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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carter Tutti Void - Transverse

«Mute are pleased to announce the release of CARTER TUTTI VOID’s Transverse, a unique collaboration from Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle) and Nik Void (Factory Floor), out on vinyl, CD and download on 26 March 2012. »
The hugely anticipated album from Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Factory's Floor Nik Void finally arrives on Mute, and we're pleased to report it's even more than the sum of its parts, a really impressive record indeed. Void coaxes out of Chris & Cosey some of the most aggressive, motorik tendencies they've ever displayed outside of Throbbing Gristle across the four long pieces featured here, taken from a special live performance the trio gave as part of Short
Circuit's Mute festival at London's Roundhouse last year. Whether or not you were present at the massively oversubscribed show - or If, like us, you spent the duration queuing unsuccessfully to get in - you need this document of a very special hook-up in your life.
The shared predilections of the three individuals obviously come to the fore - rigid Teutonic rhythm, bursts of atonal noise, future-primitive incantations and an uncompromisingly dark, stark colour palette - but it's a hard release to classify, carried along by its own improvisational energy and momentum. For the most part its instrumental, save for the odd distorted bark, wail or chant from Nik or Cosey, who sound like nothing so much as a pair of lost tribespeople who've escaped from from the grooves of a Jon Hassell or David Toop record; Chris Carter's dirt-encrusted drum patterns and curdled electronics meanwhile remind us of Ike Yard's shamanic electro experiments, the destroyed techno of Pete Swanson and Vatican Shadow, the darkling kosmische of Monoton and the broken hypno-industrialism of Regis and Sandwell District. We expected Transverse to be a treat, but we never dared imagine it would sound as thrillingly contemporary and powerful as this. source boomkat

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