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Friday, October 13, 2017

ROSS 154 - Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

ROSS 154 -  Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology) Emerging in the golden wake of Jochem Peteri aka Ross 154’s Strike reissue, legendary Dutch techno label Eevo Lute Musique present a reissue of the project’s stellar debut EP, Fragments [1993], newly remastered and retitled as the Hybrids EP for K. Degiorgio’s A.R.T. Crafted with the same live hardware process which he’s stuck to ever since, the EP oscillates between four lush ambient Hybrids vignettes and an equal number of perfectly dark, rugged techno-house and breakbeat mutations. The title tune is a killer twist on Suburban Knight-style 313 ruggedness, all churning toms and night-vision synths, whilst Remembrance slays with syncopated breaks and DX7 torque in a sport of parallel to UK hardcore and Autechrian AI, whereas Mayflower works between deep NYC house and some of the finest, kinkiest drums indebted to Derrick May.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa)

TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa) Too often these cross-continental projects can sound like spiced up tech-house, but not this time, as they find a fine, loose balance of vibes hingeing on the international language of dub, turning up heady vibes in
the sloshing rhythms and echoic space of Gormedzedze, strutting punk-funk-disco with gorgeous vox on Deka Wor Wor, and a superb mesh of live drums and minimal electronics in Cantata.Turn to the B-side and the EP really comes into its own with more psychedelic expressions in Outside Rhythm and the Sordid Sound System dub of Cantata, as dusk passes in richly evocative fashion with the star-gazing electronics and Regina Egbeako’s fragile lullaby are carried off into dreamscape on Agbe Me Nya Wo. In Boomkat Listen/Samples

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WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut)

WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut) Walter Gibbons was a crucially important figure in the history of dance music, one who has become particularly renowned for his pioneering of the remix as an art form. In addition to taking up residency behind the turntables at New York's Galaxy 21, Gibbons was among the first artists to make his own reel-to-reel edits of tracks, extracting the maximum dancefloor potential from the source material. He's also gone down in history as the first DJ to be given access to multitrack tapes, and his resultant remix of Double Exposure's 'Ten Percent' in 1976 might be regarded as the point of genesis for the remix as we know it today. The tag 'Jungle Music' was given to Gibbons' work due to the DJ's tendency to extend tracks to the ten minute mark with prolonged percussion sequences and tribal breaks. Across this double disc collection, the good folks at Strut have set about compiling Gibbons' key works through the 1970s and 1980s, taking in material from Gladys Knight and Bettye Lavette, but also the next generation's house, electro and post-punk, with works by Arthur Russell, Dinosaur L and Strafe among others. in Boomkat

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records)

GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records) Pairing poetically abstract, observational lyrics with exquisitely adroit drum programming and lissom synth contours dripping with hooks, Wilderness forms a subtle refinement of what we remember from Mara Barenbaum aka Group Rhoda’s earlier releases. And just like Heinrich Mueller, Group Rhoda effortlessly remains true to original ‘80s machine styles while patently refreshing their templates with timeless effect. One can hear it in the supple, acidic bent and deliquescent starburst dynamics of Trespass, in the almost digi-dub budge of The Ice House, and like Suicide in Detroit on June, while Mexi Meri is like a perfectly measured mix of Gina X Performance and Arpanet, and sea or Be Sea hints at a certain Patrick Cowley-esque subaquatic electro sensuality.Impeccable stuff! In Boomkat. Listen/Samples

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

ERRORSMITH - Superlative Fatigue (PAN)

ERRORSMITH- Superlative Fatigue (PAN) At long fucking last Errorsmith ( Erik Weigand) relinquishes his long awaited new LP for the good of the dance, twysting Black Atlantic rhythm patterns with computer music in a way that pushes all of our buttons at once. To be clear; Superlative Fatigue is a proper party record. Entirely written using Weigand’s self-developed Razor software (as wickedly deployed by Mark Fell on the Manitutshu album), it inventively gives voice to the impish computer spirits that have been dancing around his head all those years since his last solo output; For anyone into anything from Nídia, Equiknoxx, M.E.S.H., Marfox or Nigga Fox, this remarkable record is a real no brainer - one of the deadliest, freshest club records we've heard for years.In boomkat. Listen here

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