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Various Artists: Music For & Theatre - Volume Two (Music From Memory)

Various Artists: Music For & Theatre - Volume Two (Music From Memory) ‘Music For Theatre And Dance – Volume Two’ is the second in a small series of EPs that will focus on music which was initially created for or inspired by dance and performance. Created as a dialogue with the avant-garde and highly experimental work in dance, theatre, and art evolving at the time, the music was in turn at times greatly innovative. That it was created for a dance or performance though means that such music was also often highly rhythmic and a number of pieces from this time stand out and seem greatly deserving of a new context. Whether it’s more ambient or atmospheric works or whether it’s in the more rhythmic or percussive pieces, Music From Memory brings together another selection of tracks that aims to highlight this highly innovative direction in music. Music From Memory · MFM049 - V/A - Music For Dance & Theatre - Volume Two

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