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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PANTS, James/VARIOUS - The Electric Finger: Book 2

PANTS, James/VARIOUS - The Electric Finger: Book 2 (Liger Vision Media) Comentários: The first Electric Finger mix came out in 2008, and found the Spokane boy wonder mixing up old-skool electro and hip-hop with heavy funk, soul, prog-rock and psychedelia. Book 2 makes similar connections: it's a world where the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Group rub shoulders with ESG, where Public Enemy and Schooly D make nice with Jackie Mittoo. Some might say the results are pretty throwaway, but if you take it for what is - a lovingly sequenced mix from an impassioned and imaginative music fan - then you'll enjoy it immensely. in fact [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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