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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SHOCKING PINKS - This Aching Deal

SHOCKING PINKS - This Aching Deal (DFA) Comentários: New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks are the most typically “indie-rock” band yet signed by dance titans the DFA. But where the label’s last rock band signing, Prinzhorn Dance School, was a total sonic curveball, it’s not hard to see the Kiwis’ appeal to James Murphy and his mates. “This Aching Deal” from the impending Shocking Pinks compilation sounds like a bedroom savant recreating an early New Order track on a Top Ramen budget. Singer Nick Harte (ex drummer for cute overload trio the Brunettes) mumbles his way through, leaving the ache articulation mainly to the chiming guitar lead and hurried beat. As the glorious vagueness of the title suggests, emotional resonance doesn’t demand minute detail. nota do editor [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

Monday, August 27, 2007

SORCERER - White Magic

SORCERER - White Magic (Tirk) Comentários: With White Magic, Bay Area resident Sorcerer (a.k.a. Daniel Judd) has created the definitive Pacifica album—Balearic beats done West Coast American style with sonics as clear and sunny as they are dubby and laid-back. It even opens with the sound of crashing waves and seagulls. “Surfing at Midnight” is Judd’s signature tune: A gorgeous slow bassline burbles under clean spare guitar strums, palm-muted lead guitar and warm analog synth chords. Judd’s secret weapon is his guitar. The aural equivalent of a half-melted ice cube in a glass of white wine, his playing is smooth, understated and hovers on just the right side of classy. Many slow-electronic music producers have started incorporating guitar solos into their work as a misguided stab at DJ Harvey–esque eclectism, only to fall woefully short of their mark. Judd cut his teeth in the pop group Call and Response and knows exactly how to stay in the pocket but still keep things colorful. The muted licks in “Egyptian Sunset” are percussive and melodic like that of a disco Steve Cropper, while “Slow Burning Hands” simultaneously evokes both the Pygmalion-era shoegaze of Slowdive and Chicago’s own Sam Prekop. White Magic grows more enchanting with repeated headphone sessions or as a sushi-eating backdrop. Like the best music from Brian Eno or Radiohead, it stands in the spotlight as easily as it works coolly in the background. It sits comfortably next to Boards of Canada’s Music Has the Right to Children, Air’s Moon Safari and Cluster’s Zuckerzeit. File under: Future Classic. in time out chicago [Para Ouvir]


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Destaques: Dubstep

ORIEN - A Distant Place (Art Recordings) Comentários: Another debut twelve from another freshly minted dubstep imprint - Art Recordings. The man behind the controls here is London's Orien, here operating with strange, welcome fusion of traditional bass/drop structures and plastic melodies that evoke a strange mix of Eastern, military and arcade game soundtracks that aren't half expected but which tag themselves stubbornly to your mind after a quick listen. B-side track "A Distant Place" is the stronger of the two - a quietly uplifting melodic vibe guiding the track like a thick ray of sunshine over the horizon, with another unexpected use of disjointed sounds making up the body of the track. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
KROMESTAR - Spaceman (Kromestar Recordings) Comentários: Debut release on Kromestar's very own eponymous imprint, kicking of with the title track in a rough & tumble stylee, full of distorted stabs and heavy drops - a style Kromestar has very much made his own over the last few months. "Serial Killers" on the flip is much edgier, a 2-step blueprint providing structure for some well placed hoover stabs and complex percussion, wobble styles. "Zap Dance" ends the twelve with its most upfront number - a brash 4/4 kickdrum and some spooked-out snake-charming business stepping up to the dance. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
GATEKEEPER - Let Go (Punch Drunk) Comentários: Gatekeeper was last seen manning a side of a split twelve with Shackleton for Skull Disco, with this being his debut for Bristol's much loved Punch Drunk imprint. "Let Go" on the A-side borrows heavily from Alicia Keys' "Falling" for an atmospheric number dominated by evocative strings and a cinematic edge that works a treat. "Tense Past" on the flip, meanwhile, is just immense - dominated by midnight dub stabs and complex percussion, it's the kind of track that takes a few sessions to fully absorb, not unlike Shackleton's best, but rewards with an ample supply of freshness and individuality. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
L WIZ - Centurion (Dub Police) Comentários: Latest transmission from Scandinavia's L-Wiz, opening up with the sino-structures of "Centurion", an atmospheric half-stepper powered by mellow flutes and snare-snaps - one for the nether regions of the night. "Girl From Codeine City" on the flip is more dubwise, a nice line in stretched strings and bass progressions setting the scene for some midnight saxophone action that you just wouldn't expect. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Saturday, August 25, 2007

"La Movida" por Almodóvar

Friday, August 24, 2007


GARNIER, Laurent /BUGGE WESSELTOFT /PHILIPPE NADAUD /BENJAMIN RIPPERT - Public Outburst (F Comunications) Comentários: A deluxe retrospective of the work produced by legendary French techno producer Laurent Garnier here accompanied by keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft, bassist Philippe Nadaud, and keyboardist Benjamin Ripper this album is proof that jazz and techno can be mixed. Note I didn't say that it was proof that it works, but like so many combinations of strange bedfellows it has to be attempted before we can make any kind of reasoned decision on the matter. Occasionally this hits the nail squarely on the head, notably on the opener '63', but all too often we end up with a somewhat cacophonous and somewhat dated mess 'M Bass'. Still with an audio cd and video cd it's wonderfully presented and there's plenty to sink your teeth into. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Thursday, August 23, 2007


BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM - Re:Actions Of Light (Soul People) Comentários: RE:Actions Of Light - The first full lenght project from BJC on Soul People Music is a celebration of the ending of the old and the begining of the new. From track 1 Blessings, a vibe filled, lush and meditative tune to track 11 GOD's Promise, a thumping war cry for the those that still have faith in the all mighty Creator Of All The Worlds, there is a common theme. "My personal view is to use what was giving to me to use to make a positive contribution to the world". Simple yet truer than most coming from a man that is all about his sound, space and vibe. With a very rigerouse recording schedual, indie lable and new internet radio show begining this fall it's no wonder why this gentleman has so little to say and yet so much to offer. "In a world of so much uncertainty and hoplessness messages of hope are hard to come by. I myself don't really partake in mainstream media and when I do I find the messages to be of a selfish nature, aggressive and provocative. What do you do? You can't turn off real life, can you? We are all in the dark in more ways than one. It's up to us as indiviuals to RE:Act to the light and not the otherway around. Deepness abounds in this soul journey from everlasting to everlasting, there will always be messengers, prophets and seekers untill that final hour". What will you choose? RE:Act to the light... in soulpeoplemusic [Para Ouvir]


MADLIB - Beat Konducta Vol 3-4: India

MADLIB - Beat Konducta Vol 3-4: India (Stones Throw) Comentários: Otis Jackson Jnr. must have a good stash of amphetamines to manage this many releases, I mean he's almost reaching Merzbow levels of productivity (and something tells me we only see a mere fraction of his output) - this week alone we've got two full length joints from the feller, but when it's this good who's complaining? This two-part collection of the latest in the Beat Konducta series finds our man travelling across to India for influence, and far from the trite misadventure into cultural misrepresentation this could have been it's actually a rip-roaring journey through sitar drenched funk and tabla-hop. Okay I may have invented that last one, but if you ever wondered what Madlib would sound like using only 60s-70s Bollywood samples then here's what you've been waiting for. The Jackson Jnr. fingerprints are still audible from the off, those tight singing basslines and clipped snares, but in place of the soul, jazz, kraut and easy listening samples are swooping strings and Hindi vocals. What makes me so interested is that with one record Madlib has shown that 'Eastern' samples can be used without sounding trite, lumpen or cynical - a far cry from so much dubstep out there for instance. I guess that's what makes the man such a good producer. At 34 tracks I'd like to say there's something here for everything, there isn't of course, but for Madlib fans it's a veritable treasure trove of pure, unadulterated HEAT. Like his brother's collection of Middle Eastern breaks last week, Madlib has done something astonishing and subtle with the source material and this is going to be near my cd player for some time to come. Heavy from start to finish, with more than a fair sprinkling of Garam Massala. Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Radio Show #10 Especial Techno...

01.Daypak & Padberg - Close Up
02.Rework - Love Love Love Yeah
03.DJ Minx - Walk In The Park (Matthew Dears Park Closes At Dusk mix)
04.Skat - Droplets
05.Dominik Eulberg - Björn Borkenkafer
06.The Aces Of Clubs - Acid Dream
07.Kirk De Giorgio - Rumours
08.Carl Craig - They Were
09.Heath brunner - There was a day
10.Robert Hood - Interior Suspect

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

REWORK - Love Love Love Yeah

"Welcome return for the Rework supergroup on the ever groovy Playhouse - you know what you're getting here, or should do by now - 007 floor ready to go disco, and you gotta love a tune with the chorus "Love love love yeah!", uttered by the most deadpan germanic voice since the Flying Lizards assaulted james brown. "So cold" squares this with some isolationist punk-funk recorded in a bathroom, so cold in fact its very cool indeed." in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Sonic Fresh 2007

"Pelo sexto ano consecutivo o Sonic Fresh encontra-se com o Tejo, em formato open air e com uma programação com a qualidade a que nos tem habituado. Desta feita é a vanguardista estrutura do Kubik a acolher a tour de lançamento de “Happy Birthday!” o mais recente trabalho das novas estrelas internacionais os Modeselektor, a que se junta a grande revelação de 2007, Maxime Dangles."

Monday, August 20, 2007

HONIG, Ezekiel - Scattered Practices

HONIG, Ezekiel - Scattered Practices (Microcosm Music) Comentários: Ezekiel Honig is one of those rare producers who has stumbled across a sound and just run with it, I say rare because in the electronic music world it is becoming increasingly more difficult for artists to find a voice. Indeed much of what used to be known as 'electronica' has now fallen away leaving only the hardcore (and the dubstep producers) still badgering away at the style, and Honig is nothing if not driven. This drive totally pays off though, and just as with the effort he puts into his two labels Microcosm and Anticipate we see the hard work shining through on 'Scattered Practices', his third full length solo album. As with his previous works he shows a similar aesthetic as influential electronica guru Matthew Herbert, but where Herbert frames his work in funk and choppy jazz, Honig instead looks to ambient soundscapes and the most minimal of techno. Don't however assume this is a 'minimal techno' record, sure Honig uses 4/4 beats but at no point do I think they're to make you dance, rather they're used in the tradition of Signer (circa 'Low Light Dreams') or Gas, to punctuate the ambience and accentuate the soundscapes. So amongst the harmonic bliss of Rhodes and decaying synthesizer lead we have the clatter of household objects and processed field recordings, which gives a playful edge to what could so easily be austere and robotic. This playfulness is what makes 'Scattered Practices' so effortless and enjoyable to listen to, and on repeat listens the tiny details get embedded in your consciousness. It might not be the right time for electronic music right now, but there are still some producers getting it just right, and Ezekiel Honig is one of those gifted few - those of you who enjoyed the fantastic 'Airships Fill the Sky' from Honig's occasional collaborator Morgan Packard will just fall in love with 'Scattered Practices'. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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POP DELL'ARTE - Querelle

Portugal era um sítio muito estranho em 1987. Para aqueles de nós que viveram a época já com actividade visível na sociedade (ou, enfim, fora dela), a comparaçáo com a actualidade, 20 anos depois, é chocante, porque de repente parece que estamos a pensar como os nossos pais faziam na altura. Falavam de coisas que já não existiam, outras coisas eram completamente diferentes, mas a música continha ainda suficientes possibilidades de evolução que, hoje em dia, são reduzidas ou, em certos sectores, quase inexistentes. A ideia de pop em português parecia ainda ser uma derivação da pop anglo-saxónica, apesar dos sucessos dos GNR e Heróis Do Mar, por exemplo. Mas eram bandas como os Mler Ife Dada e Pop Dell Arte que, imaginando os seus universos de forma extremamente pessoal, acabavam por criar algo que, não sendo genuinamente português, era genuinamente seu. Mler Ife Dada venceram o primeiro concurso de música moderna no Rock Rendez Vous, em 1984. Pop Dell'Arte participaram no segundo concurso, em 1985, e venceram o prémio de originalidade. «Querelle» estava incluído no alinhamento do concerto. Sofreu várias transformações até à edição em maxi em 1987, e é essa versão que se reproduz neste maxi da Bloop, acompanhada de uma remistura dos Glimmers no lado B. «Querelle» existe numa zona já fora do auge punk funk (aconteceu uns anos antes), pré-house (estava a acontecer nesse momento mas longe de ter ainda impacto em Portugal), o baixo era funk (a banda também ouvia Prince, James Brown e, mais relevante para «Querelle», os A Certain Ratio), e João Peste transplantava para o esqueleto rítmico o surrealismo que seria uma das marcas de Pop Dell'Arte. Não havia nada parecido. Ainda hoje, «Querelle» começa e acaba em si próprio. Podia ter sido remisturado por Prins Thomas (esteve próximo), mas foram os Glimmers a fazer uma versão New Beat Flash Card, com total respeito pelo original. Como sempre se desejou, a introdução foi esticada. O respeito pelo original decorre também do facto de não existir uma master em multi-pistas, pelo que não seria possível trabalhar os sons em separado, apenas reformatar o conjunto sonoro já existente como se de um re-edit se tratasse. Glimmers incluiram a versão de Pop Dell'Arte para «No Way Back» no seu set para o Fabric, e a sua versão de «Querelle» será parte do número cinco da série de compilações que fazem para a Eskimo. História em eterno ciclo. E lembrem-se que devem existir cerca de 2500 cópias do maxi original nas casas de pessoas por aí, mas dificilmente alguém venderá a sua. + info»» aqui: [Para Ouvir]


Sunday, August 19, 2007

INTALEX, Marcus/VARIOUS - Fabriclive 35

INTALEX, Marcus/VARIOUS - Fabriclive 35 (Fabric) Comentários: Continuing Fabric's hugely successful run of mix cd's comes this latest edition from Manchester drum 'n bass pioneer Marcus Intalex, a man known for putting the soul back into drum 'n bass. It wasn't all that long ago when drum 'n bass was all growling basslines and an almost heavy metal styled agression, but with Marcus Intalex and his Soul:r label and Soul:ution clubnights he managed to infuse the choppy beats with piano, vocals and warm pads. We've got cuts here from Jonny L, Calibre, Breakage, Mistical, Deadly Habit, Commix, Lynx and more and if you like your d+b with a little more soul, you know where to look. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Cospe Aqui (Marco Mendes e Miguel Carneiro)

Seria bem simples se existisse uma infalível categorização de princípios e parâmetros que nos ajudassem a dizer se uma obra de arte cumpre o seu papel ou não. Seria eficiente, rápido, consensual, e de uma facilidade comunicativa, se tivéssemos acesso a uma lista que pudéssemos seguir na nossa leitura. Mas a leitura de uma verdadeira obra de arte jamais é eficiente, porque é nos escolhos que se oculta a sua felicidade enquanto gesto inaugural; jamais é rápida, porque exige de nós uma lentidão e um peso na sua degustação, na sua revisitação, na permanente convivência com ela, criando junto à obra uma intimidade que nunca deixa, ao mesmo tempo, de ser estranheza; jamais é consensual, porque instala a guerra entre a percepção e o saber, a opinião e o gosto, as expectativas e a aposta; jamais é de uma fácil comunicação, porque nada tem a ver com a comunicação, e porque só traz problemas, enigmas, complicações. Não se procure a obra de arte para resolver crises da vida ou da existência. Ela apenas existe, nas palavras acutilantes, programáticas e cônscias dos editores desta publicação, enquanto “zona temporariamente autónoma”.Cospe Aqui é o novo fanzine da mesma equipa do Porto de que aqui já se falou. Não haverá aqui grandes novidades de participação, afora uns quantos novos comparsas, companheiros de outros encontros. Por isso, lá estão Miguel Carneiro, Marco Mendes, Didi Vassi, Carlos Pinheiro, João Alves Marrucho, e Arlindo Silva, por um lado, e dos novos vindos, André Lemos, que esteve presente na feira/encontro A Mula, e Manuel João Vieira, que apresenta umas ilustrações que prepara para uma edição dos Sonetos de Bocage. Apresenta-se ainda uma banda desenhada de Mike Diana, enfant terrible para todas as ocasiões e preconceitos.O discurso em relação ao Grande Mercado das Artes mantém-se, tal como o diálogo (nestas vozes, através da dissonância, a ironia, o gozo) possível que com ele pode estabelecer um fanzine de banda desenhada, ilustração e pintura. Gostaria de apenas assinalar duas coisas que me parecem marcar uma grande diferença de trabalhos individuais anteriores: 1. Marco Mendes apresenta uma página com uma mais consensual banda desenhada, de um episódio que apresenta todas as características de um “slice of real life”. 2. Didi Vassi apresenta uma banda desenhada, em que duas vinhetas apresentam uma pequena piada, mas de extremo rigor em termos metalinguísticos e dos próprios limites que ele ergue e ultrapassa (a do “cacto” e a da “pívea”).De resto, a qualidade mantém-se, e até melhora em termos de edição e material. Neste preciso momento, conjuntamente com as propostas saídas d’O Senhorio, estes parecem-me ser os mais interessantes fanzines colectivos e, como manda a lei, com uma estupenda verve e uma saudável dose de marginalidade aguda e com humor. in ler bd

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

SKREAM - Sub Island

SKREAM - Sub Island (Soul Jazz) Comentários: Massively limited, super-loud, super-righteous twelve from Soul Jazz here - featuring an epic cut of the "Sub Island" track (as heard on the "Box of Dub" compilation), and the mighty "Pass The Red Stripe" on the flip - a track that's exclusive to this twelve. For those of you who haven't heard it - "Sub Island" is another textbook anthem from Skream - memorable, addictive and a righteous steppers-style that work a treat, sounding even better on this extra-loud 45rpm cut. But the real money-shot here is "Pass The Red Stripe" on the flip, a stone-cold Skream classic complete with clipped horns and the mother of all padded basslines - a real steppers killer! Mighty twelve - limited copies - BUY! in boomkat[Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]


Friday, August 17, 2007


ILLUSTRATIVE BERLIN 07:::.. is the leading exhibition showcasing contemporary illustrative art. Held in Berlin from August 31st to September 16th, Illustrative showcases more than 200 works of established European illustrators. The exhibition focuses on so called free, uncommissioned, daring and ambitious works of the new generation in the illustrative field. The artists have been already celebrated as pio-neers of a very diverse emerging scene successfully established and consequently ignored by representatives of the “classic” art. Illustrators, being in-between arts and design, challenge both, experimenting with digital techniques and using new technologies and media. Their stories are told not only from one, but many various narrators’ point of view. As a result we witness the birth and rise of the old new art of illustration – “ contemporary illustrative art”. The ILLUSTRATIVE BERLIN is a forum for contemporary applied graphical arts and a meeting point for collectors, designers, curators and art lovers – all in all an existing event for the in-ternational creative community.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 MIC CLUSTER - Crystal Mic

5 MIC CLUSTER - Crystal Mic (Output) Comentários: 5 Mic Cluster is the project of rave stalwarts Mark Broom and Milo Smee, along with a host of other conspirators and unsurprisingly has a retro electro-sonic sound not unlike Gary Numan being remixed by a roomful of Kompakt artists. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? Well it really isn’t – I’m not one to go batty over electro pop, I don’t have a blue Mohican and I don’t have any pink tees with metallic angular print on them, and the fact that this record still appeals to me speaks volumes. There’s something dramatically ‘uncool’ about ‘Crystal Mic’ and that’s where it wins me, the slightly drunken bored vocals, the reverb that makes the whole thing sound like it was recorded in someone’s basement, the crusty synth sounds – it just all hangs together so well. ‘Crystal Mic’ is a great triumph for the Output label as it seems to sum up a great deal of ideas they’ve been peddling for some time now, and what’s more, the ideas turn themselves into quite addictive little songs. Very good fun. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moppi Prods. - Gerbera

Daft Punk - Live 30mn @ Wisconsin 1996

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Regresso Ao Passado 9

THEO PARRISH - That Day (Archive) Comentários: REPRESS!!!! Take a trip back to 2000 when Theo Parrish joined the Archive label with two super deep and atmospheric traks in his typical style. Beautiful music, perfect for this summers BBQ's! The artwork is in Retro Active tradition. Absolute classic..... repressed due to high demand! in rushhour [Para Ouvir1] [Para Ouvir2]

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Monday, August 13, 2007

PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL - Prinzhorn Dance School

PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL - Prinzhorn Dance School (DFA) Comentários: bit of an unusual signing to the DFA roster, Prinzhorn Dance School are the UK-based duo of Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn, whose simplified drums and bass (plus a bit of guitar) combo should by rights be an utterly tedious format. All the songs tend to trundle in terms of pace and the arrangements are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Yet somehow it all sounds utterly engrossing: the duo fire off some great absurdist lyrical pearls, all delivered with a punchy cockney forcefulness, which although initially seems to be rather dry and shouty, soon becomes endearing. The influence of the likes of Captain Beefheart, The Fall and The Fire Engines is clearly evident, and some contemporary points of reference might be The Kills or The Young Knives, but there's something far more awkward, far more angular and unrelentingly uncompromising about Prinzhorn's material that makes it all the more compelling. Once again, you'd have to say this has a lot to do with those out-of-leftfield lyrics. The sheer directness of 'I Do Not Like Change' is something to be admired. As with so much of this album, it is in effect a boy-girl tag team bellowing uninflected nonsense statements in your face, none more powerful than the magnificent 'Crackerjack Docker' single, which despite its apparent monotone tunelessness will be lodged in your head for days after. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Prinzhorn Dance School

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VEGA, Rolan - Documentary

VEGA, Rolan - Documentary (Community Library) Comentários: 'Documentary' is the debut album from Chicago-based producer and analogue synthesizer fetishist Rolan Vega and continues label Community Library's murky journey into the world of library music after touching on the themes with Project Perfect's 'PM+'. Using repeating synth lines, vintage step-sequencing and the kind of textures you'd expect to hear on a BBC Radiophonic Workshop related album Rolan Vega takes us into a land of wildlife documentaries, science shows, lost 60s art films and forgotten New York no-wave experiments. The first thing most of you would probably bring to mind is Boards of Canada, since the Scottish brothers did indeed tackle similar subject matter and Vega's hazy synthesis easily brings to mind their early work - but then I would even say that Vega captures this sound a little more clearly, resisting the temptation to lavish the tracks with electronic beats. Occasionally he does introduce a pulsing rhythm, most obviously on the killer '4 Autim' which takes the hissing tape recorded sounds into areas more associated with Hardwax or Basic Channel, but for the most part this is an album solely concerned with the sound of synthesizers and not drum machines. Fans of mid-70s progressive rock and Krautrock should get a kick out of tracks such as 'Motion Crisis' and 'Something Wrong with Today' then as fuzzy arpeggios trip and fall over each other reminding me of some of my favourite sci fi and horror film scores from the era, most obviously Rick Wakeman's killer solo work for 'The Burning', but I digress. This is a varied and hugely enjoyable collection of innovative electronic music, electronic music that is uncluttered by laptop trickery and the tired modern world and is much happier stopping at around 1981, and that's really just what I want to hear right now. An excellent and hugely enjoyable album. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Sunday, August 12, 2007


PRO-TEZ records is a robotic music vessile creature for the young and forward thinking uberdroids.It has been synthesized by Edward K. and Anton Kubikov of SCSI-9.Maxim Milyutenko also joined our team ,we call him the Grim Reaper of sound design. The focus of Pro-tez Records is to work with a broad roster of artists who create a wide scope of innovative approaches toward minimal electronic music that is equally comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room. The label will explore the wide palette of microscopically intricate compositions that are based on the foundation of minimalist music and at the same time develop original ideas. It is all started in Moscow where the electronic music scene has been emerging since 1995.Now it is growing bigger than ever, where we found all this young forward thinking artists which have to be heard.After listening to numerous amount of demos we selected a wide catalog of fresh material .All soon to be out there for people to enjoy. DISTRIBUTED BY KOMPAKT. [Discog]


OMAR S feat THEO PARRISH - The Grand Son Of Detroit Techno!

OMAR S feat THEO PARRISH - The Grand Son Of Detroit Techno! (FXHE) Comentários: The self proclaimed Grand-son of Detroit house, Omar-S hooks up with what must be his uncle, Theo Parrish on live percussion for another deep down Detroit house jam. Much like their collaborative effort on the recent Theo album it's a deep and evolving tracky affair, with Omar-S winding up a subtle 303 line over swirling pads arranged in an almost Basic Channel style that will work wonders on a screwed dancefloor at 3am. If you're into this sh*t snap it up because it's mint. [Para Ouvir]

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

BE, Eva - Moving Without Traveling

BE, Eva - Moving Without Traveling (Sonar Kollektiv Germany) Comentários: Do those folks at Sonar Kollektiv ever take a week off? Once again they've hooked up with the people at Best Seven for a slice of euro-dub. Eva Be teams up with Micatone's Boris Meinhold for Moving Without Travelling, an album featuring vocal contributions from Joe Dukie, singer in New Zealand dub outfit Fat Freddy's Drop, among others. The production style here is very much in keeping with the Sonar Kollektiv's signature brand of genre-hopping and stylistic fusion. There's a funk-laced feel to 'Trippin' On Eva Be' that transcend the customary rhythmic structures of dub or reggae, hitting home that this certainly isn't a release for the purists. There's even a stab at Basic Channel-influenced dub-infused techno on 'Unite Tonite' while at the opposite end of the spectrum 'She Walks Alone' makes like Zero 7 and takes up residence at the coffee table, with a sub-Imbruglia vocal. Moving Without Travelling won't be to everyone's tastes but props are due for the detailed arrangements and varied production styles. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

O Mamilo "é um programa online semanal feito com carinho e devoção pelo António Alves e pelo Ka§par, com convidados regulares; é um programa de música para dançar, para rasgar, para reflectir e para cozinhar, o jantar."


Friday, August 10, 2007

documenta 12 Magazine (Taschen)

THE DOCUMENTA 12 magazines are a collective worldwide editorial project linking over eighty print and on-line periodicals, as well as other media. In advance of the exhibition in Kassel, documenta 12 magazines have opened up a central site for reflection and visual contemplation. in taschen

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M.I.A - Kala

Maya Arulpragasam é uma rapariga britânica com raízes no Sri Lanka, tem um nome esquisito e vem de um lugar estranho, a música dela também não é nada convencional, mas ainda bem que assim o é, recuando dois anos atrás (em arular -2005) ninguém sabia ao certo o que fazer com a sua música, respirava influências do funk carioca, dance hall, como também alguma linhagem asíatica e africana, com aparecimento dos brasileiros bonde do role e dos portugueses buraka som sistema este lugar dito como indefenido passou à história, todas estas bandas bem como MIA conquistaram uma atenção especial na esfera musical libertando mensagens de intervenção e de miscigenação cultural por esse mundo fora. Espera-se com algum fernezim o recente projecto de Maya, chama-se Kala e conta com participações de Timbaland, Wilcannia Mob, Afrikan Boy e Alaz Suel, disponível no Japão a partir do dia 8 de Agosto e na Europa a partir do dia 20 de Agosto. Já pude ouvir o álbum e não há que enganar, é bom, não posso para já afirmar que seja melhor que o anterior, mas uma coisa certa tem um grande sabor a grime, e a getho power, crú (como sempre) será talvez o melhor ajectivo para definir a intransigente e poderosa identidade de MIA. Kala é para ouvir com o volume exageradamente alto, aos berros, a partir. Para os sortudos que vão dar um saltinho a paredes de coura no dia 13 de Agosto podem sempre suplicar por um xeirinho deste novo projecto.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

VARIOUS - Total 8

VARIOUS - Total 8 (Kompakt Germany) Comentários: Another instalment in Kompakt's ever-popular Total series, and once again the label trawls its past year's worth of releases for all the prime cuts, and throws in a whopping 12 new tracks for good measure. There are one or two big name collaborations to look out for this time around, not least the Supermayer project, which (as you'd imagine from the name) sees Michael Mayer hooking up with Superpitcher for some explosive, slow-building melodic techno, all given a remix touch-up from Geiger. Another notable meeting of minds is the union of Jorg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt, who get the compilation underway with their 'Man Lebt Nur Zweimal', a decidedly un-minimal midtempo track that's as much about tuneful instrumental arrangements (check the 'Wicked Game'-style guitar that hops in from out of nowhere) as it is stabbing rhythms. Superpitcher makes a solo appearance on 'Rainy Nights In Georgia', a spiky, noir-ish outing with a heavy nod to Kraftwerk synths. Other first disc highlights come from Rex The Dog, whose contribution is the supremely hooky electropopper 'Every Day' and Steadycam, whose 'In The Moog For Love' bloops along dutifully thanks to some nicely executed modulating arpeggios. The second disc is a far more streamlined listen, with the selections sequenced for a more consistently club-friendly appeal. Herve Ak's 'The Closer' sounds positively Sahko-like next to some of the maxed-out mixes on the previous CD, and on the two ensuing tracks (DJ Koze's 'Mariposa' and Reinhard Voigt's 'Follow The DJ') you'll find little in the way of baggage, but what is there is indicative of some seriously tight production work. Further down the line you'll encounter comparably fine compositions from Robert Babicz (remixing Gui Boratto), Justus Kohncke Jurgen Paape, Aril Brikkha and Oxia, to name but a few. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vivienne Westwood in Inspiração


FAKESCH, Michael - Dos

FAKESCH, Michael - Dos (K7) Comentários: On "Dos", his first album since the demise of Funkstorung, Michael Fakesch has taken the strangely alluring musical form known across the butt-shaking globe as 'funk' and battered it to within an inch of its dancefloor hugging life. An essential K7 release. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]

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TELLIER, Sebastien/MR OIZO/SEBASTIAN - Steak OST Sampler

TELLIER, Sebastien/MR OIZO/SEBASTIAN - Steak OST Sampler (Ed Banger France) Comentários: This is a limited edition teaser sampler from the ''Steak'' OST, the first feature film by Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo). This original project is the result of the collaboration between Mr Oizo, Sebastian and Sebastien Tellier. Mr Oizo is famous for his electronic-saturated, deranged nursery rhymes, whose planetary hit single "Flat Beat" illustrated the Levi?s ad campaign of 1999. Sebastian, considered for the past three years as the most talented producers of his generation, has done remixes for Kelis, Daft Punk, Mylo, the Rakes and the Klaxons. Sebastien Tellier is a troubadour that has contributed to the re-birth of French pop, creating a very personal universe influenced equally by traditional "Chanson Française" and by film scores from the sixties and seventies. This is a top notch Because Music release. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

III Feira do Disco (Tavira)

A terceira edição da Feira do Disco, regressa à cidade de Tavira de 17 a 21 de Agosto, na Rua do Cais. Oportunidade para trocar, adquirir ou vender os mais variados discos em vinil, CDs, e outras raridades. Sexta das 21h00 às 01h00, Sábado, Domingo e Segunda das 19h00 à 1h00,Terça das 19h00 às 23h00.

Monday, August 06, 2007

mana calórica + azia

VARIOUS - Back To Mine - Bugz In The Attic

VARIOUS - Back To Mine - Bugz In The Attic (DMC) Comentários: The nine-strong line-up of Bugz In The Attic must have got into a right old squabble about the track selection for this compilation. As the liner notes are keen to point out, nine members means nine different musical backgrounds and just as many record collections to cull a tracklist from. Despite that, this latest Back To Mine compilation comes across as resolutely unified endeavour, characterised by the group's penchant for cross-genre funk, hip hop and disco. The mix begins with Mu's 'Let's Get Sick' sporting some weighty production from Maurice Fulton, which quickly segues into the indie disco funk of Maximum Joy's 'Stretch.' Next, the funk element really comes to a head on First Light's 'A.M.' before Frankie Knuckles takes over. Classy hip hop productions abound from J Dilla and Rammelzee Vs K-Rob, with the latter's 'Beat Bop' being an especially pleasurable nine-and-a-half minutes of anyone's time. Further down the line highlights come thick and fast from Ray Barretto, Unique 3, The Fearless Four and Pete Rock, making for another fine edition of the Back To Mine series. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Sunday, August 05, 2007

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - Guidance/Direction EP (Apnea)

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - Guidance/Direction EP (Apnea) Comentários: Total surpresa na espanhola Apnea, este maxi de Jamal Moss/Hieroglyphic Being quebra a linhacondutora da editora, como quebraria qualquer linha de ditora excepto a sua própria Mathematics.Se existem ainda músicos originais no techno e house, Moss encontra-se seguramente no topo. Assuas produções são forjadas a partir do mesmo metal incandescente que gerou a primeira geração house em Chicago,são depois moldadas à mão com todas as vantagens e defeitos que isso implica. Na maioria dos seus discos ouvimos obeat no limite da distorção, os médios em nível exagerado, aparente desleixo na equalização e masterização. Issotransforma a audição em algo mais físico do que o habitual, e é também um exercício de descoberta e selecção - énecessário retirar todo o prazer da fantástica composição de sons que, à distância, parece amálgama disforme. Não é ocaso em «Guidance/Direction», talvez a produção não-house mais limpa de sempre registada em disco por Jamal Moss.Duas faixas com os níveis certos, «I Got Enough Love 4 U & Me» está salpicado de blips por cima da habitual modulaçãode ambiência-Moss, a batida fica reduzida a uma pulsação que é na verdade o que faz pensar em house ou techno semser nada disso. E a linha de baixo contribui para a melodia e não apenas para o groove. Lado B «Kilometer Zero»mantém tensão durante longos minutos, um padrão ancestral que, ainda assim, não soa antigo e muito menos moderno,soa LÁ. A tensão é mais ou menos desfeita com a batida e tudo fica jack, com o ritmo a fornecer as pequenas e graduaisalterações que mantêm a música excitante até ao final. Ambas as faixas terminam sem medo em fade out porque pareceser a única maneira de impedir a extensão do groove até ao infinito. in flur [Para Ouvir]


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wire Magazine - August 2007

WIRE MAGAZINE - Wire Magazine - August 2007: Issue 282 (feat Ricardo Villalobos, British Psych-Folk, Whitehouse, Laurie Anderson, Jonathan Harvey + more)


Wax Poetics Magazine Issue 24

WAX POETICS - Wax Poetics Magazine Issue 24 (August/September 2007) feat Mandrill, Eddie Cheba, Marcos Valle, Larry Harlow, Leroy Burgess, Kenton Nik


DESIGNFORFUTURE 07 - RecIclagem do Sentido
26 Julho - 30 Agosto
Galeria da RestauraÇÃo - Museu da Cidade de OlhÃo
Uma colecção de objectos que interpretam histórias de hábitos e gestos adquiridos, mas também de um critério ligado à leveza e à beleza de repensar o mundo, não só o Mundo como cultura material, mas também o mundo dos objectos simples do quotidiano com que criamos relações estreitas de intimidade.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

PIERCE, Troy - Gone Astray

PIERCE, Troy - Gone Astray (Minus Canada) Comentário: With ten tracks and an hour's worth of music, this release is pushing the parameters of what can still reasonably called an 'EP'. Still, that means value for money for all concerned, and so long as Pierce can sustain such high calibre productions as offered up here, the more the merrier. Introducing itself with a quirky melodicism, the EP fires into action with 'Lost On The Way To DC10', which features a screwy, detuned synth flapping about over some vulcanised percussive production. As you'd expect from the house of Minus all the various production elements arte beautifully spaced out and in proportion, but it still sounds a bit weird. The ensuing bleep track 'Klitkut' continues to dismantle any firm sense of tuning and administers some nicely evolving beat programming. You really get a sense of Pierce tweaking and changing everything on the fly, never allowing the dynamics of a beat to get too sedentary. A tad more primitive in its approach, 'Even If It's Alone (Black Acid)' is an effective minimal warehouse pleaser, whilst 'Golden' continues to shift in more acidic directions. Further along the way Konrad Black gets his hands on that opening track (the aforementioned 'Lost On The Way To DC10') and straightens it out into something approach a sensible, not too wonky techno number. The restraint and bottom-heavy micro beats of 'Finnished' might be a nod to the Sahko sound, what with its primal sound set of delayed bass throbs and pseudo-analog drum sounds. finally, Pierce shifts into his Louderbach mode for a dark slice of goth techno on a remix of 'Even If Its Alone'. Another impressive long-form release for Minus after the recent False opus. Good job. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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RADIQ aka YOSHIHIRO HANNO - Ballads For The Atomic Age

RADIQ aka YOSHIHIRO HANNO - Ballads For The Atomic Age (Cirque Mavo Japan) Comentários: Yoshihiro Hanno é com toda a certeza um dos melhores produtores de música electrónica do momento, talvez não muito ou nada conhecido nas plataformas do "hype" (ou nos big charts dos media pró mainstream), no entanto o seu trabalho é algo mais complexo e interessante do que um mero fenómeno de música fabricada. Salvo apanágio, temos em mãos um autor multifacetado que imprime nas suas produções várias perspectivas musicais colocando-as num sentido arquitectónico, racional, eclético e dinâmico, reserva sempre algum espaço para as emoções e também para a inclusão de melodias envolventes. Yoshihiro Hanno já soma algumas edições a título pessoal como também sob o disfarçe de outras personagens que concebeu para a ascensão do seu génio criativo, elas são: Multiphonic Ensemble e RADIQ, e é precisamente neste último disfarçe que Yoshihiro editou recentemente "Ballads For Atomic Age", um album que vem sido construído desde 2005, e préviamente apresentado num formato EP (Suicide - Logistic France), trata-se de um novo capítulo onde se juntam à electrónica uma panóplia musical bastante promissora, o autor não se acanha em combinar géneros como o Jazz, IDM, Techno Minimal e House Abstracto, parece-vos interessante? Acreditem que sim, é impossível de não ficarmos presos ao latejar dos seus acordes e à clivagem hipnótica dos seus baixos. Este volume conta com as participações especiais de Damiana Terry e Black Crom. Discografia Completa, [Para Ouvir]

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MULDROW, Georgia Anne - Sagala

MULDROW, Georgia Anne - Sagala (Ramp) Comentários: Psychedelic hip-hop, it does exist I’m sure of it but releases are pretty much few and far between, nice then that Miss Georgia-Anne Muldrow (of Stones Throw fame) has put together this psychedelic beast of a release under her new alias Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five. The project is touted as her ‘band’ but since she’s solely credited for writing, production and recording, I think it’s pretty much her with a few guests, and from the sounds of the record that’s no bad thing. I was a big supporter of Muldrow’s fantastic ‘Olesi’ album, but I think ‘Sagala’ is even better and shows her development as a writer and producer. The production is actually what stands out first and foremost, this is tape saturated synth ‘n samples heavy music, and almost only casually linked to hip-hop, I mean it’s still hip-hop if you’re just listening to the beats but damn it’s so much more than that. Cascading psychedelic analogue synthesized sounds, casually played Moog bass, and the sickest of beats – this stuff could have come out of Madlib’s basement and nobody would have batted an eyelid, it’s really that good. Then we have the vocals, and to my mind Muldrow has never sounded finer, every release seems to see her gain confidence and this is her most confident yet sounding like she’s really having fun with the whole process. Clocking in at only 22 minutes ‘Sagala’ is a short release but it’s a sweet one, roll on the full-length is what I say… recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]