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Friday, January 14, 2011

Enemy Earth - Bardo

Eat Concrete bring us the second long play by Enemy Earth featuring Recor, Avrey Muela, Anthony Giarrusso, Alex Maloney & Jar Moff. ‘Bardo’ it’s a kind of musical expression I didn’t expect to hear since Alice Coltrane spiritual transition. It channel’s an exquisite example of good music, blowing and breathing vivid rivers of sound through the piano and guitar sound layers, brilliantly combined with lo-fi sampling. The end result is a dark blend of wide-ranging influences travelling from'70's psych-rock, avant-garde jazz, ambient and down tempo. If you are fascinated by cinematic Buddhist chants and drums, tune on ‘Bardo’. Highly recommended! Artwork by Jar Moff & Recor. Full Album Out Jan 2011 (vinyl & digital).

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