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Saturday, November 10, 2012

TUFF SHERM - Pharmacy EP

TUFF SHERM (Dro Carey) - Pharmacy EP (The Trilogy Tapes) Comentários: Will Bankhead's TTT issue Dro Carey's first vinyl outing in his darker, abstract house guise, Tuff Sherm. The 'Pharmacy EP' follows two cassette releases for Opal Tapes and Reckno, respectively, with a batch of three tracks primed for odder, leftfield house 'floors. Face up, 'Pharmacy' conducts thrumming subbass and the kind of fuzzy metallic synth tones that tickle yer back teeth, coolly layering and tempering the groove with a raw, hands-on approach synched for bodily gratification and hypnotic mental stimulation. Face down he gets murkier with 'Hydlide', dissolving lop-sided 4/4 patterns in a bath of tape fuzz and smudged harmonic distortion to trippy effect while 'Leg Man' rides a swollen bass riddim with scratchiest percussion and wheezin' electronics to sound like Jamal Moss meets Dam Mantle or summat. TIPPED! in boomkat
Tuff Sherm – Pharmacy EP (TTT006) by The Trilogy Tapes

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