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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Klaus Schulze - Body Love

As the soundtrack to a notorious porno movie this became one of Klaus Schulze's biggest sellers.

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from the 'MYSTERIES FROM THE PALOMINO SKYLINER' LP (NNF266) on Not Not Fun Records . directed by Beau Devereaux. Samantha Glass Facebook

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Gatekeeper - Tree Drum (Pre-Gen Exo Mix)

Gatekeeper duo (Aaron David Ross, Matthew Arke) will release their debut album "Exo" through Hippos in Tanks on July 17. Taking the audio-visual experience to the next level, a "first-person gaming environment" will accompany Exo, "in which one explores various worlds inspired by tracks on the album," according to a press release. via pitchfork
Gatekeeper - Tree Drum (Pre-Gen Exo Mix) by Hippos In Tanks
"Exo" Tracklist:
01 Imax
02 Exolift
03 Visitor
04 Bog
05 Vengier
06 Hydrus
07 Pre - Gen
08 Tree Drum
09 Dromos
10 Aero
11 Re - Gen
12 Encarta

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Xander Harris - M.U. Podcast 44# (June 2012)

Xander Harris - M.U. Podcast 44#

1. Xander Harris - Kull Wahad
2. Silent Diane - Juliet the Painting
3. S U R V I V E - Omniverse
4. Boy Friend - D'Arrest
5. Troller - Winter
6. Lumens- When I knew You
7. Silent Land Time Machine - An Own to One's Room
8. Automne Vein - Safe
9. //TENSE// - Sin Realite
10. Isobelle Fox - NowiswheN
11. Kiwi Sisters - Montauk Monsters
12. Single Lash - Wildlife
13. Butcher Bear - Goodbye Sunshine
14. Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Lost In Those Dunes

Download M.U. Podcast 44# here.

About the mix: These are all acts and friends around Texas that I really like. There were a couple of acts (like Ssleeper Hold and Boan) that don't have recorded material at the moment so I wasn't able to include them in the mix but I really wanted to. There are so many bands working in Austin and Texas that I love right now. Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things, Agent Ribbons, Belaire, How I Quit Crack, Lee Dockery, Jacob Green, The Haute Magie crew, and so much more.

What am I up to? I'm working on the follow up to "Urban Gothic" which will be titled "The New Dark Age of Love". There are other remixes and releases that I'm recording and producing right now as well but I want those to be a surprise so I won't speak about those too much. I have a CD-EP called "Poison Belt" that is a part of the Ruralfaune synth series that just came out and I have a split cassette with the Portland band The Crow coming out on CGI Friday this summer. Xander Harris: Facebook, Bandcamp.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Order Feature (Slices DVD)

"We didn't care if we were successful or not."New Order Feature. Taken from Slices Issue 2-12. More Slices features here.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Andy Sangria - Sanctuary of Love

100% Silk Presents:
Andy Sangria - "Sanctuary of Love" : new project by Jon M. Lockhart (aka Day Time Television), sounds fucking great!!!!
Available June 2012 :

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Light Asylum June 15 Concert at Lux, Lisbon

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ursa's Reef - Pacific State (808 State cover)

O F F Love - Close to u (HOLY STRAYS Remix)

Cristian Vogel - THE INERTIALS

Cristian Vogel - THE INERTIALS (Shitkatapult) Comentários: Sick new album from Cristian Vogel, one which finds him reclaiming his throne as prince of offbeat techno and stylishly f*cked-up beat science. 'Enter The Tub' and 'Lucky Connor', with their booming subs and hi-tech pimp swagger, sound like close relatives of Rustie's Jagz The Smack - throughout the album, in fact, you find yourself clocking how thoroughly contemporary, and often prescient, Vogel's work sounds - now as in previous years. There's a marvellous tension and compression to all the tracks here: on 'Seed Dogs' oily, electro-styled drum patterns frame autistically detailed, dynamic FX; 'Snakes In The Grass' - probably the album's highlight - pummels you into submission, its swung industrial funk coming over like a sophisticated Skynet hybrid of Chiastic Slide-era Autechre and T++. 'Deepwater' sounds like dubstep in pace and mood, but Vogel delivers it with a minimalist poise all his own; 'Spectral Tranmission' makes explicit the affinities between vintage kosmische and hypnotic, dub-bruised house music; and the distorted ambient ebb and flow of 'Spectral Trangression' could almost be a William Basinski piece. Vogel's ambition for the project was to make it as "highly produced" as possible - with a richness of sound design and accumulation of detail that would really ensnare and engage listeners, both immediately and over repeat listens. He's succeeded magnificently in this aim, and, most impressively, he's done it without letting clutter or self-indulgence in. Recommended. via boomkat Cristian Vogel - The Inertials (Strike137) by Shitkatapult (Official)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vatican Shadow - September Cell

Vatican Shadow - September Cell (Bed of Nails) Comentários: Absolutely KILLER new twelve from Vatican Shadow on Dominick Fernow's own, newly minted Bed of Nails imprint - his most direct dancefloor productions to date. Edition of 700, initial copies come on super limited transparent blue vinyl* Bed Of Nails is a new label curated by Dominick Fernow of Vatican Shadow and Prurient fame. Operating from his recently consecrated L.A. compound - the label will focus on his reorientation towards industrial dancefloor rhythms and seductively isolated electronics. Fernow christens the label with 'September Cell', a four track 12" loaded with some of his most direct dancefloor assaults to date, following Blackest Ever Black and Type reissues of his earliest cassette releases in this guise. The A-side breaks down into two parts: 'September Cell (The Storm)' pistons a martial machine coda, all hollowed Industrial percussion and gloaming synths shot through with visceral traces of his power electronics; while 'September Cell (The Punishment)' realigns the rhythm with a rigid swing and insurgent, caustic swipes of noise timed with exacting accuracy. On the flip, 'Cairo Is A Haunted City' opens with a nightvision panorama of furtive pads before rapid-fire steppers' rhythms find formation under cover of pitch blackness. 'One Day He Heard The Call' resolves the label's first session with a bleakly evocative vision polluted by Vangelis-like synth-brass flares and toxic synths... via boomkat

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

=== THEAWAYTEAM = Relax&Sleep = 04 ====