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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vans T.H. Rowley Shambles Hi

Vans T.H. Rowley Shambles Hi - Design by Taka Hayashi!
Taka Hayashi is one artist we have great respect for. He has been doing great works for Stussy and Vans in the past, aswell as his own line Destroy your Enemy. His style is everything handdrawn and very detailed. With that perfect touch of hardass Japanese twist of Amerikana and Cali Classics. This Special Vans X TAKA Pack, still has that clean and sharp black white look, but veeeeery mad detailing thoughout!! Check pics closely and be amazed on the work on these ones!! The Sole is actually taken from the pre-Authentic Vans modell the "44", the OG deck sole.. flat but with a flexy grippy pattern.. and again the materials and work put into these shows his mastercraft as designer and artist!! [Buy It]

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