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Saturday, December 20, 2014


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Monday, December 08, 2014

Grebenstein - Grebenstein EP

  Grebenstein - Grebenstein EP (Downwards) Comentários: Grebenstein debuts on Downwards with a roiling industrial session primed for fans of his label-mates Samuel Kerridge or Talker. Rife with slow, bellicose drums and miasmic atmospheres, four tracks play out a soundtrack for end times between the tribal trudge of 'Acting Within Your Terms' and the uniquely offset swagger of 'That's Where The Answer Was, In Your Body' via the Raime-like mood guitar chops and malefic attitude of 'No You Don't'. Sterling stuff for fans of The Haxan Cloak etc. in boomkat

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Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous

Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous (PAN) Comentários: Easily one of our most anticipated LPs of 2014, Afrikan Sciences' 'Circuitous' transcends jazz, techno and hip hop with pineal Afro-futurist vision. Hailing from Saturn via Oakland, CA, Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences has carved an elliptic orbit thru the sonic cosmos with three albums and a string of 12"s for Aybee's Deepblak label, an empathetic home for his abstract, groovesome suppositions improvised on turntables, upright bass, and a matrix of digital tablets. Now taking flight within the PAN quadrant, he presents a systemic set of 14 tracks, solar hymns for the unbound body and mind, traversing multiple dimensions of vivid sound-image and refractive rhythmic reality; calculating a zig-zagging, polyrhythmic trajectory from the gyroscopic tussle of elements in 'Two In The Chamber' thru the whirring broken beats of the title track and the probing harmonic chaos of 'Feel', to the crack'd boom bop of closer, 'Tell Me Who Like That'. Clearly the precedents have been set by Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Dego, Jamal Moss, Theo P; but it's Afrikan Sciences who's taking this sound to new levels of idiosyncratic complexity and intuition. Massive recommendation. in boomkat

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Neel - Phobos (Spectrum Spools)

Neel - Phobos (Spectrum Spools) Comentários: Primo Roman sound designer Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel takes to Spectrum Spools with his debut solo album proper, inspired by the entropic, 50 million year lifespan of Mars' 2nd and larger moon, Phobos. It's a spellbinding attempt to deal with sound on the vastest scales imaginable, using a combination of modular synths and hardware to traverse the full frequency range and achieve an immense soundscape streaked with massive sound objects and microscopic details. We were lucky enough to catch him perform a similar sound live alongside his Voices From The Lake partner, Donato Dozzy, at Rome's Maxxi Museum, where the Zaha Hadid-designed floating staircases and lustrous concrete curves provided the perfect, pensile backdrop to their diaphanous but broodingly weighty structures. On a good pair of headphones we're experiencing 'Phobos' as a sublime 46 minute projection within the mind's dome, beautifully synching Neel's patient, unfolding imagination with our own perception of space. I guess what we're trying to say is, it's a very very good ambient record. in boomkat

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Negentropy "Consumation" (D55)

Sunday, September 28, 2014



Master collaborator Yohji Yamamoto is always keeping his Y-3 collections fashion-forward. We’re seeing him pull out all the stops for 2015, as we now discover the latest adaptation of the Adidas Y-3 Qasa Low. The Qasa style first dropped in 2013 and has released in high and low-cut renditions and in a few different colourways. The clean sock-like fit with a black body and white/black toe area sits nicely on the white sole here. It’s no surprise that they are one of the most popular silhouettes of the Y-3 family and this latest tinkering should probably go down well with the fans. If you like your sneaks with a pop of colour and leather trimmings, check them out in the Burnt Orange colourway. There is no exact release date for these set yet but stay with SF for updates. via sneaker freaker

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Boothroyd - Idle Hours

Boothroyd - Idle Hours (TriBoothroyd serves one of the most striking debuts on Tri Angle with 'Idle Hours'. Hailing from sunny North Manchester but now defected to London, Boothroyd's music is a slyly ambiguous, 'marishly-warped mesh of lo-fi samples strung together with a deceptively grand plan. Like the mutant, half-finished offspring of Coil and Lars Holdhus, it occupies a uniquely detached space in the peripheries of modern composition, vapour wave and ambient pop, scuttling between heart-racing peaks and petrified electronica like some fractal distillation of darkweb's babylonian data flux and the stark numbness of suburban English life summed up by J.G. Ballard. Sucking us into his jagged wormhole with the palpitations and elusive emotions of 'NYC', he lurks somewhere between Clive Barker and Ryan Trecartin in the richly visual, deviant flux of 'Skinned', and draws the talons right across the nerve with the ghoulish chorales and sewer-troddin' jag of 'Colony', whilst 'Y5' murks ambient house with a proper eldritch attitude and humour. We reckon it's f**king ace. If u like VHS Head, Wanda Group, Coil, Dynooo, Evian Christ, it's a no brainer. in boomkat

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015

« Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, currently entrusted by Marc Jacobs with the stewardship of the collection popularly known as Marc by Marc but more conveniently tagged MBMJ (brevity being the soul of wit), were shaped in the crucible of English rave culture. The optimism, the idealism, the sense of community that were fostered in those heady days tend to linger » via style com

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spooky Black - Idle

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Innershades - Love Park

Black Rain - Dark Pool (2014)

Black Rain dials deep into the Blackest Ever Black psyche with 'Dark Pool', its first new material in 18 years. An eagerly awaited follow-up to 'Protoplasm' (2012) and 'Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95' (2012), it features New York's dark interpreter, Stuart Argabright - Ike Yard instigator and erstwhile member of Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew - realise his starkest sci-fi fantasies in degrees of pitch black relief streaked with strobing neon flashes and whirring tribal/industrial rhythms comparable with his label-mates, Regis or Cut Hands. Thematically it builds upon the literary influence of William Gibson in previous records by taking new inspiration from the writings of PKD protégé K.W. Jeter's 'Edge of Human' (1996) - essentially a Blade Runner 2 - and Paolo Bacigalupi's 2009 novel, 'The Windup Girl', set in a 23rd century Thailand plagued by genetic and economic terrorism. Coupled with Argabright's Ballardian knack for detailed sonic mise-en-scene and dramaturgy, it's a thoroughly immersive experience, begging to be heard on night buses and 13th floor apartments with the blinds shut. in boomkat

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

"JUUN J" Menswear S/S 2015 Paris

Htrk - Psychic 9-5 Club

Htrk  Psychic 9-5 Club (Ghostly International) Comentários: 'Psychic 9-5 Club' is the nigh-on flawless 3rd album from HTRK - quite easily their most ambitious and rewarding outing yet. In contrast with the affective weight and morbid pallor of their 'Work (Work, Work)' LP - which was constructed as a duo after band-member Sean Stewart tragically died halfway through recording, this new suite finds space for a sliver of reflective light epitomised by the pathos of Jonnine Standish's vocals and Nigel Yang's deft, spaciously dub-wise production. There's still that sense of grief and dysphoria, but it feels like they've come, or are coming to terms with it in a manner only HTRK could carry off with such impeccable grace. There are obvious comparisons to be made with The XX at their most withdrawn, but the whole thing is weighed down by a perfect, dim-lit amalgamation of pulsing drum machines, off-key synths and distilled vocals - it sounds like an expensive, painstaking production, in the best possible sense. 
From the levitating dub of opener 'Give It Up' to the shimmering electronics of 'The Body You Deserve', we're in the presence of transcendent brilliance throughout 'Psychic 9-5 Club'; flitting from the beautifully bombed-out 'Blue Sunshine' to slinky, sensuous slow-jam 'Feels Like Love' which honestly lives up to its title, thru the hypnagogic sweetness of 'Soul Sleep' and the writhing pulses of 'Wet Dream', to the expansive, desolate peak of 'Love Is Distraction' and the lush ache of 'Chinatown Style'. Having spent the last few years on the peripheries, HTRK have made an album that deserves a huge audience without compromising any of the elements that made their music so compelling in the first place. High praise indeed for one of the finest new records we've heard this year. in boomkat

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Killing Sound - $ixxx Harmonie$ Version

Killing Sound - $ixxx Harmonie$ Version (Blackest Ever Black) Comentários: Killing Sound version '$ixxxx Harmonie$' with serious tech-step jungle swerve for BEB. Separated from the 'Killing Sound' double-pack, the near-ambient original is extended and reinforced with dreadnaught jungle rhythms and possessed warehouse vibes for a properly altered, shark-eyed swerve. We'll be damned if it ain't the deadliest thing we've heard from either Vessel or El Kid, the Bristolians behind Killing Sound, and surely marks a massive highlight of BEB's darkside operations. Miss this at your peril. in boomkat

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Actress - Xoul EP

The enigmatic London producer will release a surprise vinyl-only EP on his Werkdiscs label later this week.
While Darren Cunningham is rarely ever the most predictable of characters, we can always be certain that he will pepper his meaty album projects with intriguing 12″s that often stand up as incredible offerings in their own right. Both 2011′s Rainy Dub 12″ on Honest Jon’s and last year’s Silver Cloud contain some of the strangest material Actress has put out to date.
With the bleak sounds of Ghettoville album still fresh in our collective ears after its release earlier this year, it has been revealed that Cunningham’s next Actress record will take the form of a four-track, vinyl-only EP entitled Xoul, to be released on his Werkdiscs label. There’s little more information on the record besides a typically enigmatic tracklisting, and that it is expected to arrive within the next week, limited to 500 copies only. Werkdiscs will release Xoul on 12″ vinyl within the next week. via juno [Audio Samples]
A1. Xoul
A2. Xoul Dark Chamber
B1. Xoul Particles
B2. Pharoah Moon Rising

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Headman / Robi Insinna feat Brassica: Work

"6 E.P.I" is the first vinyl E.P. taken from upcoming Headman/Robi Insinna Album "6" to be released in September via Relish. On "6" Robi decided to collaborate with friends and fellow artists whom he worked with in the past or liked as artists. E.P.I features Brassica, Red Axes, Emperor Machineand Sam from Gramme.  "Sleep Red! Dub" will be exclusivefor the vinyl release. The Album will be coming together with a special artbookand avideodirected by Robi himself.

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Monday, June 30, 2014


1. The unknow "sin"
2. Africa hitech "out in the streets"
3. Dj sketch "let's have some fun"
4. Britney spears "till the world ends" (white sea extended club mix)
5. Tweet "oops" (dj k. Mills remix)
6. Young L "fluorescent lightings"
7. Suicide commando "at the end of your life"
8. Jager 90 "mulsken"
9. Burzum "war"
10. Autre ne veut "emotional

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Y-3 Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show (HD) | Extended Version

Friday, June 27, 2014

Raf Simons x adidas 2014 Fall/Winter Response Trail 2

After getting an early preview of the Raf Simons x adidas Fall/Winter 2014 collection we’ve now got a better look at the newest take on a hit from last season’s collection: the Response Trail 2. This season the Response Trail 2 comes in two vibrant colorways: a futuristic mix of orange, blue and silver, and a warmer multicolored mix. A signature silhouette from the Raf Simons x adidas collection, it mixes fashion-forward styling and design elements like the hinged heel counter and eye-catching finishes, with more functional features likes the rugged FORMOTION sole unit. via hypebeast

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LAUER - Donner Lake EP

3 tracks of power house disco produced by Phillip "the machine" Lauer. Out now on Permanent Vacation Germany imprint, Huge Tip !

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Death Grips - Niggas on the moon

 features björk on all 8 tracks. Download !

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Sunday, June 08, 2014


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ben Frost - A U R O R A

Ben Frost - A U R O R A (Mute) Comentários: Lauded sonic alchemist Ben Frost keens into full view with the terrifying and awe-inspiring 'Aurora', his first full length solo album since 'By The Throat' (2009), and his debut for Mute. Clearly a gifted producer - with a remarkable catalogue to prove it - Frost has, over the last decade or so, become increasingly sought-out for his sensitive yet calloused ear by numerous collaborators and like-minded artists such as Björk, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Lawrence English, and Tim Hecker. The latter three in particular are all close collaborators, sharing a focus on mining something affectively visceral and elemental from the twin spheres of electronic and acoustic sound. They all assisted Frost on 'Aurora', alongside Paul Corley, Daniel Rejmer and Paul Evans during recording sessions between Eastern DRC, EMPAC NYC and Reykjavik to galvanise its distressed visions of cataclysm and cosmic chaos. There are nine carefully wrought tracks, each a detailed microcosm within the same breathtaking constellation: entering with the buried-alive intensity of 'Flex', twisting with the blunt steppers force and concussive waves of 'Nolan' and the collapsing, quasi-speed drums of 'Secant', to billow outwards from megalithic structure of 'Venter' into psychoacoustic headspace of 'No Sorrowing', and the severely de-glazed, tectonic texturhythms of 'Sola Fide', to completely dissolve in the alien rave cacophony 'A Single Point Of Blinding Light'. For anyone with a functioning pair of ears it's a bracing, riveting experience not to be missed. in boomkat 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

TĀLĀ - Serbia (Official Video)

Released 2nd June on Aesop - Video directed by Katia Ganfield

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Auscultation - Laces

Joel Shanahan’s gliding, atmospheric synth experiments have morphed through a few distinct forms over the last few years with the decayed luxury of his Golden Donna project. The latest release from the Madison, WI melody and groove enthusiast arrives at a particularly dream-drenched, cascading realm as Auscultation, a new project debuting on 1080p with this S/T cassette and digital release. 
The holographic, arpeggiated voyages of these new works are expectedly lush and retain as much of the insular, basement/bedroom-based zonage as they do way out, starry abstractions. Shanahan’s by now recognisable sense of the cosmic and unique and meticulous synthesis/sound design definitely wins out thanks to the deep and constant shroud of brightly hued ambience. 
Practically every layer of these 50 minutes worth of hybridized tracks is melodic; building gradually into slow, marbled washes on a track like “Ash” with particular patience, while the chords at the front of “Wave Rejection” oscillate with particular vigor and high-reaching emotive intent. Low, heavy bass and a series of texturally varied percussions finishes out each of these seven heavily layered, reverberant tracks for feelings both maze-like and expansive. 
Auscultation’s movements are guided by fragments of specific dance music genre ideals, but the overwhelmingly psychedelic sensations take over. Processing his own take on the decadence of house music as well as his passion for lush drone and noise results in hazy, labyrinthian heights that have echos of hypnogogic pop as much as italo.
releases 03 June 2014 
Mastered by Anders Peterson 

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Monday, May 19, 2014


“It derives from a culmination of beliefs as a human entity,” says Jonathan Briu, the founder of the eponymous street couture label Briu Homme as he describes the inspiration behind his SS ’14 line. “Each individual look is a piece of instrumentality, leading up to the final stage of the project of human instrumentality” which fittingly acts as the name for the entire collection.

Debuting last year at NYFW with a smoky, powerful presence, the latest from Briu is officially launching in mid April—slightly elongated silhouettes matched by precisely proportioned layering and shirts that feature original art, the collection functions as an entity in itself, which wasn’t done by mistake.
You see, for Briu, Human instrumentality “is to create an existence where nobody exists singularly, but merely as part of the whole. In Instrumentality, the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others.” But flaws within the line are few and far between - and as for complementing the line itself, Briu is releasing a short film called “Fractured: Light & Void,” directed by Maps Glover.
Eerie, dark, and twitchy, the black and white visuals are set to a voiceover that raises questions about structure, composure, and change. Watch the short below to bring about your own interpretation, follow Briu Homme on Twitter HERE, and be sure to check out its online shop soon to get your hands on the showcased pieces. via Nylon Guys Magazine

Fractured: Light & Void SS14' Film from Jonathan Briu on Vimeo.

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