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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kid Sister

Melisa aka Kid Sister é uma jovem electro rapper de 26 anos que reside em Chicago. Disse bem electro rapper, este novo estilo ou filosofia musical electrónica que cruza géneros como o hip hop, miami bass e electro break beat já angariou um número considerável de apreciadores um pouco por todas pistas de dança europeias e internacionais, temos como exemplo as produções de Soom-T, Uffie, Sick Girls... "Control" é nome do primeiro single de apresentação de Kid Sister e conta com o selo da editora Fools Gold, a faixa "Control" foi produzida por Armani XXXChange (Spank Rock) e "Damn Girl" é da autoria de DJ Gant Man, estão também incluídos neste volume os instrumentais e respectivo Scratchapella. O lançamento oficial do single está previsto para o próximo dia 4 de Junho de 2007, no formato CD e Vinil. [Para Ouvir]

WK Interact


11 Spring Project


Dizzee Rascal

"Maths + English" Both Dizzee's and Wiley's new albums have been hyped up to high heavens, but it's "Maths + English" that most seems to live up to the sense of occasion : when Dizzee gets it right he obliterates pretty much anything Wiley can muster on "Playtime Is Over". A few months back XL leaked out radio copies of "Hardback (Industry)" and the track was universally panned, with the much more obvious "Sirens" ending up as the lead single off the album. It's a strange thing because for our money "Hardback" is quite easily the best thing on this album - and by some distance. The beats are sparse and uncompromising, a genuinely filthy sheen marking the maverick production with Dizzee's flow delivering the necessaries : spiteful, funny and onomatopoeic throughout. If you're looking for next level kinda sh*t - look no further. "World Outside" opens the album with a brilliantly unsettling synth cascade that sounds like a healing "sounds of the ocean" cd gone wrong while Dizzee's uncharacteristically restrained, almost downtrodden delivery sets the scene for what's to follow. "Excuse Me" references Sly & Robbie's classic productions for Grace Jones, the backing track bringing to mind the fabulous "Private Life" with its squashed bass and woodblock percussion, with Dizzee allowing himself to go down a more obvious lyrical route with a conscious social commentary that includes memorable lines like "sometimes I think the whole world's gone crazy.." - not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but the man has enough vocal charisma to get away with it. "Paranoid" (produced together with Dirty Stank protégé Footsie) returns to a more familiar Grime template with a doom-laden chime accompanying the necessary percussive filth, while "Bubbles" is a brilliantly mashed-up exercise in percussive reduction, complete with a skewed Eastern flavour that works a treat. It's also worth noting that there are many hands at work here - the whole album produced by Hip Hop luminary Cage, a couple of tracks apparently featuring keyboard contributions from a certain "M. Herbert", Arctic Monkey Alex Turner turning up for "Temptation", Lily Allen on "Wanna Be" and Drum and Bass heroes Shy FX and T Power mixing down Dizzee's attempt at summertime jungle on "Da Feelin'" - and it's this open-minded attitude that sums up both the best and worst things about this album. "Maths & English" is a sprawling, daring album with an attention deficit that imbues it not only with some outrageously original successes, but also with a number of it's biggest mistakes. On balance though - the highs here far outweigh the lows, and when this album peaks (keep on going back to Hardback, we tell ya), it provides just about the most exciting urban music you'll find in 2007. In short, for about half the tracks on here we'd urge you to investigate this album immediately - and remember to play it as loud as you possibly can... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Agenda Lux

01 de junho, James Holden @ Lux, Lisboa
02 de junho, Jamie Jones @ Lux, Lisboa
05 de junho, IAMX @ Lux, Lisboa
14 de junho, Laurent Garnier @ Lux, Lisboa
15 de junho, Hanne Hukkelberg @ Lux, Lisboa
21 de junho, Joakim @ Lux, Lisboa

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Specialten DVD Magazine

SPECIALTEN #19 - Specialten Is A Bi-Monthly Collection Of Short Films, 10 Music Videos And Exclusive Interviews. Its’ Focus Is Towards Music, Film, Animation And Design. The Packaging Is Gatefold A4, Bound Heavy Card, In Full Colour And Includes A 24 Page Book Of Artwork, Reviews And Stills, Together With A Ltd Print By An Artist In Every Issue. Issue 19 - Bonde Do Role in interview, a special session from the excellent Scout Niblett, Junior Boys in interview, plus over 2 hours of features/contributions/videos from Battles, Clark, Deerhoof, Headman, Working For A Nuclear Free City. nota do editor



"Walkabout" This mix CD by Glasgow's Optimo is the first release on Mule Musiq's new offshoot imprint Endless Flight. Very much in keeping with the music policy at their club night (also called Optimo), the duo of Jonnie Wilkes and Keith McIvor take a trawl through industrial, new wave, techno and minimal house with digressions into Japanese psych-metal (Boris) and weirdo electronics (Black Dice) along the way. The mix kicks off with a mighty triptych of techno primitivism with tracks by Throbbing Gristle, Wolfgang Voigt (under his long dormant Grungerman moniker) and Pan Sonic. The Sahko sound is proving to be a popular fixture of DJ mixes at the moment (see also this week's Ellen Allien Fabric mix CD) with two separate entries here for the minimalistically-inclined Finns. Philus' classic 'Kuvio 3' makes a mid-set appearance, laying down a bedrock for Shane Berry's thoroughly disorientating 'Fillertet 2'. It's at this point when it gets a bit weird and Boris' 'My Machine' (a comparatively subdued piece by their maniacal standards) kicks in paving a path of beatless weirdness for Godsy's 'The Grass Runs Red', whose grinding synth tones shift into Suicide's 'Radiation'. From there on the mix becomes a bit of a free for all, taking in discordant micro house from Eventell and Metaboman, relentless looped techno from Thomas Brinkmann and hip Minus fare from Marc Houle. The final phase of the set makes for a gratifyingly odd send-off, featuring the disco brass of Smith N Hack remixing Matthew Herbert's 'Moving Like A Train', an interlude of sampled radio transmissions, and finally, Black Dice's freak-electronics epic, 'Manoman'. Awesome stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Agenda Indústria

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


"Rumpelzirkus" Anyone familiar with Zurich's club scene (we know you're out there) will no doubt already know a thing or two about Kalabrese (aka Sascha Winkler), the producer, DJ, promoter and club owner who gained international recognition via his "Chicken Fried Rice" 12" on Perlon. This full-length release brings together a variety of tracks released in a vinyl-only capacity through Stattmusik. Musically, this is an album characterised by a freewheeling approach to funk and a more soulfully-inclined take on house music not too dissimilar to Supercollider's genius, signature sound. Vocals figure in many of the tracks here, including 'Not The Same Shoes', a collaboration with Kate Nash whose lethargic tones compliment the laidback quality of the production. While there's a healthy number of fairly straight-up dancefloor cuts here (such as the sultry 'Lose My Chair') there are plenty of gestures towards less familiar territory, as on the near-acoustic shuffle of 'Hide' and the weirdo slow motion blues jam 'Heartbreak Hotel'. As the album moves towards the final few tracks, Mr. Kalabrese makes sure he goes out with a bang, dishing out plenty of 4/4 funk and some especially unhinged disco in the shape of the 'Auf Dem Hof' which features the man himself throwing some Prince-style vocal manoeuvres over a bed of horns and jumbled up percussion. Ace. in boomkat. [Para Ouvir]



"Bulljun & El Barrio 2016" album do ninpónico Bulljun foi finalmente editado no formato vinil duplo, mas mais uma vez (isto já parece tortura) só foram disponibilizadas pela P-Vine Japan 500 cópias para venda, a música é de excelente qualidade, reúne 12 títulos de melodias e grooves hip hop, jazz, disco, funk com um quê de sabor latino, parece bem não é, acreditem é mesmo muito bom. Para Ouvir, Bio.

Bulljun(A.Y.B.FORCE) DJ Vol.2@UNIT

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Monday, May 28, 2007


"Azimuth", o album produzido por Azymuth (José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros, Ivan Conti) está finalmente disponível em duplo vinil, a reedição foi feita pela editora Far Out, e segundo consta, esta só disponibilizou mundialmente 750 cópias. Está oficialmente aberta a caça à relíquia. [Para Ouvir]

Hot Chip - Dj Kicks

DJ Kicks The enormously successful electropop stylings of Hot Chip have found them in constant demand ever since the release of their hit album "The Warning "a couple of years back. Now they've been recruited by the !K7 crew for the latest instalment of their DJ-Kicks series, a mix that kicks off with the slinky melodies of Grovesnor's 'Nitemoves' shifting unapologetically into Positive K's 'I Got A Man'. The narrative flow of the mix continues to refuse any impulse to settle down into a particular genre, skipping briskly through tracks by Subway, Soundhack and Tom Ze before channeling into a full track in the form of Hot Chip's own 'My Piano', a track exclusive to this compilation. Of course, that account hardly does the production justice, which really comes into its own in its final passages, populated with zippy synth lines and heavily compressed stabs. The next phase of the mix takes in New Order, Etta James, Black Devil Disco Club and Dominik Eulberg before winding down (albeit for 20 seconds) with This Heat. The final furlong is far more coherent as a club-friendly sequence, taking in Wookie, Gabriel Ananda, Marek Bois, Audion and Joe Jackson's 'Steppin' Out'. Finally, Ray Charles. 'Mess Around' brings the disc to a close. By no means a coherent compilation, Hot Chip's DJ-Kicks revels in its unwillingness to be pinned down and is all the better for it. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Neil Landstrumm

"Restaurant Of Assassins" Neil Landstrumm has left his techno roots behind for this rather excellent new album for Planet Mu, honing his low - end dexterity for a collection of far - flung dubstep / rave / hardcore variations that cumulatively make for quite possibly the finest release in his long and illustrious career to date. "Kids Wake Up" starts the album as it means to go on, a true Hardcore aesthetic informing not only Landstrumm's sample selection but also his masterful use of BASS, the end result being a sound system destroyer of the most enjoyable kind, with even a bleeping acknowledgment to KLF thrown into the mix for good measure... mighty stuff. "Yorkshire Steel Cybernetics" is up next and is surely some kind of tribute to Coco, Steel & Lovebomb's classic "Feel It" except fourty times heavier, the low-end is so expertly tweaked here that i could quite happily listen to that bassline on a loop for the next few hours. "Reverse Rebel" once again displays Landstrumm's righteous sense of history by featuring the Ragga Twins on vocals, but despite its best intentions it's too much rave and not enough Hardcore for this listener. "Give Them Fire" fares much better, a sparse introduction lays the foundation for another immense bassline - with the frequencies this low the track needs all the structural support it can get, something that's provided here with ample room to spare. It's quite telling that this album has been described in most quarters as dubstep - after all the scene is mostly far too young to remember that Hardcore laid the foundations for so much Bass culture, and the Hardcore continuum you hear about so often these days started with a bunch of bedroom producers channelling their hard-earned into pirate radio transmitters, spray paints and dodgy dubplates - sound familiar? Huge props go to Landstrumm for steering clear of the standard dubstep templates a lesser producer might have been tempted by, "Restaurant of Assassins" is a hugely enjoyable, brilliantly executed tribute to days gone by, delivered with all the Low-End pressure and pristine flair for production that dubsteppers will hopefully be in awe of. Right, I'm off to dig out my LFO, Suburban Bass, Reinforced and SUAD twelves... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

Agenda Pitch

Sunday, May 27, 2007

DJ Rolando - Jaguar

Alton Miller

Alton Miller Nascido em Detroit nos anos 70, encontrou influências nas sonoridades da Motown, Parliament Funkadelic e Santana. Durante os anos 80 juntou-se a Derrick May e começou a interessar-se pelo Dj'ing acto esse que o levou a tocar ao lado de nomes como Ron Hardy e Frankie Knuckles, ainda na mesma década juntou forças com George Baker e Chez Damier, o objectivo era fundar o Music Institute, um club que por si teve uma vida bastante curta mas o suficiente para se tornar uma lenda de Detroit. Nos inícios dos anos 90 juntou-se novamente a May com o qual iniciou um projecto chamado Aphrodisiac para a sub label da Transmat Records (Fragile), além desta pequena intervenção, editou outros trabalhos na companhia de Kevin Saunderson (KMS). Nos meados dos anos 90 o seu talento era visto como um sinal de respeito e reconhecimento, desde então tem sido o avultar de uma discografia fabulosa e de extremo bom gosto, da qual apresento alguns títulos: "Song Of The Drum" (Moods & Grooves - 1999) , "Stories From Bohemia" (Peacefrog - 2003), "Clouds Are Gone" (Deeper Soul - 2005). Em 2007 regressa com o seu mais recente trabalho, "Souls Like Mine", reúne 12 títulos de puro downtempo, afro soul, broken jazz, deep house, e conta com as participações especiais de Lady Linn, Nonie e Angelique. Está previsto o lançamento do álbum para o próximo dia 28 de Maio nos formatos CD e Vinil duplo. [Para Ouvir]

Dubstep & Future Dub

Various - Box Of Dub: Dubstep & Future Dub (Soul Jazz) Comentários: This is a unique project for Soul Jazz Records, featuring all-newly recorded exclusive tracks of Future Dub and Dubstep from key artists from the Dubstep scene. Featuring Skream, Burial,Scuba, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, King Midas Sound and more. After two killer Digital Mystikz singles on Soul Jazz Records last year and an amazing amount of publicity around the Dubstep movement, this album shows clearly the influence of original electronic dub pioneers such as King Tubby, Scientist and King Jammys on this new generation of artists and producers. Emerging out of South London, Dubstep has grown from its roots in Grime and Drum and Bass scenes to create a new movement of artists – such as Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, Burial – influenced by sound system culture as well as technology. With heavy bass-lines and complex drum patterns, Dubstep blazes trails for being both progressive and innovative. This album represents this distinctly new UK urban sound and is available on CD (with special die-cut slipcase) and triple vinyl (super-loud, two tracks per side), nota do editor. Para Ouvir

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dntel - The distance

Kai Zhang - Ask You

Datarock No Festival Sudoeste

Está confirmada a presença da dupla Datarock no Festival Sudoeste na Zambujeira do Mar, 3 de Agosto. Datarock My Space. Até agora constam também no cartaz nomes como Mika, Cassius, The Streets, Patrick Wolf, Bonde do Role, Camera Obscura, Steel Pulse, Tiken Jah Fakoly, juntam-se agora Editors, Cypress Hill, The Noisettes, Air Traffic, Soldiers of Jah Army e Yellowman, Just Jack, Buraka Som Sistema...

Thomas Fehlmann

Thomas Fehlmann - Honigpumpe (Kompakt Germany) [Ouvir] Comentários: Longtime member of the Orb and house music pioneer Thomas Fehlmann's contributions to electronic music's development are incalculable, as is the depth and breadth of his recorded output. Honigpumpe, his latest album, drops May 29 in Europe and June 5 in the States from Kompakt, and continues the sonic explorations Fehlmann has mounted over his two decades at the forefront of house.Switzerland house junkies can catch Fehlmann this June on his lone scheduled tour stop. However, the Orb will be performing a few times this summer, mostly at European festivals. A new Orb album titled The Dream is currently in the works. It features collaborations with superproducer Youth, Dreadzone's Tim Bran, Steve Hillage, Andy Kane, and Eric Walker in pitchfork.


Interlope é um duo francês composto por Christophe Borca & Gregor Heuze, é também conhecido pelas suas intervenções experimentais e por elevarem o drum & bass a um patamar mais elevado. Está previsto para o dia 28 de Maio de 2007 o lançamento do seu último trabalho, chama-se "Petits Arrangements Entre Amis" e conta com oito títulos de electro break beat, dubstep e drum & bass. Disponível no formato vinil LP. A edição ficou a cargo da francesa Expressillon, base para artistas como Simon Carter aka Crystal Distortion e Sebastian Vaughan aka 69db. Para Ouvir



Friday, May 25, 2007


HazMaPo by UNKL Brand


Joel-Peter Witkin


Kelley Polar "Chrysanthemum" 2007


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wax Poetics Magazine Issue 23

WAX POETICS - Wax Poetics Magazine Issue 23 (June/July 2007) (feat Rick James, The Latin Quarter, Bunny Lee, Chico Hamilton, Arthur Russell, Ramp, DJ Shadow).

Inspiração Tramada 6


Minilogue - Inca EP (Wir Germany) Comentários: Inca é o novo EP da dupla Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert editado pela Wir Germany. O lado a (Inca) é substancialmente melódico revelando ligeiras aproximações ao universo do trance lembrando na sua execução o estilo de James Holden , o lado b (Urubamba) evoca um groove mais negro e profundo sendo este completado pelas habituais variações melódicas disonantes (já consideradas uma imagem de marca no projecto Minilogue) , conferindo-lhe um resultado final crú mas também bastante funky. Disponível a partir do dia 28 de Maio de 2007. Discografia Completa »» aqui


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Monday, May 21, 2007

Red Bull Street Gallery

Red Bull Street Gallery:::..
No passado dia 18 de Maio celebrou-se o dia internacional dos museus e a "intensa produção criativa originária nas artes urbanas." O artista urbano é um autor de si próprio. É um sujeito activo de intervenção na paisagem urbana, onde actua através de uma tecnologia de signos e mensagens. "O artista urbano é, paralelamente, um significador, um estruturador do real, projectando-o através de símbolos visuais, de emanações figurativas ou palavras activistas. Esta expressividade criativa em contexto metropolitano produz-se como resultado de representações artísticas de cidade mutáveis, desapegadas, progressistas elevando o espaço urbano ao estado de objecto de arte. Seu grande interlocutor – o artista urbano. mais info" »» aqui


Sunday, May 20, 2007

$TINKWORX - Ain't Chit History

$tinkworx é o pseudónimo para JT Stewart, produtor americano e dirigente da etiqueta Down Low imprint onde editou os seus primeiros discos 7 polegadas de italo disco, posteriormente reeditados para as editoras Mo Wax e Rushhour. "Ain't Chit History" (2004) define uma passagem pela sede holandesa da Delsin Records, onde JT colaborou activamente, este album é uma soma de 14 faixas cujo trabalho respira Detroit, no entanto não se trata de um disco de techno ou de pura electrónica, é uma simbiose de vários estilos e de influências como o italo, disco, funk, broken beat, conferindo-lhe uma fácie retro futuristica. Para os apreciadores de Giorgio Moroder, Morgan Geist, Aardvarck, esta será uma excelente escolha, espero que gostem. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas "Reinterpretations" é o resultado da criação de versões alternativas (do album original) mais apropriadas para a pista de dança, foram incluídas também algumas faixas inéditas com o apoio criativo da editora belga Eskimo. O conjunto reúne ao todo 9 temas: "Turkish Delight", "Claudio", "Mighty Girl", "Vrang Of Vanskelig", "Feel PM", "Boney M Down"... Reflexões, ora bem, em comparação com o album original este talvez enfoque mais um universo psicadélico, mais dubby, centrando sempre a sua atenção no disko funk, sendo esta a referência principal. O album vai estar disponível a partir do dia 21 de Maio no formato cd. Para Ouvir

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Kammerflimmer Kollektief é o colectivo formado por Dietrich Foth, Heike Wendelin, Thomas Weber, apresenta o seu mais recente projecto "Jinx", reúne 8 músicas e a edição é da Staubgold Germany, disponível a partir do dia 21 de Maio. O seu trabalho resume-se à conceptualização de uma identidade experimental com vista para o cruzamento orgânico de outras raízes musicais como o folk e o jazz. A estética impressa no seu conceito denota uma sensibilidade especial para a inclusão de pequenas explosões harmónicas como também a construção de uma plataforma menos convencional e algo desconstruída. Jinx é envolvido em ambientes difusos, melancólicos e abstractos, não será propriamente o album mais fácil de digerir, mas é bastante apetecível, vale a pena ouvir »» aqui

New Young Pony Club - Icecream

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Friday, May 18, 2007

Radio Show #08

01.Lukid:Light Up
02.Apparat: Holdon
03.Pantha Du Prince: White Out
04.Magda: Staring Contest
05.Justice: D.A.N.C.E
06.Mount Sims: Restless
07.Siriusmo: Dip Dap
08.CSS: Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)
09.Scream Club vs Ben Adorable feat.Peaches: Fine As Fuck
10.Mount Sims: How We Do
11.The Gossip: Standing in the way of control (Headman Dub)
12.Adult: Nausea
13.Aleksi Perälä: Feast´
14.Kilo: Push & Pull
15.The Black Seeds: Cool Me Down
16.Lucien n Luciano: La Ondita