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Sunday, February 07, 2016

KERRIDGE - Fatal Light Attraction

KERRIDGE - Fatal Light Attraction (Downwards) Kerridge returns to Downwards in 2016 with the custom-built electronics of Fatal Light Attraction following last year’s incursions on his own Contort label. The project premiered at Berlin’s Atonal 2015 edition, featuring Kerridge working alongside Andrej Boleslavsky & Maria Júdová to create an intense, kinetic shadowplay synched as an illusive counterpart to the music and performance. As Kerridge’s 3rd long player, it marks a more fluid, or effluent, refinement of his sound, blurring the boundaries between organic audio sources and custom-constructed synths to flooding the senses with waves of bristling, oxidising industrial tones and coruscating texturhythm seemingly intent on separating flesh from bone. It’s evil stuff, all seven tracks of it, forming a closed feedback system of guttural, choking frequencies and cardiac arrhythymatics..

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Monday, February 01, 2016

MMMOOONNNOOO - M.U. Podcast #90 (Fev 2016)

MMMOOONNNOOO (Daniel Neves) «the experimental drone project started in Lisbon in 2010. Threads of his favourites – Autechre, Demdike Stare and Flying Lotus – creep into view. Meanwhile, strains of other influences such as The Velvet Underground are found in Crua, his robust shoegaze trio». Also give a listen to MMMOOONNNOOO's "The Act In Between" album and is special "Unknown Presets Sleep Emission on Radio Quantica"Facebook | Soundcloud

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Suzanne Ciani - Voices of Packaged Souls Part II

Suzanne Ciani is a pioneer in electronic music and one of the few women to blaze a trail in the genre. She received classical music training at Wellesley College and obtained her M.A. in music in 1970 at University of California at Berkeley where she met and was influenced by the idiosyncratic synthesizer designer Don Buchla. In 1974 she formed her own company, Ciani/Musica, and, using a Buchla Analog Modular Synthesizer, began scoring television commercials for Coca-Cola, Merrill Lynch, AT&T and General Electric. Continue reading...

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

JOSHUA BONNETTA - Strange Lines and Distances

The award-winning installation 'Strange Lines and Distances' is a quietly compelling A/V invocation and exploration of Guglielmo Marconi's idea that analog sound never fully dies, it just becomes imperceptibly, infinitely fainter. Filmmaker and composer Joshua Bonnetta patiently considers that evocative conceit across a 2-channel film and soundtrack, shot on 16mm colour negative film at the original transmission (Cornwall) and reception (Newfoundland) sites of Marconi's first trans-atlantic radio broadcast, and accompanied by a lushly etheric soundtrack (de)composition created from fragments of site-specific field recordings, shortwave and longwave radio recordings and archival material. Expanding on Marconi's belief that adequately sensitive receivers may be able to pick up the echoes of long-lost transmissions - to the extant he hoped one day to hear the final words of Jesus on the cross - Bonetta's piece creates schisms and correlations between the auditive and visual information from each site with hauntological incision and an ethereal effect reflective of the "medium's potential to conflate and fragment both space and time". In some senses it parallels Konstantin Raudive's EVP experiments and also the emerging practice of Archaeoacoustics - searching in the ether and the mists of time for answers to esoteric and scientific questions concerning the entropic fidelities of place, space and time - and also Thomas Köner's glacial 'Nuuk' album, or Gavin Bryars' beautiful 'The Sinking Of The Titanic' piece, which also came to be directly influenced by Marconi's ideas. It's a beautiful, meditative set that comes highly recommended.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

EP III On Radio Quantica

Mark Stewart - Hypnotised

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rick Owens x Adidas SS16 Preview


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Monday, January 04, 2016

Else Marie Pade - Faust (1962)

Else Marie Pade (born 2 December 1924) is a Danish composer. Pade was born in Ain Aarhus, and was educated as a pianist at the Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. She sudied composition first with Vagn Holmboe, and later with Jan Maegaard, from whom she learned twelve-tone technique. In 1954, she became the first Danish composer of electronic and concrete music (Bruland 2001). She knew and worked with Pierre Schaeffer and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Continue Reading

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

M.U. Podcast #88 (Jan 2016)

01. The Phychic Stewardess - Shinobi Theme
02. The Dirty Criminals - Mtt Inversion
03. Cadeo - Supermagia
04. Demdike Stare - Untitled 
05. Prurient - Every Relationship Earthrise
06. Palmbomen - Gerd Thomas
07. Lussuria - The Vanity Greater Than Misery
08. Africans With Mainframes - RB-1
09. Daniele Ciullini - Lipstick On The Glasses
10. Tropic Of Cancer - Stop Suffering 
11. Steve Moore - The Moon Occults Saturn at Dawn
12. German Army - Tuareg Woman
13. O $VMV $M - Flora

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Friday, January 01, 2016

Jabu Ft. Chester Giles – Slow Hours [NC7002]

Having previously released a cassette and 7” single on the label as well as an EP on Ramp Recordings, Young Echo members ‘Jabu’ return with this milestone – a slowly turning piece about love-sickness and longing… This is distilled soul music in it’s purest form.
From the first beat right through to the final chorus, the brooding tension and almost unbearable tranquility of chester giles’ words amplify the heaviness of the rhythm, controlling time until ‘Alex Rendall’ the voice of Jabu sets in with the chorus, echoing chester’s sentiments, elevating this feeling into higher heights. A masterfully executed love-song… ‘Achingly smooth’ as Steve Barker put it.

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Delia Derbyshire : The Delian Mode

Delia Ann Derbyshire (5 May 1937 – 3 July 2001) was an English musician and composer of electronic music and musique concrète. She is best known for her electronic realisation of Ron Grainer's theme music to the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and for her pioneering work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Continue Reading

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Friday, December 25, 2015

DIANA BERTI - Tragedy Of The Uncommons

Diana Berti (Violet Poison) says « I Am influenced by the works of Suzanne Ciani (“Seven Waves”, 1982), Erik Satie (Gymnopédies, almost), Enno Velthuys (his whole discography), jingles/themes of magic/esoteric shows broadcasted in Tuscany’s TV channels during the 80’s, background music from metaphysical giallo/horror movies from the same decade (as in Dario Argento’s “Phenomena”). » From VHS and broadcast Giallo youthful obsessions emerge these strange analog synth scapes sequencing picnoleptic labyrinthine mysteries of uncertainty..HUGE! Out on Cuss Fetish US (Cassette Format)

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mundo Urbano #2 Today on Radio Quantica

On air from 4-6 PM GMT on . Listen to my previous show here.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Traxman "Slash Time - The Album"

Chicago OG Traxman lights up the ‘floor like an xmas tree with Slash Time for one of the footwork scene’s strongest labels, Duck N’ Cover. In proper battle mode, Traxman declassifies some of his most personal, deadly material to date - and that’s saying something in light of his definitive Da Mind of Traxman volumes and the Teklife album for Lit City Trax. We’re talking stone cold blinders like Boogie Woogie, which sounds like Tango & Ratty on a jazz tip circa ’93, or the strobing, psycho-acoustic ghetto probe of Taken A Trip You, and the hyper soul flow of Survive for starters, or the accelerated motion sickness of Slash Time and the Hecker-gone-footwork freaks of Unstoppable and Electro Tekk to seriously polish you off. Highly recommended!

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Swedish iDEALIST, Joachim Nordwall spills the psychic contents of his skull temple in Soul Music 2, just over two year since his 1st volume, also for Entr’acte. Technically a collaboration with Dungeon Acid on percussion, this album pursues a rich seam of solo releases under Nordwall’s own name since 2010 with a typically ascetic approach to hypnotic, icy minimalism, dissonant tone and plaintive rhythm. As you might expect from a core member of The Skull Defekts, Fire! Orchestra, and Saturn and the Sun - among many others - it’s psychotropic in intent, and executed with a fine balance of loose, whacked-out improvisation and ritualist vision revealing his soul like the results of some Ayahuasca ceremony, or a weekend on the reindeer pish. He traverses seven tracks distilling the “Energy and power of the pulse” from the atomised atmospheres and underlying throb of Blow My Mind thru the cranky waltz of Solar Skull with its buzzing, tribal sounding strings, which also billow out with howling oscillators or vocals into High Speed Self Destructor, before focussing on globular bass and salty blips with Psychic Reality and roiling into eyes-in-back-of-head mode with Slave to the Rave Ritual and dancing on your nerve-ends with the lacquer-bubbling Black Stain on my Brain. (Entr'acte, 2015)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Browning Mummery - history of signals (2015)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier - Ee Chê

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

M\/ mixtape Part I (originaly recorded in 2012)

M\/ mixtape Part I by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

Cover art by Vitor Serrano :
Obscure Romanticism
01-Intro #01
02-Nate Young - Comes Unbidden
03-Wanda Group - Wetsuit Women
04-Raime - Retread
05-Ayshay - Jemsheed
06-Vatican Shadow - Prime Minister Defiant As Pakistan Outs CIA Agent
07-Mater Suspiria Vision - The Ring
08-Interlude #02
09-Roly Porter - Atar
10-Mascara - Fire Walk With Me
11-Harmonizer - 5th World (edit)
*recorded in 2012

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Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl - Civilization That Is Dying

Recorded over a week of studio sessions in Brooklyn, they map out a maze of pathways connecting free and spiritual jazz with freestyling techno, avant-garde expression and electronic abstraction, moving backwards, sideways and forwards from the advanced primitivism of 'Apes & Apes' thru the jazz-techno wormholes of 'Brain Damage' to the gritty apex of 'F**k The Ghetto / Think About Outer Space' and a mind-expanding 18 minutes of motorik psych bass, sidereal electronics and ankh-charged vibes in the title cut. Huge Recommendation!
Out on RVNG Intl

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Shapednoise - Different Selves

Born in Palermo in 1989, he became interested in rave culture - particularly electronic music - when he was 14. In 2009 he moved to Milan to study Audio Engineering, where he began to dedicate himself to producing music. 
After finishing his studies in 2011, he moved to Berlin to start working on REPITCH - the new label he co-founded with Ascion and D. Carbone - focusing on dark tonalities. Shapednoise is the experimental gatekeeper at REPITCH and has kept this style at the forefront of the label’s focus. 
In 2012, Shapednoise began working with Violet Poison for the Violet Poison imprint - an experimental/hybrid techno label inspired by the greatest Italian horror movie directors from the 1960s and 70s as well as obscure producers of vintage electronica and harsh noise and industrial music. 
He is also one half of the collaborative project Violetshaped. The duo has released a self-titled album as well as reworks by artists such as Keith Fullerton Whitman, Justin Broadrick, Vatican Shadow, Roly Porter, Kangding Ray and Grischa Lichtenberger.
In 2013, Shapednoise had his solo debut album on limited-edition cassette on Hospital Productions - the label of Domnick Fernow AKA Prurient/ Vatican Shadow. Not long after he released a mini-LP on 12” for experimental UK label Opal Tapes
Different Selves (Vinyl Edition of 500 copies Mastered and Cut by Matt Colton, includes an instant download of the album, out on Type Recordings) it's quite an experience of ripped techno romanticism and cybererotic fantasy like a decadent time lapse rave sex (on acid) phenomenon. Fascinating  album!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mundo Urbano "Night Vision" Episode #1 (Radio Quântica)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Booker Stardrum "Drim Dram" (NNA085)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

VARIOUS - In a Moment… Ghost Box

Ghost Box commemorate their 10th anniversary with a 27-track compendium of highlights from parishioners and extended family wrapped up in super artwork by Julian House. Spanning material from their earliest issue, Belbury Poly's 'Farmer's Angle', thru to classics by The Advisory Group, Roj and Hintermass and more recent - but no less retro - excursions by The Soundcarriers and Pye Corner Audio, 'In A Moment' forms a gently rolling, deep topographical survey of the fictional parish of Belbury and its surrounding wolds. When the label first crossed into our dimension circa 2008, their quaint brand of retro nostalgia occupied a curious space in the sub-popular, hauntological consciousness; at once resonating with listeners old enough to remember the '60s / '70s themes they reference, and also with younger listeners who were at least old enough to experience the emotional hangover of that era thru terrestrial TV and cable channel re-runs. 2015 is obviously a very different world to 2005 or even 2008, and now these tunes feel even quainter and more detached from this world, perhaps even irrelevant to younger audiences who shouldn't need to wonder what they're supposed to be getting and/or are missing. But Ghost Box's principles remain the same - a tight union of sound/imagery/aesthetic/design, a feeling for the eldritch, and ultimately endeavouring to deliver a pleasurable, even genteel experience. Safe to say that you won't find any sharp edges or burrs in this set, which is all the better to bumble about to after a few real ales and a crumbly scotch egg whilst a guilt-looking Mac blinks the old BBC test-screen as your screen-saver over in the corner. A more retroproof album this year you will not find. Listen Here

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