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Monday, October 29, 2012

S Olbricht - Revox03

«S Olbricht was a famous german producer, songwriter. At the 70's he led the great disco band S Tuder. In the year 1979 he moved to Los Angeles and met with a club promoter and pimp Paul Snider. Snider was helping a lot to Olbricht and his band, thanks to him S Tuder became the resident band at the Century City Club. After Snider's wife, Dorothy Stratten began working at the club, Olbricht and the girl fell in love and a tragic romance unfolded. She and Olbricht were lovers for a year. No doubt, Olbricht wrote his best songs during this time. Shortly after the love begun, on August 14, 1980 the jelous husband killed Dorothy and Olbricht and his records has disappeared. 'The last act of Dorothy Stratten' is a selection of the lost and found tapes of S Olbricht. All off this recordings was inspired by Dorothy's beauty and glamour». 
"The Last Act Of Dorothy Stratten" is a project of Martin Mikolai (Budapest, Hungary), release don Farbwechsel imprint. You can buy the album on

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Discoverer - Personal Clone (Free Download)

"Personal Clone" is from the LP Tunnels out on Digitalis Recordings. "Memories" is otherwise unreleased. Released 09 October 2012, All sounds by Brandon Knocke. Mastering and art by Brad Rose. Logo by Tiny Little Hammers.

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Htrk / Tropic Of Cancer - Part Time Punks Radio Sessions

Htrk / Tropic Of Cancer - Part Time Punks Radio Sessions (Ghostly International) Comentários: In a bit of a fan service from Ghostly, the Ann Arbor imprint have managed to get together two stunning sessions from post-industrial dreamers HTRK and Blackest Ever Black’s Tropic of Cancer and funnel them straight to wax. Recorded for the critically acclaimed LA underground show Part Time Punks, these sessions show off both acts at their most raw and crucial, with murky live sound adding substantial character to the bands’ already clouded atmospheres. HTRK are up first and show once again why they're so highly rated. With a shroud of toothsome white noise and the kind of clamorous reverbs we last heard on a Cure bootleg, they make the grimiest sounds come across as fractured, beautiful and utterly captivating. As a flipside of the same coin, Tropic of Cancer push things into more upbeat but no less dreamy territory, as Juan Mendez (better known as Silent Servant) handles the murky, minimalist backdrops and Camella Lobo’s syrupy vocal twist and turn through the ether. One of the best 12”s we’ve heard from Ghostly in ages, this is not something you’re going to want to pass up – bleak, black and so, so alluring. in boomkat [Para Ouvir / Samples]

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mushy - "When You Say Time" (1984)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Orgue Electronique ft Robert Owens - Our House

From the upcoming Creme LP-09 - Orgue Electronique - Strange Paradise.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CUT HANDS - Black Mamba

CUT HANDS - Black Mamba (Very Friendly) Comentários: William Bennett reloads his battery of djembes, doundouns, ksing-ksing and synths for an outstanding 2nd album under the Cut Hands coat of arms. Unless you've entered your nuclear bunker way ahead of schedule, you can't fail to have noticed the clamour of attention around this project - from the delirious voodoo of 'Afro Noise I' to the incredibly compelling live-shows - and, if you're owt like us, you've probably played the records to death; so we'd imagine this album is already at the top of your wishlist. We can report that there are no major changes to the setup, but there is more attention given to tonal layering and near-cinematic arrangement this time. Across its twelve tracks he expands and contracts between atmospheric drone catharsis and percussive meditation with a more considered ebb and flow: 'Witness The Spread Of The Dream' opens with a spellbinding monologue by Mimsy DeBlois (who's also responsible for Cut Hands' definitive Vévé artwork) before the recent Blackest Ever Black invocation 'Black Mamba' and a beaten version of 'Krokodilo' take place. Next, the diffuse, dissonant shading of 'Nzambi Ia Ngonde' sets a more subtle tone for the rest of the album, oscillating from the swaggering polyrhythmic pressure of 'No Spare No Soul' to the miniature orchestration of 'El Palo Mayombe', thru the thunderous 'Kongo' and 'Brown-Brown' - our favourite cut from the Vol.1 LP, now included on CD for the first time - to the glowering metallic ambient scree of 'Nzambi Ia Muini' and the lingering swoon of 'Nine-Nights''s arcane tech-step swerve to close. Highly recommended! in boomkat
cut hands - black mamba (album preview) by experimedia

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems (Modern Love) Comentários: Following on from a pair of Extended Players released in 2011 ("Passed Me By" / "We Stay Together") Andy Stott returns to Modern Love with 'Luxury Problems', an 8 track album of new material recorded over the last 12 months. Five of the tracks on the album feature the voice of Alison Skidmore, Andy's onetime Piano teacher whom he hadnt seen since he was a teenager back in 1996. There was no grand gesture in mind, it just sort of happened - but after almost a year of studio work the result is really quite unlike anything you'll have heard from him before. 'Numb' opens the album with Alison's voice; layered and looped but essentially left bare and exposed, tumbling into a dense shuffle, sort of somewhere between Theo Parrish and Sade, but more f*cked. 'Lost and Found' follows and deploys a growling rave bassline and a disturbed vocal, the beat assembling itself around a squashed Linndrum like a submerged Prince/Cameo production, haunted and impenetrable, but full of funk. 'Sleepless' started life as an African drum edit that sooner or later succumbed to Stott's intense rhythmic shifts. It's a sound that's been imitated countless times since the release of 'Passed Me By', here re-tooled and re-built for its next evolutionary phase. 'Hatch The Plan' ends the first half of the album with some heavily treated location recordings and a low end grind that probably doesnt quite prepare you for the vocal arrangements that follow - it's just a beautifuly inverted pop song. The second half opens with 'Expecting', the most recognisably 'Stott' moment on the album: a wrecked, deliriously knocked-out 4/4 shuffle deployed at halfspeed; those heavy kickdrums sucking in everything around them. 'Luxury Problems' is next and offers up the album's most quietly euphoric and open 5 minutes; conventional arrangements and drumloops disrupted by sharp disco bursts that mess with what you know: it's straight and beautiful and unbalanced and damaged, somehow all at once. "Up the box" switches up the narrative and goes somewhere else entirely, an extended intro that seems to build continuously for 3 minutes before breaking off into a slowed-down Amen edit, creating a kind of narcotic Jungle variant that fragments everything and ends just at the point you think it's going to go off, before "Leaving" finishes the album with an almost unbareably beautiful arrangement of voice and synth and a final key-change that takes you from joyful to forlorn in an instant. in boomkat

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mundo Urbano "Obscure Romanticism" Mixtape

Cover art by Vitor Serrano :

Obscure Romanticism 
01-Intro #01
02-Nate Young - Comes Unbidden [NNA Tapes]
03-Wanda Group - Wetsuit Women [NNA Tapes]
04-Raime - Retread [Blackest Ever Black]
05-Ayshay - Jemsheed [Tri Angle]
06-Vatican Shadow - Prime Minister Defiant As Pakistan Outs CIA Agent  [Hospital Productions]
07-Mater Suspiria Vision - The Ring [MishkaNYC]
08-Interlude #02
09-Roly Porter - Atar [Subtext]
10-Mascara - Fire Walk With Me [Phantasma Disques]
11-Harmonizer - 5th World (edit) [NNA Tapes]

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Internet Club + Daytime Television - New Markets

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sky Ferreira - "Everything is Embarrassing"