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Sunday, October 31, 2010

AVEY TARE - Down There

AVEY TARE - Down There (Paw Tracks UK) Comentários: Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) membro dos Animal Collective estreia-se com o seu primeiro album a solo entitulado "Down There", um volume que se assume como experimental, não se sabe bem se é dubstep ou folk electrónico, é algo que fica em suspenso num género de nova dimensão espacial. Faço as minhas faixas favoritas "Oliver Twist", "Ghost of Books", "Lucky 1", "Heads Hammock" e "Heather in The Hospital". "Down there" é para saborear com subtileza, à medida que se revisitam alguns dos temas reconhece-se a fonte de inspiração de Dave Portner em nomes como o de Burial, Four Tet e Fever Ray... recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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MASAYOSHI FUJITA & JAN JELINEK - Bird, Lake, Objects (Faitiche) Comentários: Breathtaking album from Jan Jelinek and Masayoshi Fujita, easily Jelinek's best work since the seminal 'Loop-Finding Jazz Records* This gorgeous collaboration finds renowned electronic producer Jan Jelinek hosting Japanese percussionist and vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita on his own Faitiche label. The resultant recordings find the two musicians working their way through six different pieces that call upon both Fujita's jazz-influenced yet non-traditional vibraphone style and Jelinek's mastery of layered sound. All but one of these tracks features the presence of ambient location recordings, obtained via a single designated mic setup to record whatever background noise was present while the performances themselves were taking place. The often imperceptible flow of distant street noises and footfall lends an air of subliminal depth to the recordings, framing the warm glow of Fujita's instrumentation. On 'Undercurrent' the vibraphone's muffled, bell-like timbres are ruptured by skittering electronics and a rising sense of overdriven chaos, but however rowdy and distorted it gets in the latter half, the piece remains hypnotically beautiful - especially in its undulating final stages during which the vibraphone flows in harp-like waves. One of the more open and lively tracks here is 'Waltz (A Lonely Crowd)' which perhaps owes the clearest debt to a jazz background, but the way the looped phrases slot together and evolve is just classic Jelinek. The only track here not to integrate incidental sounds from the recording space is 'Stripped To RM', whose Oval-like granular skips and high frequency sub-currents provide one of the albums highlights. By contrast, closing composition 'Ia_Ai' drifts off into a lonesome, painfully beautiful atmosphere before a rising tide of digital noise and low end hum closes the record with a Ben Frost-like heaviness. Sublime.

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A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Avey Tare - Lucky One

FACT mix 197 is by Margaret Dygas

Dygas – born Małgorzata Dygasiewicz in Poland, raised in California – has been a notable presence in house and techno since around 2005; she first came to our attention through her association with the then very much on-it Crosstown Rebels crew. Long a DJ of high repute, Dygas’s development in her parallel career as a producer has been remarkable. Working partly in collaboration with NSI’s Tobias Freund, she has now arrived at a trippy, well-honed and unshowily avant-garde techno sound that has seen her release records through such august imprints as Perlon and Non Standard Productions. Her latest and most substantial offering to date is debut album How Do You Do?, out now via Japanese label Power Shovel Audio. [+info] [Discog]
FACT mix 197 - Margaret Dygas (Oct '10) by factmag

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Books' "I Didn't Know

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bass Weight : a Dubstep Documentary

'Bassweight' is the first full-length feature documentary to cover the now international sound of Dubstep. It traces the genre from it's roots in the backrooms of bars and clubs in Croydon to the virulent spread of halfstep into the Soundsystems of Brazil, Japan, and U.S.A. The production team, SRK (aka Soka Afrika, Graffiti Asia, Rackgaki, Scratching The Surface: Japan) interview some of the scene's leading players, including a jolly, but informative chat with Skream and Benga (" was almost gonna be called Raggige..."), an always enlightening tet-a-tet with Kode 9 and words from the patron saint of the 'step, Mary Anne-Hobbs. It goes behind the scenes at Boomnoise's flat during a recording of his and Sgt. Pokes' Sub.FM show, with some cameos from Kevin Martin and Goth Trad, plus chats with the tireless Deapoh, the man behind mix-hosting site, Barefiles. For the dubstep fanboy skanking inside you... [Buy Here]

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

FACT mix 195: DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad

We’ve been after this for ages, and it’s finally here. DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad, figureheads of Chicago’s footwork scene, team up on this Friday’s FACT mix, and it is an absolute killer. If you’ve been reading FACT then you probably know about juke and footwork by now, the bastard son of ghetto/booty house that’s been bubbling Stateside for years, but recently has found itself informing worldwide club music more than ever; its influence made blatant in Addison Groove’s all-conquering ‘Footcrab’, but also on recent productions by Girl Unit and Ramadanman. [+info]
FACT Mix 195 - DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (Oct '10) by factmag

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laurel Halo - Embassy

Sebastien Tellier - Look (Laurel Halo RMX)

Holy Other 'Yr Love'

Water Borders- Akko

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kyle Hall Hustles Harder - Interview

Thursday, October 07, 2010

FACT mix 190: Kassem Mosse

The Kassem Mosse FACT mix reflects the breadth of Wendel’s production output, but firmly anchors itself in crunchy Detroit fare from Urban Tribe, Andres, Moodymann Theo Parrish and Leron Carson. Put together with a real mastery of groove across different rhythms and tempos, it’s simply one of the most absorbing and addictive FACT mixes we’ve issued all year.
Download: FACT mix 190 – Kassem Mosse (Available for three weeks)

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Monday, October 04, 2010

SALEM - King Night

SALEM - King Night (Iamsound) Comentários: Truly EPIC debut album from unavoidable Drag/Witch-House protagonists, Salem - quite easily the years most exhilarating listen. Since 2008 this trio have been spiking the sewers of pop with prescribed doses of scarily prescient ghettogothic crunk on Acephalé and Merok records, inventing one of the most spellbinding modern genres in the process. They're a tiding of ghoulish pop magpies, accepting of all that is good and grimy about ubiquitous mainstream saturation and robosexual R'n'B, absorbing and filtering their most unheimlich elements and enhancing them with a blank-eyed Shoegaze aesthetic, wickedly exaggerating and distorting their features until they leer back with overwhelming intensity, simultaneously creating one of the most oppressing and liberated sounds you've heard in years. Their vision and influence has spawned a coven of scattered, yet like-minded operators in Hype Williams, Balam Acab and oOoOO among others, finding kindred spirits in the affective potential of chopped and screwed rap and classic 4AD feelings, cutting past any ironic bullsh*t to acutely fulfill the needs of a generation searching for viscerally psyched, tactile "experiences". Following a tiny handful of 7"s, 'King Night' is their defining statement, eleven tracks of devastating, slo-mo MPC drum fills worthy of Araab Music, fused to nuclear synth bursts delivered with an achingly blank insouciance, all smeared in acetone-wet MDMA and left to degrade in a Michigan basement until it's nerves are permanently polarised, fluctuating between extreme, saccharine euphoria and melancholy misanthropy. Inside you'll find the revamped 808-rolling genius of 'Redlights' from their 'Yes, I Smoke Crack' debut 7", the slow nosebleed beauty of 'Traxx', sounding like Seefeel on a codeine overdose, next to the narco-saturated E and E-esque synth saturation of 'Sick', and the supremely uncomfortable MBV intensity of 'Release Of The Boar'. Every time we come back to this album we uncover yet more bewitching, peripheral "what the f*ck was that?!" moments, like where the rhythm seems to slip out of place in 'Frost', (but did it?) or wondering what the hell the drawling rap of "I Can't Feel It/ I Can't Feeeel Sh*t" in 'Trapdoor' is all about. 'King Night' defines the intangibly elusive, illusive, and yet omnipresent contradictions of contemporary pop culture and we can't recommend it any higher. Serious contender for album of the year. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Gareth Pugh - Spring Summer 2011

Sunday, October 03, 2010

COMMIX - Re: Call To Mind

COMMIX - Re: Call To Mind (Metalheadz) Comentários: Absolutely crucial remix album of Commix tracks from Burial, dBridge, Instra:mental, Kassem Mosse, Marcel Dettmann, Underground Resistance, A Made Up Sound and more!!! It was probably over two years ago when that infamous 2-min clip of the Burial remix appeared on Bailey's 1Xtra show, causing moody fanboys and fangirls the world over to shed a tear in the light of their macbook screens. Finally we get the full six minute version of 'Be True', every bit the Burial classic and more than enough reason to make an investment. In case you're a picky f**ker (which you should be) the rest of the album is grade A gear, from the fluid suspension of Instra:mental's 'Japanese Electronics' remix, through the Mala-ish mix of 'How You Gonna Feel' from Pangaea to Kassem Mosse's stunning version of 'Strictly' with its classic Goldie sample rewired to a squashed techno template. A delicious dub-house cut from Sigha and standardly solid techno ructions from Marcel Dettmann and UR's sinister acid rub of 'Satellite Song' finish a heavyweight set. ESSENTIAL! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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