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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

M.U. Podcast June #20 by Broken English Club (2012)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Y-3 Qasa High 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

M.U. Podcast #82 (March 2015)

Former Selves- PATIENCE
Giuseppe lelasi & Nicola Ratti- Vll
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma- Speaking Corpse I
Powel- Acid
Ekoplekz- Dappled Firing
Black Zone Myth Chant- He Evil
Vakula- The Wombflash Forest
Filthy Huns- Infinite Ride
Chikiss- Dusha
Balil - Small Energies
Drexciya- Drifting Into a Time of No Future 
Drexciya- Temple of Dos de Agua
Ekoplekz- Spike The System
IVVVO- Dark Room 4 Dance
Dopplereffekt Objekt- Delta Wavt
Legowelt- Codex Arpolxtinus

M.U. Podcast #82 (March 2015) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Black Zone Myth Chant ‎– Mane Thecel Phares

Black Zone Myth Chant ‎– Mane Thecel Phares (Editions Gravat) Low Jack and Jean Carval’s Gravats label open 2015 with a killer new album from prolific psych-drone artist High Wolf under his Black Zone Myth Chant alias. ‘Mane Thecel Phares’ is a wigged-out trip thru Afro-centric, riddim-driven psychedelia, breaking down the boundaries between Sun Ra, DJ Screw, and Vox Populi! with a smoked-out, blurry vision heightening the effects already felt in his mighty ‘Straight Cassette’ LP for Winged Sun/Laidtbac - listed in many year-end lists for 2014. Mulching the vibes and fibres of celestial jazz, dub and improvised noise into eight papier mãche golems, the session regresses to a headspace of swampy psychedelia from the amorphous synth shapes and primordial pulse of ‘Belshazzar’ to the sub-conscious voices and ancient elegance of ‘If God Is Not Here’. What happens between those pillars remains a mystery, even after you’ve heard it - is ‘In The Arms of The Parcae’ footwork from an alternate dimension? Could ‘Two Stars, No Cross’ possibly be Francis Bebey’s starchild from Andromeda? Are the polytonal chorales of ‘He Evil’ attempting to communicate in a forgotten language? With your help we can begin to unravel this enigma. Please note down and let us know if you experience any irregularities in breathing, vision, appetite or speech during or after consumption…. in boomkat

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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Christian Dior Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

µ-Ziq - XTLP

µ-Ziq - XTLP (Planet MU) In stark contrast to a large percentage of his previous work, XTLP is joyous all the way through. The twelve compositions abandon the furrow-browed quest for cutting-edge exploration exchanging it for an altogether more carefree and fun approach, with only the footwork-influenced 'Monj2' and exclusive track ‘Forger’ directly referencing any current electronic influences.  'XTEP' is full of nostalgic melody, rave romance and charm... As always, that blend of naif insouciance and eldritch oddness hits the spot like the few others. Recommended!

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Monday, March 02, 2015

RAICA - Dose

RAICA - Dose (Further Records) Comentários: Further Records co-boss lady Chloe Harris presents her excellent 2nd solo album of ambient synth drone. On 'Dose' she conducts herself with minimal, uncluttered elegance over eight neatly constructed tracks. Compared with the spooling tendencies of many in the neo-kosmische realm, Reica's pieces are more buttoned up, like bubbling oddities made in a micro-brewery for those with more esoteric tastes. There's still a definite new age tendency, but one reined-in by a DJ's sense of timing and a personal, tactile feel for ambient pop sweetness that displays her great taste in music. The results sit somewhere betwee
n a lo-fi SAW II and the harmonised synth drift of Madalyn Merkey - which is a great thing in our books. Recommended. in boomkat

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

LINKWOOD - Expressions

LINKWOOD  - Expressions (Firecracker Recordings) Comentários: Expressions it's a real sumptuous listen, taking in new age ambient vignettes, bass heavy beat down, deep house workouts and plenty more. Recommended!

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