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SUNUN - Ooid (Bokeh Versions)

SUNUN - Ooid (Bokeh Versions) Sunun has a luring command of dials and limbs and drum skins that’s as grounded as it’s mystical - these machines have ghosts in them. Between Ooid’s modulated insect noises and crushed cymbals there are stories of when & why things were recorded that adds an aching humanity to the 5 machine dub pulses on her first official release. People who’ve seen her live have witnessed Sunun’s forest of wires and microphones and harps all feeding her 20 channel desk. She dubs it old-world style, but the results are always forward - making a 22nd century chorus from thousands of years of human feedback. The Sunun ecosystem is perfectly synthesized in Max Kelan’s unsettling VHS body-shot for ‘Dark Just’, filmed on location in Western Super Mare (mostly Pier 2).  Sunun’s a familiar shape in the shadows of Bristol’s sound circuit - from Kuumba Centre to Cosies to Trinity. Her monthly residency on Noods Radio is titled by the mantra ‘Everything is Drum’ - and plays …

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