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Saturday, August 30, 2008

MOTELx – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror

O festival MOTELx – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror de Lisboa é um festival não competitivo com o intuito de revelar em Portugal o melhor do Cinema de Terror de todo o mundo e em todas as suas variantes: das grandes produções aos independentes, do clássico ao experimental, do culto às novas tendências. Este evento tem como grandes objectivos:> Inscrever Lisboa no mapa do circuito internacional de festivais dedicados ao Cinema de Terror.> Promover a vinda de convidados internacionais para apresentarem as suas obras, ministrarem masterclasses e/ou workshops, no sentido de aumentar a interacção do público com os criadores.> Estimular a produção nacional de filmes do género, demonstrando quer a sua riqueza criativa e estética, quer a sua viabilidade económica e de realização.O MOTELx é um festival internacional de Cinema organizado pelo CTLX – Cineclube de Terror de Lisboa (associação cultural sem fins lucrativos), conta com a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e a EGEAC como parceiros estratégicos e é realizado em co-produção com o Cinema São Jorge.Terá lugar no Cinema São Jorge novamente durante a rentrée de Verão, entre os dias 3 e 7 de Setembro.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

CLÃ Covering Klaxons "Golden Skans"




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Friday, August 22, 2008


Our friends at Metropolitan Skateboards just released a new boardseries, featuring 2 promodels of carhartt teamriders David Couliau and Anton Juul. Metropolitan is a young independent boardcompany with a European Team. Metropolitan’s art director Marke Newton is realizing all the graphics. For every series they do, they ask a guest artist to design a board for them, this time it’s been the turn of Simon True. The new series will be available in your favorite skateshop end of August. in carhartt
More info under: Metropolitan Skateboards.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DFA presents Supersoul Recordings

"NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING" DFA presents Supersoul Recordings.
Nobody Knows Anything is a collection of tracks that Berlin based Supersoul Recordings has put out via vinyl and digital in their first two years of existence. The label was founded by Xaver Naudascher in 2006 and its stylistic identity revolves around the cornerstones of electronic dance music: Krautrock, Italo Disco, Electro, Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Every artist featured on the Supersoul label has drawn inspiration from these music styles in different ways. It is this combination of styles and artists that makes Supersoul one of the most distinct and distinguished labels to emerge in ages and one of the few seemingly fit and ready to carry the heritage of dance music far into the future. An excerpt from the press release of the first twelve inch released on Supersoul Recordings sums up the vibe that has accompanied the label from the very start: "If Mos Eisley (the town in Star Wars) had an underground dance club, it's resident DJ would be Xaver Naudascher. His hi-tech lunar disco beats would be shaking the transparent dance floor overlooking nebulas and neighboring galaxies. Androids and other strange creatures would be dancing, smoking and drinking casually alongside humans, while the full spectrum stroboscopes makes their bone structure visible to the rhythm of the music. Giant speakers would be pumping out a mixture of strange noises, hypnotic melodies and pounding drums, quoting, recycling and rephrasing universal music history, reminding the crowd why they still go out dancing almost every night after all these years." in dfa [+info]

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


MORDANT MUSIC - The Tower Parts I-VII (Mordant Music) Comentários: Now this is so good, I'd go so far as to say it's the oddest thing I've heard all week and trust me, I listen to a right old pile of weird. Mordant Music have really come up trumps with this one, 'The Tower Parts VIII-XVIII' hits that place only certain records can reach and truly succeeds in its epic collision of sounds. I want to know what's in the water over at Mordant HQ to be honest, because to blend these kind of disparate influences together and come out with one coherent whole is a pretty stunning achievement, and when I say one whole I really mean it; despite being labelled VIII-XVIII, the album is one long 45 minute piece. It's funny too, although the press release seems to dwell on comparisons with Sunn o))) and the black metal scene the first thing I thought on listening to the record was a similarity to those Kraut gods Harmonia. Thinking about it too it makes perfect sense, in one way you could see the gloomy cover as looking similar to, say, a Burzum record, but looked at in another light it could equally be a Krautrock album from the early 70s. It's all here too - distorted guitars, equally distorted vintage synthesizers, cyclic drum machines, real drums... one minute you'll be listening to something that sounds like it's come straight from the bowels of hell and the next you'll be drifting into a psychedelic bliss. Something about the construction and overall sound also brings to mind 70s Italian horror film soundtracks; there are hints of Fabio Frizzi's spooky work on 'The Beyond' and more than a mere trace of Riz Ortolani's killer (hah) mood-swinging on 'Cannibal Holocaust' and that's no bad thing for a rabid gore hound like myself. The fact that mid-way through the record you're launched into an epic celebration of pure, dark drone is just the icing on an already well-iced cake, it's like these people have read my mind and come up with an album just for me. With all these sounds being explored in one place it would be so easy for an act to slip up, make a wrong move and spoil the whole thing, but honestly they blend the sounds so perfectly it seems like they were always meant to be together. That's why it would be lazy to simply say it sounds 'a bit like Sunn o)))', because as good as Sunn o))) are, their records sound very specific and come from a specific genre - 'The Tower' inhabits a different part of the universe altogether. If you're looking for something exciting, unexpected and hugely enjoyable you've come to the right place - a massive recommendation! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Matthew Herbert and His Big Band Return

Matthew Herbert will release his latest Big Band album There's Me and There's You in October. A collection of protest songs, the album has been promised to put together a bit of "lush jazz instrumentation, soulful vocals, fascinating rhythms and a secret underground arsenal of outlandish samples." That much, of course, is what we've come to expect from Herbert. (Honestly, what would a Herbert album be without the sampled sound of 70 condoms being scraped along the floor of the British Museum?) But what makes this particular release different from his 2001 album Goodbye Swingtime is the reliance on lyrics, which center around various controversial topics like the war in Iraq, torture, climate change, and religion. Heavy stuff.And it's stuff that is done in heavy collaboartion with Eska, a London-based artist who has worked with David Sylvian and Tony Allen, among others. in ra


Thursday, August 14, 2008

MODEL 500 - Starlight (remixes)

MODEL 500 - Starlight (remixes) (Echospace US) Comentários: When Juan Atkins first released "Starlight" back in 1995 it came as a bit of a shock - here was one of the most emotive, memorable and spacious techno tracks ever written. Flip that hallowed twelve over and you'd find the story got a whole lot better - with Maurizio offering up one of his lesser known but deeply inspired remixes, a track that in the years that have passed has truly become part of techno folklore. Fast forward 12 years later and you find yourself with this deeply impressive doublepack, headed by the original version of "Starlight" (seriously - every home should own a copy of this track - and we totally mean that) and a set of remixes from the dub techno scene's most important characters : Deepchord, Convextion, Soultek and Echospace. Of course remixing such an iconic, flawless track is in some ways a thankless task, but the results here often verge on the inspirational, particularly on the towering Deepchord Mix that somehow manages to distil the foreboding calm of the original and inject it with staggered BASS menace that stretches itself over 12 minutes of total bliss. Convextion, meanwhile, opts for an unexpected turn with a track that's best described as spiritually connected to Kompakt's Schaffel templates, a stomping reduction that will come as a welcome surprise to all you obsessives out there studying this guy's every move. Steve Hitchell propels the track into a midnight electro blueprint in widescreen - the seminal chords of the original forming the emotive core of the track while a lilting piano line weaves in and out of the crisp percussion, while the twin Echospace excursions emerge from deep in Modell and Hitchell's analogue studio - with one track constructing an ambient haven out of the original, while the latter ends us off with the most upfront, padded techno track on board. Pressed up on a limited edition run of 1000 copies only FOR THE WORLD on gorgeous smokey grey vinyl - don't hang about with this one if you don't want to miss out, we have VERY FEW copies left. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Autechre - Dropp


Kangding Ray - Quarante

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Burial drops the mask

Burial's profile picture on his myspace has changed to one of, presumably, himself (see above). This mugshot doesn't come as that much of a shock - it's kind of exactly as we'd imagined him - but surely it threatens to dim his music's special aura? I mean, wasn't Burial meant to be a ghost or something? Or perhaps the mystery surrounding his identity had actually begun to detract from the purity of the music? That's the implication of yesterday's blog post, which is entitled 'Tunes': for a while theres been some talk about who i am , but its not a big deali wanted to be unknown because i just want it to be all about the tunes.over the last year the unknown thing become an issue so im not into it any a lowkey person and i just want to make some tunes, nothing else. my names will bevan, im from south london, im keeping my head down and just going to finish my next album, theres going to be a 12" maybe in the next few weeks too with 4 tunes. hope u like it, i'll try put a tune up latersorry for any rubbish tunes i made in the past, ill make up for ita big big thank you to anyone who ever supported me, liked my tunes or sent me messages, it means the world to mebig up everyone, take care, will ( burial ). So there you go. Not Aphex, not Cook, not Kode9 and not Goldie, just a sound-seeming bloke from South London called William Bevan (meaning that this was true after all, and the speculation that he’d deliberately credited himself as a funeral director or a dead man – hence the name Burial – was merely that). in fact magazine

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Loony Lobster ~ Hamburg, Germany

Teddy Troops Design Contest. More info »» [here]

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


A GUY CALLED GERALD feat MIA - In Ya Head (Perlon Germany) Comentários: When sonic pioneers collide in an ideal setup within club culture dynamics, they do not just produce dents on the floor, but in fact amalgamate in a pliant way to stretch the space-time continuum by means of enrichment through sound. And knowledge. were we have such a mighty hook up: Gerald Simpson is known to be an innovator of electronic dance music. Starting with Manchester-based 808 State in 1988, sparking the fire of Voodoo Ray Acid Soul, measuring the Black Secret Technology jungle, finding the Essence of song based dance via New York City, he continues pushing evolutionary music processes since taking up residence in Berlin. Now he joins forces with the Perlon visionary community of unfathomable deepness and unrivalled sound design always leaving room for novelty, scientific curiosity and blasting mind frames. in decks [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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PORTABLE - Knowone Can Take Away

PORTABLE - Knowone Can Take Away (Perlon Germany) Comentários: Alan Abrahams, that’s the man behind Portable, born and raised in South Africa, where he started to produce music in the 90’s. 1997 he moved to London. After several releases on Labels like Context or Background, he started his own imprint “Süd Electronic” around 2002. Another Project named “Bodycode” was born and found a home at USA based “Spectral", the sisterlabel of Ghostly.His first “Portable” album was released at the end of 2007 through “Süd Electronic". Now Perlon is more than happy to welcome mister Abrahans on board with this incredible deep 12″ entitled “Knowone Can Take Away". Two songs for eternity! in wordandsound [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Grizzly Bear's New Tees

It's hard not to have Grizzly Bear's music on repeat—it's pretty, haunting, and catchy all at once. Now fans have a new way to show their affection for the band with the release of two new T-shirt designs, available next week, by artists J. Penry and Brendan Donelly. Penry is known for his engrossing and subversive illustrations, as well as his quirky, Daily Candy-endorsed pet portraits. He delivers a mix of just that for his tee's design, cramming an army of cats on the bottom, and a huge three-eyed Persian on top. Donelly, a seasoned T-shirt designer, doesn't skimp on the strange either, using a two-headed trout splashing from a river for his piece. Even someone who's never heard Grizzly Bear would want to wear these frighteningly good works of art. The Grizzly Bear T-shirts will be available on their website next week. For more information, visit . in refinery29

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Puma x Atmos x Mitsuaki Iwago : Endangered Species Asia Pack

Puma's second series in collaboration with NYC store Atmos and National Geographic photographer Mitsuaki Iwago drops, doubling the small collection from three to six. In addition to the noble purpose of building awareness surrounding endangered animals throughout the world and bringing to light the significance of their possible extinction, we think they make pretty good-looking pairs of kicks. (Click images for detail and check out one more image after the jump.) Each different style interprets the respective animal, using that animal's body and characteristics for colorways and patterns. Also, each shoe's insole will include a high quality photograph of the animal taken by Mr. Iwago himself. As an added little bonus, the soles of the shoes glow in the dark! The Polar Pack, which came out last June, focused on endangered polar animals. It featured the Polar Bear, the Harp Seal and the Macaroni Penguin. The new additions, grouped in the Asia Pack, center around endangered animals on the Asian continent. It will include the Golden Monkey (middle), the Giant Panda (bottom) and the Crested Ibis (top)—all are either Clydes or Puma Mids.

Line up at Atmos in New York and Ubiq in Philadelphia. Ranging from around $125-150 (depending on where you buy them), these shoes are a great way to raise interest around the problems facing endangered animals—and to look great while doing it. in cool hunting

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LINKWOOD/FUDGE FINGAS/DISCREET UNIT - Lost Experiment (Prime Numbers) Comentários: Prime Numbers return. Following on from the highly acclaimed debut release Prime Numbers bring three more essential productions. Tip!Linkwood – Lost. Experiment: Linkwood provide a deep & subtle production in the vein of Basic Channel and Deep Space. Drums and keys crack and fizzle above layers of submerged bass augmented by haunting effects and vocal samples.Fudge Fingas – DinDins4Dada:Linkwood collaborator and member of Found from the mighty Fence Records weighs in with a soulful electro funk production utilising clipped drums and an extra wide bassline. Fudge Fingas’ vocals provide an addictive harmony before eulogising on the idea of going to eat some tea !Discreet Unit – Written In Our Nature:A loose and raw Detroit beatdown style track with hefty stabs, 909 drums and large amounts reverb and echo throughout. The tracks classic sound is reinforced with the use of rousing Martin Luther King vocal samples which give the track its title. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Level - Brasil

You can see more of Level's work here.

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MOMO and Melissa Brown

In June and July, MOMO and Melissa Brown have been collaborating on a new project for the Espeis Gallery in Williamsburg. The gallery brought their thirty foot long drawing inside and are having an opening for it this coming Saturday June 12th 7-9pm.For the month of June Melissa and MOMO have been destroying each other's paintings (every odd numbered day for the month of June) on the wall outside the gallery, called Espeis Outside. This space was started by WK when he mounted the painting he did for Obey vs. WK in Tokyo on the exterior wall of the Espeis Gallery as part of his December show. The evolution of that space since December is documented here. MOMO and Melissa have built a show around this street painting battle. A collaborative screenprint that will be released via the Gallery website on Saturday night. in wooster collective

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Mundo Urbano Podcast #05

01.Autistici - Broken Guitar Violin
02.Foetus - Pareidolia (Fennesz mix)
03.Vanqueur - Antistatic
04.Nico Muhly - Mothertongue pt.1 - archive
05.Arovane - I.o
06.Bitstream - Ice Core Laboratory
07.Pendle Coven - Golden Hadron
08.Kangding Ray - Automne Fold
09.O - S-Bahn
10.STL - All We Need
11.Iñaqui Marin - Eva Bex
12.Pendle Coven - Jaunty Angle (Claro Intelecto remix)
13.Shifted Phases - Flux
14.Claro intelecto - You not me
15.Plant 43 - Gas Frame Canal-Loyalty
16.Pole - Mädchen (Gudrun Gut abc mix)
17.Mikkel Metal - Conceal
18.Atheus - Basic Reaction
19.Ovatow - Visitation
20.Najem Sworb - Verladcre-1real
21.Mariel Ito - Lone Romantic
22.Byetone - Grand Style
23.Mike Manning - Insect Potentiality Boss