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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pimp London: The Guide

PIMP offers unrivalled access to one of the world's most exciting cities with its in-depth guide to London – the first ever produced for the young and style-conscious.PIMP London: The Guide takes global style hunters to the core of London’s most influential music, art and fashion scenes, with over 200 reviews on the best stores, bars & clubs and art spaces, plus insider knowledge by London’s top street artists, musicians and fashionistas, who introduce their favourite local haunts.Presenting an ‘off-the-map’ London, this exciting new guidebook reveals after-hours drinking spots, hidden art spaces and fashion-hunting grounds, along with street art showcases, club-kid photography, and recommendations by Mercury Prize winning band Klaxons, socialite Jodie Harsh, world-famous graffiti artist D*Face and many more.

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Blogger corajoso camaleão catatónico said...

excelente blog. já sou visitante há algum tempo. fica o meu feedback ao teu trabalho.

Wednesday, 10 December, 2008  

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