Htrk / Tropic Of Cancer - Part Time Punks Radio Sessions

Htrk / Tropic Of Cancer - Part Time Punks Radio Sessions (Ghostly International) Comentários: In a bit of a fan service from Ghostly, the Ann Arbor imprint have managed to get together two stunning sessions from post-industrial dreamers HTRK and Blackest Ever Black’s Tropic of Cancer and funnel them straight to wax. Recorded for the critically acclaimed LA underground show Part Time Punks, these sessions show off both acts at their most raw and crucial, with murky live sound adding substantial character to the bands’ already clouded atmospheres. HTRK are up first and show once again why they're so highly rated. With a shroud of toothsome white noise and the kind of clamorous reverbs we last heard on a Cure bootleg, they make the grimiest sounds come across as fractured, beautiful and utterly captivating. As a flipside of the same coin, Tropic of Cancer push things into more upbeat but no less dreamy territory, as Juan Mendez (better known as Silent Servant) handles the murky, minimalist backdrops and Camella Lobo’s syrupy vocal twist and turn through the ether. One of the best 12”s we’ve heard from Ghostly in ages, this is not something you’re going to want to pass up – bleak, black and so, so alluring. in boomkat [Para Ouvir / Samples]


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