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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

KOUSHIK - Out My Window

KOUSHIK - Out My Window (Stones Throw US) Comentários: Canadian producer /singer / songwriter Koushik's first proper full-length, Out My Window, is serene 1960s psych-pop filtered through a cratedigger's collage of samples. Choice tidbits of soul, pop, and indie rock are separated from their sources, drenched in reverb, thickened with old-school hip-hop beats, and then dusted with Koushik's own languid vocals. It's a candyland of lilting psychedelic moods and stoner nostalgia where songs undulate, shift form, and drool into one another. Listening to the whole 45-minute record at once is like taking an extended nap. At the end you feel relaxed, revived, and maybe just slightly dazed.Personal details about Koushik are about as ethereal as his music. Born in Ontario, Canada, Koushik Ghosh apparently started DJing at the age of 14, before earning masters degrees in biostatistics and ethnomusicology from the University of Vermont. Then, somehow, he wound up here-- gently guiding a raft of vibraphone samples over a lake of reverb for Stones Throw Records. Adhering to the road map laid out on his 2005 EP collection Be With (Out My Window features that record's title track), Koushik weaves his songs together from wispy psych-soul fragments and understated pop melodies, heavily referencing the Shuggie Otis-school of slightly buzzed R&B.Despite that, the record's heart is the drowsy half-baked daze that surrounds its moodier songs. Ballad "Corner of Your Smile" slides slowly into focus with Koushik's romantic musings drenched in echo. "In a Green Space" skews funkier, bringing up the drums and adding a slinky not-quite-on-the-beat bass line. Sure, there's some cheeseball elements here-- tinkling fender rhodes, breathy flutes, wind chimes. But even those elements are saved from chill-room hell by Koushik's airy vocals. Low in the mix and often doubled to the point of inscrutability, the producer's breathy singing and paisley lyrics add hooks to even his most slippery music. The end result is a delectable pop record, with Koushik's heavy ambiance and amorphous production combining to nudge his songs to their tingling crescendos. in pitchforkmedia [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alta Baixa

Uma noite, três casas +info [aqui]


Vans T.H. Rowley Shambles Hi

Vans T.H. Rowley Shambles Hi - Design by Taka Hayashi!
Taka Hayashi is one artist we have great respect for. He has been doing great works for Stussy and Vans in the past, aswell as his own line Destroy your Enemy. His style is everything handdrawn and very detailed. With that perfect touch of hardass Japanese twist of Amerikana and Cali Classics. This Special Vans X TAKA Pack, still has that clean and sharp black white look, but veeeeery mad detailing thoughout!! Check pics closely and be amazed on the work on these ones!! The Sole is actually taken from the pre-Authentic Vans modell the "44", the OG deck sole.. flat but with a flexy grippy pattern.. and again the materials and work put into these shows his mastercraft as designer and artist!! [Buy It]

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brian Eno - Bonebomb


Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk


PIVOT - O Soundtrack My Heart

PIVOT - O Soundtrack My Heart (Warp) Comentários: Making history as the first ever Australian act to sign to iconic UK label Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Jamie Lidell, Born Ruffians, Maximo Park, Battles, Autechre, Grizzly Bear, Flying Lotus), Pivot have answered the world’s eager anticipation with the release of their new album, ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’. Featuring the forebodingly infectious new single “In The Blood”, ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ represents Pivot’s ongoing mission to infect the indie consciousness with their grippingly surrealist vision.Combining the emotive and cerebral, Pivot harness the raw garage energy of three explosive musicians alongside intensive studio production, equally influenced by synthesizer luminaries Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, Warp label mates Autechre and the post-punk leanings of Talking Heads, Lovingly produced by the band between their homes in Sydney and London, and mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise/The Sea and Cake) in Chicago, ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ is a part cathartic-rock, part visionary synthesiser, part electronic-fantasy opus for lovers of new sound. Complete with artwork by Michel Granger (creator of such iconic album sleeve images as Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’), this album marks a stunning entry to the world stage by one of Australia’s most forward-thinking and paradigm-shifting acts. in inertia-music [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OMID - Monolith [2003]

OMID - Monolith (Mush) Comentários: Omid raises the standard on producer-driven hip hop albums with “Monolith”, a project that rests in concept between his celestial recordings’ smash “beneath the surface” and 2002’s stellar “distant drummer”. Equally split between densely layered instrumental pieces and standout vocal tracks, “Monolith” features some of the world’s most important emcees rhyming over Omid’s beautifully crafted, middle eastern tinged productions: Buck 65, Abstract Rude, 2Mex, Spoon (of Iodine), Luckyiam.psc. Slug, Aceyalone, and Murs all give noteworthy performances. Two standout tracks are by Hymnal. With the hugely influential “Beneath the Surface” album and production for Freestyle Fellowship to his credit, omid continues to enhance his reputation as one of LA’s most respected producers, here delivering one of the most developed, out-there Hip Hop albums of the year. Awesome. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Electronic Agenda

25 de Setembro, Turbo Bailarico - Grrr, Blasfemea Dj's, Pequeno Ponei @ Souk, Lisboa
25 de Setembro, François Kervorkian @ Lux, Lisboa
16 de Outubro, Tora Tora Big Band @ ZDB- Zé dos Bois, Lisboa
28 de Outubro, Nneka @ Lux, Lisboa
30 de Outubro, Magda @ Lux, Lisboa
31 de Outubro, Róisín Murphy Khan of Finland Clubbing Optimus @ Casa da Música, Porto
04 de Novembro, Ladytron @ Lux, Lisboa
13 de Novembro, Cut Copy @ Lux, Lisboa


Monday, September 22, 2008

Freaklanotte - New Web Site

Estreno nueva web!!!!!.Visítala en www. freaklanotte. com

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Juju & Jordash - Silencio [New!]

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GANG GANG DANCE - Recomended!

Brooklyn's brightest and hippest continue to embrace art-spattered tribal riddims with studied zeal, and it seems like every other week another wild-eyed troupe of trendy New York shamans surfaces aboard a bubble of gurgling critical blandishment. Gang Gang Dance are one of the bands, along with the likes of Animal Collective and Yeasayer, selected for true unequivocal praise. Their last full-length, 2005's God's Money, was hailed as an experimental album of real depth and wonder, shunning jarring curveballs in favour of painstakingly woven organic sounds. They've come to London's ICA 'Nightclub' to remind us, in lieu of a new LP, what all the fuss is about. Providing rousing support are DFA's Prinzhorn Dance School, who play an energising, punchy set, with songs like 'Crackerjack Docker' favourably Fall-like. At odd moments, their sound is weirdly reminiscent of a rockier, more recognisable version of arch-experimenters The Residents. Perhaps that's just us... Soon Gang Gang Dance take to the stage and after some delicate technical adjustments it's down to business. And frankly, from the off it's not hard to see why they've garnered so much favour. Without pausing for breath, Gang Gang Dance pound and twist and bob and soar through a remarkable set, danceable and mesmerising throughout. Frontwoman Liz Bougatsos, decked out in a Missy Elliot/Beyonce/Alicia Keys t-shirt, is an irrepressible, incandescent figurehead. She is possessed of a tremendous melodic wail, which cuts like a blade through the glorious waves of cymbals and tremolo, on songs like 'Nicoman' and 'Egowar'. This is one of the reasons Gang Gang Dance are so enjoyable. Despite being a band restlessly pursuing experimental avenues, never pausing for a breather, their demeanour is not one of ponderous self-importance, but rather of joyous sonic abandon. Rather than a scowling, over-serious 'artist', the band project an instinctive sense of fun: Bougatsos grinning and dancing throughout the wondrous cacophony, occasionally turning to slam out another layer of rhythm on the drums. The band seems to bristle and teem with ideas and is constantly shooting off in new directions, shifting dramatically from something akin to a turbocharged, artfully mangled take on Europop, to a CAN-style groove. The crowd, somewhat transfixed, are nevertheless compelled to dance and become immersed. The sound seems to flow into every corner of the room. This is the most satisfying kind of avant garde music: the sort that convinces more than it cajoles. The music reaches a crescendo, and is over. A smiled 'thank you' and Gang Gang Dance leave the stage. One reviewer has said of the band that their music comes close to religion. This well-meaning flattery is somewhat misplaced though: they're much more fun than that. - Oliver Stevens in supersweet

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Diesel Denim ‘Dirty Thirty’

A marca icónica de vestuário oferece aos seus fãs uma edição limitada. Denim ‘Dirty Thirty’. Os coleccionadores de denim farão uma longa fila por todo o quarteirão quando a Diesel desvendar a sua singular colecção limitada de jeans “Dirty Thirty”, que estará à venda durante um dia apenas nas lojas Diesel dispersas pelo mundo. O valor real destes jeans de excelente qualidade será várias vezes o do preço “sujo” praticado num gesto que integra a missão da Diesel de agradecer aos seus seguidores pela sua lealdade. Para fazer parte da história do denim, marque presença na sua loja Diesel às 10 da manhã do dia 10 de Outubro! Contar-se-ão 30 mil destes jeans, concebidos pela equipa criativa da Diesel, liderada pelo seu director criativo Wiilbert Daz, postos à venda apenas nas lojas Diesel de todo o mundo e na loja Diesel online (em Os jeans de edição limitada vêm no modelo feminino (Matic) e masculino (Heeven), dois dos estilos mais apreciados de sempre. No bolso de trás, um sinal xXx em numerais romanos identificará este produto singular, que apresenta também vários detalhes exclusivos: um tratamento irrepetível “dirty wash” com abrasão lateral e um bolso colocado manualmente. O bolso de trás irá celebrar os trinta anos de amor e entusiasmo da Diesel com as palavras “Dirty Thirty” e “xXx”; os bordados laterais terão patentes as datas 1978-2008; os botões terão o pormenor da data de nascimento “Diesel 1978”. Esperam-se longas filas e um enorme frenesim em que os primeiros dez clientes terão a sorte de participar numa das festas xXx que a Diesel planeia para dezassete cidades dispersas pelo globo na noite de 11 de Outubro. A mensagem chegará a todos os fãs Diesel através de inesperadas tácticas de guerrilha. Desde giríssimas equipas de limpeza pelas ruas das principais cidades em veículos com a marca Diesel até ao pessoal das lojas Diesel a limparem religiosamente tudo e todos – equipados com fatos protectores de corpo inteiro. Encontre mais detalhes para como adquirir os nossos jeans exclusivos “Dirty Thirty” em Os jeans entrarão na história dos coleccionáveis – por isso neste dia vá cedo até à sua loja se quer estar entre os poucos que conseguem um par…
… mas prepare-se para jogar sujo!

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Diesel xXx Barcelona

A Diesel convida-o a viver intensamente a maior festa global de sempre: uma festa non-stop que vai varrer todo o mundo durante 24 horas! 17 grandes cidades espalhadas pelo mundo, 8 fusos horários, 1 só festa. A contagem decrescente já começou. No Sábado 11 de Outubro de 2008, pelas 6 da tarde em Tóquio, a Diesel vai apresentar ao mundo a maior festa da sua história. A gigantesca celebração irá arrebatar todo o globo, explodindo em cada fuso horário numa corrida internacional entre o Japão e a cidade de Nova Iorque. Pelo caminho, vai haver paragens em Pequim, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Atenas, Amesterdão, Milão, Zurique, Munique, Paris, Estocolmo, Copenhaga, Oslo, Helsínquia, Londres e São Paulo… e Barcelona!. A Diesel elegeu esta cidade cosmopolita como anfitriã do mais surpreendente evento de sempre: o Rock&Roll Circus. Vários artistas, entre os quais o grupo electro-pop Hydrogenesse e o DJ David Holmes, irão dar um toque moderno a uma performance circense inspirada nos espectáculos de feiras criados no século XIX. A mulher barbuda, o fantoche que lê as sinas, o artista da corda bamba… Criaturas bizarras com destrezas incríveis que nos transportarão até um conto mágico um tanto extravagante e irreverente, à semelhança de tudo na Diesel. Este frenesim global será transmitido ao vivo através da Os interessados poderão clicar nas festas a decorrerem em qualquer ponto do mundo e ver em tempo real imagens espectaculares, tornando este evento xXx numa experiência verdadeiramente interactiva. Cá fica o conselho… Não o pode perder!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

James Murphy Hoje @ Lux, Lisboa

Dj Set James Murphy Entrevistado no filme “part of the weekend never dies”, o homem dos LCD Soundsystem , Death From Above e da homónima DFA Records , comenta “I do the dj my self but let’s face it: it’s the most overpaid job in the world. People are making music for free, and djs get the money (and the girls!) …for just playing it?!” O mesmo Murphy que aos 22 anos recusou o convite para compor para uma série TV em fase pilota de nome Seinfeld. “The biggest mistake in my entire life.” O mesmo ainda que se borrifou para um telefonema de Jannet Jackson e que interrompeu um projecto com Britney Spears por não gostar do feitio nem das letras da cantora. Aos rascunhos originais da super-star diz saber o que fazer “I’m going to e-bay this shit!” James Murphy, o homem e o mito, ao vivo hoje à noite nos palcos do Lux. NunoT


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Retratos Híbridos

Sábado dia 20 de Setembro temos dia de exposições, e não apenas em Miguel Bombarda. As Caves Calém convidaram o Ricardo Nicolau de Almeida a expôr na sua nova galeria. O Ricardo tem um novo trabalho para mostrar e nada melhor que conhecer mais um novo espaço cultural da nossa cidade. Basta atravessar a ponte D.Luis e lá estaremos á vossa espera a partir das 17h para provar um bom vinho e ver aquilo que o Ricardo andou a preparar estes últimos meses.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Designed by Silva Designers, A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Lisbon shows you that beneath the city’s calm façade beats a lively heart that loves to show off its magic. Edited by Joana Pinto Correia, long time le cool Lisbon editor, it leads you through Arabic backstreets, African bars and old corset shops, via the hippest clubs, best restaurants and amazing local characters, to share a side of Portugal’s capital that the tourists never see. Each page was designed individually to reflect the style and vibe of Lisbon and make you feel like you’re there. Joana, who knows Lisbon like the back of her hand and also works as a representative for the European Cinema Association Nisimasa, a writer, producer and brand-manager, has happily shared Lisbon’s secrets and given us a glimpse into what life is like in this beautiful city. Published June 2008. BUY NOW in le cool

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Monday, September 15, 2008

1º Loja Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans

No dia 2 de Outubro vai abrir a 1ª loja Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans em Portugal [Principe Real. Lisboa]. "Pepe Jeans London is using Andy Warhol as the inspiration of a new denim collection. The 250-piece collection will include men’s and women’s looks and be based around denim casualwear and accessories. The collection will bow in Florence this January at trade show, Pitti Uomo. Sadly the collection will be available only in Europe, which means damage to our wallets with the euro being what it is. Interestingly, the collection will consist of two distinct lines called Pop and Factory. Pop will be based on the iconic artist’s “pop” artwork, while the Factory line will be based on Warhol’s unique personal style. The full collection should hit shelves in August for fall ‘08." in hauteconcept [WWD]

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Popular T-Shirts Around The World. Check out more about Rumplo [Here]

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HERZ, Andreas - Ego & Psycho

HERZ, Andreas - Ego & Psycho (Minimal Rome) Comentários: ''Nowhere are we closer to the sublime secret of all origination than in the recognition of our own selves, whom we always think we know already. Yet we know the immensities of space better than we know our own depths, where - even though we do not understand it - we can listen directly to the throb of creation itself.'' Analytical Psychology and Weltanschauung (C. G. Jung, 1928). A full-length album, limited to 300 numbered copies. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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DEZ DICKERSON - Modernaire

DEZ DICKERSON - Modernaire (Citinite) Comentários: **Red Vinyl** Shoulder rockin' 80's gear from Dez Dickerson with 'Modernaire', the only major song from Prince's classic film Purple Rain to never recieve a proper release, until now. So, thanks to the good folks at Citinite, Dickerson's Linn drum packed and Prince vocalled synth rocker has been unearthed and remastered from a 'lost' tape recording, and backed with remixes from Hot Persuasion and Complexxion running with the synthline excesses, while DMX Krew, Egyptian Lover and Faceless Mind aka Luke Eargoggle and Johan Inkinen provide solid electro updates with boomin 808 pressure and bitch slapping Linn snares. Solid 80's gold = SICK! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jean-Christian Bourcart

Bourcart moved to Paris at 17 and made a living (and his first foray into professional work) as a wedding photographer, inadvertently accumulating a stockpile of thousands of unsold images, gradually creating an expanding album of private memories as public art.


Brainstorming - ZóB Podcast 001 By Electriklife

Italo Space Disco é Brainstorming, o primeiro podcast de ElectrickLife — autor do blogue Mundo Urbano — em exclusivo para o Zine Ócio, que reúne um total de 14 músicas diferentes e deve ser legalmente descarregado aqui. A playlist pode ser consultada aqui.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Bruno 9li - The Premium Side of Brasil

Matt Haffner's wheat paste installation - "Pushcart Vendors"


NIGHTMARES ON WAX - Thought So... (Warp Germany) Comentários: Of all of Warp Records' veteran acts, it's Nightmares On Wax who seem to spark the least popular acclaim, their smoky, slo-mo grooves inspiring neither the rabid fanboy enthusiasm of Aphex Twin or the more cerebral respect of Sheffield number-crunchers Autechre. That's not to say, though, that there's not much to recommend the latest instalment from Leeds native George Evelyn's long-running downtempo project. Much has changed in chill-out since Evelyn dropped what's come to be considered his masterpiece, 1995's aptly titled Smoker’s Delight, the genre expanding out into a catch-all term that encompasses everything from Balearic dance to sleepy folktronica. And Nightmares On Wax have changed too, although you're left with the feeling that Evelyn is exploring his own internal rhythm rather than marching to the beat of another's drum. Mostly written on the road as he made his way from Leeds to his new home in Ibiza, Thought So strips chill-out right down to the basics, a blissful, unhurried coast of clacking hip-hop breaks, sparse guitar and shimmering synthesiser grounded in Evelyn's main musical passions, vintage soul, jazz, and the late-night boom of the dub soundsystem. A handful of guest vocalists - Ricky Ranking, Chyna Brown and Ella May – add colour, if not any real narrative. And while there is a distant echo of Nightmares On Wax's early bleep beginnings in Be There, you leave feeling that Evelyn is more than satisfied with his current pace of life: slow, steady, stoned. That popular acclaim will surely continue to elude Nightmares On Wax, then, but in a genre of cynical, blanded-out mood muzak, Thought So still feels like a treat, generously packed and tightly rolled, a treat for the discerning. in bbc [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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TRUSME - $tilnocheck?

TRUSME - $tilnocheck? (Prime Numbers) Comentários: 4 track EP of three now unavailable Trusme productions (originally released on the Still Love For Music 12"s) and a hip hop tune taken from the "Producer No. 1" compilation on Fat City. Includes "Good God", "Browns", "W.A.R. Dub" and "Phone Spittin'". These tracks have not been released on the Trusme LP. These tunes are massive with every from the Stones Throw crew right up to Derrick May. Essential! in rubadub [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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