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Thursday, November 26, 2009

BERNARDI, Marco - Switches Drawers & Washing Machines

BERNARDI, Marco - Switches Drawers & Washing Machines (Frustrated Funk Holland) Comentários: Marco Bernardi was an obvious choice for who got to do the first album on Frustrated Funk. Representing his most delicate compositions ranging from freaky minimalistic electro trickery to the sweetest and intense excursions in the field of what they use to call ''intelligent techno''. We simply picked out his best moments along the line and put it all together for this brilliant presentation. With this piece of art we show again that we don't give a shit about new styles, trends and hypes. We just want to deliver a very sweet package that you will still be playing and cherish in 15+ years from now. This deluxe double vinyl album will be sweetened with hand stamped label art, hand made screen printed sleeves and pressed on pretty pink transparent vinyl to make this package extra special. Enjoy!! in clone. "Switches Drawers & Washing Machines" in my opinion is a excelent aproach of 'modern electronica', Marco Bernardi manages to balance between techno & electro (funky as hell), he also leads his music to darker environments but at the same time sprinkles is composition with a warm groove, genious move by the way! by electriklife (M.U.) [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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FACT mix 103: King Midas Sound

This morning's FACT mix takes the form of a very special session from King Midas Sound, the trio of Kevin 'The Bug' Martin, Roger Robinson and Hitomi. All live edited, with special effects and additional vocals and commentary from the London trio, KMS's FACT mix reads like a list of influences on their twilight Lovers Rock sound, featuring sweet reggae in Tanya Stephens and Gregory Isaacs, dusty shoegaze in My Bloody Valentine and A.R. Kane and modern favourites Burial and Little Dragon, plus tracks from Sade, Larry Heard and Scritti Politti, and material from King Midas' forthcoming debut album, Waiting For You on Hyperdub. We're blown away by it, and pretty much play it every other morning in our office. Not only is it a great listen, it provides a genuine insight into the conception of Waiting For You - one of the year's most intriguing albums - which is due to drop towards the end of this month.You can read FACT's King Midas Sound interview here.
Download: FACT Mix 103 - King Midas Sound (Available for three weeks)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Resident Advisor : Label of the month: Mathematics

"This month, our special label of the month mix is from Mathematics label boss Hieroglyphic Being. Featuring some of the most seductive records he owns, he calls the mix Sexy Sounds / Hot Nights, Vol. 1. We think it's a perfect set to help usher in the winter months." [Download Mix]

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Monday, November 23, 2009


Metro Area - Live @ Somewhere

Friday, November 20, 2009

NUEARZ - Saturation Point

NUEARZ - Saturation Point (Skam)Comentários: The solo project of one Kazuhiro Okuda, Nuearz is the latest recruit to the Skam roster, and while a solid core of heavily edited electronica is at the heart of this record, there's an awful lot more going on as well. The tricky cutting, in-depth percussive detail and cranked levels of compression all make Saturation Point an aptly titled sensory assault. 'Protocol C' works well, benefitting from playing down the more overloaded compositional traits of elsewhere - 'Counterpoise' for example is a beast of a thing, full of melodic, twinkling tones, lurid synth lines and strummed acoustic guitar. In fact, acoustic guitar is heavily used throughout the record, which isn't really something you'd expect of a Skam release. Far more in keeping with the label's traditional agenda is the obliteration of beat structures and a thorough working knowledge of advanced electro experiments, which is apparently something Okuda is eminently adept at, albeit in a slightly noisier, scrappier - even psychedelic fashion than is customary for anything that might come under the banner of IDM. Extremely cool wares - recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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VINDICATRIX - Die Alten Bosen Lieder

VINDICATRIX - Die Alten Bosen Lieder (Mordant Music) Comentários: A bit of a treat from the forever intriguing Mordant posse, packaging up a 12" of brilliantly weird and epic proportions with a bonus 8-track CD album and an assortment of strange Mordant paraphernalia thrown in for good measure. This is the debut Vindicatrix release on Mordant following on from that excellent remix collaboration with Shackleton from a few months back, and it takes us further down a road of pulsating percussive arrangements, heavy heavy bass structures and one of the weirdest vocal appearances you'll likely ever hear. The effect is brilliantly jarring and pretty much impossible to describe, with frames of reference as diverse as Perlon, Coil, Nurse with Wound, the Ghostbox label, Safety Scissors and, of course, Shackleton all coming to mind and yet all failing to really contain much about this music. Mordant has always been an impossibly slippery label when it comes to any kind of categorisation, but this release must surely rank among its most satisfying releases yet and without any doubt one of the most original records you'll have heard in bass music. Limited copies and, needless to say, massively recommended!in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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ORBISON, Joy - J Doe

ORBISON, Joy - J Doe (Doldrums) Comentários:How do you follow-up the biggest 12" of the year and the kind of mass adulation not usually associated with UK bass music? Easy, make another one. This, at least, seems to be the strategy employed by Peter O'Grady, aka Joy Orbison, who lifts the lid on his very own doldrums label with another precisely built low-end double whammy likely to set the world alight all over again. "BRKLN CLLN" sits on the a-side and slowly digests and chews up a vocal sample with the same kind of alchemical brilliance that made "Hyph Mngo" so unforgettable. But this is an altogether more complex and brooding number, constructed out of hazy synth breakdowns and a scattered percussive spine that's swallowed by that frayed yet crisp production that's set to become Orbison's unique stylistic signature. It's one of those classic wrong-footiing beasts, sounding too slow and then too fast, uplifting yet morose - and at all times just utterly brilliant. "J. Doe" on the flipside is brighter and more uptempo, knocking more unfathomably righteous synths and heavyweight bass movements into a magnificently arranged dancefloor destroyer you'll no doubt be hearing endlessly for the next 12 months. Honestly, we were worried we'd be let down, but as far as we're concerned it's now sealed - the boy can do no wrong. KILLER! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

M.U. Podcast - Almost Winter

01.Instra:mental - Watching You
02.Shackleton ft. Jackson Del Rey - Next To Nothing
03.Indigo - Fading
04.Seaworthy - Inside
05.Sigha & Spherix - Separation
06.Burial - South London Boroughs
07.Axxo - No Idlers
08.Mika Vainio - Barbarians
09.Bibio - S'vive (Clark Remix)
10.Burial - Fostercare
11.Cooly G - Weekend Fly
12.Zomby - Tarantula
13.Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
14.Contra Communem Opinionem - Tired Feet
15.Jacques Palminger - Tüdeldub (Shackleton Remix)
16.Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


First I've started to follow his blog, then suddenly I've discovered that Dencrome also presents himself as Dreamcrusher: "a Graphic Designer, Photographer, ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN, exhibitionist (on the inside), and vegetarian". His "nasty" hard sound reminds me a bit of the work of artists like Neil Landstrumm, Autechre & Aphex Twin. These Beats weren't made for beginners... just for people movers! Dreamcrusher's EP Antipop/Reykjavik is available on [Myspace] [Facebook]

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No Moda Zine


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Live)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lerosa Mirror Mix

Russell – Real Soon
Franco Cangelli – Innocence In A Jar (Lerosa Remix) – Mowar
Regret – D1
Clique – Real Soon
Seeker – Enclave
Circadia – Millions of Moments
Lovers bleed – Millions of Moments
Plesso – Ostgut
Dark Knight – A Touch of Class
One Year Friends – Enclave
Much Later – Uzuri
Triage – Quintessentials
Abby – Uzuri
Buddy system – Quintessentials
Andy Vaz – Hurry, Hurry Remix (Lerosa Mix) – Yore
Pussy – Enclave

[Download mix]

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Duck Sauce - Anyway (Surface To Air Version)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

FACT Mix 99 - Sven Weisemann

Sven Weisemann His latest release, the Xine LP, finds him indulging his interest in ambient and cinematic sounds, but his FACT Mix has definitely been assembled with the dancefloor in mind. An abundantly funky mix of jacking house and skipping techno, it gives you some idea of what to expect when Sven plays alongside the mighty Chez Damier at London's Lost In The Loft party on November 14: more information on that night here. No tracklist as yet, but we're pon de case.
(Available for three weeks)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ELEMENTAL - Messages From The Void

ELEMENTAL - Messages From The Void (Runtime ) Comentários: Longtime dubstep and breakstep auteur, Elemental, presents the reprogrammed double vinyl edition of his debut album. Ever since his early productions on Hot Flush, Elemental has been defined by a taste for techier edged productions, sitting alongside the likes of Scuba, Vex'd or Reso as a purveyor of hard-stepping and technically accomplished goodness. 'Messages From The Void' opens with the Radiophonic tones of 'Triple 116', sounding like John Baker or Delia Derbyshire jamming with Jamie Vex'd, before laying out the skipping flex of 'Deepchord' - a must-check cut for fans of F or Headhunter! 'Magic Harp' displays his dirtier breakbeat side with double basslines reminiscent of Red Snapper, and the lengthy epic 'Braindrops' comes across like Blackdown & Dusk inverted by Kryptic Minds. For fans of deeper twisted and techy-stepping sonics, this is definitely your bag! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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GLASS GHOST - Idol Omen (Western Vinyl US) Comentários: Brooklyn duo Glass Ghost (comprised of ex-Flying members Eliot Krimsky and Mike Johnson) prepare to release their new album Idol Omens, featuring guest spots from Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple, Joan Wasser of Joan As Policewoman fame and Sharon Von Etten. That line-up of contributors really doesn't give too many clues as to what the record itself sounds like however, and much of Idol Omen carves out a kind of avant-garde interpolation of Dilla-inspired wonky beat designs and indie-rock compatible psychedelic soul. Particular standouts include the excellent 'What I've Seen' - sounding like a hip-hop inflected Beach Boys song - and 'Mechanical Life', which stands out by merit of the contrast between Krimsky's singular falsetto and the tight-knit electronic funk backdrop. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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COWLEY, Patrick/JORGE SOCARRAS - Burn Brighter Flame

COWLEY, Patrick/JORGE SOCARRAS - Burn Brighter Flame (Macro Germany) Comentários: 2nd single from the Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras album ''Catholic''. Remix by Oni Ayhun and editing by Morgan Geist. Amazing album discovery of Patrick Cowley. More electronical tracks then the disco hits we know from him! More to Yellow Magick Orchestra the to his Menergy album. Very nice! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TANABE, Daisuke - Flowers On A Wall

TANABE, Daisuke - Flowers On A Wall (KI Germany) Comentários: For the second release on Ki Records we invited a very special and talented artist from Japan to join our label. Daisuke Tanabe, who studied art in Tokyo and London, has been producing music for the last 13 years. Various releases on Zero DB’s Fluid Ounce label and an impressive amount of remixes for Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood imprint have proven Daisuke Tanabe’s versatility and talent for modern experimental electronic music. As a live Act and Dj, he performed with Gilles Peterson, Onra, Tim Exile, Hudson Mohawke and Clark. We decided to dare a leap into a more experimental way by publishing his outstanding Flowers on a Wall. The four-track EP will be released in August 2009 (500 copies WW on limited vinyl), simultaneously to his first Album on Japan’s Circulation Records. in dance-all-day [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, November 09, 2009


In a few short months, Light Asylum—aka Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello, the latest buzz out of Brooklyn—has gone from playing local art shows to the basement of Pieter Schoolwerth's infamous Wierd club night. They now seem to pop up playing every major party that shakes the city, while the level at which their fans show their devotion can usually be measured in the harrowing shrieks that accompany the band's every synthed-out move, often resulting in a pile of sweaty bodies on the floor by show's end. Funchess—a unique vocal talent whose past contributions range from tours with !!! to performances and recordings with Telepathe and TV on the Radio—is finally setting forth on her own musical journey in dark, romantic dance music. In other words, goth is kind of having a Grace Jones moment. Her standout ballad, Shallow Tears, manages to both move and uplift, as she bellows in her trademark deep alto an invitation to "meet me by the river's edge, while I lay, low, down my head" and asks to be drowned in her friend's shallow tears. Haunting, bewitching and, dare I say, totally bitchin'. in hintmag
Light Asylum - Shallow Tears
(via 20jazzfunkgreats)

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

FACT Mix 98 - Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy Edgar - Funktion of Your Love (vocal mix-unreleased)
Plastikman - Kriket
Captain Rapp - Bad Times
Andre Crom - Morphin
Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum - Sin Love With You
Aaliyah - One In A Million
Dopplereffekt - Speaknspell
Posatronix - Shake It
Aaron Carl - Down (original mix)
Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride (unreleased ron hardy mix)
lee jones - the ice train cometh
jJimmy Edgar - Be There (out soon on HYPERCOLOUR)
4th Measure Men - 4 You
Ralph Falcon - I Need Someone (stoned someone mix)
Squarepusher - Kill Robok
Laid Back - White Horse
Ed DMX - Mks Demo (unreleased)
FACT Mix 98 - Jimmy Edgar

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Friday, November 06, 2009

VARIOUS - Warp 20 (Unheard)

VARIOUS - Warp 20 (Unheard) (Warp) Comentários: It's gotta be said, that out of all the Warp20 releases, this is the one that's really got us excited. Cutting across 20 years of the label's history 'Unheard' digs out eleven tracks from its sizable archives, including exclusive and previously unheard gems from Boards Of Canada, Autechre, Elektroids, Clark, Plaid, Flying Lotus, Seefeel, N.O.W and more. These tracks are also available on the vinyl 10"s in the box set, but this is the only place you'll find them outside of that. Unfortunately we've got no specific dates to go from, but Autechre's gorgeous 'Oval Moon (IBC Mix)' is apparently pre-Incunabula era, while BoC's majestic 'Seven Forty Seven' also sounds like a very early transmission. Elektroids' 'Elektroid Bonus Circuit' is a big treat for the Drexciyan nuts, while Broadcast provide a cover of Nico's 'Sixty Forty' taken from a Peel session, and Flying Lotus defies expectations with the AFX-meets Radiophonic harmonics of 'Tronix'. Highly Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard (Mathematics US)Comentários: True-skool Chicago don Jamal Moss warms up his machines for another Hieroglyphic Being trip on Mathematics with this vinyl version of the recently released CD. You'll know by now there's no shortage of love for the raw and almost punked Chicago sound of Jamal Moss, the appointed flame carrier for the old skool Ron Hardy/Armando aesthetic and standard bearer for ruff, psyched and funkin effective house music. While not quite as squashed as last years 'Bathroom Sessions' on Morphine, 'So Much Noise 2 Be Heard' is defiantly Jamal Moss, and uncompromisingly covers all angles of his strong willed style. The punishing jack track opener 'Fingerprints Of The Gods' or the rudely lo-fi Euro synth and jackbeat killer 'MB Trax V' on the first plate are just appetisers for the seriously psyched gear on the second disc. 'The Pineapple Effect (Future Jazz Version)' is an instant winner, grinding looped pianos with hacked machine beats or getting ambient on 'Encounters Of A Third Kind', before dropping the stunning 'I Am That I Am (New Age House Re-Make)' sounding like you're trapped in the Music Box on some particularly strong Hoffmans with nowt but a thong on (Don't we all have that fantasy?). In his own words Jamal Moss describes his music as "encompassing an array of sounds and influences from Aboriginal Noises/Classic House/New Age/Acid/Free Jazz/Sufi Rhythms/Deep Soundscapes and Ragtime Electronics" which is far better than we can put it. The execution and purposefully lo-fi aesthetic is utterly devastating - one for the faithful! Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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MINISTER, The - Second Try Of The First Step Into The Third Dimension

MINISTER, The - Second Try Of The First Step Into The Third Dimension (Creme Jak) Comentários:A mystery guest, James JACKRABBIT influenced Chi-house, that coincidentally sounds more than a little familiar to underground Jakker Elec Pt. 1 (Bunker). Who knows, these tracks where delivered to our ignorant asses by an old pigeon, and we've learned to stop asking questions a long time ago! We dread to say this one is very limited but we'll do it anyway: 200 copies only! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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JTC vs 2AM/FM - King Of The Box

JTC vs 2AM/FM - King Of The Box (Creme Jak) Comentários: We had some unfinished business, so after long deliberation her is the Return of Creme JAK! JTC (aka James T Cotton) opens this ep with a devastating 70's Disco/Funk/JAK hybrid, hypnotizing crowds with a repetitive funk guitar and throwing them into a Jakking frenzy with a steamrolling basskick counterpoint. Simply JAK-tastic! Followed by a silky Chicago Dub jakker for the comedown and we're ready for 2AM/FM. Or are we? These two cats Rave up the place with some of their patented deep rolling Chicago-house influenced trax, but spice it up with a thick-slick muddy bassline before erupting like Old Yeller. Top! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You’re Just My Type

You’re Just My Type” is a project by Jonathan Brandel. He was inspired by the typeface pyramid by Formconspiracy and turned it into a kinetic Processing sketch. The music in this video is “Stay Away From Being Maybe” by Telefon Tel Aviv, you might want to see it fullscreen.

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Yochai Matos

Eclipse from Yochai Matos on Vimeo.

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