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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PFM/STUNNA feat PLACE 42 - Equilibrium

PFM/STUNNA feat PLACE 42 - Equilibrium (Telluric US) Comentários: 'EQUILIBRIUM' Following a few years' hiatus from releasing music, the mighty PFM is back in action and in top form with his debut TELLURIC offering entitled 'EQUILIBRIUM.' From its opening lush chords, this well-polished nod to classic GOOD LOOKING era atmospherics envelops the listener and rolls them straight onto the dance floor making this track a must-have for any fan of pure retro vibes updated with today's technology.\'RUN'Hot off TELLURIC 010's 'BLACKHEART' release, Chicago's STUNNA returns, this time teamed up with label boss PLACE 42 for the sublime and infectious collaborative effort 'RUN.' This Amen-driven, melodic outing takes the listener on a mystical journey complete with spacious musical textures, airy vocals, and rich keyboard work combining to make this one truly memorable release for TELLURIC.Much effort has been made in the mastering aspect of this release, ensuring superior fidelity in sound quality to make this yet another special offering for our vinyl buying fans. in dogsonacid [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Marco Lucchi, is a italian contemporary classical composer who does some interesting experiments with electronica and ambient sound landscapes. "MARCO LUCCHI – (as riddled as) The Tide" [mp3].

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

VA - The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One

VA - The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One (Stones Throw) Comentários: The highly anticipated 'Minimal Wave Tapes' compilation of obscure synthwave essentials has arrived - and boy, it's completely floored us. As the label states, "This is the first official volume (available on CD, LP, and Digitally) of Minimal Wave music from Europe and America recorded in the 1970's and 1980s". Most of the songs were released on limited edition cassettes or vinyl by the artists themselves with distribution limited to underground mail order tape networks, hence their practically unknown status in the much pored over history of post-punk and electronic music. Minimal Wave label owner (and co-founder of world-renowned East Village Radio station), Veronika Vasicka and Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf have done a hugely commendable job with the selection, plucking out some solid uncut gems and remastering them from their original analog source tapes for maximum authenticity, giving new life to a niche of music that we all kind of knew existed, but didn't have a clue where to start looking for. Tracks like Crash Course In Science's 'Flying Turns' sound like they could have been stamped with an early Mute Records catalogue number, the arabesque electro-goth of Oppenheimer Analysis' 'Radiance' sounds like a Throbbing Gristle offcut while the Turquoise Days' 'Blurred' recalls a raw Human League demo session. The deeper we delve, the more fantastic the revelations, giving up exceptional treats like the prototypical Dutch electro of Das Ding's 'Reassurance Ritual' or Ohama's dystopic procrastination 'My Time' while the raw scuzz of Esplendor Geométrico's 'Moscú Está Helado' progressively blows our tiny minds every time. All that remains to be said is if you love anything from DAF to Dopplereffekt, or from Cold Cave to Chris & Cosey, then this album is essential listening. KILLER!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, March 26, 2010

ZERKALO - Experiment Zero

ZERKALO - Experiment Zero (Frustrated Funk Holland) Comentários: Finally here it is.. the long awaited limited 12'' to accompany the Stoi Storoni Zerkala project from Heinrich Mueller and Victoria Lukas. You know the drill.. Comes in limited silkscreen printed packaging. DON'T SLEEP! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Hoje! Tensnake Live @ 31 Bar, Porto

O Trintaeum faz 15 anos. Sexta 26 março 31STSD + TENSNAKE LIVE (hamburgo, alemanha). Parabéns Rui, keep it funky!

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Levi's Unfamous Music Awards

O Levi's Unfamous Music Awards Consiste num concurso onde se vão eleger 3 finalistas entre os grupos de música que se registaram em Um júri composto por membros de Levi's, My Space, Match Your Sound e Blitz escolherá 2 dos 3 finalistas entre todos os participantes. O terceiro finalista será eleito pelo público através dos votos que a banda receba no site. Na gala que terá lugar em Lisboa no dia 23 abril de 2010, às 23h, actuarão os 3 grupos finalistas! Uma semana depois conheceremos o grupo vencedor e será entregue o prémio de 3.000€ para lançarem a sua carreira musical. Espera, agora vem o melhor... Juntamente com os 3 finalistas também actuará no dia da gala Linda Martini! +info: Facebook, Twitter.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

RANGERS - Suburban Tours

RANGERS - Suburban Tours (OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE) Comentários: *Another unfathomably great transmission from the mighty Olde English Spelling Bee - compressing a world of hazy 1980's pop edits and television broadcasts on one dense, oddly unsettling LP - so good* Rangers aka Joe Knight sits us in the passenger seat for another incredible cruise around the grey interzone of 1980's suburbia on this, his excellent debut LP release. 'Suburban Tours' was inspired by his move from the outskirts of his native Dallas, Texas, to a rainy San Francisco, where his loneliness grew into eleven tracks of pop-inspired, avant-smudged melancholia. The obvious comparison point is James Ferraro or Ariel Pink and their expressions of white American solitary poplife, but the tape editing processes and drained 80s funk of these tracks gives 'Suburban Tours' it's own autistic aura. Knight draws on the foggy memory of records by Steely Dan, Weather Report and Prefab Sprout, assembling a degraded sheen of 80s funk that's generally not found among many of his fellow Hypnagogic explorers. The uncomforting factor comes to light when his edits bunch into looped cul-de-sacs, like we're exploring the landscaped terrain of some gated community and the road/tape inexplicably folds into itself, we feel like we should be moving forward, wanting to get out of there, but we're were not getting anywhere. Perhaps this is his take on the stultifying nature of American middle-class suburban life? Or English, for that matter. Either way, the effect is oddly moving, blending the neon evening glow of an inner-city night drive with tones of a greyer, and more insipid suburban landscape. Limited copies - not to be missed. in boomkat


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"Broken Deer is the project of musician/artist Lindsay Dobbin, formerly of Halifax, now relocated in the deep, northern frontier of the Yukon. Our Small Going is a collection of beautiful songs mixed with field recordings, soundscapes, and lo-fi blips and bleeps, finding the perfect home on San Francisco’s Gandhara Recordings. Lindsay’s music is embedded with grainy sound pieces and field recordings to create a celebration of nature, ritual, life and decay. The opening track “Coming of Age Funeral” is a beautiful instrumental piece, played on a solo acoustic guitar with tape hiss and buzz, giving the music a warm maternal feeling, while also tragic, as in the passing of an era or the sadness that comes with moving on. Neither ancient nor modern, the music seems to celebrate the difficulties and conveniences of our journey in the age of technology. Her textures are always light, often just using single instruments, allowing her to explore the fabrics of her sounds. Her unique voice shines through, giving a deep sense of ecology to her music." - Zachary Fairbrother, Weird Canada

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GB - The Xpander & The Dreamer EP

GB - The Xpander & The Dreamer EP (Dimension X Unkown) Comentários: A spacier sound from GB -- cruising in more of an electronic club groove -- and the cosmic altitude suits him very well! The beats are funky and dancefloor cued, with some synth funk bring a gritty element to the cleanly thumping electro groove at the core. "The Expander" side has the busier approach while the flip sides "The Dreamer" is well, dreamier and a bit lighter in approach. in dgroove [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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DONNACHA COSTELLO - Before We Say Goodbye

COSTELLO, Donnacha - Before We Say Goodbye (Poker Flat Germany) Comentários: Costello digs deep with the bass and kick on 'A Warm Embrace' while 'It's What We Do' positively glistens with analogue melody, and 'Stretching Time' channels mid-tempo acid perfection. Before We Say Goodbye is a thoughtfully sequenced and finely pieced together album, but perhaps above all else it's a great celebration of sound, proving that electronic dancefloor soundtracks needn't be so caught up in the latest technology. Recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Secondhand Sureshots

LA's Dub Lab and Stones Throw families present their ambitious 'Secondhand Sureshots' project on DVD and CD for those not quick enough to snap up the deluxe LP versions. The project was initiated by Dublab directors Bryan "Morpho" Younce and Mark "Frosty" McNeil, who filmed J Rocc, Daedelus, Nobody and Ras G on an expedition to LA's thrift stores. The documentary tracks each producer through the creative process of unearthing old vinyl and constructing new tracks from their finds, including over 2 hours of footage and music and bonus material. The tracks are also collected on an additional CD, featuring a dope J Rocc beat, two tracks each from Daedelus and Nobody, plus three originals and a Kutmah megamix of Ras G's bumpy cosmo-hop. The DVD is a brilliant insight into a world of digging and sampledelia that still informs so much of the LA sound, but has perhaps been lost elsewhere due to the omnipresent internets. It captures a still-vital artform in respectful and hugely informative detail and should be considered required viewing by any lovers of west coast hiphop from DJ Shadow through to Flying Lotus. Dope! [Buy Here] or [Here]

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LEWIS B - Pinball

LEWIS B - Pinball (Smokin Sessions) Comentários: Smokin' Sessions outdo themselves with an enigmatic 3-tracker from Lewis B. Now, we could be pissing in the wind here, but does anyone else reckon there's a Ghost-ly whiff about this? The A-side is a sumptuous garage roller, the sort of kinky jazzed and hyper-syncopated cut that could only come from an experienced set of hands, while the flipside lays down two gorgeous latin-jazz numbers brushed with dub bass and a proper musical touch. I wouldn't put my house on it, but i'd bet a tenner this is... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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GHETTOZOID feat YOLANDA - Seeking (One4Ho) Comentários: Sci-fi infected dubstep from Berlin's Ghettozoid featuring Yolanda backed with a Blue Daisy remix. We'd head straight for the Blue Daisy remix, maintaining his consistent good-form with another psych-submerged swirl of clipped garage rhythms, ethereal bass and haunted synths sounding like Burial's undead triphead cousin. Meanwhile the original puts Yolanda's belting vocal to good use, sounding not dissimilar to Pinch's 'Get Up' anthem. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SHORTSTUFF/ TAYLOR - Regression (Wigflex) Comentários: Crafty garage futurism inna Notts style from the Wigflex crew. Shortstuff gives the brittle bounce of 'Regression' on the A-side, building one of his skeletal rhythms fleshed out with 4/4 bass throbs and off kilter dub stabs. However, he's overshadowed by Taylor on the flipside with his 'Squeege' cut. This sounds something like Zomby messing with Four Tet, meshing overstepped bleeps into a warm garage house pattern with flashy posh-tranced synth curves for good measure. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SUBMERSIBLE MACHINES - Submersible Machines EP

SUBMERSIBLE MACHINES - Submersible Machines EP (Lunar Disco) Comentários: Lunar Disko Records presents a stunning debut EP by Texas producer, Submersible Machines. Five beautifully crafted electro-techno tracks for lovers of the deep... The tranquil ‘Upwelling’ introduces the EP, deep pads, warm melodies, and supreme 808 programming prevail this outstanding opening track. ‘When Whales Fall’ submerges you into even more mysterious melodies and curious sounds from the deep. The aquatic ‘Blue Hole’ concludes the A-side, delicate twinkling melodies, precise 808 beats, and an analog acid bassline which will have you lost on a journey into the depths of the oceanic abyss. The flipside offers two more cuts of equal quality from this new talent from the Third Coast... ‘Braving the Benthic’ opens the B-side with its bubbly and pulsating bassline, while expertly blending more intricate analog sounds to create another timeless track. Finishing the EP is ‘Cold Seep’, combining both the 707 & 808 to brilliant effect alongside an inducing Chi-town bassline, and a deep mysterious string which sweeps over the track perfectly... in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, March 22, 2010

BREAKAGE - Foundation

BREAKAGE - Foundation (Digital Soundboy) Comentários: One of 2010s most anticipated Dubstep/D'n'B albums lands on Digital Soundboy, featuring an all-star UK urban dance cast of Burial, Rodigan, Roots Manuva, Newham Gens and Donae'o. Just in case all that government-disapproved megaweed has addled your mind, we shouldn't forget that his debut 'This Too Shall Pass' was a landmark LP for the D'n'B fraternity. As a follow-up 'Foundation' certainly builds on a few of its themes, while also incorporating his new dubstep style to effortlessly alternate between the two tempo regions. Blatantly, the Burial link-up on 'Vial' is one of the biggest attractions. Thankfully, it's also worth the investment too, finding solid ground between Burial's quicksilver slink and Breakage's tuff bass-sculpting. The established anthem 'Hard' featuring Newham Generals and Rodigan's inimitable mic chat is another major highlight, shaping his sound with a grimier intention, while the uptempo junglist tracks are superbly executed. 'Old Skool Ting' runs on some potent Congo Natty juice and Kemo's appearance on 'Temper' imagines Tricky working with Krust on some darkside Bristolian ting. With Breakage's sound it's all about the lushness of his execution, making bass that exudes comfort and chills in equal measures, while his percussive programming is still the envy of many in the scene... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, March 19, 2010

HERTSI - Kohina (reissue)

HERTSI - Kohina (Sahko Finland) Comentários: Sähkö present a pre Pan Sonic production dating back to 1993. The 'Kohina' EP features four of the earliest Sahko productions that we're aware of, time-stamped with the same year as the seminal first Ø release and predating the fateful 'Panasonic' 12". We can hear a blatant precursor to that record's brutal bleeps on 'Oodi sähkölle', an outstanding techno number crafted from skull-boring kicks and gracefully intertwining sinewave oscillations, basically setting the template for the next few years of Ø records. Elsewhere we're witness to the genesis of Pan Sonic's power electronics style with 'Rätinää' piling thunderous distortion onto rugged techno before dissolving into cone melting subbass, and on the title track we peer into the vast doom drone abyss that would be further explored in much greater detail. 'Hidas Muutos' completes the record with an uncomfortably autistic rhythm experiment with skeletal percussion buffered by blasts of noise and drowned in tarry black subbass. This must surely stand as a foundational document of techno history as should be owned by all self-respecting industrial heads - these Hardwax/Sahko pressings don't show up every day, so when they do - act sharp. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kuedo - Star Fox (Jamie Vex’d)

Illum Sphere- Murky (You Know)

Gonjasufi - DedNd

Scuba - "Before" (Directed by Sam Geer)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Balenciaga: Fall 2010 RTW


© Rankin's Cheeky. Photo © 2009 Rankin. All rights reserved
For Rankin, society’s susceptibility to become blasé towards nude shots of women does not come from the abundance of explicit images in everyday life, but owes itself to a lack of quality and an erotic aspect. He says: “I do think there are a lot of crap nude images out there that are not particularly erotic, evocative or attractive, so maybe that's why people find them boring or distasteful. I think that nudes have the power to be really emotive, and perhaps our ambivalence towards nudity is more of a question of the quality of the nude imagery that pervades." [+here]

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Exclusive Jakwob Mix for Dazed

Student by day, Jakwob by night. We talk to the dubstep newcomer about his hectic year, his new album and his exclusive mix for Dazed Kudos is definitely due for James Jacob AKA ‘Jakwob’. At 20 years old and a third-year student at De Montfort University in Leicester, he has already been championed by the likes of Annie Mac and Zane Lowe. For what? It might just be the two (yes, two) remixes he’s done for Ellie Goulding, indisputably having a catalytic effect on her newfound success. It might also be the remixes he’s done for Empire Of The Sun, Lily Allen and Yeah Yeah Yeahs… and Temper Trap. Kid Sister too. Most recently, he did a remix for Audio Bullys (it's awfully hard to keep track without a press release to hand). Now however, he’s focusing his dubstep / 2-step / experimental sound on his debut album. There is a reluctance to place him under the ever-growing umbrella of ‘dubstep’ and the like though. With the command of different instruments, Jacob played in a bunch of bands growing up, the genres of which ranged from Metal to Jazz. Before you go Google the hell out of him, take a listen to the mix he’s very kindly done for us below. Actually, feel free to Google whilst listening, we wouldn’t blame you. [+here]

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jean Charles de Castelbajac A/W 10-11

Godiva hangs out with Bambi in this modern day fairytale Since developing his JCDC diffusion line, Jean Charles de Castelbajac has seemingly reassessed his main first line and as a result, the majority of this Go Go Diva collection is even more easier to break downand to see as strong pieces individually. Castle stone printed belted coats come trooping out with accompanying menswear running in tandem. The story may be about Lady Godiva living in a castle but she's no simpering maiden and has in fact used her beauty against injustice and along the way, has decked herself out in modern clothes with only slightly Medieval touches. Her friend Bambi is introduced mid way in the form of furry antlers, on shoulders, printed across satin dresses and embroidered over a tapestry leaf pattern. JCDC's signature primary colour palette also infiltrates through the stained glass window and cross motifs with special mention to the assembled acrylic window pane dress. Fans of JCDC such as Beth Ditto also gets immortalised onto one of his trademark pop art dresses. Finally, Godiva's full power is unleashed through robo jockey outfits complete with horse helmets. [+ here]

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

The CLONIOUS - Between The Dots

The CLONIOUS - Between The Dots (Ubiquity US) Comentários: In addition to doling out wings on a daily basis, Red Bull is gaining quite the reputation with its esteemed Music Academy becoming an official launch pad for young, innovative, left-of-center artists from around the globe. Austrian producer Paul Movahedi (a.k.a. The Clonious) is no exception. The soul-jazz combo feel of “Agenda” juxtaposed with the angular glitch beats of “Dataflow” exemplifies Movahedi’s full range of musical motion. Moments like the remix of “One at a Time” (featuring RBMA co-conspirator Muhsinah), the warped and beautifully schizophrenic “Oily Glue,” and vocal drops from Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow are all firm signifiers of Movahedi’s promise in the realm of the beat scene. Vienna is definitely calling. in xlr8r [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SAVATH Y SAVALAS - The Predicate: Dub Version

SAVATH Y SAVALAS - The Predicate: Dub Version (Stones Throw US) Comentários: This release is billed as Guillermo Scott Herren's dub remix of Savath & Savalas' La Llama, which arrived over the summer. The Prefuse 73 producer tackles the source material with a cinematic approach, combining urban environmental sounds, whirring dub-tinged electronics and incisive drum programming. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Juan Maclean - DJ KICKS

Studio !K7 has tapped Juan Maclean to mix the next edition of DJ-Kicks, their long-running compilation series.Though mostly known for his productions and live performances, Maclean has been a DJ on the side for years, and his new mix reveals a diverse collection of high-energy club records. Over the course of its seventy-two minutes, classic tracks like Rick Wilhite's "Get On Up!" rub elbows with recent disco cuts by Shit Robot, Still Going and 6th Borough Project, while European tech-house artists like Florian Meindl and Alex Niggemann rear their heads from time to time. The mix will also feature two new remixes of "Happy House"–trickily renamed "Feliz Casa"–and an exclusive track by The Juan Maclean called "Feel So Good," featuring frequent vocal collaborator Nancy Wang and the late Jerry Fuchs, who died tragically in an accident last November after years of drumming for Maclean and LCD Soundsystem. The compilation was mixed live with two turntables, a couple of filters and a tape delay. Though happy with the end result, Maclean says recording DJ Kicks threw him into what he describes as an "existential tailspin." He explains:
"So much about DJing has changed in the last 10 years. It seems that anyone at home can make their own mix, whether they're a proper DJ or not. Which begs the question, why bother putting them out at this point? So at the end of the day I just came back to where I had started, which was basically wanting to do something that was representative of where I'm coming from in producing my own music, and also focusing on the current house music scene." in ra
K7 will release Juan MacLean's DJ-Kicks on April 27th, 2010.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shopping List

TANGULA - Descending I-IV (Diametric Germany) Comentários: The second release on Diametric continues to form the sound of the label with music by Tangula, a project by a well known artist around the deep techno scene. As both the artist and the label agree that techno should be faceless, the focus for this EP is not on names and faces. Enjoy a release full of deepness, melodies that are melancholy but also driving beats, funk and futurism. in interstellarsounds [Para Ouvir/Samples]
AUDIO WERNER - Meanwhile Comentários:An awesome track split into four different versions over two 12"s. Deep punchy and another top Hartchef release. They do not put much out but this is a solid addition for sure. Twisted at times but still straight locked grooves that will hold any floor. Very nice. in phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]
BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM - Deep Things EP Comentários: Black Jazz Consortium aka Fred P returns with a solid four-tracker of deep house tracks that've got hardly anything jazzy about them. With deep chords, the occasional acidic element sliping through the net and smooth Larry Heard-esque vibe throughout - this one's for the headz and everyone else too! For fans of Jus Ed, DJ QU and co! in phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]
The REVENGE/GROOVEMAN SPOT - Looking Up To You Comentários: Out on Motor City Drum Ensemble's MCDE label, two reworkings of Michael Wycoff's 'Looking Up To You', played out in '09 now on wax for 2010. Starting off with The Revenge, it's slow, it's deep, it's hypnothic, it's got soul and it's got oodles of oomph. Japanese nu-jazz/boogie don Grooveman Spot 'reworks the rework' on the flip, keeping it tight throughout, given us a killer two-sided disco 12". Essential, and with the Revenge focussing on original productions as of late, this might be your last chance to pick up one of his seminal edits. in phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Maison Martin Margiela ’20’ Exhibition

Showcasing the work of the avant-garde, highly-inventive tailor and fashion’s invisible man, Somerset House is to bring to London the debut of Maison Martin Margiela ‘20’, a new retrospective celebrating twenty years of fashion’s most influential and enigmatic designer. Closely collaborating with the Mode Museum in Antwerp, the show will be specially reconfigured for the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House to give an insight and exploration of the designer’s artistic and conceptual approach to fashion. [+here]

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Sean BROSNAN - Sat Jam

Sean BROSNAN - Sat Jam (Needwant) Comentários: 'Sat Jam' is the debut production from Sean Brosnan. Needwant was created as an outlet for a sound somewhere between house and disco and 'Sat Jam' seems to stay true to that original ethos. So it seems fitting that the man behind the label should keep the genres so close. 'Sat Jam' is a dubbed house groove with guitar licks and vocal snippets that are a nod to the bygone disco era. Driving congas keep people shaking while old school piano stabs provide the extra energy to make this a sure-fire dancefloor filler. The a-side remix is from long-term super producer Ray Mang. A veteran in the modern disco scene, Raj - or Ray as he is known for his productions - was one member of seminal dance act Block 16. Today he is the unofficial third member of The Glimmers, working with them on their burgeoning percussive productions. He also runs the label Mangled as well as finding time to produce and remix, including a forthcoming release on New York imprint DFA. On 'Sat Jam' he takes the groove and transforms it into an old school piano house monster. This record never fails to get people running to the decks to ask the name. On the flip it's the turn of new school edit hero Eddie C. The Canadian producer has been winning fans with his edits on Jisco, Flashback and Sleazy Beats over the past 12 months. For one of his first 'original' remixes he creates a slow dubby groove that is true heads down material. But after a long-teasing groove, in true Eddie C style, the break kicks and reminds us why he is such an in-demand producer for 2010. in juno [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Gil Scott-Heron actua em Portugal

O norte-americano Gil Scott-Heron, que regresssou este ano aos discos com I'm New Here, depois de 16 anos sem edições, vai actuar em Portugal no próximo mês de Maio. Confirmada já está a actuação no dia 17, na Aula Magna, sendo que os bilhetes para este concerto serão colocados à venda na próxima terça-feira. O músico também deverá actuar no Porto, mas esta data ainda não está confirmada. in dn

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AGENDA : Março/March

Painting by Gentry
Carl Craig, Lux, Lisboa, 05.03.2010
Carl Craig , Bar 31, Porto, 06.03.2010
Tony Allen, Casa da Música, Porto, 06.03.2004
Funk D'Void, Bar 31, Porto, 11.03.2010
Fischerspooner, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Porto, 13.03.2010
Yo La tengo, aula magna, 14.03.2010
Florence + The Machine, aula magna, 16.03.2010
Sven Väth, Lux, Lisboa, 19.03.2010
Oneohtrix Point Never, Zé dos Bois, Lisboa, 24.04.2010
Tangerine Dream, Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisboa, 25.03.2010
Pantha Du Prince, Lux, Lisboa, 25.03.2010
The XX, Aula Magna, Lisboa, 25.05.2010
The XX, Casa da Música, Porto, 26.05.2010
Social Disco Club + Horse Meat Disco , Lux, Lisboa, 26.03.2010
Grizzly Bear, Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisboa, 26.05.2010
Grizzly Bear, Coliseu do Porto, 27.05.2010

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