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Monday, November 22, 2010

Vladislav Delay As Sistol - Remasters & Remakes

Vladislav Delay As Sistol - Remasters & Remakes (Phthalo) Comentários:In the wake of his ace album 'On The Bright Side', Phthalo reissue Vladislav Delay's first, self-titled LP as Sistol, backed with remixes from Mike Huckaby, Alva Noto, Falty DL, Ike Yard and DMX Krew among many others. Sistol is a home for Vladislav's grubbier techno exercises, working kinda like a scuzzier cousin to Wolfgang Voigt's Studio 1 series. The eight original tracks feel very much of their time, and less dynamic or melodic than his later material, yet, their malfunctioning 4/4 pulses and eroded textures still manage to hypnotize and capture our attention. The remixes bring these tracks very much into line with 2010, from Mike Huckaby's aerodynamic dubtechno mix of 'Keno', through Alva Noto's skeletal microrhythmic remodel of 'Hac', and yet another dazzling show from Falty DL on the 'Kotka' refunk - when will this guy let up!!! A very healthy double album - recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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