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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Floris Vanhoof - Split

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Floris Vanhoof - Split (Shelter Press) Comentários: Shelter Press have caught Keith Fullerton Whitman at his sweetest on this excellent split with Belgium's Floris VanHoof. We're not quite sure how they did it - maybe stuffed him with haribo, or sent him some flowers - but they've got four of the loveliest modular experiments outta Mr KFW; proper delicacies glazed with dancefloor potential for stranger 'floors. They range from the elastic, crystalline waltz of 'Automatic Ping' to the filigree dissonance of 'Automatic Melody' and the buckled patterns of 'Automatic Drums', before he weaves their constituent parts in the outstanding nine minute jam 'Automatic Drums With Melody'. Floris VanHoof, on the other hand is given to headily abstract dimensions, projecting nearly nineteen minutes of detached and idiosyncratic alien patter in simulated hyperspace crafted from his unique array of self-built synths and "exceptional ebay acquisitions". Highly recommended! in boomkat

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