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Thursday, July 29, 2010

High Wolf - Ascension

High Wolf - Ascension (Not Not Fun US) Comentários: Following a slew of small-scale tape and CD-R releases, High Wolf release a five-track official debut album for Not Not Fun with mastering duties performed by Yellow Swan, Pete Swanson. Working with loops, trance-inducing effects fog and phantom rainforest percussion, this French artist spools out nagging swirls of colourful psychedelia and tribal drone fudge. 'Meeting Of The Three Seas' sounds like an alien campfire jam, summoning up tribal beats, head-spinning drone noise and a spindly fuzz-guitar lead. Brightening up, 'Diego' spews out dissonant tones whilst rattling through yet more manual percussion, leading into the unexpectedly serene 'Cloud Head'. Arguably the best thing here, 'Solar System Is My God' is especially lurid, chewing up Global Hypercolour wah-wah jams, plenty of bongo bashing and a touch of echo-spasming drum machine. High Wolf sure seems like someone to keep an eye on, with releases in the pipeline including a split LP with Forest Swords. In the meantime though, Ascension offers more than enough in the way of far-out tropical drone to keep you busy. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]
High Wolf - Solar System Is My God [mp3]

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