Kinlaw - M.U. Podcast 48# (Dec 2012)

01.Kinlaw - Ripe
02.PEtv™ Special - AFRICAN WOOD CARVING! (R.R.U.2.5HD)
03.Gud - Anubis Raft (chewed)
04.Moondog - Be a Hobbo
05.Humcrush - Creak
06.Bochum Welt - Thats Mutiny (chewed)
07.Dem hunger - Mosque Vibrations 
08.Admiral C - deep pan dub
09.Triad God - Pok
10.Alog - The beginning 
11.Wanda Group - v sunrise
12.Yung Lean Doer - Summer 98' prod by slim JeSus
14.Merely - The Azure Press mix
15.Preditah - The big wok
16.Buddy X - Tha 1 
17.Cashmere Cat - Mirror Miru
18.Drake - Closer (chewed) 
19.Kinlaw - JKRS
20.James Ferraro - SO
Download M.U. Podcast 48# here.

Kinlaw aka Hamish Trevis crafted a tape of perfect pop music, the results were then put through a filter of black magic, country air and a vague memory of R&B from the mid 90s and named 'CHORUS † MYSTICUS', out last month on Reckno imprint. 

About the mix: Yin & Yang é™° 陽 (The two underlying principles bringing forth the infinite diversity of Totality; Is keeping them balanced the key to harmony?) Wwwanted to create a wide mix, exploring all my influences. 


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