and presentation give 'The Nocturnal Suite' selection a unified mixtape feel with an intimate late-night aesthetic, meaning any cold or emotionless cynics need not apply, this is dreamy music for lovely people. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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