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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Various / Soul Jazz - Acid : Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993

Various / Soul Jazz - Acid : Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993 (Soul Jazz) Soul Jazz take us back to Chicago 1986-1993 with a wealth of classic acid from Phuture, Mr. Fingers, Risque Rhythm Team, Virgo, Cool McCool and more, accompanied by a graphic novel in swish package. Delving deeper into the scene that jack built, this is the natural successor to their definitive 'Acid - Can You Jack?' compilation from 2005, now neatly incorporating Paolo Parisi's sci-fi graphic novel to tell the story of Chicago house music in a sonic fiction where "…Mysteron alien soundlords prepare to enter Chi-Town as the acid melodies of Phuture, Mr. Fingers and the city's other futurists open the portals of the Windy City to the Uberite invasion. How will this raving insanity end?". Your acid defenders number over a dozen, between them delivering 18 classic, rare and secret dancefloor weapons ranging from all-time aces such as the Risque Rhythm Team track that gives the comp its title, to Pleasure Zone's seductive deep house melodies, to a pair of killers from Johnny Fiasco & T. Abshire's Acid Wash, thru Time For Techno's frisky banger 'Abstract Expressionism' and the technoid soul of Bizzy B's 'The Night Calls' or Rocky Jones' 'The Choice Of A New Generation'. in boomkat
Soul Jazz will release Acid – Mysterons Invade The Jackin’ Zone: Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993 on April 8.
CD 1
1. Acid Wash – Hallucinate
2. Risqué Rythum Team – The Jacking Zone
3. Armando – 151
4. A Black Man, A Black Man and Another Black Man (Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk) – I Believe
5. Phuture – Slam
6. Fingers – Can You Feel It
7. JM Silk – Music Is The Key (Basement mix)
8. Pleasure Zone – I Can’t Understand
9. Jack Rabbit – Rabbit Trax
10. The Children – Freedom (Factory mix)
11. Fingers – Ecstasy

CD 2
1. Acid Wash – Love Trak
2. Devotion – Strength of Bass
3. Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Trax No 3
4. The Housemaster Boyz – House Nation
5. Cool McCool – World Turns Around
6. Mr Fingers – Washing Machine
7. Rocky Jones – Choice of a New Generation (Choice of the Underground)
8. Adonis – No Way Back
9. The Unknown – Abstract Expressionism
10. Fingers – The Juice
11. Bizzy B – The Night Calls

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Happy Easter

Fabergé Imperial Czarevich Easter Egg, 1912. via Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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Saturday, March 30, 2013


The Saucony X Bodega Men's Elite G9 Shadow Sneakers for spring/summer ’13, seen here in multicolour. Continuing their popular collaboration with Boston’s Bodega Sneakers, Saucony’s limited edition reworking of the G9 Shadow 5 Sneakers are produced in a multi-fabric design that incorporates a dazzling array of colour and pattern. The eye-catching style has a camo pattern nylon toe, with tan suede and black nylon through the heel. They have a contrasting green and yellow heel cuff and are finished with Saucony branding on the tongue and heel. The sneakers are built onto a speckled midsole and finished off with Saucony’s famous GRID outsole in contrasting green, offering both cushioning and traction.

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Friday, March 29, 2013


© Yohji Yamamoto AW13.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miles - Faint Hearted

Miles - Faint Hearted (Modern Love) *Initial copies on clear double wax - the debut album proper from Miles Whittaker, one half of Demdike Stare (with Sean Canty) and Millie & Andrea (with Andy Stott), mastered and Cut by Matt Colton, pressed at Pallas* A decade since his first productions as part of Pendle Coven, Miles Whittaker delivers his debut album proper for Modern Love. The intervening time has seen him forge a formidable reputation alongside Sean Canty as Demdike Stare, and with Andy Stott as Millie & Andrea, beside his operations in the hardware field as Suum Cuique, solo excursions as MLZ and shadowy involvement in the HATE project - all the while building upon his in-demand skills as a DJ of twenty odd years experience, accumulating and absorbing far flung knowledge of hardcore UK jungle, Chicago house, Motor City Soul, the obscure UK techno of labels like Radioactive Lamb and Irdial, Italian concrète, Synthwave and contemporary noise. Which brings us to 'Faint Hearted', the Burnley-bred, Berlin-based maestro's debut solo opus; eight entirely analogue constructions riding the wave from wormhole hardcore clatter ('Lebensform') to body-compressing subbass undulations ('Irreligious'), trekking through frayed techno minimalism ('Status Narcissism') to mind-drift ambient ('Sense Data') and what sounds like a Demdike Stare track constructed on a worksite ('Rejoice'). But if you ask us, the best bits occur right at the end, with the ominous bass, funereal strings and obliterated noise of 'Archaic Thought Pattern 1' or the field recording clangour of 'Queuing', and certainly the majestically gratifying yet subtly dystopian 9 minute closer 'Loran Dreams'. As an individual sonic statement, it's an evocative exposition of Miles’ love of electronic music in all its shapes, harnessing his fidgety production style into one expansive, restless set of tracks. in boomkat

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it

Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it (Constellation) Intriguing side on Constellation from Jerusalem In My Heart, a collision of contemporary Arabic and electronic musics which is as refreshing in actuality as it is on paper. A trio comprised of Montreal-based Lebanese musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, French producer Jeremie Regnier and Chilean visual artist Malena Szlam Salazar, this is JIMH's debut album. Moumneh's melismatic Arabic singing, and the overdriven sounds he coaxes out of his acoustic buzuk and zurna, are placed in a humming matrix of saturated synths, distort, tapes echos and delays, and the resulting sound is deliciously paradoxical: ancient yet futuristic, psychedelic yet sure-of-purpose, deeply human yet distinctly alien and out-of-reach. Talismanic opener 'Koll Lil-Mali7ati Fi Al-Khimar Al-Aswadi' sounds like Omar Souleyman cast adrift in one of Emeralds' modular synth-scapes, while 'Yudagdegh El-r3ey Wala-Ghanam comes over like kosmische born of Beirut rather than Berlin, Cologne or Dusseldorf, and the cyclical, sunburned 'Ko7l El-3win, 2emian El-3ein' could almost be a desert mirage as described by Ash Ra. There are a couple of more straightforward, acoustic instrumentals, but JIMH are at their most exhilarating when fusing the trippiest aspects of Middle East and West - see '3anzah Jarbanah', in which devotional cries rebound againt plaintive, widescreen sheets of guitar noise somewhere between Sunn O)) and Slowdive. in boomkat

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Container - Treatment

Container - Treatment (Morphine) Motorik noise techno malevolence from the one 'n only Container on Morphine Records. Following his much loved and well-caned issues on Spectrum Spools, and now backed with dancefloor celebrity endorsement from Ben UFO and Jackmaster, the Providence, RI-based producer's 'Treatment EP' is possibly his finest to date. We're most partial to the two A-side jobs, a squashed and unusually restrained sludge jakker called 'Interior', and the almost Powell-like overdrive of 'Saturated' with its incendiary layers of distortion and acid culminating a muscle-burning momentum. B-side he stretches out on the slower, tracky distorto jak ov 'Treatment', and spends in final energies in a freaky metallic wormhole called 'Obstruction'. in boomkat

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Control Unit - In A Frame

Control Unit - In A Frame (alt.vinyl) **Limited edition of 275 copies in silk-screened 4-panel, heavy card wrap-around jacket** Wickedly crude and compelling industrialisms from Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel's Control Unit. On their 2nd full length since last years acclaimed 'The Fuguties' LP, they warm up a vintage array of synths, beat boxes, fuzz machines and tape echo to coldest, arcane effect, following an intuitive path through viscous bubbling basslines, wretched atmospheres and almost dangerously blank-eyed vocals. Imagine Tropic Of Cancer with a seriously bad drug habit and a thing for Maurizio Bianchi and you're within touching distance of their clammy, psychotic sound.

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Roland P Young - Mystiphonic

Roland P Young - Mystiphonic (EM Records) *Smooth, shimmering, jazzy new age seductions with crisp, classy electronics and worldly infusions. Lovely stuff** "Mystiphonic is the third release from Roland P. Young on EM Records, following Isophonic Boogie Woogie (EM 1045CD/HJ-LP) which was originally released in 1980 and re-issued by EM in 2005, and the 2009 Istet Serenade (EM 1087CD/LP). Mystiphonic is the fruit of two years of recordings at Young's Isophonic Sound Laboratory in Brooklyn, "comprovisations" which are more electronic than the previous EM releases, and yet this new CD retains Young's emotional life-long horn playing, a romance which began in his youth in Kansas City. Also carrying on from previous releases is the all-encompassing warmth and organic/oceanic feeling of Young's music, a rootedness that has been present since his early exposure to Charlie Parker, on through his San Francisco years and ever forward, linking past, present and future through deep American soil to his world-embracing current music, all united through his "Isophonic" philosophy. The Mystiphonic blend of electronics, percussion and horns is one of subtle beauty, sure to please Young's fans while attracting new admirers." in boomkat
roland p. young - mystiphonic (album preview) by experimedia

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Monday, March 25, 2013

M.U. Podcast 57 # (March 2013)

01.Sandra Electronics - It Slipped Her Mind 
02.Ekoplekz - Jedikiah Slave 
03.Gnod - Defeatism 
04.Prurient - You Show Great Spirit 
05.Desert Storm - Desert Storm 
06.DVA Damas - Nightshade 
07.Tropic Of Cancer - Be Brave 
08.1991 - Open To Dark 
09.Maas - Another Saturday Night (Swag mix) 

M.U. Podcast 57 # (March 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Demdike Stare - Testpressing#001

Demdike Stare - Testpressing#001 (Modern Love) *Limited edition pressing, hand-stamped sleeve including insert with artwork by Alex Solman, Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, pressed at Pallas* Demdike Stare return to the lab with two extended new productions, inaugurating a series of untamed releases brought together under the Testpressing banner. 'Collision' was recorded in late 2012 and is pretty much unlike anything you'll have heard from Demdike before, an intense high-frequency re-arrangement of Jungle and Noise, like a more brutal variant of the Demdike-affiliated HATE project, fed through a bank of analogue boxes and pedals, left to spin uncontrollably for 10 minutes before fading to black. 'Misappropriation' on the flip feeds off a different noise altogether, perched precariously between the mangled percussion you'd most commonly associate with Muslimgauze and the metallic clank of industry, a proper sunstroke riddim: angry and unforgiving.
Demdike Stare - Testpressing#001 by modernlove

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Todd Terry - Jumpin' (Original Mix)

Trevino - Derelict


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Y-3 Qasa Sneakers

Y-3 Qasa, an entirely new sneaker that is part of the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The futuristic running-cross-basketball inspired silhouette is constructed with a minimally cut and sewn, sock like upper, with laces for adjustment. The bold and exaggerated outsole that is moulded from technical sport components pays homage to the adidas’ Tubular cushion technology, from in early 90′s, that was inspired by car tyres. The result is an innovative and fashionable companion for your feet. via Highsnobiety

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hieroglyphic Being - Reel Torque: Volume 1

Hieroglyphic Being - Reel Torque: Volume 1 (Reel Torque) **Limited Edition Pink C90 cassette with J-card design & illustration by Savwo, housed in a hand-stamped outer sleeve** Reel Torque is a new mixtape label administered by our staunch pals behind Manchester's Faktion events and clubnights. This first issue is an extract of a warts-'n-all recording of Chicago's dancefloor mystic, Hieroglyphic Being, captured in full flight on 06/10/2012 at Endless Race, the closing party for Newcastle's Tusk festival, on a now-legendary European tour which saw him turn a practically sober monday night crowd in Manchester into mind-blown, sweat-drenched devotees for life (a recording of said night was attempted, and failed due to cosmic intervention). Recorded at the start of his fateful voyage, this tape starts with a true baptism of acid fire, overdriven tae f**k and intended to separate casual listeners from the freaks. Soon enough the fader's cut to classic disco and continues to swerve between Jamal's own, precious edits of new wave, boogie, earliest house and warehouse acids without a pause for breath. You'll never come close to fully capturing the vibe of Hieroglyphic Being in situ, towering over the decks, eyes in the back-of-his-head and swaying like a cult leader preaching jakk gospel, but we reckon this performance comes close. Warning: if you're a DJ pedant, or can't handle a bit of grit on yer biscuit, you need not apply. This one is for the reeel freeeks only! via boomkat

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sandra Plays Electronics - Her Needs

Sandra Plays Electronics - Her Needs (Minimal Wave) 7” release of primitive D.I.Y. electronics by Sandra Plays Electronics, a project founded by Karl O’Connor (Regis) whilst he was a teenager living in Birmingham, England in the 1980s. O’Connor, mostly known for his pioneering work in the techno field (as Regis, Sandwell District, British Murder Boys, Ugandan Methods and various other entities) as well as his Downwards label, began playing and recording his own music when he was 16 years old. He collaborated with friends performing in short-lived bands such as Family Sex and also recorded on his own as Sandra Plays Electronics. He was heavily influenced by D.A.F., Liaisons Dangereuses, Cabaret Voltaire and Soft Cell, to name a few and would eventually collaborate with Robert Görl and also Chrislo Haas in the late 90s. The tracks we are presenting here are two versions of the same song, Her Needs, both recorded in Birmingham, England. The first was recorded in 1988 during soundcheck at the College of Food And Domestic Arts and the second was recorded in 1999 (from the Man Has Responsibilities session) at the Ice House. Pressed on heavy weight 70 gram ultra clear vinyl, the 7” is housed in a matte double sided printed foldover sleeve. Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies. "Here, ten years later he's refined the groove with that ineffably salty brummie swagger, while the vocals are revealed with a touch more clarity. Straight ace - do not miss!" [Para Ouvir / Samples]

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Marie Dior - M.U. Podcast 56 # (March 2013)

MarieDior is the alias of Portuguese electronic music producer Diogo Correia. With several albums and Ep's already released, Diogo chose to evolve over a defiant electronic output, with an amazingly controlled style. While Dancing Hardcore had a more aggressive feeling to it, almost invading the audience personal space, Encore Again Encore, released two years after on Aural Sects, is a much more introspective album. Marie Dior's latest material is now on the verge of a new path of both transmission and interpretation. With Untitled States of Self, his latest album, one has a completely new message to absorb, as he creates a long set of experimental industrial/ambient tracks that defy rhythm itself. He continuously creates new things day by day, and whatever comes next, it is guaranteed to surprise who ever come across it.

1.      ANGÉLICO88 - 1988 (Angélico Was Born)
2.      Ghentlon - Techno Dream
3.      vo§uru - 3XCV53 M3
4.      Parameter - Directional Force
5.      ANGÉLICO88 - Kill
6.      Marie Dior - Neuköllner Tor
7.      Frankie Knuckles - Rain Falls (David's 12" Soakin Wet Mix)
8.      Old Manual - Intermission
9.      Wolfgang Press - Lisa (The Passion)
10.  Marie Dior - Untitled
11.  Andy Stott - Hatch the Plan
12.  Speed Jack - Storm
13.  RAP/RAP/RAP - Armsheim 2010
14.  Marie Dior - 1997
15.  Blue Stork - Kirilian
16.  Family Of Few - Sunrise (Vocal Heat Mix)
17.  Shisa - Memoryhouse
18.  Christian Jay Bolland - It's All In The Mind
19.  Set Up System - Music And Noise (Original Mix)
20.  Eszena - Sitar Bitar
21.  ttowers - The island of beautiful women
22.  Marie Dior - 7'23'' (For Special Agent Dale Cooper)
23.  Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler - No Surprise
24.  Marie Dior - Funny How Secrets Travel

Marie Dior - M.U. Podcast 56 # (March 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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Various - Electric Voice II

Various - Electric Voice II (Electrik Voice) *Edition of 500 LPs – complete with art direction and photography by Juan Mendez of Silent Servant as well as work by the designer Dmytrij Wulffius* Oustanding collection of darkwave beauties starring Genesis P Orridge as Thee Majesty alongside Ike Yard, Nine Circles, Tropic Of Cancer and Martial Canterel, among others. It's a fine mixture of original wave makers and modern currents, opening with Thee Majesty's morose croak on 'Real Eyes' and oscillating between the industrial clangour of Martial Canterel's 'Who Will Remain' to vintage picks from Minimal Wave types, Martin Dupont and Das Ding, via the exquisite 4AD darkness of 'Fall Apart' from Tropic Of Cancer, Ike Yard's wasteland electro-stepper 'Elysians' to a massive highlight from the legendary Nine Circles on 'Mercy'. Recommended! in boomkakt [Para Ouvir / Samples]

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Demdike Stare - The Weight of Culture

Demdike Stare - The Weight of Culture (Demdike Stare) It's been over a year since we last heard any new material from Demdike Stare, and there are rumbles of renewed studio activity somewhere in the not-too-distant horizon. In the meantime, Demdike finally present theIr third mix, and their first released on tape. Shifting 'The Weight Of Culture' to a ferric format feels apt for their anachronistic tendencies, shrouding the crackle of expensive and often battered wax with the hum of their machines to suitably gauzy effect. As expected, they've dug ever deeper into the nooks of their archive, pairing obscure NDW diamonds with looped electronics and inverted jazz modes, traversing dimensions between kosmic flutes and terrestrial doom via illusive segues and masterful misdirection. You'll find obscure S&M odes penned by the most unlikely characters rubbing anonymous shoulders in the darkness with sublime Detroit rarities and blood-curdling noise themes, taking in private members body music, 'luud rock and practically every kink in between.... in boomkat

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Monday, March 18, 2013


The adidas x Opening Ceremony Men’s New York Run Sneakers, seen here in blue. For 2013, Opening Ceremony re-work adidas’s New York Run sneaker with a bright colour-scheme and animal patterned prints. Derived from the popular Z-series, the sneaker is crafted from premium leather, with an opaque mesh over the three-stripe branding and a neoprene sock-liner. Built on a Dellinger Webbed shock-resisting sole, the sneaker also features metallic trims, as well as a plastic toe counter. It is finished with Opening Ceremony and adidas branding. Designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony present an ode to running and tennis styles of the 90s with their second collection for adidas. Made from leather.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dj Sprinkles - Where Dancefloors Stand Still

Dj Sprinkles - Where Dancefloors Stand Still (Mule Musiq) 'Where Dancefloors Stand Still' is DJ Sprinkles reaction to Japan's archaic "fuzoku" laws which effectively place a 1am curfew on the country's dancefloors. We for one know there'd be riots in the UK if this occurred, so all credit to Terre for highlighting the issue as best he knows how. Spanning 9 tracks across the deep house spectrum, Sprinkles asserts his prowess as selector par excellence, picking choice deep house sounds that you don't hear every day. Disc 1 features Ron Trent's plush 'Foreplay' remix of Braxton Holmes' '12" Inches of Pleasure' and Fingers Inc's magical soul bomb 'Never No More Lonely', backed with Sound Mechanix subtly seductive 'I Can't Forget' ace, and Classic Man's big-bottomed 'Rapid Winds'. Disc 2 keeps the vibe deep and debonaire with Choo-ables' sub-swinging masterstroke 'Hard To Get (BT's Massive Groove)', kinky rhythms from Understars, and the supreme elegance of Keys & Tronics Ensemble's 'Calypso of House (Paradise Version)'. Real class. in boomkat

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Tangerine Dream - Signale Music

Friday, March 15, 2013

Legowelt - A Dark Land

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Borai - M.U. Podcast 55 # (March 2013)

Borai presents 
"Quiet Please..."

(Music House, Koka Media, Arcadia Music, Atmosphere & others) 
Picture Credits: Elena Goodrum. 
Bristol based producer Borai (a.k.a. Boris English) takes the lead of the M.U. Podcast 55#. Known for his collaborative releases with DJ October on labels such as Apple Pips, Simple Records, BRSTL and Never Learnt, is now unveiling his first solo work – “Moonlight On The Malago” via Tasteful Nudes – a brand new label from Chicago, IL. 

About 7 or 8 years ago I was given a large collection of old Music Library CD's that the kids at a Youth Project didn't want. I have spend the last few years dipping in and out of the collation and this mix/compilation is the result.
I love the synth work during this time and the heavy use of samples/synth strings, as it was mostly just one person and their equipment making the most of what they had. Tracks such as "Perfect Leadership" take you right into the world of 80's corporate video and are still inspiring to this day. You will also find current dance trends making their way into library material of the day, examples here being "Delilah Nerr" and "Net Explorer" I have also included tracks that just inspire me and are mostly about the synth work (Cyclus & Team)
I have no real info on the Artists, but I know it does include people such as Alan Hawkshaw (Dangerman, Peacemaker and Blue Riband) and Simon Di (Net Explorer) but I do not know the complete list so i have left it blank and used just the track names as they appear on the CD's.
I hope you enjoy discovering these amazing pieces of music as much as I did. Borai 


01. Unknown - Who Dares Wins
02. Unknown - Expansion
03. Unknown - Blue Riband
04. Unknown - Complex
05. Unknown - Peacemaker
06. Unknown - Stubborn Efforts
07. Unknown - Perfect Leadership
08. Unknown - Dangerman
09. Unknown - Talking Mind
10. Unknown - After The Fight
11. Unknown - Perifidious Strategy
12. Unknown - Hot Tip
13. Unknown - D-ram Memory
14. Unknown - Delilah Narr
15. Unknown - Space-Shuttle
16. Unknown - Cyclus
17. Unknown - Bees
18. Unknown - Speed Limit
19. Unknown - Team
20. Unknown - Radian
21. Unknown - Biomag
22. Unknown - Muting Circuitring Narr
23. Unknown - Net Explorer
24. Unknown - Assonance
25. Unknown - Who Dares Wins Sting
Download M.U. Podcast 55#

Borai - M.U. Podcast 55 # (March 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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The Saucony Men’s Grid 9000 Sneakers

The Saucony Men’sGrid 9000 Sneakers, seen here in navy. 
For 2013, Saucony present a new version of their Grid 9000 Sneakers in a navy and grey colourway that is accented with neon yellow. Originally created in 1994 and designed to offer maximum support, the sneakers still offer the same high performance today.
Crafted from nubuck, the uppers have a mesh toe box for breathability, are lined in bright orange and built onto hardwearing rubber soles. The sneakers are finished with Saucony branding on the tongue. Made from nubuck, nylon and rubber.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Alexander McQueen brand is still holding strong and continuing to keep its colabs with Puma high fashion fresh. This Spring vulc number features an expansive blue sky print across the toe box with plenty of dainty details including perforated blue leather panel across the ankle collar and eyelet area. The McQueen x Puma Deck Mid II is available now from Kith. via Sneaker Freaker

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Lauren Kinnee, MC '02
Despite its technical virtuosity, the Nike of Samothrace’s political and historical background remain obscure due to the lack of references to the statue in extant texts. Here, Hey! Zeus! Editor emeritus Lauren Kinnee sorts out the controversy regarding the statue, synthesizing it into a theory that re-emphasizes the central artistic and historical importance of the Nike.--Ed. [Read the full article here]

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Asics Gel Saga

Asics Gel Saga Grey/Orange. The Asics Gel Saga was released in the early 90s fort he first time in the USA & Japan. The super comfortable Runner features the same GEL Midsole like the Gel Lyte III. On the tongue as well as on the heel you can find the Asics Logo. Find more at Afew-Store.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DVA DAMAS - Nightshade

Dva Damas - Nightshade (Downwards America) LA's Dva Damas follow up that killer 10" on Downwards' DO series with a debut album of swaggering songs for serial killers and rogue souls. 'Nightshade' blends the same traces of Morricone's western themes often adopted by Monte Cazazza, with a stripped down gothdub approach and the kind of noirish, druggy '50s intrigue felt in Lynch classics, resulting a sinister, creepy and hip-driving sorta sawdust-and-shots backwater bar vibe. You could imagine these songs played by the duo of Taylor Burch and Joseph Cocherell from behind chicken wire to a crowd of disinterested loggers and hep kids cranked on powders. It's a ghoulish and sexy sound, RIYL Factory Floor, Blood Money, Powell, Silent Servant. in boomkat [Para Ouvir /Samples]
Nightshade LP by DVA DAMAS

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Mundo Urbano Says Hello :)

Supreme x COMME des GARCONS SHIRT 2013 Capsule Collection

To celebrate the opening of the DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza COMME des GARCONScomplex, Supreme and COMME des GARCONS SHIRT worked together to produce what would become one of the most sought after collaborations of 2012. A year later and the pair have reunited again to create another exclusive range of items to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the store. Jason Dill reprises his role of model and has this time been joined by actress Chloe Sevigny, who readers perhaps know best for her role in the movie Kids. The polka dot design of the original collection returns but now it sits atop one of two digi-camo colorways. The Box logo T-shirt, Gusset shirt and Camp cap have once again been selected and are joined by a Coach jacket, Loop Collar shirt and Crusher hat. Vans once again lend a helping hand by providing Half Cab and Era footwear. via hypebeast

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1991 - Open to the Dark

Friday, March 08, 2013


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You Can't Hide Your Headcrack - compiled and edited by Raime

Raime, ‘You Can’t Hide Your Headcrack’:
1. AC Marias – Some Thing [Mute, 1988]
2. Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand [Third Mind, 1984]
3. The Danse Society – There Is No Shame In Death [Pax, 1981]
4. Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand [Third Mind, 1984]
5. Cabaret Voltaire – The Voice of America / Damage Is Done [Rough Trade, 1980]
6. Psyche – On The Edge [New Rose, 1985]
7. The German Shepherds – I Adore You [M&S Music, 1985]
8. Arto Lindsay – Locus Coruleus [Editions EG, 1984]
9. Ike Yard – NCR [Factory America, 1982]
10. Metabolist – Tizhoznam [Drömm, 1980]
11. Rema-Rema – Fond Affections [4AD, 1980]You Can't Hide Your Headcrack - compiled and edited by Raime, July 2010 by Blackest Ever Black

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

P E A R L - Fucked Up Days EP

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes

Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes (MATHEMATICS) Beamed direct from the mind of Chicago's Jamal Moss: the incredible 'Imaginary Soundscapes' of Hieroglyphic Being. His follow-up to the delirious 'Lost Transmission' for Morphine Records amounts to his most substantial vinyl issue since 'So Much Noise To Be Heard', with the implication that this gear really ought to be on wax. And we'd fully agree. In fact, it's almost worth it for the first disc alone; an extended probe into the noisiest, dissonant, practically beatless sectors of his imagination, at times coming off like a lo-fi alternative to Rashad Becker's 'Music For Notional Species', at others like the Raymond Scott's most deranged sci-fi fantasies or Pierre Bastien making mechanical melodies with Herman Blount, but ultimately, the work of a singular artist. As a massive bonus, there's another disc of beat-driven works, four tracks of attuned harmonic chaos and cosmic jakk beats, including one almighty warehouse bomb tucked away at the end. Highly recommended! in boomkat

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M.U. Podcast 54 # (March 2013)


01. Perotin - Viderunt omnes
02. The Haxan Cloak - Excavation (Part 2)
03. Gnod - Revelation 9
04. Nicolas Courtin - Nightmare on a desert port
05. Legowelt - Star Gazing
06. Lego Feet - Untitled
07. Lego Feet - Untitled
08. 1991 - Inside You (IVVVO Remix)
09. Baby Ford - Mobile Home
10. IAMTHATIAM - Vibrations & Harmonies 2
11. Surgeon - Atol
12. Luke Eargoggle - Return Of My Style
13. Beta Evers - Prisoner of Mind
14. Drexciya - Organic Hydropoly Spores
15. $tinkworx - no tocar
16. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kao-Tic Harmony
17.Ark - siliclone
18.M Geddes Gengras - Waldorf Edit

M.U. Podcast 54 # (March 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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