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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert goes to the movies on his latest album Score. Showcasing yet another of his multiple musical personalities, these 17 tracks cover the first decade in Herbert's burgeoning sideline as a writer of film scores, alongside a unique ballet collaboration. Of course, the collaborative process of scoring films is very different to Herbert's usual auteur approach to composing house music and experimental electronica. Consequently, Score contains some of his most traditional and straightforward pieces to date. His 2003 big-band jazz album Goodbye Swingtime, for example, grew out of his artfully retro-modern score for the French director Blanca Li's hip-hop musical, Le Defi. Score is a widescreen blockbuster epic of challenging, stirring, exhilarating soundscapes. It is an action adventure, chase thriller, romantic comedy and emotionally charged psychodrama all rolled into one. Fasten your seatbelt and let Herbert take you to the movies. Para Ouvir, My Space, Site Oficial, !K7


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