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Monday, December 31, 2007

Poni Hoax - Antibodies [New!]

Saturday, December 29, 2007

COPPA - Society Ho's

COPPA - Society Ho's (Groove Dis Exclusive. The follow up to 2005's classy "CORNUTS & COURVOISIER" 12", this latest dancefloor loveliness has all the ingredients for a to-be dance classic: heavy percussion, fat bass, & undeniably catchy melody. A hard to nail down sound its got disco, stoney dub, latin percussion, & stank funk. Dope. in groovedis [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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Friday, December 28, 2007



The first single is out now and features two remixes of this track: On one side "9/11", a tense and broody club mix from Norwegian underground talent Black Labelle. On the other, JoJo de Freq, fellow DJ playmate and NagNagNag resident, adds a big, bouncing, acid-tinged bassline and Euro-synth stabs to her "Beauty is Terror" mix. Rob Reger also designed a limited edition picture disc that you'll find in your local record store. A "normal" vinyl edition is also available. And you can download the single at your online music store. The album "BatBox" is out on Nobody's Bizzness in late January 2008. Enjoy. nota do editor

Agenda Mr. Mitsuhirato (DJ)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

G-Star Raw at Tokyo Designer’s Week

The 75 metre-squared glass booth plays host to a series of handcrafted objects (made from denim naturally), waxed denim coats, a selection of NY Raw Special edition garments alongside highlights of the Spring Summer ‘08 catwalk collection. Quite apart from the obvious benefits of opening up the label to a crowd that won’t be as familiar with the brand as those at home on the front row during fashion week, it’s a bigger statement by G-Star about design as a whole. The company has described its space as an ‘infotainment environment’, which we take to mean a display of fashion and design objects intending to show how the two disciplines are no longer so separate, nor confined to their designated fashion week or design festival. And if the Spring/Summer shows just passed are anything to go by - where we witnessed a burgeoning trend for collaboration between the worlds of fashion and art, architecture and industrial design - then G-Star is certainly one step ahead of its denim peers. in wallpaper [Here]

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New podcast: The Bloody Beetroots x Pig Radio

Nel turbinio di date che li vede coinvolti, proprio alla vigilia del loro tour italiano in compagnia dei Justice, i nostri amici The Bloody Beetroots hanno trovato un’ attimo di tempo per registrare un mix esclusivo per gli ascoltatori di Pig Radio. Tutti quelli che hanno già avuto la possibilità di sentirli live sanno di cosa si tratta, per tutti gli altri ecco l’opportunità di capire cosa si sono persi. Il podcast è un bigino delle loro ultime produzioni e dei remix più recenti. Bob e Tom dopo una trafila lunghissima di remix (per gente del calibro di Goose, Etienne De Crecy, Martin Solveig, Alex Gopher, Fox N’ Wolf ed altri) sono al lavoro su un EP che dovrebbe uscire nel 2008…Nell’attesa… Consolatevi con questo! Per ascoltare il podcast iscriviti qui oppure scarica l’mp3 direttamente da qui.
- Timbaland - Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)- The Bloody Beetroots feat. Congorock - Bluto Fucks Popeye- Audioporno - Choo Choo (Bloody Beetroots Remix)- The Toxic Avenger - Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix)- Goose - Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)- Goose - Black Gloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)- The Bloody Beetroots - I love The Bloody Beetroots


VA - Detroit Beatdown Vol.2, EP 2

VA - Detroit Beatdown Vol.2, EP 2 (Third Ear) Comentários: It is four and a half years since Third Ear released Detroit Beatdown Volume One (3ECD/LP-001). The first of the three volumes of the Detroit Beatdown Third Ear project was completed with the cd release of the complete Detroit Beatdown Remixes in 2006 (3ECD-043). Volume Two will be spread across 5 eps (12" vinyl and DL releases) through 2007 and 2008. A 2xcd and limited vinyl box set will complete DB2 before getting into the remixes and Detroit Beatdown Sessions eps again. Check! A1: Kelli Hand ‘Escape In Detroit’ Kelli Hand is the first lady of Detroit electronic dance music, arguably the first lady of electronic dance music. A producer and DJ with a phenomenal track record, she once again delivers a storming dance floor track. Typical Kelli Hand quality production. Think Paperclip People. Yes, that good. A2: Pirahnahead feat. Yaminah Brock ‘I Do Love You’ Soulful House track with quality programming and musicianship from Pirahnahead. Pirahnahead is still relatively unknown, but already has a reputation. Last year, ISOUL8 and Innervisions asked Pirahnahead to remix ISOULl8’s ‘Give It Up’. Pirahnahead has also released on KDJ’s Mahohani imprint. B1: Drivetrain ‘Tre 2’ Drivetrain is Derrick Thompson, founder of Soiree International Records and producer of many top Detroit tracks. This is another deep grooving dance floor track in the same vibe as Smith & Halll’s ‘Theme’ on DB2/1 (3EEP-076). Is it House? Is it Techno? What does it matter? This is kicking electronic rhythm and soul. B2: Inohs Sivad feat. Diamondancer ‘Somewhere Else’. Like Black Art Music on DB2/1 Inohs Sivad is another talented newcomer from Detroit introduced through Third Ear’s Detroit Beatdown releases. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter and this is her first electronic dance music production. This is a hypnotic track reminiscent of early Claude Young or Shake Shakir productions. Classic early 90s Detroit Techno vibe with Diamondancer and Inohs Sivad giving a warm dreamy vocal over the top. This is a very original track and one we are sure will create a buzz. in rushhour

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Atelier Nouveau - I.M.O.K.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


LINKWOOD FAMILY/FUDGE FINGAS & HIS FIDGESTY FRIENDS - Firecracker EP 03 (Firecracker) Comentários: "hear the sun" is a psychedelic deep house cut of the finest quality. bulbous bass line, bongos, whispering voices, tenor sax snippets, and the icing on the cake is a synth line reminiscent of angel choirs. This is something that Theo Parrish or Moodyman might drop for the 6 am sunrise kiddies boogying into oblivion. this is deep spooky shit that would fit in perfectly in a David Lynch flick. The rest of the tracks on this album are also of high quality. Not to mention the album art is one of a kind (including the inner sleeve). in discogs [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, December 24, 2007

OMAR S [FXHE 001] oferta de natal

Another scarily limited slice of Detroit history - this very first Omar S 12" was first released seven years ago with only 70 copies pressed the world over (not to be confused with AOS001) and has now been cleverly re-pressed in another limited run. "001" is another fabulous excursion through the seedier edges of Detroit machine music, beautifully flawed, organic House music and Techno variations that remind you of many of Omar's peers, but somehow displaying his unique ruffige in a manner that's both significantly less refined and substantially more daring than so many of the usual suspects. in boomkat
Track List
01:::Omar S-Poor Food
02:::Omar S-Bitch
03:::Omar S-Motion
04:::Omar S-200001

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Best Albuns

Alguns dos grandes momentos vividos em 2007
Disrupt - Foundation Bit (Werk) Lukid - Onandon (Werk)
Morgan Packard - Airships Fill (Anticipate)
LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (DFA)
New Young Pony Club - Fantastic Playroom (Modular)
Chemical Brothers, The - We Are The Night (Freestyle Dust)
Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release (Interscope)
Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins (Planet Mu)
Burial - Untrue (Hyperdub)
Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future (Rinse)
Rednose Distrikt - Poes (Kindred Spirits)
Theo Parrish - Sound Scupltures Vol.1 (Sound Signature)
Pop Levi - The Return To Form Black Magick Party (Counter Records)
DJ Vadim - The Sound Catcher (BBE)
Michael Fakesch - Dos (K7)
Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss (Dial)


[Es] La histéresis es la tendencia de un material a conservar una de sus propiedades en ausencia del estímulo que la ha generado. En este caso, hacemos referencia al lapso durante el cuál nuestro sello se mantuvo en hibernación relativa; un tiempo empleado en la reflexión sobre rumbos y destinos. Histéresis le da título a nuestro lanzamiento número 20, un recopilación con artistas de México, Chile, Japón y Estados Unidos que da cuenta del avance y las mutaciones de la estética de Fitlro. [Eng] Hysteresis is a property of systems that do not instantly follow the forces applied to them, but to react slowly, or do not return completely to their original state. In this case, we are talking with this term about an analogy to our relative hibernation: in this pause we had a chance to think about our route to follow as a label. So we named Hysteresis to our 20th release, one with the participation of artists from México, Chile, Japón and the US. This is the evolution of our aesthetic. [Download]

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


BINARY CHAFFINCH - False Energy (Dissident) Comentários: Dissident bring the full release of Binary Chaffinch's "False Energy". As well as one of the biggest and longest lasting underground hits of the latter half of 2007, there is the brand spanking new all analogue freaky acid remix by Invincible Scum which is sure to bring equal amounts of joy to the more clued-up dancefloors out there. Only 300. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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JAHTARI RIDDIM FORCE - Farmer In The Sky / Depth Charge Rootah and Disrupt unite again for an extremely smoked out jam session on two forgotten Wackies riddims as the "Jahtari Riddim Force". What you hear now is the result of when analogue gear pushed to its limits clashes with a sensi- circuit-bent Laptop... "Farmer In The Sky" comes along with a laid back but tricky bass pattern, hypnotically driven offbeats, a great organ line by Dub navigatah John Frum and generally lots of surprises up the sleeve of your virtual space suit. All that while giving a nod to Robert A. Heinlein's classic SciFi-novel of the same title. On side B "Depth Charge" lifts off full force with deep echo madness, wide explosions in 3D, basslines coming straight from a Black Hole and crunchy 8bit-Gamma-rays from beyond the dibbi dibbi rings of Saturn! Watch that tape hiss on your intercom! in jahtari [Download A] [B]

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Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Electronic Music Magazine Issue 4-07

SLICES - Slices: The Electronic Music Magazine Issue 4-07 (feat Abe Duque, Kalbrese, Deetron, Jazzanova, Touane, Gez Varley, Thomas P Heckmann etc.) nota do editor

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Groove Magazine Issue 110

GROOVE MAGAZINE - Groove Magazine Issue 110 January/February 2008 (German Language) (feat Luciano, Cadenza, Burial, Daft Punk, In Studio: Vladislav Delay, Luke Soloman, Leserpoll 2007 Interviews: Len Faki, Ricardo Villalobos). nota do editor



STINKWORX / LUKE EARGOGGLE /ACIDBOYCHAIR /100 RECORDS / DYNAMO DREESEN - Provo (Acido Germany) Comentários: Provo i think it's wicked fucking good... like nothing else, some theo parrish, some chicago, some berlin minimal, really cool arrangement...he come along way since he was backpacking across nc using his tape recorder to record bees and farts and stuff...and he no longer lives in a cardboard box in pankow harvesting cheese from his bellybutton. in cbs [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


BASIC SOUL UNIT - Tunnels (Mule Electronic Japan) Comentários: After his nice releases for Versatile, Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit unleashes a new single on Mule. His sound is always deep and hypnotic, reminiscent of the classic techno sound. "Dancing in my mind" is a beautiful mid tempo house track with strings & piano. The title track "Tunnels" is 90s style classic electro sound while Sebo K's remix is more on a deep house tip, a huge tracks for the floors! Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit was born in Hong Kong, China and raised in Toronto, Canada. His interest in club music started as a teenager in the late 80's listening to Toronto's independent radio stations and hanging out in the multicultural city's thriving after hours warehouse parties where DJ's were playing New York, Chicago and Detroit based house music. Working at Cosmos Records store during the late 90's led Stuart to dig further into disco, jazz, soul, funk, Latin, Brazilian. During the late 90's, Stuart started Djing various musical styles at various lounges, bars and clubs in Toronto. With this wide spectrum of interest in music, Stuart's strength as a DJ is his versatility. Depending on the night and the crowd, he can throw down Detroit influenced techno, Jacking Chicago style sounds, Soulful NYC house, minimal European tracks, disco, jazz, funk, Latin, Brazilian, broken beat and sometimes even a combination of all these. Currently, Stuart is resident (alongside Patrick Paredes & Jason Ulrich) at the house & techno based "Vintage!" Saturday nights at TOI Bar in Toronto, as well as a jazz, funk & crossover monthly event called "Footprints" (with Jason Palma & General Eclectic). His travels have taken him to various spots like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, Frankfurt and Montreal. Stuart started producing as Basic Soul Unit in 2003 with his first song "Basic Soul" on Toronto's Iwanai Music. As with his Djing style, Stuart's music can swing from lush and soulful Detroit inspired numbers to jacking minimal beats (all with hints of above). in loop 23 [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mixtape #06 João Boullosa

Tracklist** Mixtake! (to phones only)
1. partial arts - trauermusik
2. panash - cheval
3. lopazz - the old days
4. kemistry - house theme
5. carl craig - darkness
6. quietpoint - caffeine awakening


Made In Japan

01-akiko kiyama_-_cutting_tears
02-radiq-a ballad for the atomic age
03-daikei-3 elements_feat_s_c_i_e_n_c_e_(2parts_and_1mc)
04-aoki takamasa-i'm_a_part_of_it
05-cos-mes vs. eletype- eyesight6.0
06-cro-magnon-sign of fire

VIBERT, Luke - Kerrier District

VIBERT, Luke - Kerrier District (Rephlex) Comentários: Back in stock! Luke Vibert pulls out the cheeky titles and grooved up disco vibes for his latest long player on Rephlex. Coming a few months after his ‘Yoseph’ debut album for Warp, ‘Kerrier District’ finds Luke in vibrant form, 10 tracks complete with bubbling basslines, subtle and sweet vocal samples and some classic analog action. Named after a district in Cornwall where Luke and pals grew up he parodies the Metro Area explosion by delivering an album of original disco classics for the 21st century. Opening with ‘Lets Dance And Freak’ a vocal spaced out disco number with vintage ‘party time’ samples and pogo-ing disco tom drums Luke fetches the track up to date with his monstrous 303 bassline that cements the track as a killer. With all manner of samples and noises appearing it continues in classic Vibert form, content, groove and a damn good understanding of Disco is the perfect combination. ‘Illogan’ heads straight for the Dan Hartman (Take That?) school of disco with its ‘Relight My Fire’ melody stabbing away, but Luke keeps it deep with a swooping funk bassline and wah wah guitar samples running in sync. On to “New York” which is just rampant hedonistic action from Luke as he visits the Big Apple with his 70’s synths and finger clicking drums, delving into a feelgood mood for the spaced out strings and horn like chord stabs that deliver an ace groove. ‘Disco Bus’ is a perfect chick tune, ass shuffling bass joins the padding 4/4 with vibes echoing around the beat, a cheesy sounding piano stabbing out a brilliant psuedo Italo melody and the fundamental vocal snippets that add the vintage feel, brilliant stuff. A class album from Vibert that shows as with every other genre he’s touched he can pull it off and here he evokes a classic era and fetches it right up to date. Killer. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

JUJU & JORDASH - Time Slip

JUJU & JORDASH - Time Slip (Real Soon) Comentários: Amsterdam's JuJu and Jordash throw down some super slowed-down house structures on the A-side of this new EP for the London-based Real Soon imprint, with softened drums and warm, easy going basslines being the order of the day. The B-side 'Fajr Dub' takes things a little further, going off at the deep end with some space echo weirdness, sounding like Pole might have, had his filter never broken. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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THE DIRTBOMBS / PITCH BLACK CITY - Kung (Mahogani US) Comentários: The real killer here is a version of 'Runaway' by Pitch Black City, a loose collaborative entity comprised of several Detroit musicians, including percussionist Andrés, vocalist Roberta Sweed, and keyboardist Amp Fiddler. A one-sided 12" credited to PBC appeared on Mahogani in 2003, and they were also featured on Moodymann's 'Silence In The Secret Garden' LP on Peacefrog that same year. 'Runaway' is one of those typically Kenny Dixon style tracks that has a spacey intro with a breathy spoken word piece, followed by a short, nodding house cut... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Mixtape #05 R.B.S.

Monsieur Rafael Santos dirige um blog entitulado R.B.S. , é também colaborador activo do Bodyspace onde partilha a sua paixão pela música.
01.Christian Prommer - Strings of Life
02.Juba Dance – Message from Cham
03.Little Dragon – Constant Surprises
04.Black Pocket – Thanks & A Bit More Credit”
05.Pinch – Brighter Day ft. Juakali
06.Bob Marley & The Wailers – Don’t Rock My Boat (Sthur Remix)
07.Bloc Party – Where is Home (Burial Remix)
08.Brian Eno & Jon Hassel “Rising Thermal”


Gomma Galactic No.2

Gomma Galactic No.2 Digital-only compilation, out 4th December 2007. New stuff by TOMBOY, DJ BALDELLI, MUNK, IN FLAGRANTI aka OBLIO, RODION, and a hilarious WHOMADEWHO version of VILLALOBOS' hit Easy Lee. Listen & buy on iTunes

Saturday, December 15, 2007

'the happiest day of my life' by RICHARD BAXTER

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PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY - A Mountain For President EP

PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY - A Mountain For President EP (Tigersushi France) Comentários: Highly limited run of 150 promos before xmas.... anouncing the official release end of january. here comes the first extract from principles of geometry’s album lazare. “a mountain for president”. a space hymn with martians on juno synths, jupitarians at the mixing desk and our cosmic prophet sebastien tellier on vocals. this is about “revenge and cry”. it comes with a remix by our new french discovery, speakerine, a very young kid from the deepest country side in the south of france, with a true love for the dark side, mr oizo and el-p. on the flip side, our man joakim remixes the title track and does what he does best, forward thinking dance music. in nuloop [ParaOuvir/Samples]

Friday, December 14, 2007

Apparat Live @ Op Art 21 Dez, Lisboa

Thursday, December 13, 2007


GEBRUDER TEICHMANN - The Number Of The Beat (Disko B Germany) Comentários: Finally we did it: Our Album Debut "the number of the beat" will be out on Sept. 21. on Disko B available on CD and 2x12". It features not only our beigeGT buddy Martin Haygis on "Romy", but also the wunderfull teichsister Alice Clement, singing on "minimal scheissegal", "Un Bug" and "So Dance". Beside that there is a lot of music on it and the whole thing is packed into a great Artwork by our favorite Daughter Erben. Thank You! Still hot: Yesternight/Startup Ep, db148. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

BERNARDI, Marco presents OCTOGEN - Square Bells EP

BERNARDI, Marco presents OCTOGEN - Square Bells EP (Dub Holland) Comentários: A limited 300 copies release on DUB recordings (and unlimited available for digital download on Soma records). Superb 90's style Detroit meets UK techno meets new electronica... Square Bells track is nothing less then genius... B-sides show the more techno-ish side of Bernardi (Octogen)... Derrick May meets B12 kind of affair. Essential release!!. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hadouken "That Boy That Girl

Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys

Punks Jump Up "Dance to Our Disco"

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya - " Fuck Friend" (live)

Crystal Castles -Air War


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HIORTHOY, Kim - My Last Day

HIORTHOY, Kim - My Last Day (Smalltown Supersound Norway) Comentários: In the seven years that have passed since Kim Hiorthoy's still excellent debut album Hei (arguably a forerunner of the now ubiquitous folktronica scene), his reputation as a graphic designer has become the defining aspect of his multi-faceted career. In record sleeve art alone, Hiorthoy has turned out an enormously impressive body of work - particularly for the Rune Grammofon and Smalltown Supersound labels. What's true of both his musical and graphic endeavours is that Hiorthoy has a singular, distinctive voice. Consequently it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that as a musician not too much has been added to or removed from Hiorthoy's sound since Hei, and My Last Day is every bit as homely and lo-fi as its predecessor. Heck, he's even called one of the tracks here 'Same Old Sh*t', which is as insightful a title as it is self-deprecating. However, as 2004's Live Shet proved, Hiorthoy isn't shy of slipping one or two more danceable elements into his delightfully amateurish world of warm, sample-based electronica. The opening track 'I Thought We Could Eat Friends' kicks off with a bit of a Zombie Nation feel to it, which initially comes as something of a surprise, but quickly all the familiar Hiorthoy hallmarks crop up, and by the time you reach 'Skuggan', a folksy ballad comprised of piano and out of tune strings (not to mention the obligatory potting shed beats) you'll find yourself back in familiar territory. When you have a sound as instantly recognisable as Hiorthoy's there's hardly any need for regular overhauls - I for one would much rather he kept loading his MPC with samples from old records and incidental sounds from around his house than if he started using regularly updated, homogenising software like the masses of charmless electronica gearhounds out there. Long may he repeat himself. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

Monday, December 10, 2007

ARP - In Light

ARP - In Light (Smalltown Supersound) Comentários: Like Vetiver's Andy Cabic, San Francisco's Alexis Georgopoulos is an alumnus of Krautrock-inspired rhythmic adventurers Tussle, although Georgopoulos only left the band recently, after their recent Telescope Mind album was completed. This album marks something of a departure from his old band's disco experiments and instead brilliantly captures the zeitgeist's fascination with new age solo synthesizer exploration. An obvious reference point would be one of 2007's great unearthed treasures: the reissue of 1982's highly influential Wizards LP, by J.D. Emmanuel. In Light is probably a far more approachable work than Wizards, defined by warmer, more melodious tones and hints at a kind of retro-conscious fuzziness, yet the album retains an air of the experimental through its referencing of 20th century minimalism and drone. In keeping with the old-fashioned approach to analogue experimentation Georgopoulos recorded the album live, and it certainly has a meandering quality to it, despite being propelled by tautly regimented synth pulses as on 'Potentialities' and 'Premonition Of The Sculptor Steinberg' (which sounds a bit like Cluster reworking the Rhubarb & Custard theme song). The album wraps up on a slight deviation from the formula by dropping electric piano loops and what sound like synth-cello phrases into a Terry Riley-inspired format. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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NAGUAL SOUND EXPERIMENT - Invisible Movements (Liquid) Comentários: Sprawling 15 track dubstep odyssey from the Nagual Sound Experiment, the downtempo project of pioneering psy-breaks artist Mood Deluxe. The album opens with its softest gambit, with "Systema" offering an almost coffee table vibe draped around airy vocals that have a slightly kooky mid 90's vibe about them. From here on in, though, things get much better, with tracks like "Bad Breed" and "Three Gold Stripes" keeping it suitably darkside, while album closer "Hexorcism" is an out and out Burial tribute, with the same kind of rolling drums and treated vocals, albeit with a slightly less refined use of synths and crescendo. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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REGINA, Donna - More

REGINA, Donna - More (Karaoke Talk) Comentários: Donna Regina, the Cologne pop-pairing of Regina Janssen and Gunther Janssen, seem to have blossomed since emerging from the German avant-pop scene in the early 90's. With More, the group's tenth LP, the duo further elaborate on the sonic and compositional chemistry which hallmarked their last release, 2005's delicate slice of pop melancholia, Slow Killer. Donna Regina's sound is a fresh yet not-so-distant entity, perching itself in a niche somewhere between the ethereal soundscapes of Mum, St. Etienne's direct dream-pop and Psapp's understated electronics. With "More" the immediate impact once submerged inside its ten-cut space is the pervading sense of hope and rejuvination the band have come to adopt. It is Regina's unaffected, silken vocals which are invaluable in this new line of discourse. In fleeting pop gem Good Morning Day, a Beatlesque piano chord progression is illuminated with her soft plea "Come on dear day, lets try to start anew". More is anchored by such moments, in which delivery achieves as much in intonation as content. The spectre of Nico looms over the acoustic guitar led "To Be Around" but the best is kept till the end with the sublime album closer "Dream On". Amongst tremolo organ, glockenspiel and upright piano, Regina's vocal somehow captures the central concern of the outfit as she sings "I wish for something i've never seen, I wish you many wishes, I wish you many dreams, I wish one day you long for something you have never seen." A record belonging deep in winter period, its swet melancholy designedto carry you through the season's fading light. Utterly Lovely. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

COMMIX - Call To Mind [Album da Semana]

COMMIX - Call To Mind (Metalheadz) Comentários: (London, UK) - For critics of D'n'B, there can be the tendency to call it predictable. Tearing Amen-break heavy flex-outs, maybe some ragga vocals, a little time-stretching… just general darkness on the whole? Well, in just the same way as house and particularly techno are growing and changing, D'n'B is morphing too - into newer avenues that are more subtle and interesting than ever before. Still have some doubts? Well check out Commix' Call To Mind and call us in the morning… The best drum and bass records throw aside what has gone before, preferring to re-ignite their chosen genre by expanding it. Most recently this has been done by Pendulum on their rocky Hold Your Colour, now witness Commix (aka Goerge Levings and Guy Brewer) adding in some techno touches and even some real Philadelphia Soul to proceedings on their new album, Call to Mind. When they created the machine funk that we now know as techno, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins saw themselves as playing 'high-tek soul' (a term May plays under now). So, even though we may find Call To Mind as an album an unusual mix, we may be sure that the Detroit godfathers wouldn't - to them, it's part of the same melting pot. This is the future of drum and bass and it's fittingly released on Metalheadz - Goldie's groundbreaking imprint that remains the most well-known label in the D'n'B fraternity. Call To Mind encompasses 11 tracks spanning Levings' and Brewer's musical knowledge: from the hip-hop of Change, which features The Nextmen, to the techy bleepiness of opener Bet True and it's follow-on track Bellview, via the soulful yet minimal Spectical, there's a lot on offer here. It's drum and bass... but not as we know it. in 356 mag [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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CASPA & RUSKO - Fabriclive. 37

CASPA & RUSKO - Fabriclive. 37 (Fabric) Comentários: The latest in the influential Fabriclive series comes from dubstep stars Caspa and Rusko, who introduce the Fabric masses to the sound of South London by way of dub plates and genre classics, dropping in some unexpected genre benders to keep the more informed amongst us on our toes. Caspa as dubsteppers will no doubt know is one of the new wave of producers who isn't afraid to shake up a party a little, adding rave stabs and jump-up basslines to the mix, and occasionally pushing the tempo higher than the usual 103 bpm. It pays off too and at times you'd be forgiven for forgetting that you're listening to dubstep at all, with tracks like Rusko's Catchphrase-sampling 'Mr Chips' sounding dangerously like Euro techno at times. It was bound to happen when you think about it, the moody boys of dubstep could never win - I mean you never get the girls if you're just standing around the back nodding your head up and down, you've got to lay down some moves, and Caspa seems willing to provide the soundtrack to that. There's some killer whitelabel action from Skream (under the contract dodging Skreamz moniker), Rusko and Caspa himself, but the classics here are the ones that catch your attention, most obviously Matty G's 50,000 Watts and Coki's 'tune of the year' 'Sponge Bob'. Hot. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SKREAM/VARIOUS - Rinse: 02 (Rinse) Comentários: Following up on the success of the Geeneus-mixed Rinse 01, dubstep wunderkind Skream mans the helm weaving a slew of his own new works into a mix that features productions by Kode 9, Coki, Benga, Rusko & Caspa, Hijak, Culture, Distance and D1. Skream's material is represented not only by a number of fresh original compositions but a host of remixes too, including reinterpretations of Zinc's 'Film', Distance's 'Night Vision' and a collaborative overhaul of his own 'Find Some Way' with Plastician. After the sirens and crunching handclaps of Culture's 'Steppin' Outta Babylon', Skream steps into the frame with one-minute interstitial cut 'Wobble That Gut' only to throw some fractured breaks and pipe melodies into his co-production 'Sandsnake' with Cluekid. Next Skream fires up some surprisingly thin-sounding general midi-ish horns for'Sinisterize' before ushering in the excellent Kode 9 remix of Badawi, which sees a marked lift in the mix's production values. It all starts to roughen up after this point though, with Benga and Coki both weighing in with some heavy sub-bass chops, leading up to Rusko & Caspa's ever so slightly daft 'Bread Get Bun', which features some dreadful street urchin character chirping on about having "f*&king battered" someone. The mix's second half is dominated by Skream's own work, which takes some interesting turns on bloopy electronica tracks like '2D' and the almost acid-like structures of 'Oit Kum Ere Sun'. Courting controversy, somewhere between Distance's 'Night Vision' and Coki's 'Road Rage' Klaxons version of Grace's 'It's Not Over Yet' gets thrown into the mix, with all the regulation dubstep bass modulations and beat templates slapped on top. The disc draws to a close on a run of more tranquil, for-the-ladies style selections culminating in the warm percussion workouts of D1's 'Sorrow', leaving you with a sense of an awful lot of distance having been travelled since you first hit play... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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LUBELSKI, Samara - Parallel Suns

LUBELSKI, Samara - Parallel Suns (Social Registry US) Comentários: Lubelski has taken the experimentation of her previous work and used it as foundations for something far more accessible, while never losing sight of the fact that she's writing music that's deeper than your average pop record. Just check the album's most propulsive track, the immense 'Tasting the Candy', a double-time psych-pop stomper and a track that perfectly marries her keen production knowledge (Lubelski engineers at the renowned Rare Book Room studio) and catchy songwriting. With soft Hammond organ and crisply processed guitars she manages to make a shimmering psychedelic world sound much more open, and in such distances herself from the rather sloppy 'New Weird America' scene from which she was birthed. This is the album 'Spectactular of Passages' just slightly missed out on being, living up to all her early promise and hopefully hinting at further development, and for fans of any of the aforementioned acts I'd say she's an artist you simply need to check out without delay. The world might be awash with fuzzy psychedelic records, but when Samara Lubelski's at the helm you know you're in for a very special journey indeed... huge recommendation. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, The - Chapter One: A Long Way From Home

BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, The - Chapter One: A Long Way From Home (Erased Tapes) Comentários: The British Expeditionary Force bring to mind the sweet Scandinavian sounds of Efterklang or Mum. This is pop music, reframed and re-imagined as electronica, and taking influence from the muddy mire of indie music on the way, so it's not hard to work out that the two members of the band are old hands at production. In the red corner we have Justin Lockey, founder member of Mycodenameis:Milo and producer of such beastly projects as Enter Shikari among other things, and in the blue corner vocalist Aid Burrows, better known as the frontman of Fierce Panda band My Architects. The music featured on 'Chapter One : A Long Way From Home' is the most unusual to ever come from this camp. It's indie music for people who want a little more for their money, pop music for people getting bored with pop or electronica for those of you who don't mind some vocals slapped about over the glitches and pads, and somehow it works. While the record isn't totally successful it leaves you with a warm glow, perfect for this time of year I'd say... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Friday, December 07, 2007

HEY WILLPOWER - Hundredaire

HEY WILLPOWER - Hundredaire (Tomlab Germany) Comentários: The title Hundredaire is a play on words of Kelis and Andre 3000's "Millionaire" and an homage with a life of its own. No money, same problems. Will Schwartz from Hey Willpower sings it like he means it; a postmodern take on a love gone awry. Inspired by real life events, and masterpieces like "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and "Walk On By", it's a story everyone can understand. Whether it's the beat of the snare that happened to be there, the Yamaha "Bar Mitzvah Keyboard" on which Will plays the lead riff, or the vocal choir that catapults the simple phrase in the chorus "Let You Go" straight into your heart, there's something for anyone who has felt the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. in sound [Para Ouvir/Samples]

BILEEBOB - Sunshine EP

BILEEBOB - Sunshine EP (Underground Resistance US) Comentários: Detroit's John Williams makes his debut 12" for Underground Resistance with backup from DJ Skurge and Agoria. The radio edit of the original is a greasy hip hop production with retuned, harmonised vocals and an air of summery soulfulness that's hardly seasonal. DJ Skurge takes that theme and runs with it, expanding the track and sharpening the edges, whilst Agoria keeps it techno with his layered vocal-preserving remix. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

Thursday, December 06, 2007

ROCEL, Marbert - Speed Emotions

ROCEL, Marbert - Speed Emotions (Compost Germany) Comentários: Marbert Rocel is an extremely smooth German electronic pop trio with female vocals featuring Antje Seifarth. Mellow post-glitch beats, soft electronic pianos, and sultry singing combine to make Speed Emotions, their newest Compost release, a very pleasing listen. True, there may be a glut of this kind of music out there, some of it of questionable quality, but Marbert Rocel really stand out from the pack with unexpected parts that really shine – like the particularly pretty bouncy synth part on "The Pack", or a very cool funky take on Eleanor Rigby, here called "Eleanor BIrdbat" . This is functional music - deeply relaxing, deeply sexy, good for working to, good for a late-night lounge atmosphere. Really nice stuff. in lefthip [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

BACCHETTI, Luca - Like A Sadhu EP

BACCHETTI, Luca - Like A Sadhu EP (Wagon Repair) Comentários: Wagon Repair / 'Like a Sadhu' is a driving tech-house track, motored by a pulsating bass loop, buzzing rhythmic tones and restless percussive transformations. A2 - 'Trust' is saturated with new dimensions, mixing a deep bass drive and clattering percussion. in deecoo [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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SUI GENERIS - Remarkable

SUI GENERIS - Remarkable (Rushhour Holland) Comentários: Rush Hour introduces another new name: Sui Generis. This mysterious figure serves up two tracks, as if he has been at it for years. A must have for fans of Aril Brikha, Quince and Vince Watson.Both ‘Remarkable’ and ‘Speaking Terms’ remind us of the warm, soulful Detroit sound. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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