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Monday, February 05, 2007

Chateau Flight

CHATEAU FLIGHT - Les Vampires (Versatile France) [Para Ouvir] Comentários: "Les Vampires" was a series of 10 silent film episodes by French director Louis Feuillade. Almost banned upon it's initial release in 1915, the film became a huge success, influencing Fritz Lang for Dr Mabuse among others. for the DVD release Gaumont asked Chateau Flight to do a 40 minutes soundtrack which is presented here as a CD. It combines the synthetique influences of I:CUBE ( Kraftwerk, Maurizio, Steve Reich etc ) with the hypnosis of krautrock and the plentifulness of psychedelic music. a perfect companion to the phantasmagorial and pre-surrealism picture, the music beautifully bridges the gap between experimental movie and electronic music." [nota do editor] My Space


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