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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

JK FLESH - PI 04 (Pi Electronics Greece)

JK FLESH - PI 04  (Pi Electronics Greece) Pi Electronics reaches its fourth release with PI04 and welcomes on board the legendary figure of Justin K. Broadrick, also known as JK Flesh. Broadrick, whose name relates to the Birmingham industrial Metal band Godflesh, as well as Napalm Death, Jesu and more, delivers an EP of 3 original tracks under his electronic music moniker of JK Flesh. Informed by industrial, dub, power electronics and the extreme excesses of electronic music driven by beats and bass, JK Flesh presents different sides of his repertoire. California based Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant, co-founder of the ground-breaking Jealous God and Sandwell District imprints and known for his minimal wave-indebted techno sound, offers an atmospheric electro remix of Broadrick’s PI04.2.

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CAPABLANCA - Dance Dance Dance Dance (Discos Capablanca)

CAPABLANCA - Dance Dance Dance Dance (Discos Capablanca) Hugo Capablanca has been measured in his approach to releasing music of his own. While his label continues to grow in stature, fresh Capablanca material doesn't come along every day, and this salvo on Disco Catorce is a welcome fix. Lipeli's "Paper Sound Dub" of "Lap Dance" is a killer restrained roller that leans towards heavily percussive disco and bug-eyed 70s sound FX. "Track 2" finds Capablanca getting heavy with the signal processing, creating a right racket in the process. Alessandro Adriani's remix of "Dance Less" is a lean, menacing workout of wave-laced techno, and then YPY freaks the end of the record out with the "Exp Ver" mix of "Top Less". TIP!

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

DJ Nigga Fox • ‘WAABA-JAH’ (Video)

DJ Nigga Fox - ‘WAABAH-JAH’. Taken from the ‘Crânio’ EP, out now on Warp Records. The visual is a frenetic travelogue of DJ Nigga Fox’s global rave adventures and was assembled and processed by up-and-coming Lisbon based director Afonso Mota.

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Kйr - Imrali (Live At Medika Zagreb) (Creme Organization)

Kйr - Imrali (Live At Medika Zagreb) (Creme Organization) Released in a limited edition of 70 copies, available through mailorder only. Artwork made by Kӣr and printed on heavy duty paper. Recorded live during an Ekstrakt party, in the legendary Medika squat in downtown Zagreb. KӣR is the production moniker of WhyBaneWhy, resident DJ of Belgrade’s dankest technoclub, Drug§tore. Bane's sets incorporate a wide range of influences and travel far off the beaten path, drawing in influences from techno to new wave to power electronics, obscure ambient, folk music, twisted echoes found deep in lost wormholes and whatever else it takes to distort your feelings, lost and disorientated whilst working up a sweat. KӣR takes all this and pushes the envelope with punishing hardware. Its visceral music, embracing drones, repetition, rippling soundscapes and obscure sonic horizons, to boldly go where others throw in the towel. Recommended!

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

XOR GATE - Conic Sections (Tresor Germany)

XOR GATE - Conic Sections (Tresor Germany) «Gerald Donald (Heinrich Mueller, Arpanet, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya) initiates new alias Xor Gate with the 30 minute wormhole of Conic Sections.»
In linguistic or electronic logic, the XOR Gate designates a device, digital or grammatical, which outputs a value only when two differing inputs are fed into it. This can be summed up with the formula 'one or the other but not neither, nor both.' A conic section is a shape created as a plane intersects a cone. This can result in different figures such as a circle, an ellipse, a parabola or a hyperbola. Conic Sections is here composed of eight themes, or shapes, over which waveform and synthesis entirely merge with human emotions. The line is blurred. These eight themes are intertwined, forming one long musical string. The line is forever blurred. Conic Sections was commissioned by ArtCenter South Florida in Miami, for the AN IMAGE exhibit. 
«There are hints of Drexciya's alien electronics throughout, but little in the way of punchy TR-808 beats or booming bass. Instead, Donald treats us to a sublime selection of futurist soundscapes, experimental doodles, deep space ambient compositions and trippy, horror-influenced electronica. It's effectively the distilled essence of Motor City futurism with the dancefloor grooves removed and some creepy modular electronics thrown in. Which, we think you'll agree, is an enticing proposition.»

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Friday, April 20, 2018

CAM DEAS - Time Exercises (The Death Of Rave)

CAM DEAS - Time Exercises (The Death Of Rave) Cam’s disembodied music plays out a thrilling dramaturgy and syntax of alien dissonance and disorienting rhythmic resolution. Harmonic shapes as densely widescreen as those in Roland Kayn’s Cybernetic Music roil in unfathomable fever dream space, where massed batteries of synthetic percussion swarm like an orchestra of Cut Hands in viscous formation, and where polychromatic mentasm figures converge like cenobites laying siege to Rashad Becker’s utopia. On Time Exercises Cam articulates a synthetic musical language that speaks to the listener in myriad, quantum tongues awaiting to be deciphered by keen ears everywhere. It’s an outstanding record for lovers of forward-looking but deeply rooted electronic music.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

CRASH ID - Sacrificio (Private Selection)

CRASH ID - Sacrificio (Private Selection) LA’s Private Selection imprint returns; this time to shed light for the first time on a producer from Argentina who goes under the guise of ‘Crash ID’. All 6 tracks on PS003 are primed for the dance floor; touching on a kind of ritualistic, electro industrial body music that feels right at home with the current catalogue.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Danny Wolfers - Loch Ness Expanded Soundtrack (Nightwind Records)

Danny Wolfers -  Loch Ness Expanded Soundtrack (Nightwind Records) Cassette version of the Loch Ness videogame soundtrack originally released in 2012 on the legowelt website. Made with the mighty haunting SID chip on the Commodore 64 computer - Remastered and comes with new artwork and extra unreleased tracks! Free DL on Bandcamp.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Simon Haydo - The Illusion of an Alternative Choice (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

Simon Haydo - The Illusion of an Alternative Choice (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion) Crackshot wiry techno from Stockholm’s Simon Haydo, putting his trusted Korg MS-20 thru its paces for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion after showcasing the semi-modular synth’s myriad permutations on Avian, Hivern Discs and Studio Barnhus in recent years. Working shades away from Mannerfelt’s less-is-more style, Haydo becomes the latest in a line of producers stretching from Suicide thru Fad Gadget and Powell to fetishise and utilise Korg’s classic, tactile little box for everything from kick drums to melodies and anything between. However, The Illusion of an Alternative Choice would simply be an academic exercise in asceticism if it weren’t for the remarkable diversity of sounds Haydo generates from his chosen bit of kit. Like Lorenzo Senni with his Roland JP-8080, or Mark Fell with the Yamaha DX7, Haydo reveals a wealth of variation from the Korg MS-20, revelling in its textured gradients and tweaky integers between the pulsating, viscous morph and off-kilter dissonance of Let Know to the search & destroy ‘ardcore mentasm-style licks of Not For You?, thru the dry, blocky roller The Go!, to the sharp-cut jakbeat of Parade Of Unhappy and unstable cosmic fuss of Out. In effect, by proving you can create a whole record with lots of variation, but only using one synth, Haydo also cocks a cool snook at those n00b producers with expensive banks of kit who produce the most prosaic, tepid and gridlocked house - basically proving that it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it. Recommended!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

MOUSE ON MARS - Dimensional People (Thrill Jockey)

MOUSE ON MARS - Dimensional People (Thrill Jockey) The new album finds the Berlin-based duo reunited with Thrill Jockey, a powerful aesthetic partnership marked by such seminal albums as Radical Connector (2004), Idiology (2001), and Niun Niggung (2000). After a series of notorious dance floor releases, Dimensional People reveals them working deep within their own vernacular, digging into fertile terrain of their inexhaustible vault of digital and acoustic experimentation, and charismatically making elemental components new again. This album makes clear how their craft is of discovery, of finding new contexts for places, sounds, memories, sensations, ambiences, technologies, relationships, and of course, people. A number of prolific guests joined the production: Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Zach Condon (Beirut), Spank Rock, Aaron and Bryce Dessner (The National), Swamp Dogg, Eric D. Clarke, Lisa Hannigan, Amanda Blank, Sam Amidon, Ensemble Musikfabrik, and about 20 more musical collaborators. The cast of characters are as unique as they are vast, clearly a rich quarry for the prodigious duo. Dimensional People, initially titled new konstruktivist socialism, gives each participating guest a platform to imprint the album as whoever or whatever they want to be: a narrator, a perfect moment, a jam, an ensemble member, an abstract sound, a multiple persona, a mood, a soloist. Originally premiering as a spatial composition using object-based mixing technology playing with the possibilities of sonic design and collective musicianship, the recording expands upon these ideas. It is a conceptual puzzle composed around one harmonic spectrum within one rhythmic scheme, mostly in the tempo of 145bpm (inspired by Chicago footwork, so the dance floor is not entirely absent). Looking ahead, Dimensional People will also be realized through installation, presenting the work as an immersive listening experience, as well as performance. Recommended!

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MUNDO URBANO #27 (13/04/2018) for Radio Quântica


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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ANDREAS GROSSER - Venite Visum (Running Back Germany)

ANDREAS GROSSER - Venite Visum (Running Back Germany) Running Back welcomes Andreas Grosser for the start of it's non-dancefloor series 'Running Back Incantations'. Think Tornado Wallace's 'Lonely Planet' or Suzanne Kraft's 'Missum' who both would have been good and early contenders for a series like that, and you are half way there. Andres Grosser though, was 'there' and that way before. Probably best-known for his 1987 collaboration 'Babel' with Klaus Schulze, Grosser is a bit of a dark horse in the universe whose big bang was krautrock and that went on to be called cosmic, space music or simply new age.

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DANIEL FAGERSTRÖM - Synthesator Vol 4: Beyond Interstitial Space (Ufo Mongo Sweden)

DANIEL FAGERSTRÖM - Synthesator Vol 4: Beyond Interstitial Space (Ufo Mongo Sweden) Daniel Fagerström (Optic Nest, Skull Defekts, Members Of Tinnitus..) His own words; "Beyond Interstitial Space is a journey from the void between the human cells, passing both the sensors and the power plants before hitting a hard working molecule machine, piercing through the core and finally reaching the very centre of the cell." Recommended!

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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Various Artists - Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe (1980-1991) (Music From Memory)

 (Various Artists  - Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe (1980-1991) (Music From Memory Holland) Stellar picks from the MFM camp; 21 obscure, outward-looking and disco-leaning peaches plucked from Europe 1980-91, including big highlights such as Nightfall In Camp’s sultry smudge of computer tones and Lena Platonos-like vocals in ‘Cada Día’, a heavily seductive swooner ‘Listen Over The Ocean’ by Violet Eyes, and the brassy electro swang of Sound on Sound’s ‘Depression’ “Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 is the second multiple artist compilation on Music From Memory and is compiled by record connoisseur Raphael Top-Secret and label man Jamie Tiller. The compilation brings together twenty one tracks from across the continent; exploring the more unusual and unexpected sides of Pop music during that period. Drawing material from cult experimental artists such as Steve Beresford, Brenda Ray and Bill Nelson alongside one-off independent musical projects rescued from he fringes, ‘Unusual Paths’ focuses on a selection of tracks that go beyond the confines of mainstream pop music but which also transcend expectations of much of the ‘experimental’ music of the time. This is music with one foot in the avant-garde and another foot firmly rooted within the sensibilities of Pop; where jazz musicians detour into Synth-Pop, Punk bands break into Boogie jams, and student doctors jam out on off melodies with synthesisers and drum machines during their night shifts.” In Boomkat

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Sunday, April 01, 2018

M.U. Podcast #93 (April 2018)

M.U. Podcast #93 (April 2018) Cover Art by Vitor Serrano
00. Sombrero Galaxy - The Edge Of Space (Second Circle)
01. Red Hook Grain Terminal - Untitled 02 (Panatype)
02. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love Refrain (Geographic North)
03. Hvide Sejl, Varg, F. Valentin - Brazil (Posh Isolation)
04. Phrenic - Mischa (Down Low)
05. Red Hook Grain Terminal - Untitled 07 (Panatype)
06. Other Lands - Descent Into Nasqueron (Firecracker Recordings)
07. Anthony Linell - All Shall Burn (End) (Northern Electronics)
08. Caterina Barbieri - Scratches on the Readable Surface (Important Records)
09. Pleasure model - Alumni Precursor (100% Silk)
10. Plastic Sleeves - Message (Down Low)
11. Eomac - Don't Fear Your Own Heart (Injazero)
12. Sieren - Recall (Injazero)
13. DsorDNE - La Zona (Dark Entries)
14. DsorDNE - Dellito E Passione (Dark Entries)
15. Arne Weinberg - Arcadia (Frantic Flowers)
16. Milko & Mubare - Kokoma Ya--Ya--Ya (Music From Memory)
17. The Sun God (Hieroglyphic Being) - Analog Codes (Frantic Flowers)
18. Convextion - Stiletto Caress (For Yvette) (Frantic Flowers)
19. Telpor Nexus - Axxonz (Frequency Domain)
20. Alessandro Bosetti - Three Four (KRAAK)
21. Boli Group - Toxica (Posh Isolation)
22. C.Diab - For Another Body I Guess ( Injazero)
23. The Empire Line - Fast Foward ( Intet Glemt, Intet Tilgivet) (Northern Electronics)
24. Lolina - The Missing Evidence Not On Label (Inga Copeland Self-released)
25. Grouper - Parking Lot (Kranky)
26. Croatian Amor - New Year (Posh Isolation)
27. chikissecrets - Desire (Not Not Fun)

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sylvian & Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours

"Forbidden Colours" is a 1983 song by David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The song is the vocal version of the theme from the Nagisa Oshima film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (in certain territories retitled Furyo). It appears on the film's soundtrack album and was released as a single on Virgin Records in 1983 (the second collaborative single release by Sylvian and Sakamoto, following 1982's "Bamboo Houses").

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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Empire Line - Rave (Northern Electronics)

The Empire Line - Rave (Northern Electronics) The Empire Line present six cyclonic episodes for confined spaces on their debut album, ‘Rave.’ Comprised of Posh Isolation’s Christian Stadgaard (Damien Dubrovnik, Vanity Productions), Jonas Ronnberg (Varg), and with Isak Hansen (Iron Sight) on tantrums, the trio’s marauding live shows have been translated into a slippery set of pummelling techno works, watermarked with florid noise. ‘Rave’ is a celebration of contemporary rave culture, focused on the everlasting and transcendent as the night slips out past the day. With living-for-the-weekend hedonism irretrievably converted into a manicured, violent cliche, building new worlds and forging new modes of intimacy takes an exceptional sincerity. Naming some of the crews closest to The Empire Line in the album’s titles, their spaces are examples of just how rave culture persists as a transgressive stronghold in people’s lives. Ranging from k-hole anthems to jacking, close-range sessions, ‘Rave’ still bears the traces of the group’s experimental background, ensuring the tension is kept up through the catharsis. Fast Forward (Intet Glemt, Intet Tilgivet) Ipad Modernity - Powder O (For Vainio) Herrensauna Music For Catwalks Mirror Ball Santasies (For Eie) Fast Forward (Intet Glemt, Intet Tilgivet). Recommended!

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Profligate - Somewhere Else (Wharf Cat)

Profligate - Somewhere Else (Wharf Cat) Profligate's first full length since 2014, Somewhere Else deftly balances seeming opposites – chaos and composition, alluring melody and noise, programmed and live instrumentation, all with a distinctly human touch. Mastered by Carl Saff. Noah Anthony’s music ranges from heavily rhythmic electronics to tightly composed songs. In 2013 Profligate released the Videotape 12" (Not Not Fun) and full length Come Follow Me (More). The Red Rope EP (DKA) and full length Finding the Floor (Not Not Fun) followed in 2014. Profligate has toured the U.S. and Europe receiving acclaim for recordings and visceral live performances. Over the Summer of 2016 Profligate began operating as a duo featuring L.A. poet/musician Elaine Kahn on additional vocals and instrumentation. The Somewhere Else LP features tracks they worked on together as well as solo work from Anthony. Recommended!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lucy Railton- Paradise 94 (Modern Love)

Lucy Railton- Paradise 94 (Modern Love) Lucy Railton is a prolific performer who has appeared on countless recordings and collaborations with many important figures in contemporary music over the last few years. Paradise 94 is, remarkably, her solo debut - featuring archival, location and studio recordings which serve as a time capsule of all the myriad disciplines and influences that have brought her to this point in time. It both plays up to and shatters expectations of her music, which harnesses a duality of energies - acoustic/electronic, real/imagined, iconic/iconoclastic, pissed-off/romantic; out of place and androgynous - resulting in a visceral emotional insight and rare narrative grasp. Variegated, asymmetric, and located somewhere between her usual fields of exploration, Paradise 94 gives free reign to aspects of her creativity that have previously been subsumed into collaborative processes and interpretations of other composers’ work. Here, she’s free to probe, sculpt and layer her sounds through a much broader range of techniques and strategies, placing particular focus on non-linear structural arrangements and exploring the way her cello becomes perceptibly synthetic through collaging, rather than FX. At every turn Paradise 94 is bewilderingly unique. The A-side unfolds an oneiric, inception-like sequence traversing temporalities, timbres and tones from what sounds like a spectral ensemble playing on a traffic island in Pinnevik, to bursts of rabbit-in-headlights trance arps emerging from meticulously dissected musique concrète in The Critical Rush, and a collision of masked vocals, string eruptions and a deeply moving, light-headed Bach rendition in For J.R. On the other hand, Fortified Up on side B tests out a far rawer approach, sampling herself playing the same glissandi over and again, which she layers into a sort of perpetual, sickly motion, the Shepard Tone riffing on the listener’s psychoacoustic perceptions before calving off into a cathartic dissonant folk coda in its final throes. In the most classic sense, you can only properly begin to f*ck with something from the inside once you truly know it. Railton’s dedicated years of service have more than equipped her with the nous and skill to do just that, gifting us with what will no doubt be looked back on as a raw, exposed and important solo debut in years to come.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

M.U. Podcast #92 (Mar 2018)

M.U. Podcast #92 (Mar 2018) Cover Art by Vitor Serrano
01.Obtuse Produce - Sleepless Dream (DDS)
02.Datassette - Chi Sagittarii (Frequency Domain)
03.Telpor Nexus - Skutsvbno 0000 (Frequency Domain)
04.Hype Williams - Leimert (Big Dada)
05.Ossia - Red X (Blackest Ever Black)
06.Caterina Barbieri - Pneuma (Cassauna/Important Records)
07.Forest Drive West - Scafell Pike (Frequency Domain)
08.Leo James - Transit (MMODEMM)
09.Palmbomen II - In Bath With A Salmon (MMODEMM)
10.Sasha Renkas - Thomas In Canada (MMODEMM)
11.JING - 3mm (6dimensions)
12.Betonkust & Eilandnet - At Her Funeral (MMODEMM)
13.IVVVO - Prince of Grunge (Halcyon Veil)
14.IVVVO - V (Halcyon Veil)
15.Homeland (Carrie Mathison) - The Enemy Within (Character Study)
16.BLEID - Bad Vibes (Labareda)
17.DJ LOSER - END OF THE BOND 1 (Clan Destine Records) A - Alibi (Mannequin Records)
19.R-Zone - Hardcore Track (Creme Organization)
20.Luke Eargoggle - Professor Laphroaig (Brokntoys)
21.Hype Williams - Matding (Big Dada)
22.DJ STINGRAY - Assassin (Unknown To The Unknown)
23.Mappa Mundi - Trance Fusion (Hunee Tempo Edit) (Rush Hour)

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Mundo Urbano #26 (16/03/2018) at Rádio Quântica

Mundo Urbano Episode 26 Re Run (16/03/2018) on Rádio Quântica (Originally played in 16/02/2018)

01.German Army - Cochinat
02.Hodge - Beneath Two Moons
03.Annanan & Maroje T. - Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
04.Caterina Barbieri - Information Needed To Create an Entire Body
05.Phork - Undone
06.Infinity Frequencies - Cascading Rainfall
07.Sagat - Sigh
08.Ondness - a mantra for 2013
09.Basic House - No Lotion
10.Dean Blunt - I Run New York
11.Dean Blunt - V
12.1991 - Inside You (Infinity Freq. Edit)
13.Stefan Blomeier - Trance Regression
14.Wasted Nights - Palm
15.Cappo Blanco - O'love
16.Cappo Blanco - Kamilla
17.Cappo Blanco - Hi, Belmondo
18.Cappo Blanco - Amphibian
19.Sunday Morning - Let's Do It
20.SFV Acid - Library
21.Stefan Blomeier - Dream That Can Last
22.Frak - a1 Untitled
23.Parris - 2 Vultures (feat. O$VMV$M)
24.Theme - Passage 1
25.Theme - Passage 2
26.Theme - Passage 3
27.Cub - CU-1 (Original mix)
28.Regis - Blood Witness (Downwards Extended Version)

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

ALVA NOTO - UNIEQAV (Raster Noton)

ALVA NOTO - UNIEQAV (Raster Noton) Carsten Nicolai concludes Alva Noto’s UNI-prefixed release cycle with UNIEQAV, the 3rd and most dancefloor-focussed instalment of the series. The follow-up to Unitxt [2008] and Univrs [2011] pairs pendulous minimal techno and electro rhythms with wide, sheer electronic drones in a way that strongly recalls recent Monolake output as well as Ilpo Väisänen in full swang. Comparisons aside, though, it’s unmistakably Alva Noto.Pursuing the project’s roots in the dancefloor of Tokyo’s UNIT club to a satisfyingly logical endpoint, Nicolai rolls out 12 typically mercurial yet gripping sound designs defined by their fluid dynamics and seemingly fathomless dimensions intended to render the club or your head underwater, thanks to a still remarkable grasp of purified tonal minimalism/maximalism and studied sensitivity to proprioception.The results are filigree yet robust, firmed up for deployment on the sickest sound system you can lay your hands on, but also highly pleasurable in a headphone or sofa-inclined context, keeping us rapt and twitching from the dubwise plong and looming pads of Uni Sub and the Robert Henke-esque pressure systems of Uni Mia.The nervous skeleton of Uni Version flows into singular Alva Noto sounds in the jabbing pointillism of Uni Clip and the staggering scale of Uni Normal, with major highlights in the widescreen drama of Uni Blue, and footwork-like rapid movement join Uni Edit, while Anne-James Chaton’s vocal lend a sharp contrast in Uni Dna. Recommended!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect (Demdike Stare)

Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect(Demdike Stare) Out of print since 2014, Limited Edition Re-Press, edition of 500 copies. Includes an instant download of the full album plus 4 bonus tracks. Having released just one seminal 12" on Chain Reaction back in 2001, Shinichi Atobe was tracked down by Demdike Stare only to be found with a vast vault of unreleased material. This double-pack release brings together some cherry-picked morsels from this haul, shedding fresh light on the mysterious and alluring sound of an almost forgotten Japanese producer. There are more obtuse noise and industrial moments such as "Free Access Zone 4", while other moments are full of sweet and crisp house grooves with wistful atmospherics. The diversity on offer is quite something, but whatever style is tackled, Shinichi Atobe brings a haunting quality to bear on his music.

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Les Halles ‎– Home Away From Home (Carpi Records) ‎

Les Halles ‎– Home Away From Home (Carpi Records) French exoticist Baptiste Martin has been crafting fragile pastures of pan flute, field recordings, and stargazing keys as Les Halles since 2012, inspired by a formatively nostalgic night alone “watching the summer sky, thinking of all the mystery."Home Away From Home" was released back in 2013 on Carpi Records. 35 minutes of improvised hypnagogic and relaxing sounds. TIP! [Download it for free on Bandcamp]

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

MUTANT BEAT DANCE - S/T (Rush Hour Holland)

MUTANT BEAT DANCE - S/T (Rush Hour Holland) Mutant Beat Dance has returned with their debut self-titled 25 track album, a record album booklet consisting of 6 records in 3 different formats of 12"s, 7"s and 10”. Huge! The debut album from renegade trio Mutant Beat Dance (Traxx aka Melvin Oliphant, Beau Wanzer and Steve Summers) takes the wild and free sound of Chicago’s Music Box era into the 21st Century. Mutant Beat Dance was originally a duo made up of Traxx, and molecular biologist, Chicagoan Beau Wanzer. Traxx and Beau have been working on this concept in various forms throughout the last decade on solo and duo releases for Discos Capablanca, Rong Music, Hour House Is Your Rush Records, L.I.E.S, Light Sounds Dark, Rush Hour, Jealous God, Beau’s own untitled label and Traxx’s own Nation label. After this rack full of releases the duo began to refine their concept from 2015 on into its most thoroughly developed state – the result is this epic 25 track, 200 minute long debut M.B.D album for Rush Hour.Given the scope of the material for the project it became logical and necessary to expand the unit to include its newest member Brooklyn based Steve Summers known for his releases on Clone Jack For Daze, Confused House and others. Together this hard-working trio has completed an album with an enormous diversity of song styles unlike anything they have ever done before. Unique in its musical range and content from obscure electronics with subliminal messages to funk laden machine grooves, industrial soundscapes, Detroit dirge, cryptic ankle bitter anthems and beyond this is a genre-bending challenging monster of an album that may scare you at first but push forward and deep rewards lie within. Recommended!
via RH

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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Luke Sanger - Traversing Timelines (Frequency Domain)

Luke Sanger - Traversing Timelines (Frequency Domain) The eighth release on Frequency Domain is one of the label’s most hypnotic yet: a deep and potent collection of ambient worlds by Luke Sanger. The music on Traversing Timelines has an eerie, inward-facing energy, with its soft alphawave and sleepstate pulses playing off against roaming motifs and sharp, spiderwebbed melodies. The combined effect is transportive: music that seems to hover at the juncture between multiple levels of consciousness. Recommended!

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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Mahesa Almeida - A LT O/P A N (Hasana Editions) C32 (XVIII-II)

Mahesa Almeida - A LT O/P A N ( Hasana Editions) Mahesa Almeida is a visual artist, oblique musician and video game connoisseur from Jakarta. Previously known as half of a visual/sound bangers duo with his wife under the moniker Kracoon. Taking a lot of inspirations from the golden age of arcade culture, in this solo output, he revisited the archaic line between computer music and sound synthesizing, capturing soundtracks for/from a long lost space invaders cinematic. Recommended!

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“Joan” (aka Mind Safari) - ジョアン (Fungo Label)

“Joan” ジョアン is the debut album of Joan, composed and produced by the portuguese fellow João Melo (aka Mind Safari). Pads, textures in a world where there is no time and space. The album inccludes remixes by Farwarmth and Floresta Oblíqua. Art work by Nuno Patrício.  Joan is strongly influenced by the soundtracks of japanese video games, also tries to transmit tense as well as melancholic moments along rhythmic pieces that stand out on his music. Album released on Fungo Label, 03/03/2018. Cool Tip!

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ISMO LAAKSO - Ofelia (Sahko Recordings)

ISMO LAAKSO - Ofelia (Sahko Recordings) In a way that resonates with our most febrile musical dreams, Ofelia sounds like a scrambled radio transmission which modulates with jazz-wise logic and timing between myriad sources, juxtaposing their lopped ends in a spellbinding play of anticipation-baiting, oneiric logic. One moment we’re listening to an almost machine-like english vocal serrated by radioactive electronics (Translucent), while the next we’re in the midst of sloshing, unsteady breaks and ambient soul vocals joined by angelic, Hassell-style chorales (The Favourites of the Emperor), or disoriented by fusions of Finnish monologues with field recordings and visceral electronics (Koskenhaltija). Soon enough we’re drawn into a surreal scene of baroque and jazz-wise chamber music (Smell), and then what sounds like Charlemagne Palestine duetting with Maja S.K. Ratkje (Ofelia), and never with any kind of explanation or reason for how we got from points A to B. For some folk, that actually probably sounds like a nightmare, but if you’re a bit of weirdo, we reckon that it’s all is going to spin you out in the best sense.Very highly Recommended! in boomkat  

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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Christoph De Babalon - If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET])

Christoph De Babalon - If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (CFET) «A late ‘90s neo-noir ambient and D&B masterpiece - imagine if The Caretaker made fierce, unrelenting Jungle - fully remastered by Rashad Becker and reissued 21 years since its original release back in 1997.» Christoph De Babalon was a key member of Germany’s mutant splinter cells who fused UK rave music with more experimental, Teutonic techno, Ambient and hardedge politics to brutal effect during the mid-late ‘90s. 21 years later, this music has patently withstood the test of time, distinguished by a haunting atmospheric pallor and ruffneck way with Jungle that still makes us feel just as clammy and psychotic as when we first heard it (most likely on a trip to Berlin or via Christoph Fringeli’s invaluable C8 database). For us, If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It really distills a feeling of that era, as the utopian outlook of rave’s early years had evidently given way to something much darker, more maudlin, perhaps symptomatic of ennui with dance music’s hyper-commercial land grab, or even a pre-echo of pre millennial tension. Either way it provided the perfect soundtrack to ravers who were spending more time developing virtual lives online, or (speaking from experience) who weren’t yet old enough to go raving, but were shelled with media images and 2nd impressions of the culture, which had by then morphed into the prevailing trends of garage, trance, and prog house, and was but a ghost of its original, loony self. If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It therefore feels torn between extreme states. On the one hand it goes harder than the rest in killer rave moves such as the hardcore rattler Dead (Too), the epic amen + drone blow-out My Confession, or the cutthroat beast Water. But on the other, he goes darker, more haunting than the rest of his field with remarkable cuts such as the 15 minutes of billowing dark ambience that open the LP in Opium, or with the sublime, Gas-like suspension system of Brilliance, and the funereal, bombed-out bliss of High Life (Theme). De Babalon effectively plotted out terrain that bridged DJ Scud’s rugged jungle breakcore with soundscaping more commonly associated to Thomas Köner or Deathprod, and in the process set the ground for myriad contemporary producers and sounds ranging from Raime and Blackest Ever Black to Demdike Stare, Pessimisst and beyond. If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It was, and still is, a deadly statement of intent, whose rhetoric and aesthetic still strongly resonate with subcultural concerns in 2018. HUGE!!!! in boomkat

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Rabit - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil)

Rabit - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil) «...Rabit gestures his sounds with a remarkable freedom of rhythmic meter and freehand strokes that belies its meticulous construction below the surface. Cecilia’s vocals and the sharp strings of opener Possessed suggest the spirit of Baudelaire’s text heard at street level, while the dissonant stress of Bleached World - a secret weapon ’til now - expresses a beautifully bittersweet anguish, and the recursive curdle of Ontological Graffiti catches in the throat with uncannily emotive effect. The Whole Bag locates his firmest dembow rhythms, but buried under collapsing sidereal pressure, and Cecelia’s return in closer Elevation perfectly emulates something like new age tristesse, which defines the record’s humanity in the face of such uncompromising synthetic sensations». in boomkat

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Friday, November 03, 2017

Burial - Pre Dawn / Indoors (Nonplus Records)

Burial - Pre Dawn / Indoors (Nonplus Records) This is Burial as warehouse shadow dancer, properly committed to the heavy hours of the rave. Pre Dawn rolls out at 140bpm with something like Tango & Ratty’s “lost” garage project, as heard under a corrugated roof beaten by acid rain. The first breakdown could have feasibly appeared on some Untrue cut, while the final passage of soul-smacking pads and distant gabber kicks delivers the classic Bevan shiver. Indoors is perhaps meant to be what’s behind those booming kicks, on the other side of the door. Initially, furtively elegiac, it comes off as the more hardcore of the two thanks to a nagging vocal and marching, technoid rhythm, so vividly evocative of a steaming, classic rave in full rush that it’s no wonder Burial doesn’t bother with promo videos. Huge !!! in boomkat

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Friday, October 13, 2017

ROSS 154 - Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

ROSS 154 -  Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology) Emerging in the golden wake of Jochem Peteri aka Ross 154’s Strike reissue, legendary Dutch techno label Eevo Lute Musique present a reissue of the project’s stellar debut EP, Fragments [1993], newly remastered and retitled as the Hybrids EP for K. Degiorgio’s A.R.T. Crafted with the same live hardware process which he’s stuck to ever since, the EP oscillates between four lush ambient Hybrids vignettes and an equal number of perfectly dark, rugged techno-house and breakbeat mutations. The title tune is a killer twist on Suburban Knight-style 313 ruggedness, all churning toms and night-vision synths, whilst Remembrance slays with syncopated breaks and DX7 torque in a sport of parallel to UK hardcore and Autechrian AI, whereas Mayflower works between deep NYC house and some of the finest, kinkiest drums indebted to Derrick May.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa)

TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa) Too often these cross-continental projects can sound like spiced up tech-house, but not this time, as they find a fine, loose balance of vibes hingeing on the international language of dub, turning up heady vibes in
the sloshing rhythms and echoic space of Gormedzedze, strutting punk-funk-disco with gorgeous vox on Deka Wor Wor, and a superb mesh of live drums and minimal electronics in Cantata.Turn to the B-side and the EP really comes into its own with more psychedelic expressions in Outside Rhythm and the Sordid Sound System dub of Cantata, as dusk passes in richly evocative fashion with the star-gazing electronics and Regina Egbeako’s fragile lullaby are carried off into dreamscape on Agbe Me Nya Wo. In Boomkat Listen/Samples

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WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut)

WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut) Walter Gibbons was a crucially important figure in the history of dance music, one who has become particularly renowned for his pioneering of the remix as an art form. In addition to taking up residency behind the turntables at New York's Galaxy 21, Gibbons was among the first artists to make his own reel-to-reel edits of tracks, extracting the maximum dancefloor potential from the source material. He's also gone down in history as the first DJ to be given access to multitrack tapes, and his resultant remix of Double Exposure's 'Ten Percent' in 1976 might be regarded as the point of genesis for the remix as we know it today. The tag 'Jungle Music' was given to Gibbons' work due to the DJ's tendency to extend tracks to the ten minute mark with prolonged percussion sequences and tribal breaks. Across this double disc collection, the good folks at Strut have set about compiling Gibbons' key works through the 1970s and 1980s, taking in material from Gladys Knight and Bettye Lavette, but also the next generation's house, electro and post-punk, with works by Arthur Russell, Dinosaur L and Strafe among others. in Boomkat

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records)

GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records) Pairing poetically abstract, observational lyrics with exquisitely adroit drum programming and lissom synth contours dripping with hooks, Wilderness forms a subtle refinement of what we remember from Mara Barenbaum aka Group Rhoda’s earlier releases. And just like Heinrich Mueller, Group Rhoda effortlessly remains true to original ‘80s machine styles while patently refreshing their templates with timeless effect. One can hear it in the supple, acidic bent and deliquescent starburst dynamics of Trespass, in the almost digi-dub budge of The Ice House, and like Suicide in Detroit on June, while Mexi Meri is like a perfectly measured mix of Gina X Performance and Arpanet, and sea or Be Sea hints at a certain Patrick Cowley-esque subaquatic electro sensuality.Impeccable stuff! In Boomkat. Listen/Samples

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

ERRORSMITH - Superlative Fatigue (PAN)

ERRORSMITH- Superlative Fatigue (PAN) At long fucking last Errorsmith ( Erik Weigand) relinquishes his long awaited new LP for the good of the dance, twysting Black Atlantic rhythm patterns with computer music in a way that pushes all of our buttons at once. To be clear; Superlative Fatigue is a proper party record. Entirely written using Weigand’s self-developed Razor software (as wickedly deployed by Mark Fell on the Manitutshu album), it inventively gives voice to the impish computer spirits that have been dancing around his head all those years since his last solo output; For anyone into anything from Nídia, Equiknoxx, M.E.S.H., Marfox or Nigga Fox, this remarkable record is a real no brainer - one of the deadliest, freshest club records we've heard for years.In boomkat. Listen here

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