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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delsin Night @ Panoramabar Berlin

Sunday, August 29, 2010

TeV95 - Crime Loops

<a href="">Majestik Minds by TeV95</a>

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TRANSILVANIAN GALAXI - Transilvanian Galaxi

TRANSILVANIAN GALAXI - Transilvanian Galaxi (Sex Tags Mania) Comentários: Issue number 20 on Sex Tags Mania with no other info than title Transilvanian Galaxi. Let's leave the theories run wild and just highly recommend this synth-electro bomb from Norway. A-side with probably the most obscure male-vox of Norway post-millenium! in shitfuckyou

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R-A-G - Redsquare

R-A-G - Redsquare (M>O>S Holland) Comentários: Four rough tracks by this new Amsterdam underground jacking crew, consisting of MOS label boss Aroy Dee, G-String, known from the infamous Intergalactic FM and Amsterdam's best kept production secret known as Marco Spaventi! Four times pure old school house beauty & energy! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, August 27, 2010

BIS Radio Show #535: Foolish Felix & Mark E

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walter Van Beirendonck: The Joy of Six

Not satisfied with being been known for inspiring and politicising fashion for nearly thirty years, or curating numerous exhibitions and publications that have seeded discourse on popular culture, Walter Van Beirendonck has also been heavily involved in the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art course since the late 80s. As is sometimes the case with high profile figures attached to subsequently high profile university courses, Walter has much more than a remote connection to the Academy. He is far from a guest lecturer, and in 2007 became the head of the department. Numerous forward thinking designers have studied under Walter at the Academy over the years including Bernhard Willhelm, Kris Van Assche, and Wim Neels. As we were interviewing him about his long-standing career for the September issue of Dazed & Confused, we decided to ask Walter to highlight a number of his current and recent students that you should definitely keep your eye on in the future. His selection of a few talented Antwerp students is Walter Van Beirendonck's own version of the Antwerp 6 in 2010. From today, and for the next five days, Dazed Digital will profile the students, giving you an insight into their inspiration and ambitions, plus images from their latest collections. [+Here]

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<a href="">Lets Build... by 10TH LETTER</a>

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oki-ni Launches The STYLED section

Very excited to share with you the launch of oki-ni's new STYLED section, which is an evolution of the previous styling shots oki-ni featured. STYLED is a coming together of like-minded people to present a unique and ever changing vision; a wearable presentation of looks pulled from our ever-changing brand mix. The first shoot was done with respected stylist John McCarty, known for working with i-D and Dazed&Confused magazines.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Donato Epiro says "My music is best understood by children and animals"... am I a child? Anyway the music behind this italian guy is quite special, exotic & animalistic. Find more about him on [Myspace] [Free Download]

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Monday, August 23, 2010

SHED - The Traveller

SHED - The Traveller (OSTGUT) Comentários: 'The Traveller' is simply the most anticipated techno album of the year, and probably one of its best. It's yet another pristine example of René Pawlowitz's dilated dancefloor scope, sourcing influences from '90s UK techno and hardcore to explore new routes around the signature 4/4 pulse of Berlin dance music. As with his massively acclaimed predecessor 'Shedding The Past', Shed seems completely at ease with the album format, offering a range of deadly, yet often brief ideas which add up to a personal and nostalgic comment on techno in 2010. That spirit of pre-'94 jungle and hardcore is written deeply through cuts like 'Leave Things', which initially sounds like a Japanese Telecom track before bursting into into a truly magnificent 'ardcore head rush, and then there's the vintage Reload-esque construction of 'Atmo - Action' and the hyperactive mentasms of 'No Way!' just in case you had any doubts about what makes this guy buzz. And in case if you were wondering, straight 4/4 tracks do make an appearance, bookending the set with the insistent momentum of 'My R-Class' and the celestial vectors of 'HDRTM', but the best bits are those shorter, dreamy 'ardcore snapshots like the vintage Carl Craig-esque sweep of '44A (Hard Wax Forever)' and the 'Polynomial C' style strings of 'Hello Bleep!'. Needless to say, fans of the previous album should be hugely satisfied, and newcomers should be investigating at the first opportunity. Recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Games - Heartlands

"Seeing as how Daniel Lopatin completely immerses himself in the alternate realities (read: songs) he creates as Oneohtrix Point Never, it's hard to imagine him working on anything other than those otherworldly soundscapes—let alone anything as upbeat as his Games project. The Brooklyn-based duo, which also includes Joel Ford (of Tiger City), recently released its first 7", Everything is Working, and the lush "Heartlands" is the b-side to that record. The song starts as a shimmering, sample-heavy dance tune, but slowly turns into an exploration of filtered atmosphere and cascading synth melodies. It's certainly nothing like Lopatin's solo moniker, but if we try extra hard, we can picture music like this playing in the dance clubs of Oneohtrix's hand-made dimensions." in xlr8r

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Cooly G - Up In My Head / Phat Si

Cooly G - Up In My Head / Phat Si (Hyperdub) Comentários: The UK's first lady of Funky offers two hip melting joints for Hyperdub. She's taken 2 minutes out from updating her facebook and twitter to grace us with another pair of effortlessly astounding riddims following last years killer 'Narst/Love Dub' set, which everyone rightly got the gush over. Again there's a masterful balance of light and dark, or sensuality and feisty aggression, at play here. 'Up In My Head' is helplessly loved up, caught in the raptures of swooning strings and sumptuously swung bass with those cascading machine rhythms yearning for able bodies to lock into their sinuous grasp. And if that's the foreplay, tings gets nastier with 'Phat Si', unloading the G-ruffest subs under metalic synth spasms and constantly unstable percussion imbued with that most unattainable element of squashed music found everywhere from Chicago house to Jungle, a febrile tension of psyched and hypersexual dancefloor interplay. Cool as f*ck, and ESSENTIAL, no less. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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FACT mix 177 – Solar Bears

This Friday’s FACT mix comes from Dublin-based duo Solar Bears. Recently signed to Planet Mu, we’ve been listening to this duo’s music non-stop of late – their Inner Sunshine EP, recently released with a remix by Lone, is more than healthy but it’s in their debut album, the forthcoming She Was Coloured In where the real Solar Bears treats lie. Inspired by the likes of Broadcast and Tangerine Dream, it’s an album of gentle synth-pop, swelling ambience and archaic Kosmische and prog that sits nicely next to recent work by Ratatat and Oriol, as well as Boards of Canada and Pivot. Compiled by the group’s Rian Trench, Solar Bears’ FACT mix features Harmonia ’76, Lone, Kate Bush, Fuck Buttons and more and is sounding pretty perfect to our ears this morning. Watch out for a full FACT interview with the pair in the not-too-distant future. [Download Here]

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balam Acab

The first official record for both NY witch-house producer Balam Acab and the Tri Angle label, the See Birds EP is turning out to be quite the proverbial 'feather in the cap' for all parties involved—not to mention the burgeoning genre itself. We've already heard a few of 18-year-old Alec Koone's tunes, and now we're treated to another before his EP drops on August 16. "Regret Making Mistakes" shows Koone working diligently with a delayed Banjo loop, buzzing basslines, slow-stuttering beats, and a number of twinkling, atmospheric melodies, all wrapped around a haunting, operatic vocal sample. And despite the meticulous labor spent tweaking each found element, Acab's production isn't overwrought with flashy effects pleading for your attention—as a whole, the song sublimely commands it. (via Pitchfork) [Free Download]

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


<a href="">ΞΔΞΔΞ by SPIDER▲WEBS</a>

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Todd Hido

"American Todd Hido is best known for his photographs of a haunting suburbia in ‘Homes At Night’. Widely exhibited in the United States and Europe, his eerie exteriors project feelings of unease and isolation, as the presence of people is devoid. Hido uses only available light and long exposures that make these saturated images almost glow off the print. His exploration into themes of loneliness continues through to his interior shots which are again absent of people, but suggest that a presence was once there – a door left ajar, a chair turned over, creased bedding. Less celebrated are his series of portraits, again set in vacuous places but this time with models. There is something intriguing about these that hold your gaze, as amateur, scantily clad models pose awkwardly for the camera." [+here]

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DJ Nate

DJ Nate, born Nathan Clark, grew up in the westside of Chicago. He is well known within Chicago for his Footwork Traks, which are instrumental tracks in the genre known as "Juke", made for Footwurking, or Jukin', a dance similar to Jit, which has it's roots in African dancing (according to conversations I've had with some of these guys). The Juke sound has its roots in Chicago House, Ghettotech, Booty House and is recognisably a manic sped up version of this. It is sometimes hard to draw a definite line between Juke and Footwork tracks but to generalise, Footwork tracks (or maybe the sort of Footwork tracks I'm interested in) utilise samples from pop and hip hop, pitching, layering and triggering them in a rhythmic manner, mirroring the rhythm of the feet in the dance. The dance battles mean that some of the tracks repeat the dancers' names in a kind of repetitive mantra, which i find hypnotising, sometimes the track will go through the names of an entire squad (Y.P.S, Heat Squad etc.) as they take the circle. This hypnotising quality combined with the sparser drum patterns, often with busy fills, relentless triplets and off-kilter accents, mirroring the speed of the dance, is what gives these Footwurk Traks their unique quality for me. DJ Nate releases his single "Hatas Our Motivation" and album "Da Trak Genious" in August and September respectively. Download "Make Em Run"

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PAUL A ROSALES - Wonder Wheel I

PAUL A ROSALES - Wonder Wheel I (Care In The Community) Comentários: "At it’s best though, Wonder Wheel I achieves something quite difficult. That is, Paul A. Rosales top-tier work sounds very much like effortless dicking around turned fruitful. Music like this makes parsing the worthwhile from the expendable a more difficult job than usual, but there are some clear winners here. 'Changed Faster' kaleidoscopically loops one hypnotic guitar pattern into another, leaving the listener mesmerized. 'No Worries' manages to build an eerie little universe unto itself without much more than a rising and cascading synth line, unpredictable drums and an inconstant organ. Cheaply made music can be heady, too". in stereosubversion

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Forest Swords - Rattling Cage

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Alexander Binder

"Born on Halloween in Germany's Black Forest, it's not really much of a surprise that photographer Alexander Binder has such an eye for the macabre. A fan of black metal and horror movies, his images range from sinister looking goats and owls to idyllic and yet disturbing rainbows, clouds and waterfalls. Binder has also dabbled in self-publishing and so far has put out three books, and he seems to be getting really busy. We got to speak about supermodels, symbolism, animal skulls and Sigmund Freud. Despite any preconceived notions one would expect after seeing his work, he's a pretty nice guy - a nice guy with a killer imagination." [+here]

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Friday, August 06, 2010

VARIOUS - Milano New Wave 1980-83 Redux

VARIOUS - Milano New Wave 1980-83 Redux (Spittle Italy) Comentários:At the behest of Italo legend Fred Ventura, Spittle Records turn our attention to under-reported new wave scene of Milan circa 1980-83. With a skillful mastering job from Giovanni Versari, we're presented with twelve tracks from four bands who never received the attention they originally sought or deserved due to media and music industry indifference. Stuck outside of the rock and pop centres of London, New York or Berlin these kids simply fulfilled their dreams as best they could, weaving post-punk/new-wave traces gleaned from import records into a slightly distorted mirror image of new wave. Jeunesse D'Ivoire offer the spindly drum machines and Liz Fraser-esque vox of 'A Gift Of Tears' and previously unreleased versions of 'Silent Imagery' and the charming New Order-alike 'Praise'. Other Side are a moodier post-punk bunch, fronted by the well-studied vocals of Danilo Carnevale and driven by melancholy jangle and live drums. State Of Art are revealed to be an canny hybrid of Talking Heads and ACR funk with defined Afro-Latin influences, and then there's La Maison. On 'Mercedes' they conjure a soundtrack to Kraftwerk kerbcrawling the red light district of Düsseldorf, while 'Igloo' comes from a stranger place informed by Devo and NY No-wave. Praise is due to Ventura and Spittle records for releasing this highly desirable object! TIP! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, August 05, 2010


<a href="">13093 by LAKE R▲DIO</a>

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Twin Shadow

Hailing from NYC, George Lewis Junior has been causing a stir with his alias, Twin Shadow. Alongside remixes for the likes of Lemonade, Bear In Heaven and (the soon to be featured on Dazed Digital) Surfer Blood, his track 'Yellow Balloon' and 'Castles In the Snow' caught considreable attention, serving as the prelude to a forthcoming LP of new songs that’ll be released through Chris Taylor’s (Grizzly Bear) Terrible Records later this year. A double A-side single will be the 'poppy but peculiar' introduction for what's to come from Twin Shadow. in Dazed [Free Download]

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STEVE POINDEXTER - Phase II (Muzique US) Comentários: Classic Chicago House (Original pressing: 1993), limited 12" edition. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hard Mix