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Monday, March 30, 2009

LAWRENCE ENGLISH - A Colour For Autumn

LAWRENCE ENGLISH - A Colour For Autumn (12k) Comentários: Australian sound artist Lawrence English seems to be on a tour of electronic music's most distinguished labels. Having already released via his own Room40 imprint, English contributed to the likes of Cronica and Grain Of Sound before last year arriving at Touch (for whom he released Kiri No Oto) and now in 2009, 12k. A Colour For Autumn follows on from English's previous seasonally themed album, 2007's For Varying Degrees Of Winter, interpreting the 'feel' of the natural cycle into a series of abstract microsound compositions. 'Droplet' instantly takes on a choral feel, and we can hear a falsetto male voice instantly dissolving into a swirling sea of sound. In addition to the ambiguous conglomeration of vocal sustain, unplaceable field recordings add texture to the mix, eventually taking on harsher, noisier shapes by the piece's close. There's a brassy quality to 'Watching It Unfold', taking on a warm, gradual, almost anthemic quality as chords change at a stately, glacial pace, but 'The Surface Of Everything' ushers in a more pronounced use of instrumentation - not to mention a contribution from Christian Fennesz, who brings a fresh electronic angle to the track's guitar exchanges and droning strums. This textured approach adds an extra layer of depth to the album, and 'The Surface Of Everything' arguably occupies the broadest, most satisfying range of sonorities of anything on the album. 'Galaxie Of Dust' has more of a smudged feel, squishing together greyed sounds and quivering high frequency tones, only to lead into 'Stillness In Motion' and its Oren Ambarchi-like bass tones. While the low-end marks out a melody slippery, steely drones move back and forth leading into a beautiful final phase full of static noise and gentle feedback. Lovely, very approachable micro-drones from 12k. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

KODE9 - Black Sun

KODE9 - Black Sun (Hyperdub) Comentários: Steve Goodman continues to shift his style towards the Funky light wih two more brilliant cuts for Hyperdub further removed from his previous dread bass dubstep explorations. 'Black Sun' is quite the shocker, sounding like the mutant basschild of Drexciya and 4 Hero with rippling junglist/dubstep subbass wrapped around a bobbling square-wave bassline and tucked under the tidiest rhythm syncopations this side of Anthony Shakir. That's not to mention the unruly synthline that just owns the whole thing, sounding like James Stinson jamming with Quartta 330 with a seriously ear-worming effect that will hold any audience captive for it's duration. It's seriously smart gear. The dread vibes of his previous work rears it's darkened head on flipside track '2 Far Gone', leaning heavily on the synthline vibes with murkily resonant pads building the tension before skip-swinging patterns find their groove and suck you into some irresistable dance inducing polyrhythms. The dislocated vocal intoning "'s too far gone" sets a severely ominous tone for the whole thing, balancing out the feminine and floor friendly rhythms with a skunked out paranoia dense and lush enough to fall madly in love with. This is a mindblowingly good single and we'd even say it outstrips its predecessor '2 Bad' quite easily. Obviously, if you like Burial, 4 Hero or Drexciya you really need to pick this up. Awesome. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FREIMA ++ @ PITCH :: Stereo Addiction + Fulano47 + Señor Pelota

Na próxima Sexta dia 27 de Março, a FREIMA apresenta o seu primeiro evento no Club Pitch, que contará com a actuação da imparável dupla Stereo Addiction, numa aguardada visita à Invicta. A acompanhá-los estarão Señor Pelota e Fulano47, e no bar a FREIMA apresenta o seu novo projecto B-SIDES com Just Honey e Capitão Gancho a cargo de sonoridades mais alternativas como o Roc'n'Roll e o Funk. STEREO ADDICTIONNomeados DJ revelação pela Dance Club em 2005, John-E e Gustavo são os Stereo Addiction. Já acturam no Sudoeste, Rock in Rio, Creamfields e Atlantic Waves, entre outros, tendo espalhado o terror de Norte a Sul do país, e em clubes como o The Egg, Nothing Hill Arts Club ou Café 1001,em Londres.


LD - Traumatic Times

LD - Traumatic Times (Hyperdub) Comentários: The most consistently shocking label this year does it again with a killer 12" from Transition's LD. Following in the wake of his superb collaboration with Kode 9 on 'Bad', LD is afforded a whole 12" to himself with the stunning late night burner 'Traumatic Times' backed with the ravier 'Woodblock'. We went weak in the head when we heard Oneman drop 'Traumatic Times' on his Rinse show recently, initially mistaking it for a new Mala production, which is forgiveable as it bears some resemblance to his 'Alicia' rmx, but the deep set subbass roll and effervescent glow of the production could only come from the man who has cleaned up more dubstep than anyone else in the game. 'Woodblock' on the flipside is a tougher rave burner, reminding us strongly of D1's recent styles with a technofied edge lurking in the rippling machine rhythms and insistent rave riff. It's almost impossible not to love this twelve as LD's productions only seem to get more refined, lush and deadly with every new step. Hugely Recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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BERNARDI, Marco - Mystery Of Nazerus [rmxs]

BERNARDI, Marco - Mystery Of Nazerus (Clone Holland) Comentários: Here an unexpected bonus 12'' to the Clone 56. With an exciting remix by man of the moment 2562! He delivers a mix full of heavy sub basslines that make the house shiver and completes it with fine detroit melodies. 2562 manages to craftly dart between a concentrated Detroit-techno drive and a sensuous dubstep swing which is slightly going towards a 4/4 beat.... but then falls back into that seductive two-step pace. Bernardi gives us another take on the original version which is on a melodic, moody and even melancholic tip... so sweet! To top things of Mark August delivers his bonus beats extracted from his glossy house-flavoured techno track. As usual with the Clone X series: limited supplies! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

DEN HAAN - Release The Beast

DEN HAAN - Release The Beast (Optimo Music) Comentários: Unashamedly camp electro-disco from Den Haan, kicking off with the rampant '80s silliness of the title track before really letting fly with the synths on 'Metamorphosis', which distinguishes amongst all those icily cool Italo revivalists by being so wholeheartedly exuberant and energetic. This material's continuously flirting with all things kitsch but the execution is tremendous and it's unceasingly good fun. Finally, 'Looking For Love' brings the vocals back to the forefront, liberally throwing in dollops of vocoder. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Don Cavalli "I'm Going to a River"


Monday, March 16, 2009

SND - Atavism

SND - Atavism (Raster Noton) Comentários: Finally, after a long long wait, the first new SND album proper in almost 7 years drops on the wonderful Raster Noton label. Followers of these pages will no doubt be aware of our long, drawn-out love affair with this project, beginning back in 1998 with the anonymous arrival of their first self-released 12", through the series of albums produced for Mille Plateaux, the 'Blir' releases and all the way up to last year's amazing '4,5,6' triplepack. The sound they make is an oblique and utterly unparalleled variant of minimalism - a kind of oddly shaped integration of academic concepts guided by a strict aesthetic methodology coupled with an almost alien, funked-up intuition. Listening to an SND record can throw you into sonically unsettling terrain one minute, before dragging you into misshaped, involuntary rhythmic moves the next. "Atavism" carries on more or less exactly from where '4,5,6' left off, but in places develops into a full-blown rhythmic assault that will leave you in a state of demented awe. Tracks like " 02:13:69" or " 05:36:58" engage in the most fluid and decipherable floor-friendly machinations SND have explored in a while, but the amazing thing about this music is how quickly it throws up odd time signatures and skewed arrangements, composed and refined with the barest ingredients. Atavism is truly a work of incomparable wonder - drawn up with an icy, functionalist armour with just the narrowest window into its warm, pulsating soul. A huge recommendation = Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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OMAR-S 20 Março @ Lux, Lisboa

Sunday, March 15, 2009

EXILE, Tim - Listening Tree

EXILE, Tim - Listening Tree (Warp) Comentários: They say it’s very lazy journalism to just compare the artist to another artist. At least I haven’t ever used the phrase “...on acid”. Then I know it would be time to get a nice job in the accounts department at one of the labels, and tell everyone i’m “still in the music business”. However, despite being almost entirely peerless in the current music scene, Mr. Exile has so many comparisons. His nearest contemporary is someone like Cursor Minor – dark, despondent Dadaist keyboards and the like. But his jerky time-signatures and often random chord changes are more reminiscent of the Cardiacs. Hints of industrial sounds, and black, self-vitriolic and often cutting lyrics are in the sphere of Nine Inch Nails. And then of course, it wouldn’t be 2009 without giving a nod to the eighties high-camp of the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a disturbing, and often jarring concoction, but far from being in any way off-putting, it represents a tour-de-force of an album that manages to challenge, and yet not alienate – after all, how do you alienate yourself from someone who has done it so ably for you? More than a bit special. in subba-cultcha [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, March 09, 2009

DYE - Imperator EP

DYE - Imperator EP (Tigersushi) Comentários: The debut release from DyE: French, young and passionate. This EP, recorded in his bedroom, combines a few analog synthetisers, drum machines and an MPC. No Laptop, no Midi. Old school techniques for futuristic minimalistic ELECTRO. Raw like a sushi. It's ghetto AND it's deep. Dopplereffekt meets Sound Stream in a razor blade fight. in phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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LITERON & OVATOW - Permutations

LITERON & OVATOW - Permutations (Frantic Flowers) Comentários: Literon and Ovatow exchanged elements for this ultra heavy dub techno release. Permutation One is Literon's original take and is build on an outstanding punchy groove with a sort of oldschool-ish club vibe, and with multiple layers of dub effects sprinkled on top of that. This is peak time techno at it's best. Ovatow takes us way deeper with Permutation Two. Taking the original elements and drown them in gated effect processors and reshaping it to a deep, smokey, bass heavy monster that carries his unique and delicate sound signature. Check! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples1][2]

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YAGYA - Rigning

YAGYA - Rigning (Sending Orbs) Comentários: "Yagya's Rigning has prettiest and saddest melodies ever on a dub techno/ambient record. Brialliant album. in flexx" Mundo Urbano - Yagya apresenta uma estética dub-techno ambiental e melancólica de extremo bom gosto, podemos rever a sua musicalidade no trabalho de outros autores como: Quantec, Intrusion, Ovatow, Atheus... recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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HECKER, Tim - An Imaginary Country

HECKER, Tim - An Imaginary Country (Kranky) Comentários: By now, the promise of a new Tim Hecker album has become something of an 'event' as far as electronic music goes. The Canadian composer has well and truly established himself as one of the foremost computer musicians around, having released post-clicks'n'cuts classics like Radio Amor and Harmony In Ultraviolet under his own name whilst busying himself with his Jetone side project and a recently founded collaborative venture with Aidan Baker (check out the excellent Fantasma Parastasie album from a few months back). An Imaginary Country is another marvellous playlist of swirling textures and elusive auditory otherness. The key to Hecker's unique sound is his uncanny knack for pushing sound mixes to breaking point without ever quite launching into all out distortion. Instead there's an uneasy equilibrium established on the divide between chaos and serenity - part noise album, part ambient exercise. Even in the most ferocious moments of An Imaginary Country ('Where Shadows Make Shadows' and '200 Years Ago would be prime candidates for that accolade) there's always an underlying beauty and emotional pull guiding your ears through the typhoon of overtones and feedback signals. Pieces like 'Borderlands' offer a subdued clarity, permitting a certain amount of melodically-engaged calm between the more effervescent compositions:'A Stop At The Chord Cascades' is majestic and imposing, while elsewhere'The Inner Shore' and 'Paragon Point' overspill with harmonically entangled activity. A fine way to start the new year, An Imaginary Country finds Hecker building on the momentum established by prior releases, continuing to forge a path that's all his own. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fendi: Fall 2009


Theresa Anderson - Shockhound Live Session

"Melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre; these are the traditional building blocks of pop music. Yet although you will find them in abundance on Hummingbird, Go!, the new album by Theresa Andersson hardly sounds like conventional pop. That's because the New Orleans singer-songwriter chose to approach her craft from different perspectives before she even began composing. "I stopped thinking in terms of traditional songwriting," Andersson explains. "I worked on shapes, forms, and textures, scents and colors. Elements which are more earthy and organic inspired me." She would walk along the Mississippi River, or relax in her garden. As ideas emerged, she caught them in her butterfly net – or rather, on her laptop – and let them converge, then blossom. "

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Prada - Fall 2009


ZOMBY: Exclusive ‘Back to 92’ Mixtape Download

In this month’s issue of Dazed, we ran a short piece on Zomby, the ‘morbid dubstepper raising rave from the grave’ with his spankingly brilliant rewiring of rave on his “Where Were U in 92?” LP, out on Werk Discs. The label’s head honcho is Darren Cunningham – a man so underground that even his own friends doubt his existence, and so militant that one of his abstract techno 12”s once declared sovereignty, we’ve nevertheless known him since he was kicking around south London with baby dreads and a naff DJ pseudonym. As such, we leant on him to provide us with an exclusive-to-Dazed-Digital super-cheery festive Zomby ‘Where Were U in 92?’ retro-‘ardcore MP3 mixtape that should make cooking the turkey that bit more fun than usual. Click here to download the mix or stream it from below. in dazedigital


MOODY aka MOODYMANN - Anotha Black Sunday

MOODY aka MOODYMANN - Anotha Black Sunday (KDJ US) Comentários: 5 track album with two previously released tracks in alternated versions (his mix of Jose James's 'Desire' and 'Rectify') and three new cuts have that distinct jazzfunk/house vibe. Limited pressing.. Tip! in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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JITTERBUG - Raw Winter EP (Uzuri) Comentários: The Ep opens up with "Dream Memory" , with it's simple yet effective groove and that haunting bassline . simply delicious ! . "Speaker's Corner " is a filthy little beast with sub heavy kicks, the lo-fi production, and the headnod groove, all that plus the deep deep bassline.The B Side kicks off with a heavy chicago inspired monster in the form of "No Pressure " , & the ep closes with Strength Music & Underground Quality's producer of note ; Dj Qu's reinterpretation Of "No Pressure" . Stripping it down to the bare essentials. in discomania [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gucci - Fall 2009

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Sunday, March 01, 2009


MOUNT KIMBIE - Maybes (Hotflush Recordings) Comentários: Ambient, wonky, dubstep, hip-hop, minimal; an endless list of musical genres Mount Kimbie transcend on Maybes, their debut EP for Scuba‘s Hotflush label. The South London duo have produced a beautifully crafted four track rich in texture, melody and electronic experimentation. Title track ‘Maybes’ kicks off with a simple guitar riff before switching into an almost blippy style beat. The slow burning, cinematic build up of ‘William’ goes from a warm bassline into a series of soft snares, and makes a nice change from the usual ‘short-intro-drop’ structure found in much of contemporary electronic music. ‘Taps’ is perhaps the most enchanting piece here; starting with a sparse melody and leading into a lush arrangement of drums, chimes and synths as raw as if a band had played the different instruments live. One constant that runs through the four tracks here is the way the simple melodies feel washed with the sounds of raindrops hitting water - this is music that conjures images of sounds from everyday life; evocative in nature. It’s also more evidence of Hotflush’s strength in depth - we’re not even in February yet and already Mount Kimbie have kicked off 2009 with something fresh and inventive that invokes dubstep royalty in both the scattered percussion of Shackleton and the misty-eyed atmospherics of Burial. in fact magazin [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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LEROSA - Minefield EP

LEROSA - Minefield EP (Real Soon) Comentários: The talented Lerosa with a strong 4-track E. He brings us more of his warm, loose-limbed, US-influenced, abstract House experiments and, on the snappy title track MINEFIELD, refers back to his earlier Electro sound. Whatever the style, Leo has a distinctive touch and a refreshingly simple, unpretentious production style - letting the machines do their business with the minimum of fuss. Nice! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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WICKED WITCH - Chaos 1978-86

WICKED WITCH - Chaos 1978-86 (EM Japan) Comentários: Unless Sun Ra's most out there moments, one of many behavioral components from Chaos 1978-86, were beamed alongside televised presidential messages for years, or the ravenous fire from Jimi Hendrix's burning guitar had a heated soundtrack of its own on the Billboard charts, it's hard to imagine anyone being ready for this crazy shit in the early 80s. The appropriately named Wicked Witch, a richly decadent and spooky avant-garde affair of off-kilter rhythm and blues-based x-spunk, was the mastermind of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Richard Simms— a somewhat frightening dude, at least in appearance, photographed in a full leather get-up, and once part of a late 70s outfit called Paradiagm. Although devoid of any significant pop caché, or any kind of relative musical easy listening, Chaos 1978-86 is a treasure of eccentricity and dysfunctional sound art. Take my word, this is 30 degrees colder than any kind of Prince-like angularity. Its self-indulgent machine-funk brilliance— not to mention the impressive violins on "Vera's Back", the ESG-like dance of "Electric War (Instrumental)", and the nutso keyboard fuzz from "Fancy Dancer"— still sounds years ahead of its time (and probably still locked in an underground cell somewhere). In fact, apart from experimental seekers, I wonder if many are ready for its dissonant elements, even today. Reason enough to jump on the psycho train, don't you think? in panpot [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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