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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ben Frost - A U R O R A

Ben Frost - A U R O R A (Mute) Comentários: Lauded sonic alchemist Ben Frost keens into full view with the terrifying and awe-inspiring 'Aurora', his first full length solo album since 'By The Throat' (2009), and his debut for Mute. Clearly a gifted producer - with a remarkable catalogue to prove it - Frost has, over the last decade or so, become increasingly sought-out for his sensitive yet calloused ear by numerous collaborators and like-minded artists such as Björk, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Lawrence English, and Tim Hecker. The latter three in particular are all close collaborators, sharing a focus on mining something affectively visceral and elemental from the twin spheres of electronic and acoustic sound. They all assisted Frost on 'Aurora', alongside Paul Corley, Daniel Rejmer and Paul Evans during recording sessions between Eastern DRC, EMPAC NYC and Reykjavik to galvanise its distressed visions of cataclysm and cosmic chaos. There are nine carefully wrought tracks, each a detailed microcosm within the same breathtaking constellation: entering with the buried-alive intensity of 'Flex', twisting with the blunt steppers force and concussive waves of 'Nolan' and the collapsing, quasi-speed drums of 'Secant', to billow outwards from megalithic structure of 'Venter' into psychoacoustic headspace of 'No Sorrowing', and the severely de-glazed, tectonic texturhythms of 'Sola Fide', to completely dissolve in the alien rave cacophony 'A Single Point Of Blinding Light'. For anyone with a functioning pair of ears it's a bracing, riveting experience not to be missed. in boomkat 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

TĀLĀ - Serbia (Official Video)

Released 2nd June on Aesop - Video directed by Katia Ganfield

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Auscultation - Laces

Joel Shanahan’s gliding, atmospheric synth experiments have morphed through a few distinct forms over the last few years with the decayed luxury of his Golden Donna project. The latest release from the Madison, WI melody and groove enthusiast arrives at a particularly dream-drenched, cascading realm as Auscultation, a new project debuting on 1080p with this S/T cassette and digital release. 
The holographic, arpeggiated voyages of these new works are expectedly lush and retain as much of the insular, basement/bedroom-based zonage as they do way out, starry abstractions. Shanahan’s by now recognisable sense of the cosmic and unique and meticulous synthesis/sound design definitely wins out thanks to the deep and constant shroud of brightly hued ambience. 
Practically every layer of these 50 minutes worth of hybridized tracks is melodic; building gradually into slow, marbled washes on a track like “Ash” with particular patience, while the chords at the front of “Wave Rejection” oscillate with particular vigor and high-reaching emotive intent. Low, heavy bass and a series of texturally varied percussions finishes out each of these seven heavily layered, reverberant tracks for feelings both maze-like and expansive. 
Auscultation’s movements are guided by fragments of specific dance music genre ideals, but the overwhelmingly psychedelic sensations take over. Processing his own take on the decadence of house music as well as his passion for lush drone and noise results in hazy, labyrinthian heights that have echos of hypnogogic pop as much as italo.
releases 03 June 2014 
Mastered by Anders Peterson 

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Monday, May 19, 2014


“It derives from a culmination of beliefs as a human entity,” says Jonathan Briu, the founder of the eponymous street couture label Briu Homme as he describes the inspiration behind his SS ’14 line. “Each individual look is a piece of instrumentality, leading up to the final stage of the project of human instrumentality” which fittingly acts as the name for the entire collection.

Debuting last year at NYFW with a smoky, powerful presence, the latest from Briu is officially launching in mid April—slightly elongated silhouettes matched by precisely proportioned layering and shirts that feature original art, the collection functions as an entity in itself, which wasn’t done by mistake.
You see, for Briu, Human instrumentality “is to create an existence where nobody exists singularly, but merely as part of the whole. In Instrumentality, the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others.” But flaws within the line are few and far between - and as for complementing the line itself, Briu is releasing a short film called “Fractured: Light & Void,” directed by Maps Glover.
Eerie, dark, and twitchy, the black and white visuals are set to a voiceover that raises questions about structure, composure, and change. Watch the short below to bring about your own interpretation, follow Briu Homme on Twitter HERE, and be sure to check out its online shop soon to get your hands on the showcased pieces. via Nylon Guys Magazine

Fractured: Light & Void SS14' Film from Jonathan Briu on Vimeo.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leyland Kirby - We drink to forget the coming storm (Free DL)

'We drink to forget the coming storm'' is collection of forty tracks released on my fortieth birthday. For just forty days and forty nights it is available for free (and for a donation) as a thank-you for your support and interest in my works. Like life itself wrong notes may be hit, there maybe the odd distortion, melodies drift and we hope to gain strength from the introspective nature of the work. We cover no new ground. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. Wishing you all the best from Krakow where I raise the glass of good spirit. Recorded by Leyland Kirby at Bochenska, Krakow in 2014. Digital cover art painted by the meister Ivan Seal. 
Created from an original photograph taken by Jorge Ballarin in Room 808 at NH Sur, Atocha, Madrid. Download Here

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pictureplane - Self Control

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beneath - Vobes EP

Beneath - Vobes EP (PAN) Comentários: Beneath pulls up to PAN with a super forward platter of UK bass/techno dreadnaughts. Combining archival rolige with up-to-the-minute missiles, PAN's 51st release operates at the crucial nexus of dubwise dancehall science and minimalist techno, pairing uniquely sculpted rhythm dynamics with a filigree feel for aerated electronic timbre. Most importantly it's aimed squarely at the 'floor with 20" rimmed riddims bound to bounce any stack, but it's his taste for spectral, holographic electronic modelling that really sets each track apart from the crowd. The roiling bass, freaky blips and EBM stabs of 'Bored 2' already have anthem status around these parts, finding the square root of bleep techno, hardcore and grime without ever feeling like  an exercise in nostalgia. 'Occupy' is icier, sinuous, rolling like some decelerated Optical Prototype contoured to a Funky/Techno coda, and 'One Blings' opens up fathoms of cyber-dread space between 'floor-skimming subs and tantalising, mercurial motifs that flit and dart like digickal duppies. However, 'Stress 1' is the deepest, the darkest, refining the Sheffield foundations of Richard H. Kirk and Rob Gordon, or the lessons of Digital Mystikz, for a masterful, mid-air gyration. Ultimately it's a shocker for the dancers and a tease for the heads, or simply a vital 12" for anyone who doesn't make such distinctions. in boomkat

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