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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Luke Wyatt - Teen Hawk

Luke Wyatt - Teen Hawk (Emotional Response) Proceeding Luke Wyatt's excellent Torn Hawk tranceformations of Karen Gwyer, Emotional Response look deeper into his soul with this lovely collection of early, unreleased experiments. In key with his day job as a professional multi-media artist, the tracks on 'Teen Hawk' are imbued with a strobing, vivid visual quality - 12 tracks of 3D new age geometry and spectral depth. It provides a wide-angled view of his oeuvre, stretching as far as the glinting Balearic arpeggios and Vini Reilly-esque guitars of 'Old Acheiva Care Bare', 'I Recommend Starman' and the blissfully evocative 'The Music You Hear At Seaworld And Never Forget' at one extent, thru to the wormholing metallic roil of 'Wrong Crowd' and the bobbing slowfast kosmiche of 'Time For Thick' at the other. RIYL Quicksails, Tomuttontu, Durutti Column. in boomkat [Audio Samples]

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