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Thursday, March 31, 2011

DICKIE SMABERS & THE MOERWIJK CREW - Centraal Put (Tramtunnel Debacle)


KINETIX/PYLONE - Sonology (Sound On Probation France) Comentários: Gianluca Becuzzi aka Kinetix is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the 1980s. During the last two decades, he released many albums and performed live around Europe under various names. Since 1999, the artistic production of Gianluca Becuzzi is characterised by a strong experimental imprint, a marked interest for the expressive possibilities offered by the digital technologies and a clear aesthetic inclination towards abstract forms and micro / macro noises / sounds. Gianluca Becuzzi deals with electronic / electroacoustic composition, sound art, audio installations, ambient post-scorings and sound design. The relationships between art and science, audio and visual / spatial forms, as well as between composition and self-generative processes are the main themes Gianluca Becuzzi has decided to explore for 'Sonology'. With this third album, Pylône creates a work made of cracking, spattering, crepitating sounds and proposes a new dive in his clinical, yet always strangely poetic, musical universe. Producing bizarre soundscapes of oddly distorted, twisted noises, Pylône proposes to guide us through a labyrinthic inner world that is both extremely powerful and deeply delicate. For the first time together on the same album, each artist addresses the theme of sonology according to his own sensibility, Kinetix's work being rather on the side of break while Pylône's rests on the notion of flux. Thus, they create an extraordinarily interesting record, dense, subtle and inventive, the depth of which will reveal more and more with each new listening. in clear-spot [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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ALBERT VAN ABBE - NCS 0009121010

ALBERT VAN ABBE - NCS 0009121010 (No Comment Holland) Comentários: No comment is a platform focused on sharing channeled auditive and synaesthetic/ multi sensory perceptions. The concept was conceived to help the energy levels rise towards the transcendence of spacetime, entering the multiverse. The message is in the music, this is your last call. Decode to be illuminated! in clone (inlcudes "Heinrich Mueller remodel" mix) [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Musik by V‡S kULt . Video montage by DAZ∃D GAZE. Video tribute to Derek Jarman, featuring scenes from ''The Garden'' 1990 and ''The Last of England'' 1987 (Non commercial profit)

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ALAN HURST - Processed World

ALAN HURST - Processed World (FrequeNC US) Comentários: Produced by Jason Letkiewicz and Written by Alan Hurst. A limited to 300 copies album release full of scenematic analogue songs. Could easily be the soundtrack to an late 70's Italian gangster movie! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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The EXALTICS - Irresistible

The EXALTICS - Irresistible (Last Known Trajectory Germany) Comentários: The Exaltics are back, and they are taking over the planet! Short, sharp, electro styles in the form of 'Irresistible' and 'Calculate' devised to strike the target head-on, while the brooding, soulful, even graceful, techno gloom of 'Relentless' warns of impending doom. Dark times... dark vibes. Limited edition includes matte poster print. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Idol : Cicciolina

CFT&CM - A Race of Sevens

released 18 November 2010
Vocals: Manuel Robim; Electronics: Diogo Correia.
tags: post music dark electronic emotional fog grim highway musicnight post-punk Lisboa

tags: post music dark electronic emotional fog grim highway musicnight post-punk Lisboa

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - Das Haus der Hexe (2011)

From MATER SUSPIRIA VISION Vinyl LP "Inverted Triangle I" out now on Clan Destine/Phantasma Disques. Visit Mater Suspiria Vision Blog FOR MERCH, CDRs etc. Tribute to 70s HORROR movies. Non Profit Promo Video Collage by Cosmotropia de Xam 00418932107 or ) - Thanks for this great work.​matersuspiriavision . Join Mater Suspiria Vision on facebook for newest updates.

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Mundo Urbano Podcast April 11

Saturday, March 26, 2011


After running away to New York from her native Rhode Island at 18 and living a gypsy lifestyle supporting herself through modeling, acting and performance art, Kalliope Amorphous returned home, picked up a camera and decided she would become a photographer. In 'Hypnagogia', she makes distorted and haunting images in which she is both the model and the photographer. Using mirrors to capture her own image she explores the meaning of identity through a number of different roles. [read more]

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The discussion behind the concept of ‘perfection’ and the ‘perfect’ imagined self has been explored extensively throughout both psychological theory and creative practice, addressing media and advertisement constructs as to what is deemed as aesthetically perfect. This hyper-reality of mannequin-like idealism is explored further in this month’s exhibition at Camer16 in Milan, 'Destroyed Perfection'. We caught up with Anthony Maule and Sandy Kim who are showcasing their work to find out more about how these barriers can be broken down… [read more]

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At only 20, Victoria Zeoli from Orlando, Florida has spent much of her life devoted to her passion for fashion. Now set to move to New York, she spends her time travelllng and taking pictures. Her style can be predominantly sexy and colourful, but at times is dark and mysterious, whilst her personal style is all over the place. She completed an intense 365 project which you can see on her Flickr. [read more]

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Story Of Isaac

Story Of Issac (London, South East) is the UK meaning for «Zombie Rave» word. "well one cool fact is that ethan of crystal castles gave us the name. just got a singer and have a new sound and live shows with grill grill and mater suspiria vision. " Tip!
†ΞΞ/\/6!ЯL £▲/\/†▲§Y - D▲/\/ℂ!/\/6 !/\/ §L0\^/ /V\0†!0/\/ (§†õЯ¥ - õ£ - ̧▲▲ℂ - ЯΞ/V\!X) by Story of Isaac
ℂЯ¥§†▲L ℂ▲§†LΞ§ - !/\/†!/V\▲†Ξ /// DЯ▲6 - ΞD!† by Story of Isaac

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Beans - End It All

Beans - End It All (Anticon) Comentários: One of HipHop's persistently distinctive voices drops his sixth album, this time for the Anticon label. Assisted by killer productions from the likes of Nobody, Four Tet, In Flagranti and Clark, Beans is as eloquent and bafflingly verbose as ever, breathlessly parading tongue-twisted verse after verse with the controlled gush of a man who knows he's pretty mental, and knows how to control it. 'End Of It All' has already drawn comparisons to the psychotic art(iculations) of P. Diddy and ya boy Kanye, but to be totally fair, Beans has been doing his thing a lot longer than both of them, and without the multi-million ego cushions. There's no chance i'm going to be able to make sense of the lyrics even after a few listens, but essentially "The Production Is Minimal/Because What He's Saying Is Critical" is the rhythmic ethos, generally adhering to the APC formula of repetitive electronic beats, as with Nobody's killer post-Timba riddim on 'Deathsweater', or tightly tucked breakbeat edits on Four Tet's 'Gluetraps' and rockier styles from Interpol's Sam Fog for 'Electric Bitch'. Four Tet appears again with the brief-but-fierce blast of 'Anvil Falling', and Clark does his dynamically decimated thing with 'Hunter'. Class. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


For this one we've invited Mundo Urbano of to mix an hour of the trippiest psych stuff around. Its his 2nd mix for us. Download link:


01. James Ferraro - Movie Monster

02 .The Phoenix TV Series (Interlude)

03. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

04. Future Airwaves - Feel So Lonely

05. Future Airwaves – End of Life

06. Beautiful Swimmers - O Yea

07. Konnichiwa – Maiden China

08. Martial Canterel – The Empty Sand

09. Christian Gleinser - Coming Around Again

10. Desolate - Pain

11. JUV - Infinitiv

12. □- Kingdowm

13. ÅÜßRÊÿ - Xenia, Ohio

14. Tapes - Skankless Tascam

15. Top Girls - Can't Stop (Stephen Farris Remix)

16. Nav Katze - Happy (Autechre Qunk Mix)

17. Asymmetrical Head – Broken Figurine (Dreamcrusher Big Remix)

18. Nattymari – SEΔCREST (Excerpt)


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† Mary Anne's Ghost † - Nigella Should Never Die

† Mary Anne's Ghost † it's the first witch house band/project I've found in Portugal, originaly from Coimbra (Condeixa). "Nigella Should Never Die" is her or he first public track. Truly amazing stuff!
† Mary Anne's Ghost † - Nigella Should Never Die by † Mary Anne's Ghost †

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Today! JUNE ( special live act ) + Markur ( Photonz ) dj set

Quinta-feira 24 de Março, 23h00 no Club Rubik ( Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, nº 94, Alfama, Lisboa )
"June são Guilherme Gonçalves (Gala Drop, Coclea) e Pedro Magina (Aquaparque, Magina), duo comprometido com a sua visão de música de dança. No currículo apresentam, para já, um sedutor tema original disponível online, December, uma versão para "Born Slippy" dos Underworld - e entretanto já merecedora de uma remistura dos Niagara - e um concerto no Lounge. Esperanças altas depositadas para o desenrolar de novidades desta equipa de produção e de consequente entrega ao vivo." [+info]

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Mascara // Shadow Of Tonight

Mascara – Shadow Of Tonight // Video by Mario Zoots
From upcoming SEAT▼2A Mascara-Silver Knight Gothic on BLACK BVS RECORDS

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Death Grips: "Full Moon (Death Classic)"

Five months ago, Zach Hill started jamming with some friends and neighbors around his hometown of Sacramento, CA. Overtime, their hangouts slowly mutated into a full-fledged hip hop project called Death Grips, which features two other collaborators, judging from the image at the bottom of their website, The site launched earlier this month and has a staggering amount of output (two videos, six downloadable songs, and a gif!), all of which was created collaboratively by the Death Grips crew. While getting lost in the sea of multimedia waiting for you, be sure to treat your eyes and ears to the intense, visceral video for "Full Moon (Death Classic)". via Altered Zones

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mane Mane - Get Over In 3D

Mane Mane - 'Get Over In 3D'
From the 'Mane 2 Mane' LP
Video by Twins -

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Salsoul Orchestra feat. Loleatta Holloway - "Seconds (Special Club Version)" R.I.P.

Monday, March 21, 2011

~▲††▲~ - ~▲††▲~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mundo Urbano Podcast March 11 by Pedrolobo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natalie Beridze / TBA - Forget'fulness

Natalie Beridze / TBA - Forget'fulness (Monika) Comentários: ‘Forget’fulness’ is another disarming slab of slithering electronic pop from Max Ernst alumnus Natalie Beridze (aka TBA), this time however she allows the pop to slightly outweigh the electronics. Her work has for a long time skated (and blurred) the line between experimental and pop, but ‘Forget’fulness’ is maybe her most successful to date. There are nods towards the classic disco of Georgio Moroder but the record never ‘goes disco’, there are allusions to the stuttering electronics of Autechre but the album never ‘goes electronica’. Rather this album is a careful collection of songs, and like Bjork before her Beridze uses the unusual production as a jumping off point for her creativity and vocal performance. Strange and beautiful, it is hardly surprising that Ryuichi Sakamoto pops up for a collaboration. His masterful control of beauty and experimentation is perfectly in line with Beridze’s pop expressionism. Lovely stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Anja Rubik snags her first cover of i-D

Anja Rubik snags her first cover of i-D with an arresting shot by Emma Summerton for the appropriately titled, Exhibitionist issue. Three more covers are set to debut on in the next few days, featuring a few fashionable ladies and a certain platinum blonde pop star. via

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big L♥ve to Japan!

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Richard Skelton - Marking Time (2011 Edition)

Richard Skelton - Marking Time (2011 Edition) (Preservation) Comentários: *Long overdue new edition of this amazing album from Richard Skelton, with new artwork* Providing what is no doubt one of the most beautiful albums of the year so far, Richard Skelton is a prolific recording artist whose work is ordinarily made available via his private press imprint Sustain-Release. "Marking Time", however, his debut for the fantastic Preservation' imprint, is something very special indeed. A seven part song cycle based around seemingly extraordinarily simple, elemental components (just piano, guitar and bowed strings), the resonance of these exceptional pieces stems from the barrage of overtones and stray harmonics that bristle and squeal from Skelton's bowstrokes. It's an incredibly beautiful, fragile set of tracks that underpin instrumental sorrow with simplistic innovation. When classical traditions are merged with sonically daring ideas the results can often be messy, but Skelton manages to work his ideas within a self contained framework and emerges with a sound that's both harrowing and unforgettable. There's something incredibly moving and otherworldly about the end product, sending shivers down the spine on the tumultuous 'Shore', or the slow, swelling chords of 'Brook'. This album is a pronouncedly minor key affair, seldom breaking out of its state of sleepy sorrow, but to break its tone would be to break the spell: an immensely powerful forty minutes of melancholy, untarnished by self-indulgence or sentimentality, and it feels utterly timeless. Gorgeous. in boomkat
Ford - Richard Skelton by Preservation

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Bee Mask - Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico

Bee Mask (Chris Benedetto Madak) - Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico (Spectrum Spools) Comentários: Bee Mask's mind-melting 'Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico' was released in 2010 on a c30 cassette through Gift Tapes. Editions Mego's John Elliott-helmed Spectrum Spools label has given it a vital vinyl reissue, faithfully remastered by Rashad Becker at Berlin's Dubplates & Mastering. To say we're excited by the potential of this label is a given, but let's deal with the incredible album in question first. Chris Madak aka Bee Mask's music exists in a continuum of musique concrète and tape experiments stretching back to the earliest emissions of Pierre Henry through more recent sounds captured on The Lovely Music label and the present day hypnagogic/synth noise of Emeralds, Rene Hell or Oneohtrix Point Never. However, unlike the improvised, "one-take" stream-of-consciousness approach preferred by many today, 'Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico' has been meticulously sculpted from a range of sounds (listed here as Synthesizers, percussion, piano, tape, and voice) recorded, mixed, and edited between 2006-2010 in Cleveland and Philadelphia. The result is a highly structured and often breathtaking confluence of contrasting sounds arranged with a magnetic mystery and a cryptic logic which will reveal itself in due course. Bee Mask already counts the likes of Autre Ne Veut (who included a large chunk of this LP in his Altered Zones mix) and Will Bankhead (who released 'Frozen Versioning (Hyperborean Return)' on his The Trilogy Tapes label) as big fans, and no doubt your good selves, soon enough. Frankly, this release is unmissable for anyone on the hunt for exceptional new electronic music - Essential Purchase! in boomkat

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Mugler Man

"Horas Mortas" by Vivi das Flores Murchas

horas mortas…
tou aqui derreado na cama à espera de sono.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


ØƑƑ†Π∑ṂÔV∏†∆Î∏ is the sound of Elijah Rosa Pratts (Paterson, United States) which I've got in love seconds ago. It's obscure and romantic, she/he (?) drives her/his (?) sound between the color's of witch house aesthetics, Italianized disco (italo) , «chunky» ghost hip hop, not to mention the intelligent revival of some 90's euro dance tunes like La Bouche, No Mercy, Real McCoy. SUPER!
Latest tracks by ØƑƑ†Π∑ṂÔV∏†∆Î∏

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The Vinyl Factory concept store - now open!

The Vinyl Factory concept store - now open! The new shop and gallery is located in the Front Room of the St Martins Lane Hotel, and represents The Vinyl Factory’s first foray into displaying and selling its art and music limited editions in a physical space. The company – FACT’s mothership – has built a formidable reputation crafting high-spec deluxe vinyl editions of records, always with a strong visual or fine art component, by the likes of Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett, Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, Hot Chip, David Lynch and Massive Attack. The new retail residency will last three months, during which time there will be a series of new editions launched and changing exhibitions. Among the new additions to the portfolio is a limited edition box set of music from The Most IncredibleaThing, the forthcoming Sadler’s Wells ballet scored by the Pet Shop Boys in collaboration with choreographer/director Javier de Frutos. Also set to see release this Spring is a limited edition of Duran Duran‘s latest album, All You Need Is Now, with artwork by the acclaimed British artist Clunie Reid, in collaboration with Pop magazine art director Rory McCartney. The temporary store/gallery - an homage to the relationship between art and music - also offers the public the rare chance to find previous Vinyl Factory editions available for sale offline, including Massive Attack’s Heligoland, Michael Nyman’s Cine Opera and Bryan Ferry’s Olympia. in fact

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"A minha gata" by Kruella

A minha gata esteve pela primeira vez, 3 dias com o cio.
Ela não sabia o que é que se tava a passar mas eu também não lhe expliquei.
Os gatos tão-se nas tintas para o que a gente lhes diz e eu faço-lhes o mesmo, por isso é que eu os adoro.
Hoje cheguei ao carro e roubaram a estrela do meu Mercedes.
Alguém tem uma a mais?
Acho que vou roubar uma estrela dum Mercedes qualquer e depois colo no meu outra vez.
Tenho uma caneca que quando vai ao microondas fica a ferver mas o leite fica frio na mesma.
How weird is that... Lixo com ela.
Tou a comer pipocas e adoro.
Mas vou dormir porque me dói as costas e amanhã só devo acordar lá para o meio-dia.
collab by Kruella

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mater Suspiria Vision New Tracks: }I{æ}I{ , Hjemsøgt hus TV

aTelecine - A Cassette Tape Culture: Phase One

aTelecine - A Cassette Tape Culture: Phase One (Pendu Sound Recordings) Comentários: aTelecine is the darkwave alter ego of porn actress Sasha Grey, together with musician/engineer Pablo St. Francis, poet Anthony Djuan and artist, Ian C. In 2010 they produced the hugely enigmatic album, '...And Six Dark Hours Pass' for Dais Records (reissuer of classic Coum Transmissions and Cold Cave records), before this incredible 12 track collection for NYC's obscure occult arts/culture organization, Pendu Sound, drops to stand out from a roster including Chelsea Wolfe and Mater Suspiria Vision. Sasha's industrial credentials are nowt to be sniffed at, having already contributed to Current 93's 'Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain' and marking herself out as some kinda Cosey Fanni Tutti for a new decade, even down to the rear sleeve image of her holding a clarinet (well, Cosey plays cornet, but it's close enough for us). She's clearly transferred the darkside aesthetics of her role as a fetish idol and innovator into the aTelecine sound, from knowingly naif moments of elegiac Throbbing Gristle-esque sci-fi synths, to slow heaving doom riffage nodding to Om or Sunn 0))), sleazy psychosexual ambient electronics, passages of spoken word and disorienting field recordings, all imbued with an intoxicating lo-fi sensuality. Obviously aware of their industrial precedents, aTelecine have eked out a curiously suggestive and embryonic sound with an acute potential to unsettle and demand your attention. Fans of Chris & Cosey, TG, David Tibet, Coil, Yellow Tears, Prurient or Cold Cave should grab this fast. A total find. In boomkat

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Matthewdavid - International (feat. Dogbite)

E agora? (que estou à rasca)

E agora? Agora fodi-me porque estou à rasca...
Tenho dor de barriga...
Não pára de chover e queria que estivesse sol...
Estudar é bom mas não te dá trabalho!
Estou na merda!
Estou desempregado!
Estou chateado!
E agora? Cago na mão e deito fora?

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall 2011: A Little Don King, A Little Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall 2011: A Little Don King, A Little Keith Haring via Take a look also on Nicholas Kirwood's oficial page and facebook.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Konnichiwa – “Maiden China”

Visions LP is out March 22nd on Rainbow Body Records

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MEMORY (film by pedro maia / music by panda bear)

MEMORY (film by pedro maia / music by panda bear)

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hedi Slimane Fragments Americana Exhibition

Hedi Slimane "Fragments Americana Exhibition" 25.02 — 26.03.11 at Almine Rech Gallery / Brussels. "Longevity and success. These are two things that Hedi Slimane has, of course, conquered, both in his work as designer and artist. The theme of two continues in two exhibitions at the Almine Rech Gallery, first in Brussels and then in Paris, respectively. Fragments Americana, the first exhibition by Slimane in Brussels, runs concurrently with California Dreamin – Myths and Legends of Los Angeles, curated by Slimane at the Almine Rech Gallery in Paris. Add to that an anthology of his duotone photographs taken from 2000 - 2010, consisting of four volumes to be released this month by JRP Ringier, entitled Hedi Slimane Anthology of a Decade. Shining brightly in the multidisciplinary and distinctly multilayered Fragments Americana, for example, is the work of artist and filmmaker Gus van Sant and three sculptures by Oscar Tuazon. The work of artist Mark Hagen, too, makes a stunningly memorable appearance in the group show California Dreamin. The exhibitions are full of meaning and optimism, effective and freeing, much like the figures and ideas in his work. In fact, much like Hedi himself". in anothermag [read more]

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges

Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges (Constellation) Comentários: Eu não diria melhor! "Chances are that even though you might not have heard of Colin Stetson, you have heard him play. The virtuoso horn player has lent his estimable skills to a plethora of projects; from Tom Waits to controversial Grammy winners The Arcade Fire, all of which has granted him a certain hallowed seat in music lore. ‘New History Warfare Vol. 2 : Judges’ is Stetson’s second solo jaunt, and is a blistering example of not only his incredible instrumental ability (most of the album was recorded in a single take, without overdubs) but also his compositional expertise. Indeed, parts of the album remind me of Steve Reich at his best, but Stetson does not mindlessly Xerox the past masters; his crumbling, distorted arpeggios sound at once totally singular and resolutely engaging. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend how one person managed to record this music, and there are moments on the record that fill up the sound-field like an entire band – Stetson’s percussive clicking, lightning-fast trills and superhuman endurance (Stetson famously utilises a painfully difficult circular breathing technique) gives the record the illusion of an ensemble. When vocals cautiously step into the frame; Laurie Anderson’s pointed spoken word and Shara Worden’s smoky blues-flecked croon, they serve as an anchor for Stetson’s expert drones to cling to. Worden’s voice evokes the very backbone of American music, and pitted against Stetson sounds richer in emotion than ever before. ‘New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges’ is a record which defies comparison, and while critics might like to dig up the same Ayler and Evan Parker references time and time again, in my mind Stetson has created something truly unique. A huge recommendation." in boomkat

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Mutant Sperm - Lykke Li vs. Rodeo Remix

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Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2011

Backstage at Viktor and Rolf a sign read, “you are a soldier in the Viktor and Rolf Army, an army to fight for beauty!” While this message may have been intended to motivate catwalkers, it can also serve as nod to the collection itself, which was filled with aggressive ensembles. Strong shoulders, high collars and armor inspired detailing were seen throughout the mostly black and crimson offerings, while models – in one of the best show casting of the season – sported bright red warpaint on their faces, courtesy of Pat McGrath. V&R have always played with imagery that straddles the line between violent and romantic – they are the purveyors of Flowerbomb after all – but could this collection be making a covert statement about fashion’s current state of chaos? The answer may be elusive, but everyone can appreciate the artistry found in the pieces themselves; sharp tailoring and statement making are two of their specialities and there was no shortage of that on the runway. The final segment of dresses and coats with origami folds in shades of silver was truly a sight to behold. Photos: Stephan Moskovic Text: Janelle Okwodu. via

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