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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ghedalia Tazartes - Granny Awards

Ghédalia Taazartès - Granny Awards (Alga Marghen) Comentários. My word, where to start with this total head-f*ck of a record? Well, first off, it's another mind-expanding, previously unpublished jaw-dropper dug out by alga marghen, presenting 'Granny Awards' from the archives of the acclaimed French sound artist, Ghédalia Tazartès. The label are really spoiling us with their releases of late, this in particular being one of our very favourites. Verging on out-and-out craziness, but reigned-in with a masterfully steady head, these six tracks were created some time in the early '80s "in his anhydridic Paris", largely based on materials pre-dating his debut LP 'Diasporas' before he re-appropriated them for this lost work of art. We're instantly mesmerized by the opening track 'Ferme ta gueule, zarathustra', Ghédalia freely connecting the garbled "voix d'enfant" of Raphaël Glucksmann with intoxicating, slow moving and sustained synth chords, before jump-cutting into bird calls, dissonant arabesque strings and eccentric vocalisations with a blinding sense of freedom. The second side opens to a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on 'Whatever' and turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on 'Singing', hyper-rhythmic experiments on 'Wild' and a jarring hardcore punk-out in 'My Rock Ghedalia'. The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation and we assure you we'll be digging much deeper into Ghédalia's catalogue at the nearest opportunity. Exceptional sounds, massively recommended!!! [Listen Here]

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