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Thursday, May 19, 2011

XANDER HARRIS - Urban Gothic

XANDER HARRIS - Urban Gothic (Not Not Fun) Comentários: NNF's latest pick-up is Xander Harris, a classically trained "keyboard-creep" with a slick line in synthesized horror redolent of Umberto's uncanny couplet of LPs. However, Xander's vision is focussed slightly further down the time scale, taking cues from John Carpenter, the futurist gaze of Chicago/Italo and sounds from the cusp of Kosmische/New Age. But those are just aesthetic differences, and the magic really lies in a shared mastery of engrossing, evocative narratives, from the track titles to the shadowy arrangements and the distinct mood they make. The more percussive, driven dance tracks such as 'Opening Credits', 'F*cking Eat Your Face' and 'I Want More Than Just Blood' are infectiously successful and give some of the biggest highlights, while the synth-painted scenes of 'Splatter In The Mouth' lean towards sharply rendered, yet lo-fi homages to Carpenter, or more likely those guys further down the sonic food chain whose soundtracks have infected the psyche of a generation. Tip! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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