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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Celina Von Mannstein - Imperfect

Pictures by Vitor H. Serrano
This collection from Cellina von Mannstein finds the beauty in flawed and funky situations. Her freewheeling images celebrate decadent excess as well as the aesthetics of disorder and confusion. Before taking up fine art and fashion photography, von Mannstein worked in film. Her compositions hold your attention and are compellingly real. For her, telling a story — not just creating an image — is what it's all about. These original works have the atmosphere of dark fairytales with dream-like juxtapositions and hints of seediness. A provocative and imaginative collection from a talented young photographer. Sure to appeal to fine-art enthusiasts and all who appreciate quirky imagery. Biography on comments. [Buy Here]

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Hercules & Love Affair New Song!

Hercules & Love Affair will return with a new album at the end of January 2011, called Blue Songs. The first taste of the new album, My House, features new vocalist Shaun Wright and has Hercules sounding housier than ever. When I saw the band perform in Toronto this summer, I got very excited about their new music. The new Hercules sounded pushier, less disco, going more into an acid and deep house direction. Can’t wait for Blue Songs. via produzentin

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RENÉ COSTY/JAY DEE - Originals Vol 3

RENÉ COSTY/JAY DEE - Originals Vol 3 (Originals) [Forthcoming on 6th of December 10] Comentários: Dope hip hop funk release (Vol.3) by René Costy and Jay Dee, includes bonus cuts by Jazzy Jeff. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Persona La Ave

Persona La Ave from South Carolina, bring us this free EP "BROTHERS WAS TAKEN" available on bandcamp. Watch the video Dune

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Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Toðer Hiking Trainers

The Fall 10 offering from the Bernhard Willhelm x Camper To&ther collaboration – a hi top/ hiking boot hybrid, seen here in a tan suede and brown leather upper with a soft nylon tongue and thick cord lace. Price: £150.00 [Shop Here]

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Porte Monnaie Handmade Orwell Wallet

Porte Monnaie are the makers of original wallets, comprising innovative and traditional materials in a unique design of minimalist style. Natural, locally sourced russet leather and the paper-like tactility of flash spun high density polyethylene form the back bone of a Porte Monnaie wallet. The dyes used to colour and decorate Porte Monnaie wallets are natural making it completely recyclable without compromising on quality or style. Handmade in London by craftsmen, and packaged and delivered with care. This is the Orwell, a black and grey colourway and measures approximately 4.5” x 4” when closed and 8” in length when opened out. Price: £69.00 [Buy Here]

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Monday, November 29, 2010

FACT mix 206 – Ikonika

At this point, Ikonika should need no introduction. Tracklist on comments or [+info]
FACT Mix 206 - Ikonika (Nov '10) by factmag

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THE ONE - LET'S GET IT STRAIGHT (Signals) Comentários: Signals is the label from the guys behind the Newcastle based club night Road to Rimini in the UK and for their first pressing they present UK duo The One. The One are drummer Joe Ryan and vocalist Emeson Nwolie. For this, their debut 12inch, they offer two sublime cuts that give delicate nods to the vocal Chicago House of Fingers Inc and the 80s soul of Alexander O'Neal, Jam & Lewis and the S.O.S Band. Remix comes courtesy of Den Haag's finest; Legowelt (aka Danny Wolfers) who provides a deep Chicago, smacked out version of the title track. An edition of 200 hand numbered, 12inch black vinyl with limited A3 artwork insert. in clone
A2. The One - Change my name change my number soundclip by signalsmmx

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BAKEY USTL - EP 1 (Unthank) Comentários: Floor-killing House music from Firecracker's new sublabel Unthank, dropping the hugely in-demand heat of Bakey Ustl's 'A Tender Places'. This cut has been receiving much attention of late in the sets of Jackmaster, Ben UFO and Joy Orbison, sounding like some crazy scientist with a Dance Mania addiction splicing Soundhack and Moodymann just for the hell of it. We've not heard a House record this deranged all year, and it's on clear vinyl with a very special cut to boot. Kudos! Flip it and you'll find the slightly more simmering vibes of 'Nose Candy'. Together with the limited edition, screen-printed artwork and Japanese plastic sleeve, this is every bit the connoisseur's wet dream - pressed up in strictly limited numbers so act fast. in boomkat

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A MADE UP SOUND - Rear Window

A MADE UP SOUND - Rear Window (Delsin) Comentários: Two sterling dancefloor sweeteners from Dave Huismans aka 2562, operating in A Made Up Sound mode. With 'Rear Window' he delivers one of the best tracks on Delsin this year, rolling out a kinked 4/4 rhythm synced with swollen subs and trademark melnacholy chord progressions. Of course the devil is firmly in the detail, which will become clearly apparent when this is deployed on a big rig. Killer tune! A 'Shattered' version follows, turning the track inside out for a lithe and snakey breakbeat roller more in line with his previous releases on AMUS and Subsolo. Class A DJ weapons! in boomkat [Pre-Order]
A Made Up Sound - Rear Window - 83dsr A by 2562 / A Made Up Sound

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MARCO BERNARDI - Broken Silences

MARCO BERNARDI - Broken Silences (Clone Royal) Comentários: Intense, deep,raw and dirty tracks by Marco Bernardi. Two tracks build around unpolished rhythms and open beginning that don't reveal immediately where its going. Quiet unpredictable is the a-side that slowly opens up with a sultry string and then completely bursts open with a shiny melody that is in beautiful contrast with the raw percussion. Broken Silence is another deep track founded on a basic rhythm and metallic Detroit bass line. Topped with spoken words (by Keith Tucker from AUX88) and bleepy melodies, underlaid with a deeper sexy bassline. A track rooted in the best traditions of techno. in clone
Royal06 - Marco Bernardi - Broken Silences by

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MARTYN & MIKE SLOTT - COLLABS (All City) Comentários: All City Dublin come through with their first and very exciting new release from two masters of their respective genres; Martyn (3024 / Tectonic) and Mike Slott (LuckyMe / All City) [+info] [Pre-Order]
Martyn & mike slott - all nights by cargorecords

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Hounds of Hate

You can forgive Hounds of Hate for the Kate Bush namedrop, primarily because the eerie sex music breaks away from any take-the-money-and-run sound. Instead replaced with innocent, clean deconstructed new-wave house grooves. Here Hounds of Hate hide behind their moustache to provide us with short guarded responses to our questions [here]
Hounds of Hate – tumble down real real slow (chopped & screwed) download

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Jeff Phelps - Magnetic Eyes

Jeff Phelps - Magnetic Eyes (Tomlab) Comentários: Tomlab have just made our week with the reissue of this vital, long lost electronic soul masterpiece from Jeff Phelps, restored and remastered from original vinyl and available for the first time in 25 years! 'Magnetic Eyes' was originally released in 1985 on a private press run of 1000 copies and has since become the stuff of '80s legend. Despite the enthusiastic efforts of Jeff, the album basically suffered from a lack of marketing and was destined to have a greater impact creatively rather than financially, exerting a direct influence on the likes of Dâm-Funk and Nite Jewel who both cite the LP as one of their very favourites. And it's quite easy to hear why; the blend of frothy synthesizer melodies, rickety drum machine funk and hugely endearing vocals from Phelps and young singer Antoinette Marie Pugh basically define the blueprint for much of today's hypnagogic pop and electro soul/boogie renaissance. At the core of each track, whether instrumental or vocal, is an unmistakably warm and glowing soul. Be it Jeff's masterfully freakalicious synthlines on 'Phase Shift' or Antoinette's two diamante-iced performances on the irresistible dancefloor slayer 'Don't Fall Apart On Me' and the more sensual 'Hear My Heart', the personal, emotionally expressive nature of their music is simply inspirational. Once this album really starts to circulate there's gonna be jaws on the floor all o'er the place! Hugely recommended to fans of everyone from Gary Wilson and Ariel Pink to Dâm-Funk and Nite Jewel! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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CFCF- It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Piano Version)

CFCF- It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Piano Version) download [via 20jazzfunkgreats]

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


THEO PARRISH feat IG CULTURE - Traffic (Kindred Spirits) Comentários: Limited single-sided white label of an exclusive Theo & I.G track, 'Traffic'!! You'll have heard this one if you've been paying attention to Mr Parrish's DJ sets over the past year or so...TIP! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, November 26, 2010

BELA TV - by mundourbano

My first colaboration for Bela TV, banality show... there is nothing here!

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Lucy McRae - Vagina

Nick Knight @ Showstudio invited Lucy McRae and Champagne Valentine to create a new work inspired by the well coveted part of the human body, the Vagina for his project The Fashion Body. The result is an electrifying journey of Lucy's body morph sculptures in amongst a surrealist, psychic-sexual landscape.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anselm Kiefer

Watch the clip from the elegiac documentary on German sculptor Anselm Kiefer, entitled Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow. [+info]

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Miroslaw Balka

from the tate modern exhibition (13 October 2009 – 5 April 2010 )
Miroslaw Balka’s box of darkness is disturbing in its historical echoes but beautiful as well. The Times Miroslaw Balka's black hole at Tate Modern is terrifying, awe-inspiring and throught-provoking. It embraces you with a velvet chill. The Guardian The latest commission in The Unilever Series How It Is by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka is a giant grey steel structure with a vast dark chamber, which in construction reflects the surrounding architecture - almost as if the interior space of the Turbine Hall has been turned inside out. Hovering somewhere between sculpture and architecture, on 2 metre stilts, it stands 13 metres high and 30 metres long. Visitors can walk underneath it, listening to the echoing sound of footsteps on steel, or enter via a ramp into a pitch black interior, creating a sense of unease. Underlying this chamber is a number of allusions to recent Polish history – the ramp at the entrance to the Ghetto in Warsaw, or the trucks which took Jews away to the camps of Treblinka or Auschwitz, for example. By entering the dark space, visitors place considerable trust in the organisation, something that could also be seen in relation to the recent risks often taken by immigrants travelling. Balka intends to provide an experience for visitors which is both personal and collective, creating a range of sensory and emotional experiences through sound, contrasting light and shade, individual experience and awareness of others, perhaps provoking feelings of apprehension, excitement or intrigue.

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Lanvin for H&M UNICEF Benefit Winter 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Len Lye, The Body Electric

A step by step guide to upcoming highlights across fashion, art and culture Len Lye, The Body Electric runs 24 November 2010 until 13 February 2011 at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.With a reputation as being one of the most avant-garde filmmakers of his time, from the 1930s through to the late-50s, Len Lye created incredibly vibrant, low-tech animations. With his distinctive style and technique of “direct” filmmaking, Lye painted, scratched and stenciled directly onto celluloid film to the most beguiling effect. [+info]

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One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation by Nils Völker

One Hundred and Eight is an interactive wall-mounted Installation mainly made out of ordinary garbage bags. Controlled by a microcontroller each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans. Although each plastic bag is mounted stationary the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of lively and moving creatures which waft slowly around like a shoal. But as soon a viewer comes close it instantly reacts by drawing back and tentatively following the movements of the observer. As long as he remains in a certain area in front of the installation it dynamically reacts to the viewers motion. As soon it does no longer detect someone close it reorganizes itself after a while and gently restarts wobbling around.

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AD BOURKE - Mirage

AD BOURKE - Mirage (Citinite) Comentários: Ultra-fiddly boogie funk workout from Citinite's Rome correspondent, Ad Bourke. With the eight tracks of 'Mirage' he goes to town on the tweakiest synth fills and rudest, shoulder-popping drum machines, sounding somewhere between a sex-starved Dam Funk and Architeq on crack. There are some parallels between his sound and the Scandinavian Skweee style, but we kinda get the impression that Ad takes his productions a little more seriously. Big with Benji B, and tipped for fans of that recent Letherette 12" or the likes of Hud Mo and The Blessings. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CHEZ DAMIER | 03 Dez @ 31Bar, Porto

DROP (from Gala Drop)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shahs - Dry Heat / Valley Low

SHAHS é a outra face de Tom Helgerson (outrora dos To Kill a Petty Bourgeois), e tem editado o seu mais recente trabalho "Dry Heat/Valley Low" (The Riley Bushman Recordings) , um cocktail de frutos tropicais e de imensa criatividade "pop" psicadélica, varre todos os géneros ... é melódico, esquisofrénico, viciante, genial. Um dos meus álbuns favoritos de 2010. Para apreciadores de artistas como Avey Tare, Dead Gaze, Naomi Punk, Fluker Love. Recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Vladislav Delay As Sistol - Remasters & Remakes

Vladislav Delay As Sistol - Remasters & Remakes (Phthalo) Comentários:In the wake of his ace album 'On The Bright Side', Phthalo reissue Vladislav Delay's first, self-titled LP as Sistol, backed with remixes from Mike Huckaby, Alva Noto, Falty DL, Ike Yard and DMX Krew among many others. Sistol is a home for Vladislav's grubbier techno exercises, working kinda like a scuzzier cousin to Wolfgang Voigt's Studio 1 series. The eight original tracks feel very much of their time, and less dynamic or melodic than his later material, yet, their malfunctioning 4/4 pulses and eroded textures still manage to hypnotize and capture our attention. The remixes bring these tracks very much into line with 2010, from Mike Huckaby's aerodynamic dubtechno mix of 'Keno', through Alva Noto's skeletal microrhythmic remodel of 'Hac', and yet another dazzling show from Falty DL on the 'Kotka' refunk - when will this guy let up!!! A very healthy double album - recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

d'Eon "Keep the Faith"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cut & Paste: Exclusive Fashion Film

Photographer Damien Blottiere and Dazed's Robbie Spencer captures Calvin Klein's elegant take on minimalism. exciting photographers around. [+info ]

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greatest Hits - Ambulance

Sunday, November 14, 2010

e///clipse - ¤

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Eclectic artist/musician Shaman was presented to me by a friend of mine, ghost vocals, tasteful music, hope you like it.

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Teengirl Fantasy - Dancing In Slow Motion f/ Shannon Funchess

Starring Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess on vocals!

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FACT mix 201: Marcellus Pittman

FACT mix 201 has a real lo-fi crunch to it, a quality with which fans of Omar-S and Kyle Hall will be intimately acquainted. It’s anchored with classics, including tracks by Louie Vega, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Ron Trent and ESG, but look out too Theo Parrish’s recent ‘Space Station’ and two heavy-duty productions from Pittman himself. Track list on comments!
FACT mix 201 - Marcellus Pittman (Nov '10) by factmag

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Droop-E "Im Loaded" Feat. E-40

At the tail end of September, E-40’s son, 22-year-old rapper/producer Earl “Droop-E” Stevens, Jr, dropped a short mixtape titled BLVCK Diamond Life. Available on his website,, the tape featured only eight songs but they went hard. Straying from his typical hard-hitting, hyphy sound, the Yay area beatsmith used music icon Sade’s signature soulful, sexy sounds to create a mellowed out backdrop for heads to nod to, while also paying homage to the beloved multi-Grammy award winning singer. (Even the cover art displays a clever nod to the British songstress’s 1984 debut, Diamond Life)[+here] via xxlmag

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Week Favourites

JOHN ROBERTS - Glass Eights (Dial) Samples
EN -
The Absent Coast (Root Strata) Samples
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love Is a Stream (Type) Samples
FENNESZ - Endless Summer (Editions Mego) Samples
ELEVEN TIGERS - Clouds Are Mountains (Soul Motive) Samples
EXPO '70 -
Where Does Your Mind Go? (Immune) Samples

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JEFRE CANTU-LEDESMA - Love Is A Stream (Type) Comentários: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma returns with a brand new album for Type having previously released solo material through Spekk, Arbor and his own label, Root Strata. "Love Is A Stream" marks a radical rethink of the classic dream-pop template, taking an impressionist's brush to the established genre traits. Full of noise and expertly sculpted feedback, tracks such as 'Loving Love' feel like an all-analogue take on Fennesz's noisier moments, complete with hazy exchanges between skyscraping major 7th chords; you might equally suggest that Love Is A Stream goes some way towards joining the dots between My Bloody Valentine and more recent drone-pop scene leaders such as Tim Hecker and Grouper. Although the dominant component parts of this sound seem to spring from the fiery embers of molten synthesizers and tape saturated guitar tones, the album derives some of its luxurious textural presence from vocals supplied by the likes of Type boss John 'Xela' Twells, Lisa McGee and Maxwell August Croy. You can just about make out lost voices roaming around the pulverised mix of 'Stained Glass Body' and the billowing 'River Like Spine' (though it's fairly hard to make any single element out, given how melted and fluid the mixing is), bringing a frail human element to an album that otherwise sounds entirely not of this Earth. The bonus CD that comes with this vinyl edition features a 50 minute assembly of reworked outtakes handled by Type label head John Twells, better known as Xela. He feeds Cantu-Ledesma's sound sources into his analogue pressure cooker, imbuing the material with a warm fuzz and hum that only serves to accentuate the layered shoegaze ambience lurking in the belly of this beautiful music. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Shackleton - Man On A String Part 1 and 2

Shackleton enters the void left by Skull Disco with the launch of a brand new and somewhat unexpected new imprint: Woe To The Septic Heart! It's become a noticable trend that when Shackleton produces for other labels he tends to adjust ever so slightly towards their aesthetic, but Septic is clearly the place to go for the most esoteric, personal strains of his sound. 'Man On A String Parts 1 & 2' maps out a florid jungle scene populated with telepathic drum circles and spiraling sequences of melodica-like tones organised in ritual formations over a sprawling 10 minute duration. By contrast 'Bastard Spirit' is like the evil character lurking in the undergrowth, beating a super slow and martial bass tattoo with groovesome swagger and all of the melody emitted from tilted percussive timbres and the presence of menacing subbass harmonics, all designed to put dancers in a drowsy, hypnagogic state in order to be infiltrated by the titular entities. With the awesome full colour artwork from Skull Disco sleeve designer, Zeke Clough, this looks like being the start of something very special indeed. Deadly. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rendez–vous Festival Música e Cinema

Rendez–vous Festival Música e Cinema 12, 13 e 14 Novembro 2010 Club Setubalense: 12 de Novembro, High Wolf (FR) 22hrs.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

charlotteballesteros + hubertmarot

charlotteballesteros + hubertmarot from Paris, France [+here]

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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Spring Projects presents B-side, an exhibition of work by Hussein Chalayan. 17th September to 23rd October 2010.

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4FashionShake II - Shake the Disease Teaser 1

4FashionShake II video-teaser. OZON’s motto for 4FashionShake II is ‘Shake the Disease’, which reflects our goal to ‘shake things up’ in the stagnant Greek fashion scene

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How to Dress Well Covers R. Kelly

Lo-fi sound stylist Tom Krell, who just scored a Best New Music designation for his debut full-length as How to Dress Well, Love Remains, likes R&B. Like, a lot. Makes sense, then, that Krell recently sat down for a session with videographers Yours Truly in Chicago to turn in this cover of R. Kelly's nostalgia trip "I Wish". [+info]

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mundo urbano podcast nov.10

Thursday, November 04, 2010

FACT mix 198: Rick Wilhite

The Godson, Rick Wilhite, is at the controls for FACT mix 198. As proprietor of the legendary Vibes store in Detroit, which closed in 2008, and as a DJ and producer, Wilhite has become a world-renowned purveyor of soulful electronic music. A core member of the Three Chairs production team that also numbers Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr. and latterly Marcellus Pittmann, he’s released a number of highly sought-after solo records, including a trio of KDJ 12″s that were virtually impossible to get hold of until Rush Hour began reissuing them last year. [+info]
FACT mix 198 - Rick Wilhite (Nov '10) by factmag

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Leather High Top Air KILLER Trainers

Diet Butcher Slim Skin is a Japanese fashion label based out of Tokyo. Started by Hisashi Fukatami, the label focuses on producing modern clothing with punk influence and a brand manifesto of freedom in clothing. The unique approach to crossing punk style designs with classic, sophisticated clothing styles has made the label highly regarded in both Japan and a growing international community. Founded in 1997 by Hisashi Fukatami, Diet Butcher Slim Skin started as a way for him to integrate his ideas for a sleek version of modern street fashion, without making it conform to the normal ideals of what street fashion was at the time.
Trainers available @ Oki-ni in White, Black and Black/Grey/Pink (£490.00)

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John Baldessari: the giacometti variations

'the giacometti variations' by american conceptual artist john baldessari is an original installation made to be featured at the prada foundation in milan, italy. as the name of the project states, baldessari took influence from the imagery projected by the swiss sculptor, alberto giacometti, and has created nine, oversized female figures stretched to an extremely slender form. the 4.5 meter tall sculptures, made out of resin and steel then sprayed with bronze, were clothed in garments and objects also designed by baldessari. the result is an immobile, snapshot of a fashion show, integrating the ideas of art and fashion on a dramatic, larger-than-life scale. 'I've always wanted to do tall paintings and sculptures. I suspect it's because I am quite tall. I've had little opportunity since most galleries have wall heights that mirror the wall heights of collector's homes,' says baldessari. [+info]

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Rick Owens says "Goodbye Darkness"

Rick Owens enters new territory with his elegant Spring collection – goodbye darkness, hello glamour, but in true Owen’s fashion he adds his own twist, experience his gothic vision of refinement with our exclusive images, only in MDX. via models

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OBSCUR Sweden by Richard Söderberg

Swedish designer Richard Söderberg speaked to Dazed & Confused about small-town fashion and the crude materials used in his new collection. The S/S 2011 collection from Obscur is inspired by misty landscapes, the roughness of nature and enveloping clouds, where the garments were constructed out of washed lamb leather. Using crude materials combined with varying pieces both in length and volume, their detailing lies in zippers and pockets whilst raw edges are paired with qualitative materials, subtle linings, comfortable knits and rich textures. Dazed speak to founder Richard Söderberg about his new collection and the appeal of Swedish fashion. [+info]

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