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Saturday, December 19, 2009

ILLUM SPHERE - Long Live The Plan

ILLUM SPHERE - Long Live The Plan (Fat City) Comentários: Progressing from his prophetic 'Incoming EP', Manchester's Illum Sphere raises his game with vinyl#1 of a 2-part album on the 'Long Live The Plan' EP, including a fat remix from Samiyam. Carving out his own brand of murky dystopia, the title track sets a scene of urbane moodiness with bladerunner-meets-Burial atmospherics, before 'Better Late State' actively fizzes with Flylo-styled 2-step rhythms and kinda surprisingly, the sort of haunting synths associated with AI era Black Dog or Ae. Meanwhile 'Psycho' meditates on a fat subs and eastern timbred percussion before our personal highlight 'Chasing The Midnight Moth' reconfigures dusty 2-step patterns with a hip-hopper's sense of shuffling swing. Samiyam brings matters to a close with the expanding synthline revision of 'Psycho', feeding the cut with rays of Ra-esque energy until it spills over with pure LA heat. With heads like Martyn and even Thom Yorke giving this fella nods of respect, we reckon it's fair time you did too if you're feeling Flylo, Dabrye, Burial or Bullion. We can't wait for part 2! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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