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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Julia Holter - Our Sorrows

27 de Junho na Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisboa. 
Last year, Julia Holter overwhelmed the world with her magical debut album ‘Tragedy’ (Leaving records) creating her idiosyncratic world of sounds, structures and moods. Nicolas Jaar described her as his favorite artist of 2011 and only a few months after her debut release, the beautiful successor ‘Ekstasis’ saw daylight on RVNG. Both albums are a collection of songs written over three years in Los Angeles, documenting an artist’s search for the incomprehensibly beautiful in untraditional pop form.
“I just pull things out of my imagination and do whatever I want with them” is how Julia Holter describes how her music occurs. Happy, cheery, scary or sad, all songs could be a perfect soundtrack of your dreams. Her combination of dreamy synths, subtle drum machines, fragile voice and other breakable sounds form a perfectly balanced entity of unique electronica and experimental pop.
Los Angeles native Julia Holter records everything in her bedroom studio while playing most of the instruments herself. In ZDB, however, she will play with a full live band on her side.

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